My First Rectal Examination

When I had just turned sixteen I was a sophomore in high school, and was fairly active in intramural sports. Up to this point, there were no formal registration requirements except for written parental permission. Things changed this year. The Board of Education was now requiring written registration for all participants in intramural sports and requiring a physical examination prior to being allowed to play. As I was signing up for the basketball season, my mother made an appointment for me with Dr. Beecher, who had been my pediatrician ever since I was a child. However, in the past several years I had not been to any doctor at all. It was reasonable that I go to the last physician I had, since he would have the most complete and up-to-date records.

On a Wednesday afternoon after school, I reported to the doctor’s office a few minutes earlier than the scheduled time, physical report form in hand. After about a fifteen minute wait, a new young nurse, who I would guess was about 22 years old, came into the waiting room and called my name. I followed her into an examining room, where she had my chart already on the counter. I never liked doctors’ offices, probably because I associated them with injections and other uncomfortable procedures I experienced over the years. Seeing the various medical instruments and accouterments of an examining room made me a bit apprehensive, but not as much as when I was younger. I figured this examination was going to be quick and simple, and I’d be home soon.

When I entered the room, I noticed a small empty red enema bag on the counter, complete with hose and a curved black rectal tip, The tip was lying in the sink, and there was a bit of water leaking out of the nozzle. It was obvious that it had recently been used. Could the young girl that left just before I was called in have been administered an enema during her examination? The thought was definitely provocative, but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I had my own examination to think about.

The nurse told me to strip down to my underpants and hop up on the exam table. I felt a bit uncomfortable about undressing in front of the nurse, and began slowly unbuttoning my shirt. After making some notations in my file she told me that the doctor would be in shortly to see me, and left the room. When she left, I disrobed without any further qualms, and assumed my seat on the exam table clad only in my white jockey briefs.

I was sitting there thinking about what I would do when I got home, when the door opened and in came the same nurse, alone. She closed the door behind her and went over to my chart again, and began looking at my physical examination report form from the school.

“I thought the doctor was coming right in,” I said, a bit self-consciously.

“The doctor is occupied with another patient right now. Since he’ll be longer than expected, he asked me to save him some time and prepare you for your physical,” she said with a smile. “That way you won’t be here any longer than you have to.”

After asking a few questions about my general health and prior examinations, she made some notes on my chart. She proceeded to take my blood pressure and pulse, apparently oblivious to my state of near nudity. When she was finished, I presumed she would leave again and it would be another wait for the doctor.

“All I have to do now is take your temperature and that will complete your records for this visit,” she announced. Another delay, I thought. I watched as she opened the cabinet opposite me and took out a black fountain pen-like object. She twisted it open and removed a six inch long glass thermometer with a pear-shaped tip. It was beginning to dawn on me what was about to happen. The nurse took the thermometer, a small tube of K-Y jelly and a box of Kleenex and set them beside me on the exam table.

“Aren’t you going to take my temp by mouth?” I asked. “That’s the way my mom’s done it for years.”

“Not in this office. The doctor is a pediatrician, and he requires all patients to have rectal temperatures taken regardless of age. Even though you haven’t been here for some time, the rules still apply,” the nurse explained pleasantly.

Oh, God, I thought. I’ve been uneasy sitting here in my shorts in front of this nurse, and now she’s going to see my bare behind! This can’t be happening.

“OK, now. I want you to lie face down on the table and relax,” she ordered.

I complied, thankful at least that I was on my stomach and would be able to hide my cock and balls with their rather sparse pubic hair from her view. As I assumed the prone position I could see her smearing the lubricant up and down the thermometer with the tip of her finger. She put it down on the edge of the table and told me what the procedure would be.

“I’m going to have to take down your underpants now. Raise your hips up so I can get them down far enough to see what I’m doing,” she said. I did as I was told, and in a second I felt her fingers grasp the elastic waistband and slowly pull my shorts down until they were bunched up just above my knees. I could feel the cool air on my now exposed buttocks, and wondered what was going to happen next.

With both of her hands she spread my thighs apart as far as they would go considering the restriction of my underpants. Now she had an unobstructed view of my asshole as well as my scrotum. I felt her fingers pry my tight butt cheeks apart, then shivered slightly as the cold glob of K-Y at the end of her finger came into contact with my puckered anus. She told me to relax while she lubricated me.

