Not as Sorry as You’re Going to Be

Nicole eased her car into Susan’s driveway and drove along the side of the house to the front of the detached garage. There was a fence to the right, from the rear corner of the house to the garage. This was for privacy and because Susan had a pool. Nicole had just come from her Tennis lesson and had a short Tennis skirt on over the usual ruffled panties. She got out of the car and went around the front to the gate leading into the back yard and pool area. As soon as she was inside the gate a few feet she stopped suddenly in wide eyed surprise.

There on the bar-b-que table was Susan spread out on her stomach on a beach towel with not a thing on. This was not unusual as she and Susan had sun bathed in the nude before in Susan’s backyard. What made her do a double take was the Douche bag the was hanging on a nail in one of the patio cover supports. Susan had pulled the table over next to the support and the tube from the Douche bag extended down and over one of Susan’s legs and was firmly stuck up her butt.

“What are you doing ?” Nicole questioned.

“I’m taking an enema; I usually take one once a month anyway, but I was real constipated lately so I just thought I would come out and do it in the warm sunshine,” returned Susan.

After regaining her composure, Nicole said, “Well I just never saw anyone taking an Enema before”.

“I guess there is a first time for everything”, said Susan.

Just then the phone rang from inside the bedroom; “Could you get that, I’m not quite done yet.” Susan said.

Nicole went through the French door into Susan’s bedroom and came back a minute or so later. As she came out the door she pulled it closed behind her.

“That didn’t lock did it?” Susan called out with a worried look on her face. Just then Nicole saw the Douche bag, or as she now knew and Enema bag flatten and do a slow twist as the last drop emptied in to Susan.

“I’ll check,” and Nicole retraced her steps and tried the door. “I’m afraid it did lock,” said Nicole. “But don’t you have a hidden key out front?”

Susan reached around with her right hand and clamped the hose and then pulled the nozzle slowly out of her ass; Nicole could see that Susan must be constipated, because she could see the Douche nozzle she had used was caked with poop in the fluted indentations. Susan wiped it off with a tissue and set it aside.

“We had better go out and find the key,” Susan said.

Susan got up and pulled on a pair of panties and gym shorts, and put on a tee shirt. Both girls walked through the gate and up the driveway to the front walk area of the house.

“It is supposed to be in a hollow rock that looks real,” Susan announced.

“That’s fine Susan; but there are about a hundred rocks like that out here, do you which one it is?” said Nicole.

Both of them got down on their knees and started turning over rocks to find the key.

“All I know is it is out here somewhere, we better hurry,” said Susan

After a few minutes Susan started to panic, she started to push a Whole handful of rocks aside at once in the hopes of seeing a key fall out. All of a sudden she stood up straight and clenched her legs tightly together, as a cramp came over her. I lasted about 30 seconds and left her drained when it subsided.

“Hurry and find it Nicole; I don’t have much time the Enema is starting to work !” Susan yelled.

Just then another cramp hit and Susan didn’t have enough strength left, she felt the water start to leak out faster and faster until there was a whoosh.

Nicole looked up and said, “I’ve got it, I found the key!” She looked up just in time to hear a splattering sound and saw the back of Susan’s white gym shorts turn brown as a rush of water came out and started to run down the inside of both legs. The water was dark brown almost black.

Susan could feel the water shoot out with a lot of pressure; she must have expelled about a pint before it stopped. She know from past experience with Enemas that the excess water came out first and then the main load. She had to get to the back yard if she could. She started to walk toward the back yard up the driveway followed by Nicole a few steps behind her.

Nicole didn’t know what to say or do so she just walked behind Susan.

Susan stopped about twenty feet from the gate and put her hand over her butt in an attempt to put off what she knew was about to start. It didn’t do any good, she could feel her ass cheeks start to spread as the poop pushed its way out into her panties. What is the matter, why are you stopping? Said Nicole. The words were no sooner out of her mouth when she had her answer when she saw a huge bulge balloon in the seat of Susan’s shorts. She heard a wet farting sound, and saw a fluttering in Susan’s pants as more and more crap came out. Some of it was starting to poke out the leg openings and run down her legs. Susan began to walk again very stiff legged and slow; they reached the gate and then the back yard. Nicole made a bee line for the back door to unlock it and didn’t notice Susan went to the table and took down the Enemas bag and went to the hose bib and filled it up to the top. She then went back to the post and re hung it up and took the nozzle and stuck it into the large jar of Vaseline that was on the bench.

Nicole started to walk back to Susan when she saw Susan sit down on the bench; they was a large splat as she sat down, and for a few seconds she looked like a chicken on an egg until the poop started shooting out both leg openings of her shorts from the compression. There was so much pressure that the poop was forced up the crack of Susan’s ass and pushed out over her waist band.

When she got close to Susan; Nicole said, “Listen, I’m really sorry about this.”

And before she could say another word Susan grabbed her and pulled down across her lap. “Not as sorry as your going to be !” Susan exclaimed.

She looked like a sack of potatoes; her head almost touching the ground on one side and her legs up in the air on the other. Susan quickly pulled the crotch of Nicole’s tennis panties aside and reached over and withdrew the nozzle from the Vaseline. She quickly pushed the nozzle up Nicole’s hole; it went in with ease because of all the Vaseline. All the while holding Nicole down; Susan reached up and opened the hose clamp that sent a rush of cold water up Nicole.

Nicole jumped when she felt the water and had a cramp instantly. “Let me up, Let me up, I gotta go,” Nicole yelled. Water was leaking back by the nozzle as Nicole had no experience with Enemas; Susan just squeezed her cheeks together and let the water keep flowing. She wasn’t going to stop the water or let Nicole up no matter what she said.

The water was flowing in fast and soon the bag was empty, so Susan let Nicole go. She stood up at once and couldn’t hold back any longer as water leaked and then cascaded from her rear. Susan had gotten up and went to the rear lawn and started to take off her shorts and tee shirt. When she was naked, Nicole could see the crap stuck to her rear end. Susan then walked to the outdoor shower by the pool house and started to clean up. Nicole at first was going to go inside and use the bath room, but she thought about it first and decided that Susan would be mad if she didn’t share her fate. Nicole walked over to the grass in front of where Susan was showering and just relaxed and let it go. Soon she could feel a huge turd start to make its way out her ass hole. It pressed into the crotch of her pants and then stopped, held from coming out any farther by the elastic. She reached back and felt the bulge like a tent pole sticking out her pants.

Nicole called out, “Susan, I’ve got a problem;” she then turned and bent over a little so Susan could see the bulge sticking out her butt. “It won’t come out” Nicole cried. Susan said, “Not to worry” and walked over and pulled the panties and turd straight out. I soon came out all the way so Susan let the panties snap back, and then took her hand and smashed the turd all over Nicole’s butt.

Susan returned to the shower and Nicole started to undress after having made the mess Susan started. She was just about to walk over to the shower and join Susan when another stream of water and poop shot straight out of her ass onto the lawn.

“I guess I wasn’t done,” Nicole said. And further said, “Do you actually enjoy Enemas, Susan? I wouldn’t want to do this again.”

Susan quickly replied, “ I was a little rough on you Nicole, why don’t we go into the house and I’ll give you a nice one you will enjoy.”

Nicole thought about it and agreed to try one more and…

That is another story.