Nursing School

A True Story

Although people take up vocational nursing for a variety of reasons, few are likely to do so because they have become dissatisfied with their position as CEO of a major corporation or grown bored with their legislative duties as US senators. What vocational nursing students share is relative poverty. In order to eat and pay the rent for the year of forty hours per week schooling it takes to be license eligible, many work for minimum wage as nurse’s aides or related low-skilled service jobs. In addition to working for various registries, my wife and I survived the year by selling our plasma and doing freelance home care whenever possible. Before graduation I learned of another technique, utilized by some students in the class immediately preceding ours. When I first heard about it, I was momentarily surprised. Then realized I oughtn’t to have been. My information began second and third hand, but curiosity, and no small degree of arousal, prompted me to inquire further, and eventually speak to most of the direct participants. Their story follows :

Casa Loma College of Nursing is a small, privately owned school located in the North San Fernando Valley. Its instructors are all RNs and have backgrounds in wide variety of nursing specialties. One of the best, and best liked by the students, Norma Jones, added a Ph.D. to her already impressive list of academic credentials, thereby becoming Dr. Jones, RN. Doctorate in hand, it was only natural that Norma Jones would try her hand at writing texts for nursing students. Her first book, addressing psycho-sexual concerns of ostomy patients, was so well received that the publisher, a subsidiary of massive Hoffman-LaRoche, was anxious for her to produce another and supplied a generous advance to see it along. Norma had already decided that her next work would concern more basic nursing procedures that underlie many nurse-patient encounters, but are often neglected in academic nursing.

She also decided that her book would be generously illustrated, and that she would do the illustrations herself.

With that in mind she hired a photographer experienced in doing medical and hospital procedures for medical education. Then she contacted some of her students. Nearly one half of her class would eventually participate in some way in the making of Norma’s textbook. Almost every student needed extra money, and each was offered a fairly generous stipend in exchange for having procedures ranging from IV lines, to naso-gastric tube insertion to enemas performed on them while being photographed. In order to select subjects for the last category, Norma took several students aside, asking them privately whether they would be willing to endure rectal procedures for slightly more money than the previous volunteers had received.

She made her selections carefully, choosing only students who had raised their hands affirmatively when she had polled the class earlier in the semester, as most nursing instructors do, on who had or hadn’t been given an enema at some point in her life. She wanted the demonstrations to go smoothly and not have to take time to allay the anxieties of someone who had never received an enema before. Of the five students approached, two declined, and three accepted.

Norma Jones told them to come to the school the following Saturday, having eaten no breakfast and only a light dinner the night before. She also requested they do whatever necessary to ensure that they were “cleaned out” beforehand. At this, one of the volunteers, Christy Vanderhorst, tried unsuccessfully to suppress a giggle.

The first student to arrive Saturday morning was Alice Meza, a friendly, handsome Latina, who already possessed ten years experience as an NA as well as two children. Norma greeted her then led her to the small auditorium where the photographer, Rick Dubrow, had set up a tripod and several light stands around the hospital bed and exam table the school used for demonstrations. She had Alice go behind a portable partition and shed her jeans and tee shirt for one of the white, full shirt gowns she would wear to lend authenticity to the pictures. “How do you feel?” Norma called from the other side of the partition.

“Okay,” Alice called back. “I mean, I think I’m ready. Martha gave me an enema this morning, so-“ Alice stopped abruptly, her face reddening. She’d forgotten that Norma wasn’t alone. But then this Rick would see it all anyway, wouldn’t he? Taking a deep breath, she stepped out from behind the partition, white gown falling an inch or so below her knees. At least this isn’t one of the backless kind, she thought, thankful for small favors.

“You look fine,” Norma said. “We’ll get started as soon as the other two get here.

Christy arrived at the same time as the third student, Ted Weather. They walked from the parking lot together. “So what do you think?” Ted asked. Nervous?”

“Yeah, a little,” Christy replied. At twenty-three she was one of the younger members of her class. “I had to use a Ducolax suppository last night. That was sure lots of fun.”

“Why didn’t you give me a call?” Ted asked, grinning. “I could’ve come over and helped you out. Are you sure you got it in the right place?” he asked, dodging a playfully thrown punch. Christy and Ted had dated early in the year, but then decided to be friends instead of lovers. Although Ted had already seen what lay beneath the yellow short-shorts and gray windbreaker Christy wore that day, he was looking forward to what would come, and figured correctly that she was too.