“Take a deep breath now.” I felt her finger slowly enter and push past my anal ring and enter - the first knuckle, then the second. She slowly twisted it around, back and forth, spreading the lubricant evenly, then withdrew her finger. She quickly wiped her finger off with a tissue, picked up the thermometer, and spread my cheeks apart again. I felt the tip just touch my little hole when I flinched.

“Relax, now. This isn’t going to hurt,” the nurse scolded, as she pushed the thin glass tube into my rectum. She placed her hand across my butt cheeks and over the thermometer to hold it in. The thought that I was totally exposed and was having my rectum penetrated by a young girl not much older than me was extremely humiliating, although stimulating at the same time. By this time my teenage cock was fully erect and straining against the soft examination table covering. I was praying that she wouldn’t see it before I could bring it under control.

After making several “adjustments” to the thermometer over the course of three or four minutes, the nurse slipped the thin rod from my rectum and held it up to read it.

“Your temperature is normal,” she stated, and wiped it clean with the tissue.

“Let me help you get your underpants back up for the time being. It’ll be more comfortable for you.”

I raised my hips slightly as she pulled them up for me, with me making the final adjustments of getting them over my swollen cock. I wanted to just lie there on my stomach until she left so she wouldn’t notice my hardon, but she just stayed in the room and began preparing for the rest of the exam.

“I noticed you didn’t take an enema before coming in. Did you know the doctor was going to do a rectal examination as part of your physical today?” she asked.

That did it! I was completely mortified now, and could barely speak. “N…no, I didn’t know that. Does that mean he’s not going to be able to finish the exam and complete my report?” I asked hopefully.

“No problem,” she replied. “I’m going to give you an enema right now so you’ll be nice and clean when the doctor comes in. It will only take a minute.”

I was still on my stomach as I watched her fill the same enema bag I saw when I came in, adding a packet of what I assumed was soap to the bag as it was filling. Anyone who has smelled the soap as an enema is being prepared will never forget it. The nurse hung the bag on an I.V. stand nearby. She then removed the old tip and pushed on a new one of the same black style, after which she released the clip to purge air from the tube. When she was satisfied all was in order, she brought the I.V. stand and entire ensemble over to where I lay.

“I want you up on your knees and elbows for this to work properly,” she said, as she took hold of my hips and urged them upward until I was in the correct position. “Slide back to the end of the table so I won’t have to reach,” she ordered. With my bottom in the air, she hooked her fingers in my shorts and deliberately lowered them to the crook in my knees, leaving me completely bare to her inspection. She very matter-of-factly leaned forward and spread my cheeks with one hand, while her other index finger coated with the K-Y jelly began its work distributing the lubricant around the outside of my asshole, gradually working its way inside. When she was through, she wiped her finger off , picked up the enema nozzle and began lubricating the tip. The flared end with the little holes in it looked ominous - I couldn’t imagine having that big black thing being forced into my relatively virgin asshole.

Back at the end of the table, at eye level with my completely spread and exposed ass, she spread my cheeks even wider and paused at my anal opening just perceptibly before pushing the nozzle in.

“I’m starting the water now. Tell me if anything hurts,” she said. She released the clamp and I could feel the warm soapy water begin its flow past my prostate and deep into my bowels.

After only a moment or so, I heard the door open behind me, and looked back quickly hoping it was the doctor so I could get out of this predicament. I watched in horror as I saw another nurse with a mother and a young girl patient, who I guessed was about thirteen, standing in the doorway looking right at my butt in the air with an enema tube protruding from between my cheeks and my testicles hanging freely between my legs! The other nurse quickly mumbled an “I’m sorry, I didn’t know this room was in use” and backed out, but not before I caught the hint of a smile on the young girl’s face. Oh, when was this humiliation going to end?

I began to feel full, and told the nurse I was starting to cramp. She stopped the flow for a moment and reached around to massage my lower abdomen, her wrist brushing against my stiff cock once or twice in the process. If she did that once more, I thought, I’m going to cum all over me, her and this examining table. Then see how embarrassed I would be!

She resumed the flow, and the bag soon emptied. She withdrew the nozzle, but told me to remain in that position for a minute or two to give the solution time to work. I finally told her I couldn’t hold it any longer, and she helped me down and then to the small bathroom where I relieved myself of more water than I ever thought I could hold. Was it over yet?

After cleaning myself off, I pulled up my shorts and made my way back to the table, my hardon somewhat under control now. I watched with apprehension as the nurse was just finishing filling the enema bag again. “Just once more with clear water and we’ll be done, OK?”

