Nicole's Visit To Her Doctor

Upon reaching 40 to 50 years women tend to develop gynecological problems so Nicole decided that she had to undergo a complete exam every three months. I scheduled the first visit at my office on the first day of the Easter holidays.

Knowing what the exam consisted of, she also planned a visit to her attorney as she had to discuss some business. She wore a pair of trousers, a smart cotton shirt complete with a sport jacket. She wore black stockings and classic high heels. She grabbed her leather attaché case and headed to the doctor’s office.

Arriving there, the receptionist notified me that Nicole had arrived. I asked her to come into the office. I asked her to sit down and asked some questions about her health, life and work. After that I asked her to stand up and have a look at my new car in the garage. The discussion continued. Then the time for the exam came. I noticed the way she was dressed and decided that I should do the most thorough examination Nicole had ever got.

First of all I asked her to stand in front of the Alpha chart for her eye test, then I examined her ears asking her to remove her earrings. I examined her nose. She was asked to open her mouth and I examined her throat.

I asked her to remove her necklace for the thyroid exam. I asked her to remove the jacket, blouse, bracelets, and her watch. I checked her blood pressure before asking her to lay on the table. Before she did so she removed her shoes and hopped on the table. I probed her belly with the stethoscope. I moved to her breast and I noticed that she was wearing a bra which was tied on the front. I unfastened then removed it. Her breasts were still firm for a 45 year old woman.

Her nipples were brown and the breast were marked with the bra’s elastic band. I told her that I was going to examine her breasts for lumps. I slowly palpated the right then the left breast while she was still lying on the table, then I asked her to stand on the floor. She put her shoes on and I examined them again.

I took the measurements, (first time I did that). I took both in my hands before pinching the nipples. She was shocked and shouted : “AAAH ! it hurts.”

I apologized then explained her that her breast were OK. I conducted her to the table again and this time I asked her to remove her shoes and her trousers. She asked me if that was necessary and I asked her how I could examine her gynecollogically with them on. She removed them and she laid on the table with her panties and stockings. I probed her navel, her thighs. I asked her to roll on her stomach and examined her spinal column.

I told her to get on her back I took her leg and examined them looking for varicose veins I looked from her thigh passing by her knees I rolled her stocking to her ankle probing her calf, I finally removed the stocking and examined her foot, I checked for the reflex and the ankle which she twisted some time ago. I left her as the phone rang while talking I looked at her she was lying there with one bare foot, one foot in her stockings and her panties. I repeated the exam with the left foot the grabbed both and lifted them I took her panties and removed them, I placed her foot in the stirrups she laid speechless. I put a pair of latex gloves and asked her to move to the end of the table.

She was wide open and she complained that she was very uncomfortable. I replied that she had nothing to worry as I already saw her naked when I operated her long ago. She smiled and curled her toes nervously. I lubricated my fingers and told her to stay calm.

I inserted my finger in her vagina her sex was beautiful she had a lot of black hairs her lips were wet and her clit was filled with blood. I probed inside her slowly, very slowly my two fingers of my right hand in her vagina my thumb touching her clit. I felt her giggle. My left hand was on her belly, I continued with in and out movement. She was curling her toes and lifted her butt. I told her to stop. She placed both hands on her face.

I heard her moan I took great care to lubricate my fingers again. I reinserted them again. She told me that it was hurting on the left side. I took a speculum and inserted it in her. She shouted, “Ouch!!”

She continued curling her toes. I left the speculum in her for nearly five minutes. I knew she was aching. I saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I stood at the end of the table and I looked at her pink soles. Her feet were beautiful. She had long thin toes and they were curled from time to time. I removed the speculum but inserted one finger in her anus and another one in her vagina.

I made in and out movements. She moaned more and more. I told her to roll back and get on her knees and hands. There I inserted the sporoscope and I heard her moaning more and more.

When I finished I asked to lay on her back again I checked for lumps in her belly. I then took her temperature rectally, her measurements and asked her to her dress.

I looked at my watch and I saw that she spent nearly one and half hour in my cabinet. To my great surprise she booked another appointment for the summer holidays.

I just hope that next time she would dress like that again.