Nursie Gets Hers


Sitting at the motel room desk, I heard the knock on the door. I excused myself to the folks online, saying that my “patient” had arrived. Answering the door, I found her about as she’d described herself. Let’s call her voluptuous and kind of cute, and leave it at that for anonymity’s sake.

As I invited her into the room, I reviewed what she’d told me: Mid-twenties; nursing school grad; bought an enema bag recently for the fun of it; only tried a few men before meeting me, and none who’d given her an orgasm.

She came in the room, and mentioned how nervous she was. I put on a stethoscope, and listened under her shirt a bit. Then, I peeled that off, worked the stethoscope around the outside of her bra. Unfastening the bra, I then ran the chilly stethoscope head over her nipples to wake them up. I followed this by having her lie back, hands behind her head, for a fairly conventional, if somewhat slow, breast exam. I spiralled inward on each breast, admiring the shape. With each one, as a finish, I pinched the nipple lightly to check for fluid. As it turned out, her breasts were normal.

Done with her breasts for the moment, I gently palpated her abdomen working downward. As I worked lower, I slowly unzipped her jeans, to begin checking her pubic area. She’d gotten inspired the other day to shave herself, and I reassured her that this did, in fact, make things look more interesting down there.

The breast and abdominal exam had relaxed her somewhat. We joked about leaving her socks on, as I removed her jeans and panties. I had her get into knee-chest position as I pulled on a glove, shook down the thermometer, and lubricated the bulb. Turning, I contemplated a lovely pinkish anus, waiting to be penetrated. Placing the chilly, slippery bulb of the thermometer on the center, I slowly pressed in. Her breathing immediately shortened and got harder, and she began wiggling

her bottom. I tried various thermometer motions, asking which she liked best. Twirling it from side to side gave her the most pleasure.

As her bottom’s gyrations increased, I slid a finger in front for the first time, and found out that she was already wet. I began exploring, and found out that her sensitive areas included both her clit, and a rather active G-spot. I added a vibrator to the mix, letting her roll on her side and take over as I unwrapped a couple of suppositories.

Returning to the bed, I had her get back in knee-chest position. Her bottom quivered as the rather chilly suppository touched its target. With the first, I just held it there for a moment, letting the tip melt and lubricate her. Then, I slowly inserted, stopping with my fingertip just touching her anus. I held the suppository still, just letting the back melt a bit more and massaging that around the outside. Finally, I slowly buried the first, putting my gloved finger up into her rectum.

By this time, her bottom was bouncing. For the second suppository, I played around with it going into her sphincter, coming out a bit, in more, out a bit, and so forth. Finally, I figured that she was relaxed enough. Again, I slowly buried my index finger. Once in, I slid my still-clean middle finger in front, and began feeling around. She’d been getting more and more aroused since the first gasp as I inserted the thermometer. The attention that I was paying to her bottom and pussy now, pushed her over the edge, and she came, gasping into the pillow.

I let her relax and lie down, and reached for the douche bulb. Taking it into the bathroom, I filled it with mineral oil. Returning, I had my “patient” get back in knee-chest position. I added some KY to the oil coating the nozzle, then slid it into her. She started getting hot just from the insertion, so I stroked the long, thick rubber tip in and out a few times, watching her bottom wiggle. Finally, I gave it a sudden hard squeeze, shooting the cool oil into her. She felt that, and gasped. I told her to hold it, and got the butt plug. Coating that with KY, I began slowly working it into her bottom.

Looking at the plug, she hadn’t been sure she could take it. Now, I found myself going in as slowly as I could. She had her face in the pillow, bottom trembling between the urge to pull forward, away from the invader, and the desire to push back onto it. I asked how she was doing.

“Omigod, it’s huge - don’t know if I can take it….”

“Relax, deep breaths… just a little more…”

I let it slide back out, then pushed inward, repeating a few times. Finally, I slowly increased the pressure, until suddenly it popped in. She flopped on her tummy, and just lay there for a minute, getting used to the invader. I asked if she was ready for the next part of the oil treatment. She was, and I had her roll on her back.

Shedding the exam glove, I began massaging her breasts and clit, then slid a finger into her pussy. Rubbing around, I found the G-spot again. I put a thumb on her clit, and she told me to take care of the inside, and went to work there, herself. Between the enema and plug, my fingers were finding good leverage for some heavy G-spot activity, and the combination of rectal, vaginal, and clitoral stimulation pushed her over the edge. When she was finished coming, I helped her into the bathroom and she bent over. I worked the plug out, and she promptly sat down to expel the oil.

As she was unburdening herself, I assembled the hose onto the open topped red enema bag. Hanging it on the towel rack, I showed my “patient” the butt plug tip. She wasn’t at all sure about fitting that monster into her bottom. I’d told her it was a little bigger than the one she’d handled. Looking at it, she disagreed.

“Whoa, that thing is huge!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll go slow, and you can tell me to stop any time.”

