Nancy's Punishment

Nancy lay in bed looking at the ceiling recalling all the fun she had last night. It was amazing that so many people showed up to celebrate her 18th birthday. Her head was hurting and she was trying so desperately to remember just how much beer she drank. Her mouth felt like cotton and she knew she would have to brush her teeth for a long time before facing Paul….facing Paul…now that was going to be an unpleasant task. What really worried her was not remembering coming home and getting into bed. As she lay there something did not feel quite right. Oh my gosh!!!!

This isn’t my room…where did I sleep last night???? Fully awake now, she heard voices coming from down the hall. She dressed quickly and headed towards the kitchen. There was her friend Mark and his mom chatting. Mark laughed when he saw me. His mom asked her if she wanted any coffee before heading for home. “What time is it?” she asked. “8:30” replied Mark’s mom. “I have to get out of here fast before Paul wakes up. I still have a chance to sneak back into the house.” Nancy ran all the way back to Paul’s house. When she left she didn’t know that Mark’s mom and Paul were old friends and she had already called Paul to tell him Nancy was spending the night and why.

When Nancy reached home, Paul’s bedroom door was still closed. “That’s a good sign,” Nancy thought and half said aloud. Nancy tiptoed back to her room and quietly shut the door. She messed up the covers on her bed before climbing into the shower. At least she would have time to think before she had to tell Paul anything about last night.

While Nancy was in the shower, Paul began his morning work. First he snuck into the bathroom and removed all the towels and Nancy’s clothes. Then he locked the door from her room into the bathroom to force Nancy to go into the hall to get back to her room. Back in his room he prepared. Handcuffs? Yes. Ankle cuffs? Yes. Rope? Yes. Paddle? Yes. Enema bag? Yes. Rock hard cock??? Oh yes…he knew he was going to love disciplining his niece…but wait…she wasn’t really his niece, now was she? And she was now 18 which made anything he did to her legal.

Nancy’s head did not stop hurting with the shower. But she did feel a little better. Stepping out of the tub she was puzzled. She knew there was a towel there when she started. Where were her clothes? Wow!! Drinking really does effect your brain.

I just know I had a towel and clothes in here. Not until she grabbed the doorknob did her heart start racing wildly. The door was locked. Nancy knew then that Paul was onto her. She also knew she had to walk down the hall to get back to her room. That meant walking past his room as well. Very quietly opening the door, hoping he couldn’t hear her, she lightly stepped onto the thick carpet. Uh oh…his door was ajar. She hugged the wall willing herself to be unseen. As she started to step past Paul’s door, she heard her name. “Nancy, come in here,” Paul summoned. “Paul, let me run to my room a minute. I seem to have forgotten my clothes,” Nancy replied. She heard him chuckle. Then she knew she had indeed taken her clothes into the bathroom. She had a sinking feeling that this time she was going to be punished more severely then the last time.

Nancy stepped into Paul’s room and looked around wide-eyed. On the bed lay several things that made her heart leap. All those cuffs…oh no…not another enema?? And a paddle??? Did Paul think he was going to paddle her behind? He must be kidding. I am 18 now and will do as I please. Paul was talking but Nancy didn’t hear some of what he said. She was too busy eyeing the bed. He caught her gazing at his toys and laughed. “Well, well, well, young lady, you didn’t think you were going to stay out all night and not be punished, now did you?” “But, Paul…” she started to reply but he cut her off with the wave of his arm. “You are still a visitor in my house and will continue to follow the rules. You have broken all of the major ones with the exception of slamming the screen door. Now you are to be punished.”

He got up and walked into the bathroom. “Come in here” he called. Not the scale…please don’t make me get on the scale…Nancy was thinking of all the beer and food she consumed last night. “Climb on,” he said. Thank goodness Nancy had followed her diet all week long because the scale only showed a 1lb. increase. Whew!!! It could have been much worse. “Go stand at the foot of the bed,” was his next command. Nancy stood there facing away from the head of the bed. “Turn around,” he practically growled. As she turned around Paul picked up a handcuff. He took her arm and secured it to the ring on the bedpost. Next he did the same to the other hand. Now Nancy’s hands were attached to each of the posts at the foot of the bed. “Spread your legs”. Nancy felt an ankle strap being placed on first her right leg and then her left. Paul was tying rope through the D ring on the cuff and securing it to the foot of the bed. When both ankles were secure he stood and admired his handy work.

Nancy could feel sweat on her brow. She knew he meant business now. She started to say something to try and make him release her when she felt his hand caressing her bottom. “Nancy, do you know how pretty your ass is going to look all crimson red?” he asked her. By now, Nancy’s face was also red knowing that her Uncle Paul was seeing her naked and touching her in a very private place. Swat! She felt his hand. Swat, swat, swat over and over again. She was trying to squirm but her legs were so wide that she couldn’t.

Paul laughed seeing her predicament. “Nancy, I am not nearly finished with you. Do not squirm so or I will be forced to tighten the rope spreading your legs,” he said. I watched as he picked up the paddle. “Your ass is going to feel like fire, young lady. The purpose is to remind you to obey my rules. Are you ready?” Smack! Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, over and over until the tears were rolling down her face. As suddenly as it started it stopped. Paul went back into the bathroom and had something in his hand. I knew what it was when I felt a cool lotion being applied to my cheeks. Oh that felt so good. From time to time Paul’s hand dipped between my legs as well. The blush on my face matched the color of my ass.

