My Neighbor's Temperature


Chapter 1

Our neighbors moved in 5 years ago and I knew then that I wanted to do “something” with the wife. That “something,” of course, ranged from trying to catch a glimpse of her disrobing through the window, to getting to fuck her, to maybe even playing doctor games (yeah, right! - Dream on buddy). Anyhow, at every opportunity I looked out my window which is at exactly the same level as the window to their bedroom and bathroom. Forget the bedroom; they’ve got some piece of furniture moved in the way of the window. Occasionally, however, the bathroom blind is open somewhat and I have been fortunate enough to get a glimpse of her moving around in there, but I’ve had to use my imagination to fill in the details.

Just yesterday, however, I had just walked in the door when my neighbor, Vickie, called on the telephone and asked me to come over to pick up a package that had been left there by UPS since I’m not home during the day. I jumped at the opportunity since I knew her husband wasn’t home (what an asshole he is) and I like to stand and talk to her and eye her up while thinking about all the nasty little things I could do. When I arrived, she answered the door and we started talking. After a few minutes, she invited me inside and our conversation continued. Our conversation turned to how cold it had recently gotten and the kind of winter that we might expect. She said that she hated winter because that’s when the kids always got sick. I just commented that it must be rough having to take care of sick kids and she said, “Yeah, and they hate it when you have to take their temperature.” I knew exactly what she meant, but now our conversation had entered my territory, so I asked “why”.

“You know, the kids have their temperature taken in their butt,” she said. “And, they hate it. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t like showing their bottoms or just the weird feeling of the thermometer going inside, or what it is,” she continued.

Here was my entree. “Hmmmmmm. I wouldn’t even know where to start to take a temperature that way, but I guess I’d better learn,” I said.

“Oh, it’s not hard. I can show you,” she said.

“Sure, I’ll give you a call when I need to know how,” I said jokingly, not wanting to appear anxious in any way.

“No. No. I’ll show you right now. That way you’ll be ready when you need to know how. Come upstairs. It’ll only take a minute…well, about 4 minutes,” she said as she headed up the stairs and I followed. We ended up in the bedroom and she told me to sit on the bed while she got things ready. So, I sat down on the bed and she went into the bathroom. When she came out, I noticed that she had a thermometer in one hand and a jar of Vaseline in the other. She sat them on the bed next to me and then, standing right in front of me, pulled off her sweatpants, leaving her in just her sweatshirt, white bikini panties and white socks.

“Most kids lie over their parent’s lap,” she said as she laid across my lap. “You’ll want to be in control of the situation and this is the best position until they get too big,” she continued. WOW! Here she is with her panty-clad bottom staring right up at me.

“Open the jar of Vaseline and get the thermometer out of the case before you lower my panties,” she instructed. I did as I was told, unscrewing the top from the jar of the Vaseline, and removing the thermometer from its case and laying it next to the jar of Vaseline on the bed. “Okay, here’s where it gets a bit tough - take down my panties to just below my knees. You’ll want them to come down enough so you can get their legs spread, but not off all the way so they feel totally naked.” Vickie raised her hips a little as I steadily lowered her panties below her asscheeks to just below her knees.

“Put your hand between their legs and push them apart,” she instructed as she reached back and placed my hand between her thighs. “Now, you’ll have to figure out what you’re getting into but I always try to lubricate their anus before I put the thermometer in. Put some Vaseline on your index finger and then rub it around my anus,” I heard her say. I was too overcome with the sight before me. I could even see between her legs to her pussy which she must have kept trimmed. I knew what I was getting into!

I dipped my finger into the Vaseline and Vickie said, “Use your other hand to separate their buttocks and expose their anus to your view.” I did just that, spreading her asscheeks until I could see the hairless pucker of her asshole. “Now, put your finger on their anus and spread the Vaseline around…if you can, try to insert some Vaseline into their rectum by pushing a little with your finger. Of course, since I’m an adult, my rectum will take your whole finger. Go ahead and slide it inside,” she said. WHAT!? If that’s what she said. I rubbed my finger around her asshole and then slid it inside, feeling her pucker and squeeze on my finger as it slid inside.

