My Usual Therapy Session

I thought that perhaps you would be interested in hearing about my usual therapy session.

This is a true story.

Some years ago I found through a contact magazine (no internet at that time !) a male nurse, whom I still see a couple of times a month. He is a real enema expert. Since then I visit quite often. The sessions normally last two hours, and even if there’s a change in instruments and cures, they always go like this :

I arrive at about 9:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The therapist, I’ll call him John, works from out of his home, an anonymous flat on the periphery of Milan.

He makes me take my clothes off, and has me lay down on a massage table. He is always very professional looking, dressed in green scrubs. The room is dimly lit with relaxing music playing. I lay down on my back, completely naked, while he puts latex gloves on and starts to examine me.

He checks my lungs, my armpits, my nipples, he touches and works over every part of my body with particular attention to my liver and colon. He palpates from the outside, feeling my belly and then moving down to my penis.

He moves his latex-gloved hands to my penis, checking skin and balls with attention, feeling and palpating all the time. I usually get an erection at this point and I usually have a condom on… no problem!

When this is done he invariably tells me I need a deep colon cleansing and an anal massage. He tells me to turn and bend over, changes his gloves for a fresh pair, squeezes some jelly on his hands and starts the anal exam. This can go on for about fifteen minutes, with one or two fingers slowly massaging the outer and inner parts of my anal orifice. He goes in and out, touching and massaging my prostate and the whole anal region, with gentle but firm hands, very slowly, very deeply.

Normally, my erection gets even stronger, while I lay there, my face on the massage table and my bottom up in the air, with his fingers inside me…

I feel I’m in heaven. The music is playing softly, my anus is gently and slowly becoming relaxed. John’s right hand keeps poking, caressing and probing, while his left hand is on my buttocks, squeezing, massaging the cheeks, caressing the perineum. All I can see is the lower part of his body while he works on me. There’s very little talk, we are both concentrating and enjoying what’s happening. His fingers go deeper and deeper, my anus feels warm and relaxed and sensitive, my penis is on the verge of exploding, there already are some transparent drops on its top… and sill John goes on, expertly moving his hands, giving me different waves of cold and heat, different feelings of pleasure and relaxation. After about 15 to 20 minutes the manual-anal massage is over.

My anus feels warm and relaxed now. John has been very good at the manipulation, watching my erection, and being sure that I don’t ejaculate (we have already discussed this point, and I asked John to make me come only once during the session… I want to retain my energy!). At this point John makes me lie flat on my belly (my penis gets pressed to my stomach) and breath deeply and relax for a few minutes, while he preps me for the next step, which is a brief dildo massage. This never lasts long - John knows that I don’t particularly like being stretched. I prefer that my anus stay as it is… tight enough to enjoy massage with one/two fingers.

I close my eyes, listen to the music and breath slowly and deeply, while I hear him moving around. One of the good parts of the session is knowing, but not knowing what’s going to happen… I love the surprise! After a while I feel he has again approached the table, and one of his hands goes to my anus. I feel my cheeks are spread apart and experience a brief, cold sensation, while he lubricates the region with still more K-Y. Then he speaks to me with a calm and professional voice

“O.K., Andy, now bend over… no not like that. You’ll have to kneel on the table and then go down with your head and shoulder, so that your bottom is high and towards me… that’s it, very good. Rest your head on the pillow and go on breathing. I’m going to insert a small caliber today… so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Here we are… relax.”

I feel something gently pushing on my anal orifice, while John instructs me to take a deep breath, and then release it. While the air escapes my mouth I feel the foreign body entering me. As John predicted, there is no pain, just a slight discomfort.

