No Nonsense Nurse

I checked out several magazines in an attempt to discover my sexual desires. Perusing the magazines back at home, I discovered that nearly every fetish I had ever heard of was covered. The more I looked the more interested I became. I had always wanted to be the patient of a dominant nurse, and right there it said “specialized nursing services available to naughty patients.” I confessed this to my wife and we set up an examination room. I was told to wait in the “waiting room” until she called for me.

About five minutes later a very beautiful lady entered, introduced herself as Miss Nancy and thanked me for being patient. Seeing that I was nervous, she told me to relax and tell her what interested me. When I told her that being in the control of a dominant nurse was my favorite fantasy, she smiled and said that she was fully equipped to make my fantasy a reality

Miss Nancy told me to wait for her in the “examination” room. There, I quickly stripped naked. Miss Nancy returned about ten minutes later wearing a very short nurse’s uniform with sheer white stockings. She gave me a “safe word” to use if anything she did was more than I could tolerate and assured me that beginners were her specialty Then, after ordering me onto the “examination table,” she announced that she was going to take my temperature. I was told to roll over onto my stomach.

Putting on rubber gloves, Miss Nancy began to lubricate my asshole. Gradually the full length of her finger, and then two fingers, was moving in and out of my asshole. By the time the thermometer was inserted my cock was hard and sandwiched between my stomach and the table. Miss Nancy patted my ass, telling me that she would take good care of her patient.

While she was taking my temperature. she would routinely go to one of the lower drawers along the wall, pretending to be searching for something. She would bend over to give me a full view of her stockings and a beautiful pair of lacy white panties. Once, she quickly looked around and said, “Stop looking up my dress, young man!”

I had been rubbing myself forward and backward on the table and was just about to ejaculate when she slapped my bottom very hard. “Masturbating. are we? Well, it’s time you had the spanking you deserve!” With that, Miss Nancy began spanking me and I mean really spanking. It was so real I nearly forgot that I was here by choice. Within a minute I ejaculated.

“How dare you make a mess on my table?” Miss Nancy barked. She picked up the thermometer, which by now had fallen out, and told me that now she knew what the problem was; I had a fever. “I can take care of that, too,” she said with a grin.

I asked her what she meant, and she told me that I would have to be “cleaned out.” She went to a cabinet and took out a large enema bag with some special attachments. She strapped my arms down to the table on both sides, then strapped both my ankles to the table at the opposite end. Finally, she stuffed a pillow under me to elevate my hips.

Miss Nancy hung the enema bag on a hook above the table, then began to lubricate me for penetration. By this time I had a full erection again. She inserted a nozzle with an inflatable bulb on the end. telling me that it would enable me to hold the enema until she decided I could release it.

I was in a real frenzy by the time the enema was over. Miss Nancy told me that there was one last thing that had to be done before she would allow me to use the bathroom. She removed the pillow from under me and untied me so I could turn onto my back. If it hadn’t been for the special nozzle, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to hold the enema.

After lifting her skirt and removing her panties, she lowered the table a little until I was staring at her pussy She then straddled my face and told me that I would be allowed to use the bathroom only when Nurse Nancy had been satisfied. I got to work licking her hot pussy and succeeded in bringing her to orgasm, following which she stroked my cock until I came.

“I suppose that was satisfactory for the first time,” Miss Nancy said as she removed the nozzle and released me. “But I suggest you make an appointment to see me again soon.”

On my way out. I did just that.