Norma greeted them as she had Alice and showed them to the auditorium, where Alice sat on the bed, bare legs dangling as Rick waved a light meter about her neck and shoulders like a ceremonial wand. She waved at them, a comical expression of fright on her face, as Norma handed them additional gowns to change into. She went over to Rick and began consulting with him while Christy and Ted shed their clothes, bumping one another in confined space.

“I feel so funny about this,” Christy said, sliding her shorts down to reveal candy-striped panties. “Who is that anyway?” she asked, referring to Rick.

“Don’t worry,” Ted assured her, taking a moment to appreciate a view that would never grow stale - Christy’s body was soft and round and her skin milk white with faint freckles dancing along her upper thighs, hips and fanny. Her body was the kind that used to be described as making a Bishop kick a hole through a stained glass window. “Besides, you can use the money, right?”

“Yeah…. It’s just that I never had an enema before, Ted.”

“You never…?” Ted looked perplexed. “Then why did you raise your hand in class when she asked who did?”

“I misunderstood.” Christy’s said, face reddening. “I thought she was still talking about dealing with angry patients.”


“So, I though she’d asked who had ever had an ‘enemy’?”

“Oh, for Christsake!” Ted laughed, bumping into and nearly knocking the partition over.

“Are you two all right in there?” Alice called, still sitting on the bed. “One of us is-“ Ted’s reply cut off with a short gasp, as if he’d been punched in the stomach. More giggling followed. Alice looked around, Norma was nowhere in sight. She caught Rick’s eye, grinned. “They used to, like, go out, you know?” she explained.

“I was beginning to wonder,” he said with a warm smile that made Alice believe that she might survive the day after all. From just outside the auditorium, the rumbling of a cart approached. Norma appeared, pressing the door open with her back, a treatment cart followed, atop were piled several plastic enema kits, boxed Fleet enemas, red coiled rectal tubes, Foley catheters in various sizes, rubber gloves, packets of K-Y jelly, red plastic thermometer cases, electronic thermometers, and an assortment of stainless steel clamps, gauges and small bowls.

Alice’s eyes widened when she saw how well Norma Jones had prepared for the day. Enemas had been a fact of life in her large family ever since she could remember. She continued to rely on them from time to time, usually with the assistance of her older sister, Martha, who also ministered to her nieces as well as her own children. Getting an enema was no more a big deal than taking an aspirin. But all of this…? There had to be easier ways to earn two hundred dollars, didn’t there?

Ted and Christy emerged together from the changing area. Christy took one look at Norma’s cart, then turned as if to go back and replace her street clothes. Ted put a restraining hand on her arm. “Steady’” he said. “We agreed to do this together.”

“It’s okay, Christy,” Norma said, reassuringly. “This isn’t all for you.”

“No, not with Ted here to help.” A new voice entered the auditorium, and with it Laura Willis, another instructor and friend of Norma’s. Like Norma she was dressed in street clothes, only these were covered by a long white lab coat.

“I was wondering if you’d get here,” Norma said.

“Overslept a little. But I made it.”

“But, what’s she doing-“ Alice began.

“Laura will be administering the treatments,” Norma said.

“We thought you would be…, you know, doing all that,” Christy said.

“I’m the director.” Norma smiled. “And we’d better get started if we’re going to get everything done today. I can’t afford to have this guy keep coming back,” she added, indicating Rick.

“I’m ready when you are,” he said, readying a pan head on his tripod for quick movement.

“Okay,” Laura said with a brisk clap of her hands. “Who’s first?”

“Alice’s already on the bed,” Ted said, helpfully.

“Hey, wait a minute!” Alice looked momentarily panicked. Norma went over and put a reassuring hand on her knee. “We’ll begin with the least invasive procedure first,” she explained. “I don’t want to wear anyone out too soon.”

“Oh.” Alice looked relieved. “Okay, I’ll go first then. What are we going to do?”

“Temperatures - glass and digital.” Laura had already starting opening packets of K-Y from the cart. She put them to one side, then picked up a red oblong plastic box. “Let me get you preparing that,” Rick said, bringing up a hand held camera with flash attached.

“Just a few shots, okay?” Norma said, “The focus is on patient interactions, not the mechanical stuff.”

“We’ve only been shooting three months now,” Rick said as he focused on Laura’s busy hands. “I think I’ve got the idea.” She extracted a red topped thermometer.

“Sheath?” she asked Norma, holding up a red paper rectangle.

“You know, I really don’t like those things,” Norma said, considering. “Each patient should have their own thermometer anyway, so what’s the point of them?”

“Yeah, yeah, Norma,” Laura said grinning. “Like you know things are always the way they should be.”