When my finger was all the way inside, Vickie said, “Now that you’ve gotten them lubricated, you’re ready to insert the thermometer. Stop rubbing their anus, and in my case remove your finger, and lubricate the thermometer to make doubly sure everything goes as smooth as possible. With plenty of lubrication, there will be no discomfort - It might even feel good.” I was enjoying the feeling of my finger in her asshole, and she would occasionally squeeze it. Looking down, I could see that her pussy lips were opening a bit, too, as her asshole contracted on my finger. I slowly removed my finger and then picked up the thermometer and stuck it into the Vaseline jar a few times.

“Separate their buttocks so you can place the tip of the thermometer against their anus. Then, with a steady pressure, you can insert the thermometer about 3/4 of it’s length. Stop if you meet any resistance.” Following her instructions, I again spread her asscheeks and put the thermometer against her asshole. It was so well lubricated that it slid right inside. She noticed too and said, “See, if you do a good job of lubricating, insertion of the thermometer is no problem. Now, let it register for 4 minutes…”

We waited for 4 minutes while I enjoyed the view of Vickie spread across my lap, panties lowered to below her knees, while her rectal temperature was being taken. “Sometimes it helps if you rub their buttocks and thighs a little…go ahead, its okay,” she suggested. What was I to do? I took one hand and rubbed her asscheeks, down her thigh, and back up again. “Why not use both hands and turn it into a little massage - its very comforting,” she said. SURE! NO PROBLEM. That’s just what I did. Four minutes passed quickly.

“You don’t want to take longer than is required, especially if you’ve had a good patient,” said Vickie at precisely the moment 4 minutes had elapsed. “Spread the buttocks to relieve the tension and remove the thermometer,” she said. Taking one final look, I spread her asscheeks and freed the thermometer. “Use a Kleenex next to the bed to wipe the Vaseline from it and take the reading,” were my instructions. After wiping it off, I looked at the thermometer and said, “Well, a bit of a fever…99.6” (I was hoping to go down the road of an enema to reduce the fever) but Vickie knew better than this.

“No, remember that the rectal temperature is always 1 degree higher than oral normal,” she reminded me. “Be sure to wipe between their buttocks,” she told me and with that she reached behind her and spread her asscheeks. I took some Kleenex and wiped away the Vaseline, spending a moment which seemed like an eternity “wiping” around her asshole. “That’s good - get it nice and dry so they don’t feel uncomfortable,” she said.

As I finished wiping her asshole she said, “You have been a success when you’ve gotten this far without any whimpering…pull up their panties and see to it that they are comfortable in bed.” As she said this, she rocked side to side on my thighs and kicked her feet. I reached for her panties and pulled them up.

Vickie got off my lap, adjusted her panties, and pulled on her sweatpants. “See, that wasn’t hard at all,” she said. No, THAT wasn’t hard, but I sure was. However, I stood up, hoping she wouldn’t notice the bulge in my pants. Maybe she did and maybe she didn’t. Either way, she led me back downstairs and I thanked her for the lesson. “No problem…” was her response as I walked out the door…..

Chapter 2

I suppose that I’ll have to give the UPS man a commission if he keeps leaving packages with my neighbor and, as a result, I have to keep going over there when her husband’s not home and…

The Christmas season is finally over, so when I go next door to pick up the package, my neighbor is in the process of putting away all the bullshit from the season. You do remember several months ago when she taught me how to use the rectal thermometer? Ever since that time there’s sort of been an unspoken communication when we’ve looked at each other - her remembering being across my lap with the thermometer in her ass and my remembering how much I enjoyed seeing it. We’ve never talked about it, but it’s always been sort of there. Anyhow, she looked just as good as always, this time in a sweater and jeans, her ass filling them out nicely.

“Say, do you have a few minutes to help me get these boxes in the attic - that way I’ll be all through?,” Vickie asked.

“Sure, let’s get it over with,” I replied. Vickie picked up some boxes, and so did I, but I let her go up the stairs first so I could watch her ass some more. Going up the steps right behind her put my face almost directly between her cheeks. We got to the top of the steps and we set the boxes down next to the linen closet - access to the attic was through a small door in the back wall of the linen closet. When she opened the door, my attention was immediately drawn to the red rubber bag and white tubing hanging on the back of the door - at the end of the tubing was a long white nozzle which got wider at the end and had many little holes in it. I didn’t say anything, but my attention was drawn to it immediately. Vickie cleared off the shelf so we could access the attic door and as she grabbed the rectal thermometer and tube of KY jelly she said with a little grin, “Remember this?”

