Novice's Enema Introduction


I got online one evening, started a playdoctor-type chat, and settled back to see who dropped in. Among the drive-by visitors and the idiots whose sole conversation was “List me [for pics]”, I got a message asking what was up. Checked the profile, and it was a lady… local… free… and a bit younger than me. l told her a bit about playing doctor, and sent one of my true stories.

The reaction was quick - she finished reading, and told me it’d gotten her seriously aroused. We chatted some more, and I found out that her entire anal experience was limited to rectal exams at the gyno’s. On the other hand, she’d wondered if it was normal to actually enjoy the finger in her backdoor. I told her that it certainly was, lots of ladies and some men did. I showed her a favorite website, one that extolls the accuracy of rectal temperatures. She said she might have a rectal thermometer left over from a few years ago…

It turned out that she didn’t, but over the next couple of days, she made a drugstore trip. We’d also chatted about medications, and I discovered that she hates pills. I pointed out that most pharmacies carry adult-size acetaminophen and aspirin

suppositories, for people whose stomachs get upset by pills and caplets. I also mentioned that one can take most oral medications the other way, by dissolving the pills in warm water and injecting with a bulb syringe. The next time we chatted, she had a thermometer and bulb.

We talked about meeting, and decided that a housecall would be risky. I found a budget motel near her on the Web, and we arranged to meet. The day of the meeting, I ran into her online about an hour before I drove out. She was feeling extremely nervous, so I suggested she try the thermometer, to get in the mood. Since she was alone at the moment, she went for it. I had her shake down and lubricate the thermometer, bare her bottom, and put a knee on the chair. When she was ready, I instructed her to slip it in.

She said that it didn’t hurt, in fact she could barely feel it… I had her stroke it in and out a few times - THAT, she felt. Then, I had her twirl it side-to-side, then alternate the two till she decided which she liked better. By that time, she was a bit hot and wet. I told her to go ahead and start playing around up front, which she did. She quickly came, and informed me that she was feeling a bit less nervous, and a lot more in the mood to meet me.

An hour or so later, I was waiting at the motel when she pulled up. I liked what I saw… Went and got a room, and walked up with her and my toy collection. I asked how she felt, and she said she was still nervous. I had her turn around, and began rubbing her shoulders and back. From there, I had her lie down on her stomach, and continued the backrub, working down to her buns. As she relaxed, I had her lift her hips so I could remove her shorts and panties. Once those were out of th e way, I settled in to massaging her buns. Finally, I spread them and took a look - there was the spot I hoped to “turn on” that evening - a dark, rosy pucker that quivered a bit as I stroked it with a finger.

I told her to relax for a second, and unwrapped a couple of hemorrhoid suppositories. These are my favorite initial lubricant, not least because they provide an excuse for that first deep fingering. When I’d gotten the foil off them, I had her get in the knee-chest position, bottom up and head and shoulders down on the pillow. I placed the tip of the first at her anus, and

slowly eased it in. The first one was a bit tricky, since she was a bit tense. She was ready for the second, and pushed back onto my finger, breathing heavily.

Now, it was time for her temperature check. I grabbed a rectal thermometer and KY. Lubing the bulb, I had her get in the knee-chest position, bottom up and head and shoulders down on the pillow. Her gasp as I inserted the thermometer was everything I could have hoped for. I stroked it in and out of her quivering bottom, noting the change in her breathing as I twirled it. Deciding she was ready, I reached lower and checked her clit (hard) and her pussy (wet). Devoting the attentions of one hand to the forward areas, I continued to molest her bottom with the thermometer. This continued until she came, and I let her lie flat on the bed for a moment.

She’d brought her bulb syringe, and I’d asked her to bring a bottle of mineral oil. I donned an exam glove, quickly filled her bulb, and returned to the bed. Getting her back into knee-chest position, I squirted a few drops of oil on her bottom, and asked if she was ready for her first enema. In a slightly shaky voice, she said she was. I slowly inserted the tip, then began the long

squeeze that a thin nozzle and thick oil require. I asked if she could feel it, and if she liked it. She murmured back that she could, a little, and it felt nice. I decided she could handle the rest of the pint, and refilled the bulb.

The second bulbfull went in much like the first, and then I told her that the next part would be familiar. Setting the bulb aside, I slowly plunged my gloved index finger deep into her rectum. I felt her anus clamping on my finger, and slid a couple in front for good measure. As her breathing intensified, I stroked her clit. Soon after that, she was ready for the next part of the treatment.

I refilled the bulb with warm water, and had her roll onto her left side, in Sims position - knees pulled up to expose the anus. I handed her the bulb, and coached her in giving herself the enema. she felt around a bit, found the target, and slid the nozzle in. Then, she slowly squeezed. When she handed me the bulb, I put it on the table and picked up a pair of vibrators. The first

went into her rectum, and I turned it on. She went completely rigid for a second, then started quivering a bit. I put her hand on the vibrator, and she began stroking it in and out. Next, I lifted her right leg a bit, and slid the other in to her pussy. Cranking both of them up to high, got an enthusiastic reaction. With those and some judicious clit fingering, she shuddered into another orgasm.

Leaving her with the vibrators, I filled my large bag. Putting her in knee-chest position, I copiously lubed the butt plug nozzle with KY, and tried to get it in. She could almost take it, but stopped short of the shoulder. We decided to settle on the douche tip. For this enema, I used 2 quarts of warm water, with Castile soap - enough to make the water cloudy. I hung the bag on

the bedside lamp, and had her move around till her buns were near it. Knee-chest position again to lubricate her bottom thoroughly with a well-vaselined finger, and then she squirmed as the douche tip went in.

Helping her down into Sims position, I asked if she was ready. Being told that she was, I popped the clamp. This enema, she felt immediately. The hum of the vibrator mingled with her moans as she filled, until halfway through the bag a cramp hit. I stopped the flow, had her roll on her back, and rubbed her tummy in a counterclockwise circle, asking if she could feel it going deeper. She could, of course… I gave her about another pint, and she said she’d had enough. This wasn’t surprising - the amount left in the bag was a bit less than the bulb enemas she was still holding.

Not wanting any accidents, I picked up the solid butt plug that I’d greased up before giving the bag enema. Removing the nozzle, I had her grab her legs and pull them way up, still on her back. By dint of much gentle but firm pressure, and murmured encouragement, she took the plug. Then, I told her about my one rule on the subject - you can’t go till you come. I helped her guide the front vibrator to her clit, and as she began to shiver her way toward the orgasm, cranked the anal vibrator and pressed it firmly against the base of the butt plug in her rectum. That certainly did the trick - she came most vocally and


I walked her to the bathroom, had her bend over, and gently as possible pull the plug. She sat down and shut the door, and I proceeded to a bit of toy cleanup.

When she came out, I asked how she felt. The answer was lighter, cleaner inside, and in need of a break. I let her lie on the bed, and unwrapped another suppository. I took my usual long, thorough time inserting it, which got her to breathing heavily again. Lubing up the candy thermometer, I slid it into her eager anus. In the interest of relaxation, I then leaned back beside

her on the bed, and put my hand over her buns, thermometer between my fingers like a cigarette - or cigar, given the size of a candy thermo - in the approved method for taking a baby’s temperature. She began to relax, and then slowly returned to arousal as I stroked her buns, her breasts, and finally went back to her pussy. Lying there, candy thermometer firmly in place, and her clit quivering under my fingers, she came again.

As it turned out, this was the last play of the evening, since she was a bit sore and not up for more. On the one hand, I’d have liked to play further - I had a couple more things to show her. On the other, that leaves something for next time.