My Lovely Co-Worker's Physical Exam

A True Story

It was 1981. I had already been on a new job for several weeks when I was informed that I had missed my pre-employment physical exam. I had an appointment for the next day. I washed extra good, and wore new underwear, since I didn’t know what to expect. When it came time for me to go, the boss came out to my station and asked me if I could give another employee a ride to the clinic for her physical, and I told him that it was no problem.

I drove around to the office parking lot and saw Jackie, a quiet, very pretty secretary who had been working almost as long as I had. She had short, jet black hair and a very cute, pixie face. Her figure was fully mature, even though she was only nineteen, and she had large, very exciting breasts. She was wearing a navy blue, rather short skirt and a plain, white blouse. She wore dark blue stockings and shiny black, high heeled s hoes. When she got into my car, I smelled her perfume, and I was instantly turned on. She told me that she had only been informed about her appointment that morning, and that the insurance people were waiting for the results of all of the employee physicals, and that we were the last two that hadn’t been to the clinic.

We arrived there shortly, and signed in. There was only the old doctor and his nurse, a thirtyish, blonde woman, pretty, but seemingly a little bored. She wore the normal nurse’s uniform, but without the little hat. Her pleated white skirt was short, but not tight, and her brassiere could be seen under her white nurse’s tunic. She carried her stethoscope tucked into her blouse, in between her large breasts, maybe to keep it warm. She smiled and invited us to sit down until the doctor was ready for us. I found a couple of year old fishing magazines, but I couldn’t read because I was too busy watching Jackie nervously moving around in her chair, squirming as if she couldn’t get comfortable. She stared vacantly out into space, thinking about the coming physical examination, I suppose. In a little while, after watching Jackie grow more and more nervous, the doctor called us into the back office.

There were two small examining rooms, separated by two white, pleated privacy screens, but nothing else. He directed each of us to a cubicle, and said, “You’ll find dressing gowns on the table. Please get yourselves ready.” I went into my cubicle, found the usual disposable, white paper gown, and took off everything except my underwear. I put the gown on and sat on the table to wait.

In a couple of minutes, I heard Jackie call my name. Startled, I replied, asking what she wanted. “What are we supposed to take off ? Everything ? Does he expect us to wait here in the nude, except for these paper gowns ?”

My cock leaped when I envisioned her without any clothes on, right there in the same room, with only the thinnest of dividers between us. “I don’t know, Jackie, I kept my underwear on beneath this idiotic little gown.”

She sighed, relieved. “Then that’s what I’m going to do, too. Thanks…”

I noticed that the bright light fixture was on her side of the divider, and that her silhouette could be easily made out on the thin, white cloth curtains of the privacy screen. I realized that while I could see her through the crack between the two blinds, she would be unable to see me.

Curious, I jumped down from the table and moved quietly to the other side of the cubicle. I could easily see everything on the other side! I saw that Jackie had already taken off her blouse, and was just unzipping her skirt. My heart was beating like a jack-hammer. I discovered that I had been holding my breath, even though there was no way that she would suspect that I was peeking at her from in between the screens.

I was thrilled, caught up in a voyeuristic trance as I watched Jackie step lightly out of her last outer garment. Standing there, she seemed a little confused as she fumbled with the silly little paper examining gown. I studied her as she stood there in only her tiny, white bikini under wear and her dark blue nylon stockings. She truly was a vision of elegant loveliness. Her figure was even more enticing than I had estimated, from her uptilted, pointed tits to her slim, perfect waist, on down her thrillingly proportioned legs and tiny, delicate, stockinged feet.

She slipped the examination gown on and hopped up on the table, the only place in the room to sit down. I could only see her pretty legs, then, so I returned to my own table, only this time with a raging hard-on.

After a very long time, during which Jackie and I talked about many things , the nurse came into Jackie’s cubicle. “I’m sorry for the delay, but the doctor was called away to the hospital unexpectedly, and will return when the emergency has passed. In the meantime, I will begin your examinations. First, I will weigh and measure you and …”

She said something that I couldn’t make out, and then I heard Jackie’s voice, seemingly distressed, “But why? I already have a doctor for that! I don’t want to.”

The nurse replied, “It’s part of the routine, Jackie, everyone in your company has had the same exact examination.”

They seemed to have forgotten about me, in the back cubicle, so I got up again and went to the crack between the screens. I could see everything in the other cubicle. Jackie was still arguing with the nurse, who was reaching behind Jackie’s back, trying to untie her gown, I suppose. “Come on, now, Jackie, It’s all right, it’s just us girls here. You know that it’s all right. Everyone has to be entirely nude when they’re at the doctor’s office! You’ll get used to it in a few minutes, I’m sure. Besides, we’ll have your gown back on long before the doctor returns.”