“You’re right, let’s do both; I’ll make sure and recommend they take out the thermometer and dump those in the trash. Okay, lay supine, Alice.” Norma pulled back the covers and helped Alice lay on her back, as if she were a hospitalized patient. Laura took her place by the bedside, small tray in one hand. Rick made several exposures with his main camera as Laura raised the bed up electrically so she wouldn’t have to stoop to reach Alice. They talked to give the impression of a nurse explaining a procedure to her patient.

“Your hair looks too good for someone really in the hospital,” Laura told her.

“Thank goodness for that, at least,” Alice said with an embarrassed laugh.

“Hey! I caught that laugh,” Rick said. “Be careful, or this won’t look real!”

“I always laugh when somebody sticks a thermometer up my ass,” Alice protested with another


“That’s good, girl,” Laura said, “‘Cause it’s time for you to turn over. Sim’s, okay?”

“Ay Madre de Dios,” Alice muttered, turning onto her left side and flexing her right leg. Laura pulled the blanket down past her knees, then, placing the thermometer tray on the foot of the bed, used both hands to gently pull Alice’s gown past her light brown thighs up to her hips, exposing firm buttocks only a bit lighter than her legs. Lights flashed as Rick worked the camera.

“What’s your secret?” Laura asked, picking the tray up again. She applied generous dabs of K-Y to the thermometer, waving it slightly to prevent the jelly from dripping.

“What secret?” Alice asked.

“You have two kids, right? How do you say in shape?”

“Chasing after their butts, how do you think?” Alice said. “I sure haven’t got time for-“

“Be sure and spread her cheeks wide,” Norma interrupted. That brought a giggle from behind her where Ted and Christy awaited their turn. “Go ahead and laugh,” Norma said without turning. “You’re next.”

With a friendly pat on Alice’s right cheek, Laura spread it wide, keeping her body away from the bed so as not to block Ted’s camera. “How’s that?” she asked him. “Can you get a shot of her anus?”

“Yes. Just hold it one sec,” Ted said, lowering one of the lights to eliminate shadows. Laura stood still, one hand opening her student’s behind, the other poised with a dripping thermometer. Together they looked like an avant garde statue cast to honor the nursing profession. “Okay, go ahead.” Rick’s lights flashed several times as Laura placed the moist bulb gently against Alice’s wrinkled anus, then slowly passed it one, then two full inches into her rectum.

“Remember to sit down,” Norma said.

With her hand still touching the exposed end of the thermometer, Laura twisted about gracefully and sat on the very edge of the bed, keeping much of her weight on the floor. Watching, Christy remembered that sitting on the edge of the patient’s bed was somewhat controversial in health care - many felt it was undignified and an invasion of the patient’s personal space. But Norma argued that procedures were often more comfortable to the patient if the nurse was herself not placed in an uncomfortable position while performing them. Anyway, Alice looked pretty well invaded with a glass rod in her ass.

“Okay,” Rick said, making one more exposure. “Got that one.”

Laura gently pulled the thermometer out of Alice. She wiped it carefully and examined the result, before wrapping it in tissue and placing it on the tray. She picked up another tissue and lifted Alice’s cheeks again, but Norma said, “Wait, we only need one shot of you cleaning her - she’ll be more comfortable with her tush already lubricated - just do it once at the end, okay?”

Laura nodded as she retrieved a white plastic box from which a short loop of coiled wire dangled. She extracted a metal rod similar in length to the thermometer, then covered it with an opaque plastic sheath, snapping it securely to the base of the probe. She used her forefinger to smear lubricant jelly along its length. Rick moved around her, shooting with his hand held again. Alice remained on her side, legs flexed and buttocks exposed. “Should I go on my back again?” she asked.

“No,” Norma said. “I don’t know exactly how the layout’s going to go, but we can use the first shoot over if necessary. Rick, can you do one with her fanny in the background?”

“Sure.” Rick shifted, keeping his camera on Laura’s hands. “It won’t be in focus, though.”

“That’s okay, it’s enough to keep the idea that this is a rectal procedure.”

“Okay,” Laura said, this time sitting alongside Alice with the glistening probe still in her hand. “Ready Alice?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Alice said, her tone drawing smiles from the rest. With Rick back at his main camera, Laura spread the student’s buttocks again, holding them through several flashes, then placing the plastic tip against Alice’s anus for several more, before inserting the probe slowly into her rectum. This one seemed to go in nearly three inches before stopping.

