Naughty Boy

I t seems that it was long ago discovered that the way to wash the bad habits out of a bad boys system was to do it with a good enema. Over the years, we females have learned this and have learned how to effectively get rid of all these bad habits. Unfortunately though, we have found that this type of cleansing combined with a good spanking is only a temporary solution. That is why some young men have to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Now the naughty boy would naturally have been warned that his behavior was going to get him more than just a spanking. After all, his behavior had been getting worse and worse. Threats of spanking did not seem to curb his misbehavior so something more severe had to be added. Now we seem to have gotten to that point with you. No matter how many times I warn you about being late and about your behavior and attitude in the forum, you never seem to remember from one day to the next. The following would be my way of correcting all of your bad habits and making sure they do not return for awhile.

Now, young man, you would naturally be called to stand in front of me as we discuss your bad behavior. As much as you will protest, you know that you are going to get a very good, long spanking. As you stand there in front of me, I can see that you cannot meet my eyes with yours. I can’t tell if you are more ashamed of your behavior or at the thought that you are going to be punished. I have to make sure that you end up being very sorry for your behavior.

You will be ordered to get over my knees immediately!! I will start in with a very good and thorough hand spanking on your pants. By the time I am done with that you will be squirming on my lap and promising that you will be a very good boy. When I fee l that you have begun to start paying attention, I will order you to stand in the corner with your nose to the wall and your hands on your head.

After a sufficient amount of corner time you will be told to come stand in front of me again. I will again remind you of what a naughty young man you have been and order you to undo your pants and let them drop to the floor. You will then be ordered over my lap again for a dose of my wooden hairbrush or my paddle….whichever happens to be closest. After you have started to squirm on my lap, I will yank down your underwear until they are banded around the back of your knees and proceed to set your bot tom on fire. By the time I am through you will have started to realize the error of your ways and will be sent back to the corner with your pants and underpants down so that I can survey my lovely artwork on your bare bottom. You will not be allowed to touch that naughty bottom….it has not yet earned the right to be comforted!!

After you have spent sufficient time in the corner with your bare bottom wiggling from the heat that has been emanating from a well spanked bottom, you will be ordered to lay over the rubber sheet on the bed. I will place a couple of pillows under the sheet at just the right spot so that you bottom will be up in the air. It is time that we wash out the remains of your bad behavior. I will fill my enema bag with a nice warm solution of water and soap. We really need to get you well cleaned out to prevent this type of behavior from repeating itself soon. When the mixture is prepared I will hang the bag on my ironing caddy so that it will be elevated above you for easy flow of the sudsy water.

Needless to say, I will have to part the cheeks of your re d bottom to find the entrance for the nozzle. Depending on how you handle the insertion, I may have to give you a little bit of lubrication on the nozzle. I would probably have to push the nozzle in and then pull it out and repeat this process until I w as sure that I had it in the proper position. When it was fully inserted in the proper place, I would open the valve to allow the warm solution to enter your already heated bottom. After you had been filled up and you were beginning to feel uncomfortable, I would make you wait awhile before allowing you to go to the bathroom. I really want to make sure that the solution has had enough time to effectively clean you of your bad behavior. When your moans and squirms on the bed got to the point where I could tell you had begun to understand why this was happening to you, I would allow you to head for the bathroom.

Once you had finished in the bathroom, you would once again be placed in the corner with your nose to the wall and your well-cleaned, bare bottom on view to me. By now you have realized that you were a naughty boy and that you deserved the punishment that you had been given. But we need to make sure that this has been well imprinted on your mind. You would be called over to the bed and asked to hand me the belt out of your pants. Once you gave me the belt, you would have to ask me to use it on your bare bottom so that you will remember from now on when you think about misbehaving. After I get the belt, you will once again lay over the 2 pillows on the bed so that your bottom is upraised. I will then use your belt to reset the fire in your bottom. W hen I feel that you have finally learned your lesson and you are reduced to a penitent little boy, I will once again send you to the corner so that your naughty red bottom can be on display for my pleasure.

Just remember that I will not tolerate naughty young men and that as long as you behave as a naughty child, you will be punished like one !