John’s left hand rests on my buttocks, and he starts massaging them with slow, circular movements. He’s still wearing his latex examination gloves, and feeling his touch on my skin makes me even more excited, if possible. His right hand moves the dildo inside me, back and forth, slowly and deeply. The music is still playing and I’m resting on my elbows and knees, one side of my face on the pillow, eyes closed, enjoying and relaxing…and suddenly, the dildo inside me starts vibrating, spreading sweet sensations all over me and something like an energy stroke hits my prostate. John’s left hand goes occasionally to my perineum now, he touches and pushes and massages my buttocks, down to the beginning of my shaft, and up again in slow, secure, deep strokes. His other hand is still holding the dildo, moving back and forth in a slow crescendo.

My whole lower abdomen feels now like a sea of molten lava. The pressure on my penis and prostate is delicious and unbearable at the same time. I close my eyes once again. John continues to talk to me, telling me to relax, to breath, trying to eliminate any hint of tension in the rest of my body, trying to help me focus on what I’m feeling and concentrate on my orgasm.

And it comes. With fast, repeated strokes I explode in long waves (I still have my condom on, otherwise I would make a real mess!) of pure undiluted pleasure… Oh boy! John helps me through the proceeding, orchestrating the movements of his hands to sustain and guide me through the orgasm, and to make it last as long as possible.

And then, it’s over. I fall face down on the massage table again, while John swiftly retrieves the dildo. I lie there, still heavily breathing, listening to the noises in the room. John comes closer again and with a paper tissue cleans away the jelly from my anus. There is a moment of silence. I open my eyes , and I see that he’s changing his latex gloves once again. He looks at me, while he puts a fresh pair on, and says: “Excellent. Now you can rest for a couple of minutes, while I see if everything is ready for your colonic. I’ll see that the water is warm enough. Back in a few..”

He exits the room, while I close my eyes once more and wonder…

After I’ve been lying face down on the massage table for two or three minutes, John enters the room again. He is pushing a small stainless-steel cart covered with a green sheet. I can see a big white plastic bowl filled with a fuming solution, a tube of jelly and a big transparent plastic syringe with a metallic nozzle, about as big and long as a pencil. John wheels the cart near the massage table.

“O.K. Andy, we’ll start with the lower part of the colon. Turn on your back, please… that’s it.” He removes my condom, which at this time is filled with the white proof of my ejaculation, and throws it away, replacing it with a new one. My penis is flaccid now, but even if I normally come just once during each session it’s better safe than sorry. John’s hands are still covered with latex gloves and he performs the operation swiftly and without hesitation.

“Turn on your left side, Andy. Push your bottom towards me and cross your right leg on your left… that’s it. I’ll use a small syringe and give you about 1 liter of warm water with chamomile. It’ll take about ten injections, using this.”

He shows me the syringe, “Than you can go to the bathroom and release the water. After that we’ll go to the big 2,5 liter. enema. That should do the job and cleanse your colon. Now relax and breath deeply please. If you feel any cramps or discomfort, just tell me. Here we go.”

I close my eyes and try to relax, listening to the slurping noises of the syringe while John fills it.

Once again I feel a cold push in my anus when John lubricates it again. He performs another brief external anal massage to relax me further and then he inserts the nozzle of the syringe. It’s quite small, there is no discomfort at all. He pushes the water in. It’s warm and suddenly I feel in heaven again. I feel the water building a tepid, soothing sensation inside me. I feel as if I’m floating on it, deeply relaxed, warmth all over me, my prostate resurrects once again and my penis starts getting bigger.

While I enjoy, John goes on filling the syringe again and again, inserting it and pushing, filling me with the warm solution. Occasionally he makes me change my position. A couple of syringes on my left side, a couple on my back, a couple standing and bending over, and then on my back again.

“Changing your position helps the water find its way into your lower colon,” he says while he keeps filling and pushing. At the same time he uses his free hand to lightly massage my belly, the anal region and the perineum. While he pushes the water inside he keeps moving the syringe back and forth, back and forth in a slow, harmonic movement. My eyes are still closed, the music is playing softly and I feel the warmth in my anal region slowly overcoming me. My penis is stiff again.

