New Doctor

Rumors were flying all over town. The latest talk over coffee was the new Doctor in town. He was supposed to be very good looking and a specialist, but no body knew what he specialized in. Mary, being the inquisitive one, couldn’t t stand it any long so she made an appointment to go see him and find out for herself, just what kind of a doctor he was. He only had office hours on Friday and Saturday and his appointments were for late in the evening. Mary made an appointment for Saturday at 9:30pm. She arrived to find his office was in a very nice home and following the directions he given her on the phone, she came in and went to the top of the stairs and knocked on the door.

When he opened the door and invited her in, Mary thought she would dissolve right there on the spot. He was gorgeous, tall, dark and dressed in khaki slacks and a plaid shirt. Not at all what you would expect a doctor to look like a and had a voice that could melt butter. He told Mary he was happy to see her and that they would being her examination immediately. While she removed all her clothes, he would get things ready for her exam. On the chair was one of those half gowns that you put on with the opening in the front and a drape sheet. So far Mary didn’t t see anything unusual Soon he called to her to come out when she was ready, and lie down on the bed. He gazed at her and assured her that there would be no pain everything was going to be all right.

He began by opening one side of her gown and telling her he was going to do a breast exam. Slowly and methodically he explored every inch of her breast gently massaging her sensitive skin, and when he began to roll her nipple back and forth, between his fingers, she thought she would die. He gently laid the gown flap over that one and uncovered her other breast. He reassured her that she was doing fine. That incredible voice ….Such ecstasy she had never known before. At that point things began to change and she understood the difference between his exams and a regular doctor’s exam.

Next he explained that he routinely checks his patients temperature and would she please roll over on her side. When she asked why, (she hadn’t t done that since she was a small child.) He explained he likes the old fashioned dependable rectal thermometer. So, as she turned to her side she heard the snap of his rubber glove and the gushing sound of the lubricant coming out of the tube. He told her to relax and deftly his strong hands parted her cheeks as he applied the lubricant to her bottom. Then he slowly and gently inserted the thermometer into her waiting rectum. While she felt some what embarrassed, there was also something very sensual about what was going on.

She could hear noises coming from another room, but wasn’t t sure what was going on. She soon found out when he returned. He removed the thermometer, cleaned her rectal area, and informed her she was normal. The doctor explained that before her exam could continue she would have to have an enema! Yikes! What ever for? He reassured her that this would be different. He instructed her to get face down on all fours.

God, she felt so vulnerable. Sensing her feelings of apprehension he began to gently massage her rectum all the while he was generously applying lubricant. This was like nothing she has ever experienced before. As she began to writhe with pleasure those strong hands gently parted her cheeks again and he told Mary he was going to insert the nozzle and for her to take a deep breath and blow it out. At that precise moment she felt the pressure as the nozzle went in.

Since this was Mary s first visit he used the standard rectal nozzle. At subsequent visits he would introduce her to different nozzles and solutions. He told Mary to relax as much as possible, that he was ready to release the valve. He had prepared a simple 2 quart sudsy enema. Immediately Mary felt the warm liquid flow throughout her body. Now the doctor began massaging her vagina with those massive hands and encouraging her to relax and let the enema do its work. This was incredibly exquisite. She never knew an enema could be so sensual. When her mother had given her one it was very strong and she had terrible cramps. She also had one in the hospital and it too was strong and not very pleasant at all. When she had taken all the enema the doctor removed the nozzle and inserted his finger deep into her rectum and asked Mary to hold the enema in as long as she could.

With his strong but reassuring voice he told her she was doing very well. Soon he felt he rectum respond, he removed his finger and left to clean and dry the enema equipment, in the meantime, Mary could hold her enema in no longer. She rushed to the bathroom for relief. This was almost more that Mary could stand. The pleasure was beyond words. When she was finished, she returned to the exam room and found the doctor was waiting with fresh gloves and more lubricant He positioned her on the edge of the bed, with her bottom almost falling off the bed, and rested her feet on the chair he was using. (He positioned her much like she would be if she went to see her Gynecologist) He explained that he was going to finish the rest of her examination.

Slowly he began to examine every inch of her vagina. Slowly he went over the exterior of her vagina, he manipulated the outer lips between his fingers, as if they were the petals of a delicate flower, then he applied a generous amount of lubricant and proceeded to examine the inner most portion of her vagina . His hands were big, but gentle as he explored deep within her inmost being. Her pleasure was indescribable, before she could say another word, he informed her he was going to do a rectal exam. Again that voice, he have gotten her to do almost anything just by asking. Slowly and skillfully he found his target, he told Mary to bear down as he began to probe this forbidden place. Anticipating the worst, the pleasure, was more than Mary could stand. What bliss! She found herself wanting to explore his body. Oh, what pleasure, joy and ecstasy. Soon they were locked together as one, seeking out each other s most intimate sources of pleasure.

When they were done, the Doctor informed Mary he would be happy to see her again and continue treating her. Mary couldn’t t believe what she was hearing. More of this incredible pleasure. Unfortunately he only saw his patients every 6 months. For this she knew she could wait.