My First Visit To The Sherema Clinic

For several years, I had been reading about The Sherema Clinic in Los Angeles. They advertised that they had a special examination room and nurses that administer enemas. Further, they also specialize in B & D and S & M. Since I am only into the medical aspect of their specialty, I will limit my elaboration to this area. I was finally on the west coast for business and Los Angeles was only a short drive away. I called the clinic and made an appointment.

The clinic is located in what appears to be a former suite of professional offices. I was greeted at the door and was given a tour of the facility. Indeed, they do have a fully equipped examination room, complete with examination table equipped with stirrups and a private bathroom. I was given the list of services that they provide and I selected to receive a “complete” examination followed by an enema and a prostate examination and massage. The woman who greeted me at the door took me into the examination room, handed me a little gown and told me to undress and put the gown on.

I got out of my clothes as quickly as I could, but left my underpants on. As I stood around and waited for my nurse to arrive I could hardly believe that I was there. Just looking at the examination table and knowing that I was soon going to be naked on it as I was examined caused my cock to swell. As I looked around, I noticed a television set mounted from the ceiling. Then the nurse walked in.

She was very attractive, of average height and build, dressed in a well cut nurse’s uniform with white stockings and cap. The uniform was cut a little short to show off her very shapely legs. The uniform smoothed over her cute little ass and then up to cover her nice round tits— not too big, not too small. It was unbuttoned just enough to show me her nice tan. She instructed me to get on to the table and sit up. Positioning her legs around my dangling legs so that her crotch rested on my knee, she began to examine me. First, she looked into my eyes and ears and mouth. Then she reached behind me and loosened my gown so that it would fall around my waist. She took the stethoscope from around her neck, placed it in her ears, and began to listen to my chest, gently running her hands and fingernails across my chest and causing my nipples to stiffen. Now the fun would begin. She asked me to lie back on the table, and as I did, she removed the gown—leaving me to lie there in my underpants with half a hard-on.

Carefully, she began to rub around my stomach, each time getting lower and lower toward the edge of my underpants. All the while, the fantasy continued, as she asked me whether I was experiencing any pain or discomfort. Next, she asked me to spread my legs so that she could check the muscle texture. I did as I was told and she ran her hands up and down each leg. As she did, she would grasp the muscle and ask the same professional questions. Again, her fingers would slip into the leg band of my underpants. Finally, she told me that she needed to check my penis and scrotum. With that, she grabbed the top of my underpants and slid them down my body. She was greeted by a cock standing at full attention. But this did not phase her. With her one hand she lightly grabbed hold of my sac and gently massaged my balls. Her other hand pushed into the area to each side of my balls and then grabbed hold of my very stiff cock.

While rubbing my balls she stroked my cock until a little bit of fluid leaked out of the head. She then announced that, in order for the examination to be complete, she should do a rectal examination.

She pulled out the stirrups at the end of the examining table and asked me to move down on the table and place my feet in the stirrups. Here I was, stark naked, with my legs raised and spread wide for all the world to see. My cock was rock hard and my asshole felt the cool air of the room as my asscheeks were being spread apart by the nurse. Then she took her finger, in a rubber-gloved hand, and began spreading KY jelly around the outside of my asshole. She asked me if I felt any discomfort, and when I responded, “no”, I felt her gently push her finger in my asshole up to about the first knuckle. She started moving her finger around and feeling around my cock with her free hand. As she was doing this, she pushed her finger all the way into my asshole.

This was an incredible feeling beyond belief. My asshole began to clench around her finger, and when she felt this, she began to move her finger in and out of my asshole while feeling around my cock and stroking it with her free hand. She told me that my prostate gland and anal muscles were in good shape, but that the prostate massage that I was to receive later would only make me feel even better. She then, very slowly, removed her finger from my asshole. As her finger left my asshole, I felt a terrible emptiness inside as my ass muscles began to constrict in the area where her finger had been.

She told me that she now needed to take my temperature. She thought that since my asshole was already lubricated, and I was in position, that taking my temperature rectally would be most appropriate. She reached into a drawer and produced a rectal thermometer. She lubricated the thermometer, and then I felt that familiar feeling of her hand spreading my asscheeks apart. The tip of the thermometer touched my asshole, and as she spread my asscheeks a bit wider, she pushed the thermometer about three-quarters of the way into my asshole. Now I was lying in this most erotic, and yet mildly embarrassing, position with my legs spread wide in the stirrups, a thermometer sticking out of my exposed asshole, and a beautiful young woman sitting at the edge of the examination table taking this all in.

While the thermometer registered, she kept my asscheeks spread open, and would, from time to time, move the thermometer up and down or in and out of my asshole. She allowed the thermometer to register for FIVE minutes, and when the time was up, she slowly removed the thermometer and took the reading. She told me that I had a slightly elevated temperature, and that she noticed that when she did the rectal examination, that I was a bit impacted. She thought that an enema would be good for me. She told me to remain in the stirrups while she prepared the enema. She left the room, and as I lay there, I could only remember the number of times back east that I had masturbated thinking about this fantasy.

All of a sudden, the television mounted on the wall came on and I was watching a mother spreading the asscheeks of her daughter and inserting a rectal thermometer. This was beginning to become more than my imagination could handle. I was living out one fantasy while watching the other on video. Then, in walked the nurse with the enema bag. She hung the bag at the end of the table and then reached for the tubing to lubricate the nozzle. Again, the familiar sensation of having my asscheeks parted and the nozzle being inserted up my asshole began to stimulate me immensely. She pushed the nozzle into my asshole very slowly, stopping occasionally to twist it a bit and move it in and out (to secure a better insertion, she said).

