Naked Penis Exam

They keep harping about men needing to get their bodies checked out so I decided to get a total physical including a prostate exam, a leading cause of death in men. My health plan gave me a list of doctors to choose from so I picked the one nearest me, a medical clinic run by a man and his wife. I had not had a real exam of my dick since I was very young. Since it was an exam, I gave my cock and balls an extra good shaving so they were totally smooth. I did wonder what the doctor would think.

When I got to the office, I saw that he was a good looking guy in his 30’s but the real surprise was that his wife, his fellow doctor was so young and beautiful. I was wondering which one I would get and how much fun it would be to expose my nice shaved cock to her.

When the nurse came to get me, I drew the man. I was told to strip and to wait on the bench. The room was very cool and my cock header for warmer parts. “Great,” I thought. Nothing like a shriveled up cock to impress the girls. The doctor didn’t seem to notice my condition as he came in.

“How are you doing ?” he asked while looking at my chart. “Any problems?”

“Not really,” I replied, “Just making sure everything works properly.”

“How is your urination?” he asked. I told him that sometimes there was a slight feeling of discomfort. “How about when you ejaculate?” I replied that I didn’t hit the ceiling like when I was younger but they still worked.

“I am going to need you to ejaculate into a cup so we can test your semen,” he said in a matter of fact voice.

I was not ready for this and must have looked a little embarrassed.

“Don’t feel bad,” he said,” I can make it easy for you.” He gave me a cup and told me to take my time and left.

How was I going to cum into a cup in a cold room? Suddenly the door opened and in walked his young wife. She closed the door behind her and walked over to me. She looked down at my soft prick and chuckled. “Kind of hard to fill it up when you can’t get it up isn’t it ? Let me help you.”

She had me lay down and went to the cabinet. She took out a long steel tube that had a slight bend to it. She applied a liberal coating of KY and walked over to me. The table had an electrical cord which she snapped to the bottom of the tube.

“Now relax, we will check out your prostate at the same time. This device will give a slight electrical charge and make you cum like a fountain.”

I must have blushed at that comment because she gave a little laugh. I tried to relax but then I felt the cool tube against the entrance to my ass. The jelly did its job as it slid easily up my asshole. I jumped a little but it did feel good. Leaning over, she turned a knob on the table and I immediately felt a little charge of electricity. My cock seemed to like it because it quickly began to stiffen and work it’s way towards the ceiling.

“That’s much better,” she said. “Now I would like to see how you masturbate, to see if you are causing any damage by doing it too hard.”

“You want me to jerk off in front of you? “ I asked.

“Please,” she replied.

I thought this is crazy, I love to jerk off for women on the freeway but never in a doctor’s office. I began to slowly slide my hand up and down my cock but it was too dry. “Could I have some lubricant for my cock ?” I asked her.

“No, I need to do other tests and the KY messes it up,” she told me. “However, Saliva doesn’t hurt.” She stepped back and started to unbutton her white uniform. “Don’t be shocked, my husband and I both chose this specialty so we could see all the cocks we wanted.”

“Don’t you know he is bi? He has a very big following among guys.” By this time she had pulled her uniform down to her waist showing me large tan breasts with dark red nipples. The cold air was making them stand out and hard. With another push, she was naked with a pussy that was shaved as clean as my cock. Lowering her blonde head, her mouth circled and then connected on my cock. Now I was really hard. She let saliva coat my cock and placed my hands on it.

“Now stroke it while I suck you but don’t come in my mouth because we need you cum.”

Slowly I pulled and stroked my hard cock while her warm mouth bathed the head with her tongue. The electric charges keep making it jump and move. I felt like I was going to shoot a gallon of cum when her husband walked in.

“Why are you using the electrical wand ?” he asked her. “Couldn’t he get it hard?”.

“I think it is too cold in here,” she replied.

“Nonsense, you don’t see me having that problem”. With a quick motion he pulled his lab coat open to reveal that he had a large lump in his pants.

“Let’s see it honey,” she laughed. “I don’t believe you”.

He quickly stripped down to reveal a hard body and a cock that had to be 11” long and very wide. Coming over to me, he pulled the electrical want out of my ass. “I think you might like this better,” he said. His wife took a handful of the jelly and spread it over his large cock down to his balls.

“You’re going to love this, I can tell,” she cooed into my ear. “I love it in the ass and I could tell the way the wand slid up your ass that you like things shoved up there, am I right ?”

I was slow to respond but before I could answer she had swung up on the table and planted her pussy right over my mouth. It was warm and wet and tasty and I wasted no time in shoving my tongue up into the wet tunnel. That is why I couldn’t yell when I felt the massive cock start to push into me. God, this was huge. I had never had a dildo or anything that large in my before. I felt his hand kneading my balls and the smaller hand of his wife pumping my throbbing cock. When he started to go faster and swell up, I couldn’t hold back and started to buck and arch my back. With a shudder I felt the cum blast out of my cock. Some landed on my belly and other landed on the doctor team. She moved down to my belly and started to lick my cum. Her hand that was covered with it she shoved into my mouth. Obviously my sample was gone and we would have to repeat this. Then I felt him pull out with a popping sound as my ass finally got relief. I could see him shove this monster cock into her mouth and pump a huge amount of hot cream onto her tongue and face. Her nose was dripping with cum as she frigged her pussy.

“I think I am going to have you come back for more treatments,” he gasped. “You still need to take the pussy test and the nurse has to taste your cum to see if it tastes good. Get lots of rest tonight.”