The nurse tried even harder to take the girl’s little gown off, causing her to pull away lightly on the examining table, while still remaining seated on the cold metal device. She was actually putting up a mild struggle to avoid being undressed by the eager nurse!

Jackie twisted her torso away from the nurse’s grasp, leaning way over on the table, trying in vain to get away, showing me her bare upper thighs and a good view of her pantied ass. The blonde nurse was growing impatient, and changed her tone, “That’s enough, young lady!” she snapped, “ Take it off now, you’re wasting my time.” To my relief, Jackie finally hopped down from the table and very hesitantly took off the dressing gown. She stood there, her expression defiant, before the nurse in her bra, stockings, and panties. My hand rubbed over my cock, and a jolt of electricity shot through my erectly throbbing organ.

“Take those off and step up on the scales.”

Jackie balked again. “These clothes only weigh a couple of ounces! They won’t make any difference.”

The nurse showed her the examination form from our company. She read it aloud, “Height goes here, see? And here it says, weight ?, (nude).” I suppose she couldn’t think of another excuse, so she slipped her brassiere off, revealing her truly spectacular tits. Her nipples had already begun to stiffen, and her brownish pink tips were tilting upwards at an increasingly greater angle, even as I watched ! I don’t know if it was the coolness of the air, or if she was becoming aroused, or maybe a little of both. The view that I had of her semi-nakedness was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. I knew that what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her magnificent young nudity.

The nurse took the bra and placed it with her other clothes. Next, Jackie bent at the waist and rolled her dark blue stockings down her fine legs, and took them off. They were the kind that didn’t need garter belts. When her stockings were laid on the pile of Jackie’s other clothes, the nurse spoke to the lovely, trembling girl, “Only one more thing, Honey , step on out of your pretty little panties, and we’ll get started.” I was shocked to hear her tone of voice, but Jackie didn’t seem to mind, and she lowered her panties and stepped out of them, stark naked! I saw her neat, black bush, and studied her increasingly erect nipples.

Her titties bounced and jiggled as she walked toward where I was standing. I stepped back to avoid detection as she stepped up on the antique measuring device. The nurse told her to turn around, and I saw her perfect ass, buck naked, not five feet from where I stood! The nurse measured her height as five feet four inches and her weight at one hundred and twelve pounds. She gave her age as nineteen. She was single, but was engaged to her high school sweetheart. The nurse asked several more questions, but I was so involved in peeping at her nakedness that everything else seemed meaningless.

Finally, the nurse told Jackie to sit on the table to wait for the doctor. I was very surprised when she sat down without putting the examining gown back on. Her expression had changed, and she had a peculiar, kind of dazed look in her eyes. I saw that she was breathing heavily, and that her face and upper chest seemed flushed. Her nipples quivered and twitched on her trembling bosoms, and she even touched herself there, almost unconsciously, lightly pinching her nipples when the nurse turned her back.

Then, to my extreme horror, the nurse came right over to the cubicle where I stood, quite unexpectedly. She saw me standing in the middle of the cubicle, looking between the privacy screens. I was holding my hand over my painfully throbbing, fully erect cock. Instead of being mad, she only smiled oddly at me and said, “It’s time for a few little tests, sir. Go on and take your things off for me, so we can start your examination.” I was petrified. She would see my hard-on! There was no way, short of serious sex, that the missile between my thighs would ever come down.

I took the gown off, and she studied my erection through my briefs. “Take those off, too, sir. Sorry, but it’s the rules.” I stripped naked in front of the blonde nurse, and she told me, “Stand straight, with your arms down by your sides”. She stared directly at my rock-hard penis, and said, “My, but some girl is the lucky one.” I felt much better, and just let her look at my visibly throbbing manhood.

“We’ll get your height and weight first, sir, then the doctor will finish your exam when he gets back from the hospital.” She led me to some ancient scales in the corner, and had me stand up on them. After fiddling with the weights and bars for a long time, she seemed unable to get a proper measurement. “Damn scales are broken again! They were just repaired, too. I guess we’ll have to use the other set.”

My heart leaped into my throat! The other pair of scales was in Jackie’s cubicle. The nurse led me, naked, over to the privacy curtain, and spoke to Jackie, “We have to use your scales, Dear, now don’t look!”

She took me right into the little examining room where my work-mate was sitting completely naked on the examining table. She had not followed the nurse’s order, and was staring right at my rigid hard-on. She gasped, and closed her eyes, but she didn’t try to cover herself from my sight. She seemed a little flushed, and I think she had become excited, sexually. She opened her eyes and leaned over on her table to get a better view of my nakedness.