“My, my, my, Nancy…why is it I find your pussy very wet right now?” he commented after dipping his hand again between my legs. That will be taken care of later. “I feel you need a brief rest now. I am going to leave you while I get a cup of coffee. Don’t go anywhere!” he stated as he laughed his way down the hall.

Approximately 10 minutes later Paul returned. “Oh Paul, I am so sorry. Could you let me out of here now? I have learned my lesson. I promise.” I pleaded. “Not so fast, Nancy. You have all that nasty beer in your system and all those extra calories you ate at the party. What do you suppose we do about that?” he inquired. I groaned out loud. I knew he wanted to give me another enema. My ass was still hurting from that spanking. I couldn’t imagine him filling me with water too. I watched him as undid my handcuffs. “Bend over the bed,” he instructed. I leaned forward and again he grabbed my wrists one at a time and secured them to hooks on the side of the frame. He left me there with my ass and pussy in full view of him.

I was embarrassed before but this is just terrible. I can not move!!!!!

I noticed the enema bag was gone and heard water running so figured he was preparing it for me. When he returned he had donned a pair of gloves and was carrying a tube of something. KY of course. I felt it first hit my ass in a squirt. His finger was right there to massage my anus all around. He was doing it almost sexually. Around and around he rubbed my rosebud. Another squirt hit my ass. This time I could feel the tip of his finger penetrate me ever so slowly. At first he just kept it still. Then I felt it withdraw and pushed back in, almost violently. Over and over his finger was pushed in and out of my ass. “I think you are ready for your enema now, Nancy.” He hung a huge red bag on the hook on the bedpost. He parted my cheeks and held something against my puckered little hole.

“Now, Nancy, I am going to insert this very slowly. It is much larger then the one I gave you before. You are full of toxins from the beer and sugar you had last night. I must give you a thorough cleaning,” he stated. I could feel the nozzle sliding into me ever so slowly. It felt huge. After a couple of inches slid in I thought for sure he would stop pushing. But it kept going until there were at least 6 or 7 inches buried deep in my ass. I heard the click as he released the clamp to start the flow. Next he reached under the tubing and started to rub my pussy. He was talking to me now…soothingly. He found my love button and started rubbing it. I could not believe my uncle was doing this to me. But between the warm enema water in my ass and the warm feeling I was getting in my tummy, I didn’t care. A finger was snaking it’s way into my pussy now. I was groaning quietly.

Paul laughed. “Yes, honey, let it all out now. You are going to feel very good from this enema,” he said. First one finger inside of me….now he was trying to slide another one in there. Hmmm…it feels so good but it is so tight. My moaning increased as I neared orgasm. He was paying close attention to my clit, using his thumb to make little circles. I started to rock my hips as his fingers started to push in and out of my pussy. Faster I rocked, faster his hands moved. The first wave of orgasm hit me. Shudder after shudder went through my pelvis. My pussy squeezed so hard on Paul’s fingers it literally pushed them out. He laughed at me for this.

With all this going on I almost forgot he was filling my ass with water. I heard the click of the clamp and knew he turned off the flow. I felt his hands on my ankles releasing them from their bonds, next my hands were free. He assisted me to the bathroom and sat me on the toilet. Again he watched as I expelled. Quite pleased, he cleaned me and escorted me back to his room.

Back in his room, I noticed that Paul had a huge erection. I was embarrassed that he noticed me looking at his crotch. He laughed. “Now that you have had your orgasm, it might be a good idea to help me have mine. Sit on the side of the bed young lady,” he directed.

Paul knew I had had sex a couple of times but I never told him the details. He stood directly in front on me and commanded, “Remove my pants”. Nancy reached up hesitantly for his belt buckle. With that undone she opened the button. Shaking, she pulled down the zipper. Paul was so patient. He enjoyed watching her hesitancy. Slowly, the pants went down. Much to her surprise there was no underwear to hide his massive hard on. Paul’s cock stood at least 7” long and was very thick. None of the boys she “did it” with had anything like this. “Touch it with your tongue,” he sternly stated. Nancy leaned forward and took his cock in her hand and took the tip of her tongue to it’s head. “Hmmmmm,” Paul groaned. “Work the head with your tongue,” he continued. Nancy playfully licked his cock like it were a sucker. Just as she was getting the hang of it, he demanded, “Now take it in your mouth and start sucking.” She opened her mouth as wide as she could and slowly started to let him inside of her. She could feel the engorged veins on the sides. She could smell his sex aroma.

“Good job, Nancy. Now touch my balls and continue to suck me,” he said. Carefully taking one ball into her hand she marveled at it’s size. His balls were like large oranges, and very heavy. Her hand slipped behind his balls and started to massage the tiny stretch of skin between his balls and his anus. “Oh Nancy, I see you have learned from your little trysts,” he moaned. “Keep sucking on my cock, Nancy. Make me cum in your mouth. Oh yes, I like the way you run your tongue all over the ridge of my hard cock. Go lightly on the teeth, Nancy…I wouldn’t want to have to punish you again for biting me.” Nancy continued to such his cock furiously. His breathing was becoming faster and faster. Paul was soon fucking her face with his pelvis. Pushing and pulling harder and harder. Faster and faster. Nancy could tell by the firmness in his balls that he was going to cum soon. Not one second did she stop her furious sucking.

“AAAHHhhhhhhhhh,” Paul moaned as his load shot into her mouth. Never having had cum in her mouth Nancy quickly pulled her lips away. Paul finished cumming all over her breasts. He looked down at her and with satisfaction in his voice said, “If you need to be punished again, you will swallow every drop of my cum.” Nancy just looked up and smiled.