My Friend Marion

By [email protected]

When we moved from one Massachusetts town to another I left my friend Janet, and our enema play behind. Even though we weren’t that far away I never saw Janet again. A few years ago I learned that she is married to an Internist in Manhattan. I often wonder if they play doctor and patient.

For the next few years my enemas were restricted to those I got from my mother, which were not nearly as frequent as I got older. I think Janet’s mother had some influence on my mother, as they seemed to conspire to give us enemas.

Many of my enemas were solo, as my mother now worked and I had several free hours in the afternoon before my mother or dad got home. The bag hung on the bathroom door, so it was always conveniently available. It would only disappear if we were having company, but would always reappear a few days later. The bag, a Davol Petal, usually had the douche tip installed, which I still thought was an adult enema nozzle. I am sure my mother would not be very happy if she knew I used it several years for enemas!

I had a neighbor girl I played with, we talked about enemas a little, but I was never able to do more than talk with her. Bonnie had been given one or two enemas, but didn’t get any pleasure from them.

When I was twelve I had male friend who I saw several times a week. We were both becoming sexually aware, and had a great deal of interest in girls. His dad and mom were into nudism, and Lester had shown me several pictures his dad had taken of his mom, his two sisters and himself. The sisters, Marion and Pam were 10 and 8. Marion was becoming sexually aware as well, and we even went so far as to play some sex games. One was “hide the rock” where we were able to feel each other’s bodies. Eventually we convinced Marion to “show and tell.” She took off her clothes and let us look at her vulva and touch her vagina. I even let my finger stray to her anus, which made her giggle.

About a year later I told one of my classmates, Kathy, about my playing show and tell with Marion. Kathy was surprised and a little upset with me, but then went on to tell me about Marion. She said when Marion was younger she liked to go to the bathroom outside, and liked to be naked. This started me wondering if I could interest Marion in enemas.

A few days later when I was visiting Lester I had a few minutes I could talk to Marion alone. I made some small talk, then told her I hadn’t been feeling well (which was true, we had all just had the Asian flu). I then mentioned my mom had given me an enema. Just as I was hoping, Marion became quite interested. We didn’t get a chance to talk much before Lester came back, but I made sure I got back to visit a day or so later when I knew Lester had to spend some extra time studying. I got a chance to talk at length with Marion, and in the end she wanted to visit my house to see the “apparatus.” (I don’t think I called it apparatus, that term came from a recent episode of “Seinfeld.”)

We made plans for Marion to come to my house after school, she lived about a mile away. We decided she would tell her mother she was going to the library, but ride her bike to my house instead. I got home that afternoon, very excited, but afraid Marion would change her mind, or her mother would decide to drive her to the library. I had the bag ready to show her, along with the rectal tube my mother had used when I was younger. Mom had thrown it out, but I had retrieved it from the trash. I saved it, and kept it hidden. By this time I had already figured out how to attach it to the rectal nozzle that my mother would use on me, after removing her douche tip.

When I saw Marion riding up the road, and turn into our driveway I was really excited. As I think back, I wonder why the neighbors never said anything to my folks about Marion coming to play. This was Marion’s first visit, of many to come.

When Marion came in she was excited, she wanted to see the equipment right away. So we went into the bathroom, where the bag was hanging on the door. I showed her the nozzle, and told her all about how it worked, still thinking the douche nozzle was for adult enemas. I showed her the other two nozzles, infant and adult rectal, and my favorite toy, the rectal tube. Marion was very excited, and without much hesitation asked me if I could show her how they worked. Marion still didn’t know I was giving myself one or two enemas a week.

I told her I would, and asked if she wanted an enema, she said no, but wanted me to take one. She decided I better show her first.

I did everything the way I always did. We kept a bar of Ivory in the bathroom, and I would make some soapy water in the sink, then fill the bag using the bathroom glass. Once filled, I hung it back on the door. This time I didn’t change nozzles, as Marion seemed fascinated with the curved black hard rubber douche nozzle.

I took off all my clothes, as I always did. As we had played show and tell, Marion had seen me before. The bag had a nice long red hose, so I could lay on the rug and put the nozzle in. I usually laid on my back, as I liked to look up and watch the bag empty. Marion didn’t say a thing, just watched. I think she started to breath heavy, but I was absorbed in getting the enema with someone, other than my mother, watching. I was thinking back to the days of Janet and Donna, wondering if I would be lucky enough to have an enema playmate again.

