My First Meeting

This is the tale of my first meeting with one of the ladies in some other stories. I was doing profile searches for locations near me, and hobbies like sex and kink. I met her, we got to talking, and wound up meeting. I’d gotten to the motel before her, gotten a room, and unpacked my toys. Then we met in the parking lot, and I took her into the room to see the toys. I opened the door, and she looked in the bathroom. She was a little nervous at first, but quickly got into the spirit of the occasion as she looked over my toys. I had a hand-held douche bulb and two bags with enema and douche tips, plus the dildo nozzle. In addition to the syringes, I had a butt plug, thermometers, vibrators, oil, glycerin, Castile soap, bicarb… Her eyes widened a bit at the array of items, all destined for her willing anus.

We started with a rectal temperature, and couple of glycerin suppositories. Then, I used the bulb with some warm water and glycerin. She was stark naked on the bed for this…an exhibitionist at heart I think. Once the enema was in I slid in the candy thermometer and a vibrator, and then started rubbing her clit with my fingers. This warmed her right up and she started bouncing around a bit. After about a minute of that she had her first orgasm – said the candy thermometer was rather nice. Then the urge hit, and while she was taking care of that, I refilled the bulb with mineral oil. I gave her a couple more suppositories - prep H / lubricant ones, this time, and then a mineral oil enema. I needed an exam glove for the next part, mainly because otherwise, my hands would’ve been to slippery to function after. I lured her into the tub, still holding the oil.

It was time for the rectal massage with the oil enema. I had her bend over, then gradually worked more and more fingers into her bottom, until I had 3 fingers in for the most part, occasionally getting the tips of 4 in.

She loved it – she kept pushing against those fingers trying to get them in deeper! The lady had had enemas medically before, but these were her first fun ones. There she was, getting rid of the oil, and I pointed out that she’d need a massive, hot, soapy enema to flush the last traces out of her. She was a bit apprehensive as I attached the dildo nozzle to my large red rubber fountain bag. It’s over 8 inches long, and sized in proportion – smallest diameter is about 1-1/2 inches. The head’s 2 inches across. For some reason, though, she felt that I wouldn’t hurt her, so she trusted me. Of course, the fact that I’m actually NOT into pain or abuse might have something to do with that. I put her on the bed in knee-chest position, bottom up with head on a pillow.

Hanging the bag on a wall lamp at the head, I lubed the tip of the dong nozzle, then began massaging more lubricant into her already-oily bottom. Finally, I pushed the intruder into her willing but somewhat stretched anus. Finally, I opened the clamp, and let the water go. As it filled her with a full two quarts of hot, soapy solution, I stroked the dong in and out of her ass, titillating her pussy and clit with fingers and vibrator. She told me later that she came 3 more times, as the bag emptied. She was somewhat relieved to let that one go, though – the dong’s big enough to take up a fair amount of room that would otherwise go to accommodating water. Not wanting her sore for the next part, I slid in a couple more hemorrhoid suppositories once she was empty again. I wanted to soothe her bottom a bit.

Now, when I insert a suppository in a lady’s bottom, it takes a while. I like to tease her anus with the tip, then gently insert the first fraction of an inch into the sphincter. Then, I slowly work it in, a bit at a time, letting her sphincter force it back out a bit. This adds up to a most interesting process – two steps forward, one back. When the suppository’s finally in to the point that my finger’s on her anus, I hold it there to melt for a bit. Finally, I bury it the full length of my finger in her bottom. She was feeling pretty hot again by the time the second found its final melting spot. I left her there on the bed, candy thermometer in back and vibrator in front, to amuse herself as I filled the bags for her double-barreled treatment. This was another tub trip – while she could have held the enema, the douche would have been problematic on the bed. I filled the fountain bag with warm water and baking soda, and the pink folding douche bag with plain water, a bit on the hot side. I relubricated the lady’s bottom, as she bent over, quivering, in the tub.

First, I eased the nozzle from the enema bag into her bottom, then the other into her pussy. Asking if she was ready, I got an affirmative reply. I opened both clamps, and she began to squirm in earnest as the twin bags began emptying their half-gallon loads into her. I moved the nozzles in and out of both her openings, while rubbing her clit. She managed to climax another time or two as the bags emptied – both finished at about the same time. I inserted a couple of fingers in front, helping the douche water along, and then let her get to the potty. She came out of the john, and I was ready for her – three more suppositories, unwrapped and waiting. Besides those, I had the tube of Prep H ointment ready, nozzle attached. She took one look, and flopped on the bed. For variety’s sake, she lay on her back, and pulled her legs up almost to her chest. I started in, massaging her pussy with the vibrator as I took my time inserting the suppositories.