Finally, the nozzle was all the way inside of me. I felt the warm water entering my body - the feeling of it trickling into my bowels and bloating my stomach. I must say, she administered a good enema. She let the water flow as it needed to, stopping the flow when she knew I was at capacity. And, all the while, she was rubbing my stomach and around my balls and cock as the water filled me. Then, the bag was empty. She left the tube inside of me as she massaged my stomach, causing the water to circulate within my lower bowel. I felt her pulling gently on the nozzle as she slowly removed it from my asshole.

As she did this, I looked up at the television screen and saw the daughter up on her knees receiving an enema from her mother. My nurse removed my feet from the stirrups and lowered my legs to the table. She helped me into the bathroom to expel the enema that she had so carefully administered. I sat upon the toilet and relieved myself while my nurse prepared the examining room for our next procedure-the prostate massage.

When I finished in the bathroom, I returned to the examining room. As instructed by my nurse, I got back on to the examination table and lay on my back with my legs spread wide. My nurse then placed my feet in the stirrups and I was again in the position that had led to my recent pleasures. My nurse had donned a pair of rubber examination gloves, and further, she had removed her uniform - leaving her in a white bra and a pair of high cut white bikini panties. She wore her white nylon stockings and garter belt which made her look all the more attractive. As I had suspected, she had a golden California tan. Nice, round, but firm tits were showing above the low cut bra. Down her tanned belly to the top edge of her bikini panties and into the little mound inside formed by closely trimmed pussy hair. As she turned around toward me, I could see her firm young ass. She walked to the side of the examining table and stood opposite my hips. She grabbed a bottle of baby oil and poured it on my cock, spreading it around with her hand. She rubbed my cock until it was again as erect as it had become at the beginning of my examination. Up and down she stroked it until it could not get any harder. She could sense my asshole waiting to be filled as it had recently experienced.

I heard the sound of KY jelly being squeezed out of a tube. She had somehow lubricated the middle finger of her other hand without missing a stroke on my cock—or at least I didn’t feel it. I felt her lubricated finger wandering between my asscheeks, up and down, lubricating the entire area between them. My entire groin was lubricated - all around my cock, between my legs, and now the area that had remained hidden. Then, I felt the tip of her finger at the opening of my asshole. She slowly tantalized this very sensitive area, not wanting to rush this probing and spoil the feeling. Around and around my asshole her finger continued to move. I could feel my asshole pushing open, inviting her inside. And she felt it, too, because the tip of her finger lightly pushed into my asshole—up to about the first knuckle, just like in the rectal examination.

As her finger began to explore my asshole, she was stroking my cock with long and deliberate strokes. Each time she would stroke my cock her finger would push deep up into my asshole until she had her entire finger inside. The real stimulation would now begin. My nurse is standing next to me with my cock in her one hand, stroking it faster and slower as she feels my prostate respond to the probing from the middle finger of her other hand. She took her finger and moved it back and forth, just enough to feel resistance from my asshole, and then she took the end of the finger and moved it around to touch all of the inside area of my asshole. Lying on the table, in the examining room, with my legs spread in the stirrups— looking over to sea a nurse with her finger in my ass and stroking my cock—then seeing my nurse standing there in her bra, panties, garter belt and stockings WAS MORE THAN I COULD SUSTAIN!

I reached down and began to stroke the inside of her nylon clad leg. She responded by moving closer to me so I ran my hand up her leg and fondled her pussy through the white cotton panties. Instantly, I felt a wetness as she began to move in response to my palpitations. I began to rub her firm asscheeks, the whole while in response to her gyrations. I ran my hand to the top of the bikini panties and pulled them down. My fingers grasped the area between her cheeks and then slipped down to feel the carefully trimmed pussy hair that had become quite wet. She moaned lightly as I inserted one finger into her pussy. In and out this finger went, while I made every effort to naturally lubricate her entire genital area. My other finger had found her asshole and it began to rub pussy juice around it and massage it. My nurse pushed her ass down and back, and now my massaging, probing finger had found its way into her asshole…pushing up until it could go no further. My nurse is rocking on my hand-back and forth, side to side, as she responds to the digital stimulation of her pussy and asshole.

At the same time, her finger is moving in and out of my asshole and her free hand continues to stroke my cock. All of a sudden, I feel her start to really ride the fingers deep up inside of her, and her finger in my ass begins an intense probing. My cock is being stroked furiously. I feel an overwhelming sensation inside. My ass is grabbing onto her finger and my cock begins to pulsate. I feel her experiencing a similar sensation as she lets out a low moan and I carefully and slowly remove my fingers. Now she continues her most dedicated prostate massage and stroking of my cock. My gripping ass muscles and my pulsating cock become one and I cum like I have never cum before. The cum runs down my cock and her hand as she slows her pace and very slowly removes her finger from my asshole. She reaches down to pull up her panties and then leaves the room. Shortly, she returns with some warm towels to clean my genital area. She wipes all around my cock, and gently strokes it in the process. Then she spreads the cheeks of my ass to remove all of the KY jelly and any of the cum that is inside.

My treatment and examination are over. My nurse puts her uniform back on, and as she lightly strokes my legs and stomach, tells me that I am in good health.