I drained the bag, then stood up and removed the nozzle. Marion watched, and told me the enema made my tummy stick out. This was the first time I was aware that my stomach distended when I got an enema. It probably did stick out quite a bit, because I was taking a full bag since I could remember. That old Davol bag held more than 2 quarts.

I held the enema for a while. Marion said I must like it because had a “boner” as she called it. I expected Marion would leave the bathroom when I expelled, but she decided to stay to provide moral support. She sat right next to me on the edge of the tub. Once finished, I was going to wipe and flush, but Marion wanted to see what came out. I was surprised that she wanted to look, but remember how Janet and Donna always like to watch as I expelled.

Once I was finished I asked Marion if she would like to try an enema, she wasn’t sure, and said maybe another time. I was disappointed, but it was getting late anyway. We cleaned up and went to the kitchen for Cokes. Marion asked me some more questions about how it felt going in, was it hard to hold, and what I liked best. Pretty soon it was 4:30 and Marion had to be on her way.

The next day I visited Lester, and we played for the afternoon, we were into electronics, and were building a few small projects with the help of our shop teacher. Marion said “Hi”, but that was the extent of our conversation.

The next time I visited Lester, Marion was able to speak to me when Lester went to the bathroom. Marion asked if she could come over again, she wasn’t sure she wanted to try it, but wanted to watch me give myself another enema. Of course I agreed.

Two days later, on Thursday, I once again watched Marion ride her bike into our driveway. She was pretty quiet as she came in, and I, of course had the equipment ready. I was expecting her to watch while I took another enema, but Marion had decided it was time to try if for herself. She didn’t say much, other than she wanted me to give he an enema, I think she was nervous and a little scared.

As I did for myself, I filled the sink with warm water and swirled the Ivory through it. I filled the bag and hung it up. I didn’t use spit for lubrication, like I did with Janet and Donna, as we always had a jar of Vaseline in the bathroom. I always lubricated the nozzle and myself and was wondering how Marion was going to react to my finger in her anus. She knew what to expect, as I had lubricated myself the same way two weeks earlier. I hadn’t spent as much time with my finger in my anus as I usually did, when Marion had watched me before. Sometimes in my solos session I would spend a very long time stimulating myself with a finger, or two.

I got a big glob on my finger and had Marion bend over into the knee-chest position. I was surprised that she did it so quickly, and with so little concern. I rubbed some Vaseline on the outside of her anus, and as I started to push my finger in, rather than pull way, Marion pushed up to meet it. Taking my cue from this, I slid inside slowly, but as deep as I could go. I just held my finger in at first, but as I started to move Marion started to move with me. I could tell Marion must have been thinking about getting an enema, and had held back, as there were some hard pebbles of feces in her rectum.

I think we could have gone on with the anal play for some time, but Marion asked me to give her the enema. I reluctantly removed my finger, and reached around to get the nozzle, which I inserted slowly into her anus. Again Marion pushed her butt into the nozzle to help it go in. As soon as the nozzle was in as far as the curved part I turned on he water and held perfectly still. Looking at her exposed anus and her vulva below it mesmerized me. Marion stayed in the knee- chest position, I am sure she wanted me to get a full view of what was happening.

When about half the bag was in Marion started to cramp, so I stopped the flow. She waited a moment, and took some deep breaths. She told me she thought she could take some more, so I opened the clamp. Perhaps another half-pint went in before she exclaimed, “I have to go right now!” I stopped the flow and quickly pulled out the nozzle. I squeezed her buns together, and I am glad I did, because as she started to sit on the toilet, and I let go, she exploded. I stayed right beside her, and she seemed to know what I wanted, because she leaned forward on the seat so I could watch her gush into the toilet.

Perhaps because she been holding back or because of the Ivory soap, it seemed like the enema came out in one long stream, with some farting and splashing. When she finished, and we looked in the toilet it was obvious she hadn’t been to the bathroom for a while. She didn’t want to admit it, but finally said she had been holding back all day. I told her that when I was younger my mom would rinse me out with clear water after a soapy enema, Marion though that was a good idea.

