I knew I’d like my new hours after all that hospital work. Knowing I could be asked out without having to worry about whether I’d have to be working or sleeping the evening in question. A normal life.

My new coworkers were nice. Dr. Kramer told me to call him Gus, and the other nurses, Nancy and Susanne were friendly. Then there was Rachel, the receptionist, who was also likeable if you overlooked the fact that she was young, blonde, and built. They didn’t work me too much, but I felt I was in the swing of things before a half hour into my first day.

Later I was taking a Mrs. Johnston to an examining room and it occurred to me that every patient we’d had so far was female. It was already close to noon. Dr. Kramer was an internist and I didn’t see any particular reason for the lack of men. I mentioned it to Nancy and she laughed a little and said it was quite a coincidence. Then she told me that Dr. Kramer would examine me at the end of the day.

That was strange. I didn’t know what to make of it. Nancy smiled and said not to worry, Dr. Kramer simply liked to keep his employees healthy. But despite my background, I felt very funny having my employer examine me like that. It really wasn’t right! I’d decline.

Lunch break came and I covered the phone for a half hour to give Rachel a break. She came back with Dr. Kramer right at one. I realized that both patients in the waiting room were women - I still waited to see my first male patient. When the Dr. Kramer was done with the first one, she came up to the counter to arrange payment and I realized she seemed exhausted. I recalled seeing other patients looking exhausted that morning, after their visits.

The next thing that happened was Rachel calling us to the waiting room.

“I… I can’t!” a woman was saying. She was sitting in the waiting room. Just one other patient - another woman - was in the room. Susanne and Nancy just went out into the waiting room and urged the first woman to come in. I didn’t think you had grown women panicking like that in a doctor’s office but I was new to this end of the business.

“Please! No!” she said. She sounded like she was pleading. She didn’t get up to leave the office or anything - she just sat there.

“Come on - you can do it,” Nancy said, taking one of her arms and trying to pull her to standing.

“It won’t take long,” added Susanne, pulling on her other arm. Then woman was standing with one of them on each side of her. They walked her in, past Rachel and me directly into an examining room.

“Please, no,” she was whispering as she passed. She didn’t pay any attention to me at all. It was kind of spooky.

I turned to Rachel when she was in there, “Does that happen much?” I asked in a low voice. I was aware of the other patient sitting in the waiting room. She was maybe in her late twenties whereas the woman they escorted in could have been forty or so.

“Oh, don’t mind that,” said Rachel, perfectly cheerful. I looked at the examining room door. Dr. Kramer had gone in but Nancy and Susanne hadn’t come out. I felt like listening.

“What’s going on in there ?” I asked Rachel.

“Go ahead, peek,” she answered. What a thing to suggest!

But I was curious. “Go ahead,” she repeated. I went to the door. I didn’t hear any talking but thought I heard something. I quietly opened it a crack. No one said anything. I quickly and quietly opened it wide enough to stick my head through.

I was frozen for a second, then I quickly withdrew, quietly shutting the door. I stood there, stunned! Nancy and Susanne had been holding the woman, who was completely naked, against the wall, facing it, and Dr. Kramer had been behind her, pushing his cock right into her. She had been breathing hard which is what I had heard but none of them were talking at all. Nancy, who was sort of facing my way might have seen me though the others were between her and me. And Dr. Kramer! He might have seen me too!

“Rachel!” I hissed, coming back to her area.

“Well, what did you think?” she said, grinning. I stared at her. I was ready to run out of there and never come back. “Can you get Mrs. Mavis in room 2?” she said, nodding at the other patient. The younger one. I don’t know why but I did it. If Rachel hadn’t said something like that, so mundane, I think I would have been gone. I think I would have. But though I felt like I was out of my element, putting Mrs. Mavis in room 2 was something I understood. As soon as I put her in, she started undressing. I looked at her paperwork - it said she had an ear ache. I looked at her and she looked back at me and smiled. She had her blouse and bra off and was taking off her skirt. I just shut the door and went back to Rachel. I saw Dr. Kramer in the corridor going back into his office.

“Who’s next?” I asked Rachel.

“I am,” she replied, “in room 3.” She got up and walked down the corridor! Susanne came out of the room I’d peeked in and following her was Nancy and the woman I’d seen. The woman looked exhausted and was leaning on Nancy who walked her back to the waiting room.

“Rachel just went in room 3,” I said to Susanne.

“Oh, Gus is going to give her a little checkup,” she answered. Then she sat down to cover for Rachel. After that, somehow I was aware of every move anyone made. Dr. Kramer went in the room with Mrs. Mavis. I couldn’t help staring at the door. I walked past it, trying to listen. Coming back I saw neither Nancy or Susanne were looking my way and I briefly brought my ear closer to the door. I heard something but I didn’t know what. Rustling or something. I pulled away in a second and came back to Susanne.

“Check on Rachel,” she said. I walked over to room 3, opened it a crack to warn her, then walked in. She was sitting on the table, completely naked.

“Oh, hi!” she said, cheerful as anything and started talking to me as if nothing were happening. I did notice her body even if I made certain I didn’t stare. While she was talking away, Nancy came in. She didn’t say anything and Rachel didn’t even acknowledge her presence. I watched Nancy while listening to Rachel rattle on. Nancy got out a rubber glove and some K.Y. Jelly. Then she came over to Rachel who stood up and leaned over the table, never stopping her chatter. Nancy took Rachel’s hands and fastened them together with a velcro restraint behind her back! Then she started putting K.Y. Jelly on Rachel’s behind! Nancy didn’t look at me at all. Then she put the glove on her hand and was coating the fingers. Rachel just stood there, talking.

I quickly left. Susanne pointed out another patient and told me I could put her in room 1. Dr. Kramer left room 2 and went straight to the room that Rachel was in. The patient was Gail Crane and I called her Miss Crane though it seemed a little funny. She stood. She was tall and beautiful - shoulder-length brown hair. Her clothes were fantastic - expensive, certainly. She smiled at me. She also looked me up and down once - it was something I might expect from a less-than-considerate male.

“Hi, I’m Gail” she said.

“This way,” I answered. I was leery of her. In the room I told her to wait. She started taking off her dress. I was past caring. I started to leave.

“Can’t you stay?” she asked. She was smiling.

“No,” I said, trying to make it sound business-like.

“Come on!” she said smiling again. She didn’t have her dress undone yet, but she turned her rear toward me and patted it with her hand, smiling over shoulder. I left, shutting the door. Mrs. Mavis came out of her room. She looked completely beat. I thought I heard a grunt from the other room - where Rachel was.

There were more women. Dr. Kramer went in every room. Rachel went back to work. Every woman was exhausted afterwards. I didn’t see any effect on Dr. Kramer at all.

“OK, your turn,” Nancy said - to me! Office hours were over!

“No!” I said.

“Just a little exam,” she said. She approached me and took my arm. Susanne appeared at my other side.

“No,” I whispered but I let them guide me. Once in the room, Nancy started unbuttoning my uniform. “No,” I repeated.

She smiled. “No nerves now,” she said. I didn’t move away. Nancy kept undressing me and was taking off my bra. Rachel slipped in the door and stood there watching. I glanced behind me - Susanne was wearing only her panties! “This will help,” said Nancy. She had a restraint in her hand. Susanne and Rachel grabbed my arms while Nancy fastened them behind me.

“Please, no,” I pleaded. I made no move to get away.

“Up on the table,” Nancy said, guiding me onto it on my stomach. Susanne had K.Y. Jelly. Rachel opened the door and looked down the hall.

The story broke off here.

If anyone has the subsequent part(s) please feel free to send them