My First Sex Enema

I was always very constipated as a child. Luckily, I had a mother who believed in enemas. I remember very little about the ones she gave me, except for the embarrassment. This feeling was heightened one day, when for some reason she had my sister hold the bag while I took it: I not only got embarrassed, I got hard.

When I went away to college, I thought my enemas were over, but of course I still got constipated. When I was so plugged up I couldn’t bear it anymore, I would give myself one. Very unsatisfying it was, too.

One day, I got the bag ready, and the nozzle greased up, when my girlfriend showed up. I left the bag in the bathroom, which was the first place she headed, really needing to pee. When she came out holding up the bag, and asking what this was all about, I almost came on the spot. My heart was pounding, and I could hardly speak, I was so embarrassed, and so turned on.

I stammered something or other, and she giggled, which intensified my feelings. She said I shouldn’t let it get cold, and not to let her stop me from taking it. I thought I would die of shame! Then she told me it must be very hard giving myself an enema, and would I like her to help. I could only nod, my breathing was so heavy!

She greased me up with her finger, put the nozzle in very slowly, by fucking me with it. I didn’t realize I was doing it until she mentioned it, but I lifted my ass right up the minute she put the nozzle against it. When I heard that wonderful click of the clamp, I moaned out loud, as the water rushed into me.

The whole time I took it she kept telling me how well I was taking my enema, and she was very proud of me. When I had the whole bag she sat next to me on the bed, and kept talking to me. She said I should hold it in for at least fifteen minutes, and if I didn’t, she’d have to give me another one. Naturally, after ten minutes, I headed for the bathroom. I wanted that second enema more than anything.

When I came out, she filled the enema bag again, and made me stand and watch her doing it, then greasing the nozzle. While I took this enema, she asked flat out if I enjoyed it. I told her I did, very much. She asked if this meant I’d take enemas from her whenever I needed them, or she wanted to give me one. I melted when she asked that, and told her yes, with what felt like my last breath. This time, I held it in and went down on her, after which she let me jerk off.

And the next time she gave me enemas was even better!