I tried to act surprised and said, “Oh. Yeah, hah,” and managed a little giggle. Vickie climbed into the attic and gave me another presentation of her fine ass. Then, turning around, she asked me to hand her the boxes. It seemed that every time I picked up a box it would bump into the red rubber bag or the hose. Finally, enough jostling had occurred that the bag fell off the door and onto the box that I was holding.

“That thing can be a pain in the….oh, just sit it on the floor,” Vickie said as she realized what was coming out of her mouth. I took the bag and put it on the floor and we finished with the boxes. Vickie put the access door back on and started putting things back in the closet. “Used it yet,” she said as she put the rectal thermometer on the shelf.

“No, haven’t had a need,” I said. Vickie continued putting the rest of the stuff on the shelf and then she got to the red rubber bag and was hanging it on the door when I said, “Does that get much use?” “Occasionally…I use it when I get stopped up,” Vickie said. “Ever had an enema?,” she asked.

“A long time ago - so long I hardly remember it but it wasn’t with a bag like that,” I replied.

Vickie stopped hanging the bag up and took it, the KY jelly, and the thermometer and shut the door to the linen closet. “Well, then, let’s give it a try?,” she said.

“W-w-wait. You want me to…..,” I stammered.

“No, silly, I’m going to give YOU an enema, that’s all,” she said, and took my hand to lead me down the hall to her bedroom. When we got to the bedroom she laid the stuff on the bed and went to her closet and took out a short terrycloth robe and handed it to me. “Here, get out of those clothes and put this robe on backwards so I can see your butt,” she told me, and then walked out of the room, taking the bag with her.

I got out of all my clothes except my underwear and put the robe on, backwards, so it sort of resembled a hospital gown with my back and butt exposed. It came down to just below my asscheeks and barely closed in the back. Shortly after I was finished, Vickie came back in but she wasn’t wearing her jeans and sweater anymore - she had on a terrycloth robe much like the one I was wearing. Of course, it was tied in the front, and it fit her much better than the one I was wearing. WOW! I could see her nice legs, as the robe came down to just mid thigh and she had it tied tight so I could see her breasts pushing against the material and when she walked, the robe opened to expose more thigh. WHOA! She was also carrying the filled bag which she hung on the doorknob.

She spread a towel on the bed and said, “Okay, on your hands and knees - butt up in the air.”

I did as she said and noticed that the robe fell to my side, exposing my underwear clad bottom - but not for long (underwear clad bottom, that is)!

“Hey, how am I going to give you an enema if you still have your panties on?,” Vickie said - and, in one swift motion she had grabbed my underwear and pulled it down to my knees. “Now, that’s better,” she said.

I felt exposed as I knelt on the bed, feeling a coolness on my asscheeks and knowing that she was behind me taking it all in. Then I heard something familiar. What was it - I had heard that sound before. Looking over my shoulder, I noticed that Vickie was putting on latex exam gloves like the doctor uses. I instinctively lowered my butt and began to roll over when I felt her gloved hand on my back and the other gloved hand lightly smacked my right asscheek. “C’mon, don’t be a baby. Get back up on your knees,” Vickie said.

“But - what are the gloves for?,” I asked.

“You want me to put the nozzle in dry? And, besides, isn’t it more fun this way?,” she said and then she pulled at my hips to get my butt back in the air.

I returned to my position and I felt her hand spreading my asscheeks and then I jumped when I felt her fingertip put the cool KY jelly on my asshole. She paused and then inserted her finger steadily and deeply into my asshole, twisting it clockwise as she did. She seemed to know right where my prostate was, because that’s where her finger went. She pressed against it briefly and then removed her finger from my asshole, turning it counter-clockwise (as if to be unscrewing it). She kept my asscheeks apart and I felt a small tip press against my asshole and be inserted. It certainly didn’t feel like the nozzle I saw.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Don’t you think I should take your temperature first?” Vickie answered. And then I felt her twisting the thermometer and moving it in and out of my asshole. I didn’t feel that there was a need for me to answer her question, but I suddenly became aware of a very serious hard-on brushing against the robe as I moved my hips with her moving the thermometer. She kept up the motion for several minutes (probably four exactly), then removed the thermometer. “Temperature looks to be normal. No need to reduce fever - guess we’ll just make this a cleansing enema,” she said, as my lubricated and exposed asshole waved good-bye to the thermometer. I then felt her part my asscheeks again and she had her finger rubbing KY jelly around my asshole and moving in and out of my asshole until everything back there felt very slippery. Each time she screwed her finger into my asshole it felt as if she’d go a little bit deeper and touch a different part of my prostate (if that’s possible), tapping it a little as she did. Finally, she withdrew her finger from my asshole.