I drained soapy water from the bag into the toilet, and went about filling it with warm clear water, while Marion cleaned up. I told her how sometimes you couldn’t hold a second enema unless you waited a few minutes, so she agreed. While we waited I showed her how to use the Vaseline to lubricate me, and spent about ten minutes in heaven leaning across the toilet seat as Marion played with my anus.

It was over too soon, as Marion really wanted that second enema. I told her that sometimes if I had trouble holding an enema my mother would have me lay on my side, with my top leg pulled up. Marion thought she would like to try it this way, so as she laid down I lubricated my finger again. This time Marion’s rectum was empty, but very warm, and she moaned as I moved my finger inside her. I knew how much we both wanted to do the second enema, so I removed my finger and the process began.

I inserted the nozzle again, and as before, when it was in to the curved part I turned on the water. When I think back I am sure that the bag was much higher on the door than it needed to be, and I am surprised either of us could take as much as quickly as we did. This time nearly all the water was in before Marion said she started to feel full. As before I stopped the flow to let her rest. This time I waited until she said she was ready before I opened the clamp.

One thing about the old fountain syringes, they mad a nice gurgling sound when the last of the water emptied out. To my surprise, and Marion’s too, we heard that sound. What surprised me even more is that Marion just kept lying there saying how weird it felt, but that she liked it. I slowly removed the nozzle, then got very daring. I inserted my finger. I had done this to myself many times, and always liked the way my anus felt when it was distended with water. Again I thought back to Donna and Janet, and the fun we had.

It was a few minutes before I felt Marion’s anus clamp hard on my finger, and I knew it was because she had to go. I kept my finger in place as Marion sat on the toilet, and she started to gush as I removed it. I wanted to play with her anus some more, but she wasn’t ready for this much play, yet.

Most of this enema came back clear, but near the end it changed to brown water with a few chunks. Once she was done we cleaned up the bathroom, and ourselves before went to the kitchen for Cokes.

Marion and I gave each other enemas for about a year. Usually we had time for only one of us to have an enema on a school day, but there were a few days during the summer, when we could spend all day at my house that we gave each other as many as 5 or 6 enemas.

As I was maturing sexually, and Marion was too, we played a lot with each other, as well as doing the enemas. While we tried regular intercourse a few times, Marion much preferred to have my penis in her behind. The more we took enemas the more things we tried. We started using the rectal tube, rather than the douche nozzle, and it was always a contest to see who could get it in the farthest.

Once we nearly got caught, my dad came home early while we were still both in the bathroom. I quickly got things cleaned up, and fortunately my dad went to do some things in his woodshop. Marion had to sneak out before she could completely expel the enema. She told me later she got about half way home, dropped her bike, and ran off into the woods and get rid of the rest. She said she made her pants a real mess, but told her mom she had diarrhea.

When Marion told me about the woods, it brought back memories, and gave us an idea. I still remembered Janet and Donna “poohing” in the woods, so I suggested we give each other an enema, then ride out to the woods to expel it. Marion seemed to get really turned on by the idea. We would fill the bag, then each take half. We’d clean up and bike to the woods where we would expel for each other. We were usually bursting by the time we got there.

A few times we held back, and would go to the woods and watch each other “pooh” before we went to my house for our enema play.

That fall I started the 8th grade, Marion the 7th. Marion had always been active in Girls Scouts, and her leader distributed a lot of information on menstruation and sex education. Marion already knew about menstruation and intercourse, but something the scout leader said caused Marion to stop doing the enemas and sexual play with me. I’ve never forgiven the Girl Scouts!

It’s probably just as well, because eventually I am sure we would have started having intercourse and I would have gotten Marion pregnant! After we stopped our play Marion didn’t speak much with me for a year or so, later we became good friends again. When I was a Senior in High School, Marion had grown into a very attractive young woman. I asked her if she would go out with me. I really wanted to take her to my Prom. She told me she really liked me, but that because of what we did when we were younger she felt uncomfortable about dating.

I continued to take solo enemas, but my activity had dropped off, as I became more interested in romantic envelopment with the opposite sex. I did manage to get most of the girls I dated to tell me if they had gotten and enema, even some details. But that was all.

Marion is now a law professor at a well-known eastern college…. I wonder if she ever thinks back on what we did, and if she still enjoys anal erotica. I’d like to think she does.

I had one more enema encounter in my teen years. You can read about it in “Helping Susan.”