My Wife's Rectal Thermometer Story

My wife and I are very much into anal play, particularly with enemas and rectal thermometers (yes rectal thermometers!). My wife, Jennie, and I have often shared our humiliating moments growing up, and the one that she likes to share the most was the last time that she had her temperature taken rectally. Her mother I would consider to be quite old fashioned, so the procedure she used probably wouldn’t seem to be a big surprise. What was surprising was an incident that happened when she was fifteen (yes fifteen!).

It was a school morning, and Jennie was not feeling very well at the breakfast table. When her mother learned of this, she walked over to her and felt her forehead. Sensing that she may have had a fever, she told her that she was going to take her temperature, and then disappeared into the master bedroom. A short while later, Jennie was summoned by her mother into the master bedroom, which was conveniently located next to the bathroom.

As Jennie left the company of her two brothers at the breakfast table, she entered the master bedroom, only to find her mother sitting in a chair next to the nightstand. That made Jennie’s curiosity rise when she noticed the pillow on her mother’s lap and the thermometer case and jar of Vaseline on the table next to her. Jennie quickly put A. and B. together and realized what was about to occur, and turned bright red in embarrassment. “Come over here sweetie and lay across my lap” her mother told her.

Jennie blurted out “Oh, mom, why do we have to do it that way? I’m fifteen years old, not six.”

Her mother told her “Now honey, this is the fastest and most accurate way to take your temperature. It will only take a minute.” Totally embarrassed, Jennie finally gave in and slowly walked over to the chair and draped herself over her mother’s lap. Jennie then felt her mother’s cold hands reaching into the waist band of her pajamas and panties. In one swift move, her mother lowered her pajama bottom and panties to her mid-thigh level. Jennie explained over and over the embarrassment of having her bare bottom visible to her mother, let alone the humiliation of being draped over her mother’s lap like a child. Jennie then glanced over her left shoulder and saw her mother take the thermometer from the case and shake it down.

Her mother then took the jar of Vaseline and removed the lid. In almost a rhythmic motion, she dipped the thermometer tip into the Vaseline, then slowly placed the jar back down on the table. Her mother then continued to smear the Vaseline with her fingertip until is was evenly placed. Jennie then shared the humiliation of feeling her mother’s cold hands touching her bare bottom. She then felt her mother’s thumbs dig deeper into the crevice of her behind, and pull her cheeks wide open, exposing her inner hole. Jennie was even a brighter shade of red as she felt the cold thermometer tip first touch her anus. She then felt the lubricated thermometer tip penetrate her opening, continuing on for “what felt like an inch or so.” Once the insertion was complete, her mother then rested her hand across her buttocks, holding the thermometer in place between two fingers.

After about thirty seconds, Jennie heard the bedroom door open, and in much embarrassment, glanced over and saw her younger brother standing in the doorway watching in curiosity what was going on. Once her mother told him to leave the room, he left with a smile. Finally, after what seemed to Jennie like an eternity, but in reality was only three minutes or so, Jennie felt her mother’s hand lift off her behind, and grasp the thermometer by the tip. She then felt the thermometer slowly withdrawing from her inside. Jennie could only feel her sphincter tighten as the thermometer tip once again passed the tip of her anus and was completely withdrawn. She then saw her mother hold the thermometer up to the light and said “You have a 101 fever.” After standing back up, she pulled her panties and pajamas back up and proceeded to bed, where her mother gave her some Tylenol and told her to get some rest.

I must say that this story got me quite excited. After she finished her story, I got up and proceeded to the bathroom where I got a thermometer and some Vaseline and walked back to the bedroom, where my wife was laying down. You should have seen the look on her face as I told her that I was about to take her temperature the exact same way that her mother had done it when she was fifteen. This time it was more of a sexual experience, as I laid her over my lap and finished my treatment. After the three minutes were over, we proceeded to make love all night long (and what a night it was!!). Ever since that evening, rectal temperature taking has become a frequent part of our sex lives.

Rectal thermometers can be quite humiliating, but also quite fun as well.