“Tell you what…why don’t you get on your back for this?,” she said, pushing me over onto my side.

I continued to roll over and realized that the robe had risen above my hips and exposed my very erect cock. Vickie reached up to pull the robe over my hard-on and in a playful voice said, “Naughty boy, exposing yourself to Miss Vickie like that.” “Sorry,” was all that I could say before I saw her at the foot of the bed holding the bag and a well lubricated nozzle.

“Slide down so your feet are on the end and raise your knees for me,” she said. I slid down until my feet touched the edge of the bed, then I raised my knees. I held on to the robe to keep it from falling to expose my hard-on. I realized, however, that with my knees raised, the only thing that WASN’T exposed was my hard-on. Vickie had a clear view of my balls and my asshole.

“Okay, now spread your knees apart,” she said as she took her hand and pushed one leg to the side. This position spread my asscheeks apart, too, and I felt her place the tip of the nozzle against it. “I prefer to use the douche nozzle -it’s longer and a bit wider so I think it shoots the water in deeper and stays in better,” Vickie said, and then she began inserting the nozzle into my asshole.

Yes, it was wider, but not uncomfortable at all, and yes, it was deeper, but this actually felt good as it lodged itself next to my prostate. Vickie moved the nozzle around and pulled on it a little bit to see if it was going to slide out. No, it was in place. “Okay, here comes the water,” she said, and I noticed her raising the bag above my hips as I felt a warm flow enter my asshole. I clenched tightly to get used to the inward flow, but it was feeling very good as Vickie reached down and made “adjustments” to the nozzle. I felt a little cramping and told her - she responded by lowering the bag to slow the flow AND leaning over to reach under the robe to rub my belly. I noticed that her robe had separated and I could see her white pantied crotch! As she rubbed my belly in an up & down and circular motion, her arm would occasionally brush against my hard-on causing it to jerk. The cramps had subsided and Vickie stopped rubbing my belly. But, while she was doing it, her arm had caused the robe to rise above my hard-on so…now I’m lying on my back fully exposed with an enema nozzle in my ass. This didn’t seem to bother Vickie as while standing up to raise the bag, she rubbed her hand over my hard-on, cupped my balls, and then ran her hand along my thigh saying, “Don’t worry, it’s a natural response.” I took my hand and went to cover myself back up, but she stopped me and said, “Do you think it’s going to stay covered up? What’s the difference?”

She was right. Why bother. I lay there as I watched the bad become empty - feeling the fullness inside. When the bag was empty, Vickie said, “When I remove the nozzle, I’m going to put a tissue there - you hold it so you don’t leak.” And with that, she slowly removed the nozzle. I felt the wide end come out and the pressure of her hand and a tissue against my asshole. I put my hand against hers and held the tissue in place. The water was swirling around inside me now, and I was feeling a need to use the bathroom. Vickie sat down on the bed next to me and rubbed my belly as before with one hand. She used the other hand to stroke my thigh and occasionally she would rub my balls…then, she started stroking my cock.

“You took that like a nice little boy,” she said, as she alternated between rubbing my balls and stroking my cock. I moved my hand along the side of the bed and rested my hand on Vickie’s thigh. As my hand touched her thigh she said, “Now, you go on into the bathroom and get rid of all that water.” Then, she stopped rubbing my belly and my cock, stood up, and left the room. By this time, I DID HAVE TO use the bathroom, so I rushed to it and sat on the toilet.

It took a while for all the water to come out and I stroked my cock as I expelled the enema. When I was finished, I cleaned up and came back into the bedroom still wearing the terrycloth robe, my hard-on poking out in the front. Vickie had changed back into her jeans and sweater and was sitting on the bed.

“Wasn’t that fun?,” she said as she stood up and walked toward me.

“Yeah, that was kind of neat,” I replied, as Vickie’s hand slipped under the robe to grab my cock. She leaned into me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was ready to reach for her ass when she let go of my cock and headed out of the room. In the doorway she said, “I’ll have a hard time explaining to Michael why you’re standing naked with that robe on backwards in our bedroom.”

I got dressed and came downstairs. Vickie opened the door and gave me a light smack on the rear and said, “Thanks for helping with the boxes.”

Home to jerk off!