“Notice,” Norma murmured to an enraptured Christy and Ted, “How she rests the tip of both against the anus for a moment before inserting it? Most people just run it up in one continuous motion. But this way is much more comfortable for the patient, not to mention safer.”

“I don’t think I’ve used the digital to take a rectal temp yet,” Christy said.

“I know, it’s used mostly for oral temps because there’s little danger of the patient breaking it. But when a rectal temp is called for the probe has some advantages - it only takes a few seconds, so you don’t always have to manhandle the patient into Sims or a supine position. If you’re careful, it can be done standing, or bent over-“

“So, you’re going to make Alice do it again, bending over the table?” Ted broke in, unable to suppress a small grin. Norma smiled back.

“No, Ted, I’m not going to make Alice do it over again - not at all.” Then she turned back to the bed, leaving Ted with his first case of serious stomach flutters that morning.

“Hold on another moment,” Rick told Alice and Laura, as removed a spent film back from his camera and prepared to replace it with a fresh one.

“I ain’t going nowhere,” Alice said with a laugh. The insertion of the first thermometer had brought back memories of when she was little and had a cold or flu and her mother would gently plant a thermometer in her behind and sit beside her, warm hand on her butt, waiting for a reading. The slim glass rod sliding past her anus felt like nothing else. The probe, in contrast, was warmer and thicker and felt like the tip of the bulb enema her mom sometimes used as a follow up to the temperature. She tried to remember the last time she had had her temperature taken rectally and decided it must of been when she was ten or eleven.

“You know, this isn’t too bad,” Laura told her, eyeing the digital readout as the white box began to beep.

“What do you mean?” Alice asked.

“When I was in school - not that long ago, too - one of our first assignments was to measure our own temperatures at home, and record our findings.”

“You mean…?”

“Yes. We did oral, axillary, inguinal and rectal temps on ourselves, every night for a week. Then we logged them on a graph. Isn’t that how it was for you, Norma?”

“Temps? You had it easy, Laura,” Norma said with a laugh.

The lights flashed twice more. “Okay,” Rick said, “Got it now.” Laura slowly removed the probe from Alice’s rectum. Pressing one finger against its top, she skillfully snapped the probe cover into a small paper bag taped to one side of the cart, then reinserted the metal probe into the white box. Lifting Alice’s cheek again, she carefully wiped the residue from her anus.

“Okay, girl,” Laura, said, giving the tan buttocks another playful swat. She looked toward Ted and Christy. “Next up!” This precipitated another fit of giggles from Christy.

Norma consulted a clipboard upon which she had listed the pictures she needed for today. “Let’s do the tap water enema and Harris flush next.” Laura nodded and picked up one of the buckets, taking it over to the steel sink. “Christy…,” Norma said, pointing at the bed with her clipboard.

“Why me?” Christy’s freckles disappeared as her face reddened. “Can’t he go next?” She pointed to Ted, who snorted indignantly.

“Just because you’ve never had one-“

“What’s this?” Norma said, forcing Christy to explain her error of months before. “Have you given enemas yet?”

“Yes, a few,” Christy replied.

“Then you really should have one yourself—so you know what it feels like.”

“Well….” Christy still looked doubtful, then Ted whispered in her ear. She smiled, nodded. “Okay,” she said. She climbed into the bed, pulling the covers comically up to her chin.

“What are you, hiding?” Laura asked, returning with the enema bucket filled three quarters full. She placed it on the cart, then opened more packets of lubricant as Rick moved in to photograph her preparations.

“You really never had an enema before?” Cynthia, hovering by the bed, asked Christy.

“No - at least I don’t think so. Have you?”

“Sure,” Cynthia nodded. “They’re not so bad.”

“Laura’s going to give you a small Harris flush, Luan,” Norma said. “So you’ll get an idea how it feels without taking too much water. I can use the pictures for SSE as well. Then we’ll show the catheter in place to seal you off and siphon a retained enema.” Laura moved into position by the bed. She positioned an overbed table alongside, adjusting the height so it be several inches above Christy’s hips when she turned over. Rick resumed his place by the main camera, shooting Laura’s final preparations with Christy in the background.

“Don’t worry, hon,” Laura said. “I won’t put that much into you, only a little more than a Fleet’s.”

“Okay,” Christy said. She knew from experience that few patients had difficulty tolerating a Fleet’s. And although she had never given a Harris flush, she had seen it done several times - the back and forth motion of the water into the patient’s bowel prevented distention and the feeling of excessive fullness. Although most rectal treatments were new to her - she had not so much as inserted a rectal suppository until starting nursing school - she did have experience with anal sex. While it was still a challenge to take comfortably, she had found much to like about it, especially having fingers put up her ass in preparation for what was to follow.

