Nurse Practitioner Does Exam

By Sandra Lynne, M.S.N., Nurse Practitioner

The door to the inner sanctum swung open over the carpet with a whisk and he heard his name being called. Richard laid down the SI Swimsuit Edition and arose out of the chair, in one motion. He moved across the room without being seen as he was the last patient, and walking through the door the tech pointed down the hall. Richard turned to his left and entered the examination room followed by the young tech.

She had him sit down and began the preliminary exam. Blood pressure; temperature; pulse; and a cursory exam of his throat. As she checked off the items on her list he could not help but notice her. The light makeup, the way the bodice of her uniform fit around her breasts and her long white stocking encased legs all spoke volumes about her. He answered her questions and stood on the scale for her to check his weight and height. When she finished she told him to undress and put on the robe. MS Lynne would be in shortly to complete the exam.

Living in this sparsely populated area had its advantages. He liked it. But there was no doctor within 300 miles and the local community was tended to by MS Lynne a Nurse Practitioner. Her office was always busy and she was qualified to handle almost anything that popped up in the community. The doctor at the nearest hospital supervised her and she worked under his license. She had been here two years and had two more to go to pay off her education. MS Lynne thought it was a good deal too. And, he was only here for a regular check-up.

Her heard her footsteps as she approached the door and he became ever so slightly conscious of sitting there in the thin gown. She walked in wearing that smile of hers that made all the patients feel at ease. Clutching his chart she looked it over and asked him some questions about his diet, sleep, and physical activities. She laid it aside and put the blood pressure cuff back on his upper arm, pumped it up, and listened intently through her steth as the air hissed out of the valve.

The med tech came in and MS Lynne told her she could go ahead and leave since he was the last patient and she would be staying for awhile tonight to do dictation and would lock up. The med tech smiled and told her goodbye as she exited quickly. Returning her attention to him she explained that when men reach his age they sometimes begin to experience nearly unnoticeable problems and that she had done her Masters in that area. She then began to ask him a series of rather pointed and personal questions.

“Have you noticed any downturn in your libido”?


“Do you still have morning erections”?


“Have you found that orgasm takes longer”?

“No.” He was intrigued and a bit embarrassed by her questions.

“Do you masturbate”?


“How often”?

“Three or four times a week”.

“Always to orgasm”?


“Do you ever experience any pain or burning or pressure during orgasm”?


“Have you noticed any reduction in the volume of ejaculate recently”?


She put down the papers and asked him to lie back on the exam table. He carefully put himself down on the cold paper and tried to relax after the series of questions. He heard the snap of a rubber glove going on and then another. She moved over to the side of the table and lifted the gown up in the front and laid it back on his stomach. He was totally exposed to her now. His penis although not erect certainly was not totally limp either. As she began to handle him she explained that she was continuing her research here in the community.

He could feel the rubber encased fingers holding his penis. She gently pulled back the foreskin and the cool air on the head made him jerk ever so slightly. She moved it over and back and put it up so she could see the underside of his head. She noted that he had a very small tear where the foreskin joined around the penis. Did he remember when that might have happened. He remembered. Yes, exactly. He was eighteen and in a fit of hot passion he had taken his girlfriend quickly and suddenly. And, for that he had gotten a tear that hurt for weeks.

She had continued to examine him while he was telling her. She then asked him if he ever examined himself for lumps or knots in his scrotum and testicles. He replied only in a general way. She began to work her fingers all over this scrotum, rubbing and pinching here and there as she went. First one side then the other from the base of his penis to the perineum. She repeated the process on the other side.

Then she told him to relax. She was going to check his testicles and would not hurt him. As she took the right one in her fingers her other hand returned to his penis slowly and gently working the foreskin back and forth. She forced the testicle up against the skin of his scrotum with her fingers and rubbed it with her thumb. Then she moved it around so that her fingers could feel the underside.

How could he relax. Here was a very feminine woman fondling his penis and scrotum. Her ministrations to his penis as she was checking his testicles was not exactly the most clinical of acts he had ever had performed on his genitalia. He was almost certain she was trying to give him an erection.

Having finished the one her hand moved over to the other testicle and did the same kind of rubbing. Slowly and thoroughly she continued to work on it. When she finished she took two fingers and brought them to the base of the underside of his penis. By this time she had succeeded in making his penis fully engorged

and totally erect, unlike any he had had in some time. She pressed the two fingers up and back at the base and rubbed against him. She explained that she was trying to find if his prostate was swollen.