“Keep breathing,” he says. “Try to concentrate and relax. Remember, you don’t want to come again.” I do as he says, but the whole thing is really getting hot! I feel the water, John’s firm and expert hands on me, and I can’t help…

“O.K., that’s it.” His voice wakes me from my trance. “You have one liter inside you. Now get up… slowly… yes, and go to the bathroom. Do not, I repeat, do not push. Let the water flow from you. I’ll be waiting here.”.

I walk slowly to the toilet. I sit on the WC. and let the water out. It takes about ten minutes… whew!

When I get back in the room John is standing near the massage table. He has covered it with a light green rubber sheet. The small cart is no longer there. In its place there’s a sort of stainless- steel hanger. It has three small wheels to move it around and hanging from it, about 1,70 meters high, a huge rubber bag, light brown, almost transparent. I can see the fluid inside. There’s a big red rubber tube coming out of the bag. John is holding the other end. He moves the hanger, and I can hear the “splish-splosh” of the liquid inside. He motions me to lie on the table, and I oblige. He has again changed his gloves. He has a pair of light-brown gloves now, and they look thicker than the ones he had before.

From my supine position, I can see the other end of the tube now, and I feel I could faint. Attached to the rubber tube, where the nozzle should be, there’s another tube. Slightly thinner, long, flexible and of the same dark-red color. That thing is meant to go inside me… aaagh!

“Don’t be scared, Andy,” John smiles. “It’s perfectly safe. This is a rectal sound. It’s designed to find its way inside your lower colon for about 50 cm. This way, the water will go up and clean a bigger portion of your intestine. I’ll insert it really slowly and carefully. There will be absolutely no pain at all.” He smiles again, “Who knows… you might even find it exciting. Now lie on left side again, please… yes, as you did before. Good.”

I turn my back to him and do as he tells me. I feel the well-known sensation of his fingers in my anal region, massaging, in and out, slowly and deeply, lubricating, this time a little deeper than before, his middle finger going up to my prostate a couple of times… and then it’s time.

“Once again, Andy, take a deep breath and release it.” I do, and feel the rubber tube entering me, deeper and deeper, like it has no end.

“O.K. we are about one third of the way in. For the next two thirds I need you on you back. Turn very slowly, please. I’ll keep the sound in place.”

I turn on my back, feeling his hand near my bottom, while he holds the rubber tube. I lie there, my back on the table, my legs slightly bend. John asks me if I’m conformable, and goes on, bending on me, working with both his hands between my legs, pushing up the tube slowly, occasionally lubricating it, all the time telling me to breath and relax. It takes about six minutes, but at the end the sound is in place.

He was right : there is no pain at all, only an odd feeling of being full. While I lie there on my back, he lets the water flow in.

The sensation is like before, only stronger. And John keeps massaging my belly, my testicles, the anal region around the sound, the inner part of my thighs. with his gloved hands. His voice keeps a professional, reassuring tone. He speaks to me about the way an enema works and why they are necessary for our health. Occasionally, I feel a cramp and he stops the water, makes me breath or slightly change my position, and when the cramps are gone he continues. I don’t know how long it takes, maybe half an hour, maybe more. My eyes are always closed, the music plays, my penis gets hard again, then soft, then hard and so on. The warmth inside me is incredible. As usual I feel limp and weak like a baby, but at the same time incredibly sensitive all over. And his hands are everywhere…

“Andy…? We’re finished. I am going to remove the sound now. Lie there for some minutes, then I want you to stand very slowly and go to the toilet. Remember, don’t push. And be very careful… you are full. No sudden movements. You could harm yourself.”

It’s over. I feel the rubber snake slowly retreating from me. John removes his gloves, throws them in the waste-bin. He remains standing beside the table, his hands on his hips, with the look of somebody who’s really satisfied with the job he has done.

I stand up very slowly. I watch my belly… I look like a 6-month pregnant woman!

Step by step I reach the WC….


Shower, clothes.

I say good-bye to John. He smiles to me again.

He knows I’ll back.