My Very Humiliating Childhood Clinical Enema Experience

I am darkly tanned muscular well developed body with smooth tight skin and clean shaven with charcoal brown hair and tall with European features No I am not in reality a sweaty dirty old man in a trench-coat talking perverted on the internet who is lonely hiding behind his computer, like so many stories you read here.

Here is what happened to me as a kid about ten years old:

I was always constipated as kid and was taken to the doctors for what they called manual de-impaction treatment. My constipation was severe and required severe treatment. I hadn’t gone to the bathroom for a couple of weeks. Something I eventually outgrew.

I was not at all willing to go through this procedure once at the doctors, and was even humiliated when they told me to take my pants and underwear off. Because I knew that they were going to do something humiliating to me when I saw them preparing the exam table, putting new plastic sheets on. So I refused to undress, but I was a helpless powerless kid who didn’t have any rights or decisions over my body. and like a helpless powerless kid had my clothes forcibly taken off, my under wear too. and placed face down on the exam table on my belly completely naked and of course my temperature taken rectally as they spread my unwilling buttcheeks apart. I remember the cool humiliating sensation sliding in my rectum. When I turned my head to look I could see it sticking out from in between my butt cheeks. there were a lot of people in that office and passing by the hall way where the door was left open. I was crying as I was feeling that humiliating cool sensation as that thermometer was slid in my rectum. After the thermometer was removed the nurse forced a lubricated slippery finger in my ass and poked around for short time. What a sensation!! I had an erection the whole time through everything. Even though I hated this and was humiliated and was afraid I was very sexually aroused. I thing those horny feelings I was feeling there humiliated me more partly because I did not understand that feeling as a kid. So every thing that they did that stimulated me sexually humiliated me more!!

The next thing that happened was the doctor would walk over to me and hold my legs apart as the nurse would forcibly slip several suppositories in my rectum while with one hand pulling my cheeks open wide. Those suppositories had something in them that besides producing the urge to go to the bathroom also stimulated my prostate making me sexually aroused. I still would always try to hold it and not go to the bathroom even though it was difficult. Seeing this what they would do next was get the enema bag out and fill it with water.

It was a very small enema bag clear see through material. It only held a couple of glasses of liquid. Now the solution that they would mix with this was a blue solution that the nurse mixed with the water. This was some type of strong chemical laxative. When she inserted the nozzle in my ass and released the clip there was a very cool sensation that felt soothing as I felt it flow deeper through my intestines. Then after the nozzle was pulled out, I would say about 15 seconds later, my stomach began to rumble, and I felt cramps start to spread around from my lower abdomen to my rectum. This produced a very powerful involuntary muscular contractions in my intestines and my colon that was impossible to hold back any thing at that point. My colon was contracting strong on it’s own.

They realized that this chemical was in the process of working and placed me on my hands and knees on the exam table. They had a flat long pan that they placed below and in front of me. My butt rocked back and fourth a couple of times crying loudly and then in spite of my attempts to hold anything in it all just gushed out of my ass into the pan and all over the plastic sheets. Every thing came out. The nurse was holding my ass open waiting for it to happen and till I was finished. That enema experience from start to finish was only a minute or a little more. That’s how strong this chemical was.

As this was happening there were people in the room, the door was opened, people were passing by in the hall way. My mother told me that they did that because they wanted to examine every thing to see if it was normal. Looking for blood was one of the things they were looking for. She was trying to make me understand. Still I was just a kid to them. They thought that it didn’t matter how I felt because I was only a kid. See how the doctors or hospitals can be extremely humiliating for a person. You and your bodily functions belong to them.

This wasn’t over for me yet, After they replaced the plastic sheet and got rid of the bed pan another nurse came in with another enema bag filled to the hilt with soapy water. They made my get on my hands and knees on the examining table, pressing my face and my shoulders down on the tables surface and keeping my up on my knees with my butt in the air, one of the nursed spread my knees apart and held my ass wide open while the other one inserted a slippery enema nozzle deep inside my rear end. I felt it slide in I tried to tighten up but could not stop it from going in.

I started crying more, thinking that it was going to be scary like the last one. This one went in easily. I felt the pressure of the solution fill up belly as the nurse began to rub it. As I started to finish the bag, the pressure and the soap, made me come for the first time in my life. I didn’t know what it was. I thought that something went wrong. Could it be that there was so much soap in me that it came out and forced its way out of my penis ?

I was hard throughout this whole procedure, but I was too young to know why. I then had this urge to expel the enema but couldn’t because the nurse had inflated this balloon inside my rectum they made me hold it for 15 minutes. She finally deflated it. Before they could even pull the nozzle out all the water began gushing forcefully out of my rectum. There was a lot of soap suds and not as much crap until the very end. And again I was extremely humiliated. You know as I think back, those nurses considered this a drag and really didn’t want to do it. In fact they all seemed to have snerky smiles on their faces as I cried from all of the humiliation.

They then kept me on my hands and knees and inserted a speculum in my quivering and exhausted rectum. I tried hard to bare down and push it out but that seemed to make it go in easier and deeper. They adjusted it until my rectum was stretched wide opened. They took a flash light and began looking around inside and while the speculum was still in place stretching my asshole to the limit they inserted a 4 foot long half an inch thick slippery lubricated colon tube in down through and passed the speculum. As this was happening one of them still had the flashlight shining in my colon.

They produced this piston syringe enema bottle filled with medication that they squirted inside me after they fed the colon tube deeper and deeper and deeper inch by inch until it was all the way inside my transverse colon with only the tip of it sticking out. This was not painful at all but it was very humiliating as it was sexually stimulating even though I was about eleven years old. This colon tube felt great especially when inserted and pulled out from deep inside. of course you do have to be cleaned out.

I think this is why I have an enema fetish and like to act out humiliating medical exam scenarios. I was taken to the doctor more than a few times and had things inserted in my butt when I was young, all kinds of objects and scopes and things including enemas. That is why I am a very anal male, but I am not gay . I am straight and looking for a soulmate to do this with just the two of us exploring kinky fantasies and maybe an everlasting monogamous relationship if I find the perfect counter part.