Her actions did not find the prostate directly, but, the pressure sure found it. He could feel it deep at the root of his penis and thought for a second or two that he would ejaculate right on her hand. She stopped the pressure and movement just before he was sure it was going to happen, but left he hand on his scrotum and the other one wrapped lightly around his penis as she slowly continued to stroke him up and down. He did notice that she seem very clinical in her actions, but, still it was something that had never been done before.

She told him that she found no nodules or anything unusual in his scrotum or testicles. She asked when he had had the vasectomy. The questioning look on his face required that she explain. She told him she could feel where the vas had been cut and tied off. He told her it was several years ago. She told him that she did not feel any swelling to his prostate from the outside. The entire time she had continued to, well, masturbate his penis. She told him that he seemed to be quite normal and healthy. As she did he felt her thumb move up and begin to rub all around the head of his penis in the slickery pre-cum that her actions had produced. Again, for a moment he was certain that he was going to explode.

She then asked him to roll over onto his stomach. As he began to do as requested she released her gentle grip on his penis. He was almost sorry for it to end. She told him that she was going to do an internal exam on his prostate. His mind was racing. He knew that if she did more than just feel it one time he was going to ejaculate all over the exam table.

As she took the sterile K-Y Jelly packet and opened it she asked him to pull his legs up so he was kneeling on the table. She told him to spread his legs a bit and to lay his head down on the table. He thought that this position was strange but it had to be better than bending over and holding the table side while a doctor shoved his finger into him like the last time. Having coated her middle finger with the slippery jell she took the other hand and pull his cheeks apart exposing his pucker.

The coated finger was cool when she placed it to him. She did not just shove it directly in to him either. It rubbed in a small circle for a few seconds allowing him to relax the muscles as much as he could. She pressed it in a bit and then held it there. Ever so slightly she twisted her finger and then pressed a bit more working it into his rectum slowly and gently. It was after her second pause that he noticed her free hand was once again wrapped around his penis and stroking it lightly, not moving his skin but moving over top of it.

She told him to just relax and she would be finished in just a short time. There was no way at this point he could relax. Involuntarily his breathing had picked up. His penis was now fully erect and moving to gain more contact with her hand as she moved it up and down the shaft. The finger deep in his backside had found the chestnut shaped gland and was touching it. She pressed her finger down into the small grove that runs its length and then moved it back and forth.

The feeling that action produced was like nothing he had ever felt before. He was certain that when he did orgasm, and it was going to happen, that he would flood the room with seminal fluid.

She again rubbed the short length of his prostate and at the same time her hand wrapped around his penis and pulled back his fore- skin. His actions at this point were not under his control at all. Her finger rubbed him four or five time along the crest and valley of the ridge and her hand stroked his penis from top to bottom.

She knew even before he began to emit the groan that his orgasm was on its way. She had felt the muscles contracting, pushing out his fluids hard. With each contraction she felt she would rub his prostate again and gently masturbate his penis. She could hear the semen hit the paper covering the exam table as it exploded from his penis. He was letting out a long low guttural moan and she was stroking him. A second, third and fourth eruption of fluids shot out of the end of his penis. The second went well beyond the head end of the table some of it hitting the wall before landing on the floor.

The paper was soaked with his emission. She used her hand to milk out every last drop from him as she slowly withdrew her finger from his rectum. She could tell he was ready to collapse onto the table. As her finger came out she ran it around his pucker in a gentle circle before ending her contact there. She slowed her stroking of his penis and let him slowly slide down onto the table as he began to come back down from the high of orgasm.

As he laid there trying to recover he could hear her removing the gloves and depositing them in the trash can. Finally he could turn his head over and look toward her. Before he could say anything she started.

“You seem to be a normal and healthy male for you age. I have not found anything that will require you to go to the hospital for testing or seeing a physician. I would however, like for you to come back in a month for a follow-up exam on your prostate. No, I did not find any abnormalities, but, I think I should keep a very close eye on it over the next several months. Would a late Friday afternoon appointment be good for you?”

“Yes. Yes, I would like that”.

“Good I will have the receptionist give you a call with the appointment time. At the next check up I think I will also check your reactions to other stimuli besides manual. Would that be alright with you?”

“Yes. Yes, It would.”

She got up to exit the exam room and told him he could get dressed. He just laid there for some time after she left, unable to move. Finally he got up and got dressed. When he came out she was sitting behind the counter desk doing paperwork. She smiled and told him that his insurance would cover all the office visit expenses and that she was looking forward to his next check up. So was he… was he.