I started slowly pushing the plug nozzle in, with her in knee-chest position. About a half-inch short of the plug’s shoulder, she flinched. I stopped, pushed a bit more, and got an ouch. I removed the plug, and began massaging her anus with first one, then two fingers. When she could take the tips of three, I picked up the plug. Slowly, and as gently as I could, I worked the monster invader back into her rectum. I’d almost gotten the shoulder in, when she stopped me again. Withdrawing the plug, I turned toward my “doctor” bag.

“Guess we’ll go with a douche tip for the enema…”

She looked over her shoulder at me, and at the plug nozzle.

“N-noooo… Try one more time - I want the plug.”

How could I refuse a wish like that? Applying more KY, I inserted a bit, let it come out some, then in more, then out a bit… When we hit the point where the shoulder was almost in, she humped backward onto it, and gasped as the neck entered her anus.

I had her lie on her side with it in, and left her the vibrator while I filled the bag. Returning from the bathroom, I hung the bulging red container on the lamp bracket by the bed. When it was securely hung, I attached the hose to the plug nozzle, and asked if she was ready. Told that she was, I popped the clamp.

At first, she was so stuffed from the plug that she couldn’t even feel the water. Then, the Castile soap started to kick in. Going to raise the bag, I had a bit of a mishap - the hook caught on the lamp bracket, and I lost a pint or so on the floor. With the smaller quantity of water, she did take the rest easily. The bag sucked air, and I shut the clamp. Hanging it back up, I told her that I had one rule on plug enemas. She couldn’t go until she came.

She looked up at me. “Uh-oh… you didn’t say that, before.”

“Want help coming?”


I had her roll on her back and reached for the vibrators. I let her use one on her clit, and cranked the other to full speed. The second one, applied to the base of the plug nozzle, came close to lifting her bottom right off the bed. Between the vibes and the enema, she came fairly quickly.

As she lay there, I asked if she wanted to let the enema out. She surprised me.

“Nope, this feels great!”

“Want to come again?”


I returned my hand to her pussy, going for a G-spot type orgasm this time. I started with two fingers, and her bottom began bouncing around on the bed. She asked how many were in there, and I told her. She asked for a third. With those in her pussy and the other hand playing with her nipples, she came again, clamping hard enough to squeeze off the circulation in my fingers. When her shudders had died down, I helped her to the bathroom, carrying the bag. I removed the plug, and she sat down

with quite a bit more alacrity than she had after the bulb of oil.

She sat on the pot, letting it out, and watched me refill the enema bag, this time with baking soda and water. Then, her eyes widened as I filled the second bag. I caught her look, and explained that the second was a douche. I showed her the 8-inch rubber dong nozzle. She stared at it, kind of like a small animal looking at a snake. I laughed, and told her that I wouldn’t give her anything that she couldn’t handle.

I had to help her get up and into the tub. She bent way over for the butt plug nozzle, and this time just pushed herself straight back onto it. Getting the monster dong into her pussy was a bit of an effort, but it went in. Leaving the bags hanging on the shower curtain rod, I assisted her into a hands-and-knees position in the tub. I popped both clamps at once, and she gasped at the impact of the water. With both bags at maximum height, she definitely noticed it. I reached down, and began rhythmically stroking the dong nozzle in and out of her pussy. Between the douche, enema, dildo treatment, and some judicious clit

friction, she came shortly after the enema bag emptied. I slid the dong out, and let her kneel there, shaking, until she recovered.

By this time she was rather tired and sore. After she’d let out the enema, I helped her to the bed, where she flopped on her tummy. I unwrapped a couple of suppositories, and slowly inserted the first. Amazingly, even after what I’d put her through, this started to get her hot again. By the time I’d buried the second suppository, and my finger, deep in her rectum, she was panting and squirming. I asked her if she’d like to try for an orgasm by rectal stimulation only.

She agreed enthusiastically, and gave herself up to my probing. I stroked in and out a few times, then rotated my finger side-to-side. This was getting her worked up pretty well, so I bent my finger and felt the rectal walls just inside the anus. She said that felt nice, and then I hit the front wall, about an inch in, and pressed down fairly hard. She went ballistic, and I realized that she was reacting the same way that she had to my earlier G-spot ministrations.

A light dawned… the recto-vaginal wall is thin and flexible enough, that a judiciously applied finger in the rectum, can do G-spot massage. I alternated between stroking the G-spot in various directions, and good old-fashioned in-and-out strokes, until she came again. It occurs to me, in retrospect, why a prostate exam from a female doctor can have certain odd effects on a male…

We lay around, cuddled, and talked a bit. She was actually up for another “prostate check” type orgasm a bit later, which went the same as the first. That left her too sore and worn out for further play, so after a bit more relaxing and cuddling, she dressed and left. That’s pretty much it, except that next morning, I got an email that said “Thanks”….