My apprehension was at a peak, but my resistance was beginning to crumble. I may as well go along with this procedure so I could get it over with as soon as possible. Without being ordered to do so, I assumed the same position as before, pulling my shorts down myself this time. The nurse was pleased at my cooperative attitude. She repeated the same process, only she began rubbing my lower abdomen without being asked this time. I took the entire bag without a pause, for which she complemented me for taking it all “like a big boy.” She withdrew the nozzle, and after a short wait while she held her finger against my tight hole to help with retention, she helped me again to the bathroom to let me relieve myself. Although she didn’t mention it, I knew she couldn’t help but see my throbbing erection as I hobbled over to the toilet. At least it was over for now, I figured.

As I was making my way back to the table, the doctor came in and introduced himself to me with a smile. He apologized for being held up, and said that he would be as quick as possible with me. After a few preliminaries like checking my ears, nose, eyes, throat, lungs and reflexes, he asked the nurse if I was prepared for the rectal exam.

“Yes, doctor, I just finished cleaning him out for you. I’ll put together the proctoscope.”

Oh, no, I thought. She’s not going to stay in here and watch the rest of this! I wanted to protest, but the doctor started the final part of the exam before I could say anything.

“OK, son, take off your under shorts and lie down on your back. Bring your knees up to your chest and spread them apart,” the doctor instructed. I obeyed, pulling off my shorts and tossing them on the other end of the table. He began a close inspection of my genitals, pulling and twisting my hard cock as he examined all its surfaces. He raised and turned my scrotum as he inspected my testicles, then spread my ass cheeks a bit more to get a close-up view of my anal area. I had my eyes closed and was biting my lower lip during this exam. When I opened my eyes again, I saw the nurse standing slightly behind the doctor with the proctoscope in her hand. The doctor then snapped on a latex glove and smeared a generous portion of K-Y on his index finger.

“I’m going to check your prostate gland now. Just hold still when I insert my finger. Do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor,” I barely squeaked out.

The nurse moved closer and after placing the proctoscope on a nearby tray, squatted down just below the end of table. Then I felt her hands, one on each cheek, as she forced open my buttocks as far as they would go. The doctor told me to take a deep breath, and pushed his finger into my rectum. I felt him feeling around, and the pleasurable sensation I finally felt told me he had found my prostate.

“Turn over on your left side and pull your knees up to your chest again,” the doctor continued after withdrawing his finger and stripping off the glove. When I did as he ordered, he and the nurse moved around behind me. The doctor told the nurse to lift my right buttock while he was preparing to insert the proctoscope. Without warning I felt a large, cold object pressing against my already violated anal ring. The nurse tightened her grip on my ass cheek with one hand, while sliding her other arm around to my abdomen as the doctor announced he was ready to begin the insertion. He began to push the instrument in, stretching my rectal walls wider than they’d ever been stretched before. I began to squirm, but was held tighter by the nurse as the insertion steadily continued. I could feel the doctor moving the long rigid tool in and out and from side to side as he examined my most private insides. Just when I was about to tell him of my extreme discomfort, he slowly slid the tube out, letting my anal ring resume its original shape.

I breathed a little sigh of relief, and noticed that the nurse was now spreading my cheeks and wiping off my anus with a Kleenex. The doctor proclaimed the examination finished. He stated that I was fine and he would report no abnormalities on my school form. He told me I could get dressed and I could pick up the completed form at the receptionist’s desk on my way out. With a quick good-bye, both he and the nurse left, the nurse giving me a big smile and a wink on her way out. “I must say, you were a very good patient today. I wish we had more like you,” she said.

I took my clothes to the bathroom and began dressing, but I just couldn’t ignore my stiff cock any longer. After making sure I was alone, I got down on my knees and started stroking my prick with one hand and fondling my balls with the other. Remembering what that young nurse had just done with me made me immediately cum with such force that I had to consciously try to keep my grunts down low so no one in adjoining rooms would hear. Weak and out of breath, I cleaned up my cum with some tissues, finished dressing, and left.

I thought I would never have to visit Dr. Beecher’s office again, but I was proven wrong when a few years later I had to go there to get my past medical records for a college physical. When I walked in, I was surprised to see the same young nurse still working there, and quickly recalled my prior experience at her hands. She said hello and called me by name, obviously remembering her examination of me as well. The office was busy, so she smiled and told me it was nice seeing me again, and wished me well in college. I left, and although I’ve never seen her again, I’ll never forget experiencing the combination of pleasure and humiliation she introduced me to that day when I was just sixteen.