I was staring right at her bare breasts, but she didn’t really seem to mind. She even poked them out a bit, causing them to jiggle slightly. Her body language was tense, but her legs were spread a apart little bit, allowing me to see her curly, soft black pussy hair, and even a fleeting glimpse of her pink sex slit. Her eyes were wide with wonder as she stared at my hard prick. My penis has always marched to a different drummer, and this time was no exception. The purple, blood engorged head bobbed up and down in time with my heartbeat, and a big, blue vein was standing out from my cockshaft. Both womens eyes were riveted on my naked sexual organ.

I was confused by Jackie’s change of heart, and wondered why she had suddenly abandoned her modesty. I guessed that she may have become excited by the idea of being seen without any clothes on. Perhaps she had come to enjoy the thrill of the clinical exhibitionism, or maybe she had simply resigned herself to the inevitable. I was very perplexed by the strangeness of this highly abnormal situation. Although I was enjoying myself tremendously, I tried to maintain a neutral attitude, not wanting to do anything to alter the fragile state of affairs.

The measuring took several minutes, and they had me turn around a couple of times, showing everything I had to their curious, appreciative eyes. Again, I suspected that everything was a little off when she insisted on measuring my penis. I had never heard of such a test before, and I got extremely aroused when she wrapped her cloth tape measure around the base of my cock, very tightly. I almost lost it when she stretched my prick out with her warm fingers, in order to measure the length. “Eight and a half inches by one and seven eights, erect.” She said aloud, and even wrote it down on the form.

She turned to the pretty nude girl on the exam table, and said, “Oh Jackie, I see here that we forgot to get your measurements. Please stand up, and I’ll take care of the oversight.” I was still on the scales when she stood up, stark naked. The blonde nurse measured everything the young secretary had. She measured her hips and waist, and then she measured her quivering, naked titties. I stood there, mesmerized, as the nurse found some calipers and measured her now fully erect nipples. The nurse pulled on each nipple several times, and then released them suddenly, making her boobies quiver and wobble sexily. The reddened teats responded by swelling up, and tightening even more than before. She measured their length at 5/8 of an inch long, and almost a half inch in diameter. The pretty girl’s exciting areolae measured an inch and a half, even while shriveled by their state of erection.

Everyone seemed a little tense, but no one made any attempt to change the delicate status quo. I stood there, stark naked, trying to be invisible, so that the spell would not be broken, and they would make me go back to my cubicle. Then, the nurse raised the stakes, and Jackie, much to my disbelief, went along. “I’ll have to get you ready for your pelvic, Jackie, I’ll need to lubricate your vagina!” The girl’s eyes widened, but she was silent. “Lie back and spread your legs widely apart, dear, and I’ll get started.”

She immediately did as she was told, and soon the nurse was vigorously rubbing white Vaseline cream on Jackie’s naked cunt, right in plain sight of me, a male patient! Her pussy lips and clitoris were clearly excited and engorged, swollen with sexual desire, protruding from her vagina more and more as the nurse expertly pulled and teased the girl’s sensitive, openly flowering little nerve center.

In a while, Jackie shuddered as the nurse found just the right spot, and she had a restrained, but obviously quite intense multiple orgasm under the nurse’s expertly probing fingers. I was dazed by the amount of weirdness going on, anyway, when the nurse told us, “It’s not part of the usual exam, but I think I’ll take a sample of the gentleman’s seminal fluid. He seems to be in a state of readiness, already, and I don’t think that Jackie will mind.” Jackie was really turned on by the whole situation, though it was evident that she was nervous and confused, also. Her nudity was driving me insane, and I decided to go along with the charade.

“Jackie, stand over by the scales, and let him lie down on the table.” The naked girl stood up and walked to where I had been standing. She didn’t try to cover herself, and she would pinch her nipple or touch the top of her naked slit every so often, inducing even greater excitement in her private parts. I could smell the musky scent of her orgasmic fluids, and the heady aroma triggered something primitive in my groin. I lay down as I had been instructed, and the nurse began gliding up and down my shaft with her soft, warm fingers. In a little while, my volcano-like organ spewed my pent up sperm all over my chest and belly. The nurse didn’t take a sample, but merely wiped my sticky cum off with a white hand towel.

I was stunned. The morning had brought more excitement and voyeuristic thrills than I had ever imagined possible. Jackie smiled at me, and I blushed, thoroughly ashamed at my lack of control, and the weakness that I felt after the mind-numbing climax I had just experienced. After a while, the doctor drove up, and the nurse hurried me back to my part of the room, and handed me my gown. By the time I saw the doctor, thankfully, my cock was back to normal. The actual exam turned out to be rather routine, with no real surprises. Afterward, we got dressed and left the odd little clinic.

On the drive back to work, Jackie didn’t say a word about the incident. As long as she stayed employed at that company, we always spoke politely, but it was as if the whole thing had been totally forgotten. She was married in a few months, and moved to another town. I never saw her again.