“Turn over, Christy,” Laura said, holding the clear plastic rectal tube in one hand, the last three inches of which glistened with dripping K-Y. Her free hand pulled back the covers as Christy shifted to her left, bringing both legs up so that her thighs made right angles to her stomach. Laura placed a disposable diaper next to her buttocks, then laid the enema tube on it, using both hands to draw Christy’s gown up to her hips. “Love your underwear, Christy,” she said as the red striped panties appeared. She moved them down Christy’s thighs, revealing soft white buttocks sprinkled lightly with freckles like powdered sugar on delicate pastry.

Picking up the rectal tube in her right hand, Laura used her left to spread Christy’s buttocks apart. She glanced back at Rick. “A little wider,” he said, face tight on the viewfinder. Christy’s buttocks opened wider; her anus appeared, visible from several feet away. Lights flashed. “Okay,” Rick said.

“Here it comes, Christy. Take a deep breath and hold it.” Laura placed the tube lightly against Christy’s anus, paused while the lights popped two more times, then pressed it past her sphincter, inching it gently into the young woman’s rectum.

“Ooooohhhh…,” Christy exhaled as the enema hose entered her, as if its passage into her bottom forced air from her top.

“You okay, Christy?” Norma asked.

The girl nodded. “Fine,” she said. And that was true: the tube didn’t feel bad sliding into her ass. Certainly it was smoother and thinner than the fingers and other appendages she had had back there. Laura’s hand slid back along the plastic, fingers pushing another inch or so past Christy’s buttocks. She paused while Rick made another exposure, then slowly released the clamp, allowing warm water to flow from the bucket into Christy.

“Here it comes, Christy,” she said.

“I can feel it going in.”

“Too fast?”

“I…, I think it’s okay.”

Standing between Norma and the bed, Cynthia glanced at Ted. He looked like he’d been hypnotized, so intent was he on the tableau. She really didn’t blame him, though; Christy had an incredible ass. Although certain she had few, if any, lesbian tendencies, Cynthia had felt her own breathing quicken as Laura worked the slim plastic tube between those gorgeous cheeks.

Part II

Just as Christy felt the spreading warmth in her bowel transform into a cramp Laura clamped off the flow, lowered the bucket until its rim was about a foot beneath the top of the mattress, reopened the clamp and took hold of the tube again an inch or so from where it passed between Christy’s cheeks. “It’s coming out now,” she told the student. “Holding up okay?”

Christy nodded. “It’s not too bad. Is this what a Fleet’s feels like?”

“No, not really,” Laura said, eyeing the bucket as it gradually refilled with water tinged slightly brown. “A Fleet’s shoots into you all at once, and it’s almost always room temperature so it feels cold. This is lots more comfortable to take, really. Normally you wouldn’t wait this long for the outflow, but I didn’t put that much water into you, so it’s coming out a little slow.”

Having spent part of the previous evening debating with herself whether or not to insert the suppository, Christy now felt grateful that she had decided to use one after all. It was only the third time in her life she had taken medicine rectally. The first was a couple of months prior when she had awoken feeling nauseous, and had spent the first hour of that day kneeling by the toilet, gagging and heaving until even her saliva had dried up. She heard a tap on the bathroom door and her mother’s worried exclamation.

“Let me give you something to settle you stomach,” she said.

“I can’t swallow now,” Christy tried to tell her, but she had already gone. A few moments later the door opened and her mom knelt beside her. Christy was about to turn to her and explain that she couldn’t take medicine right then when she felt the hem of her nightshirt, already up to her thighs, rise further and warm fingers pull down her panties.

“What…?” She tried to turn around, but a firm hand on the small of her back held in her place. Then it moved down to her buttocks, spread them apart, and she felt a slick finger probe inside for a moment before it slid deep into her asshole.


“It’s all right, Christy. I’m just giving you a suppository; you’ll feel better in a few minutes.”

And she did. The nausea, resulting from a transient virus, passed for much of the day. Later that afternoon, she felt the queasiness again, and asked for another suppository, only this time she took it lying on her tummy in bed. Her mother’s finger pressing deep inside her was all she felt - the suppository itself was soft and melted quickly by her body heat. The night before the shoot she had retrieved the Ducolax suppository from her parent’s bathroom, inserting it by herself in her bedroom. While doing so she glimpsed inadvertently at the full length mirror on the closet door and saw a pretty auburn haired woman dressed only in a nightshirt and knee socks standing nearly on her toes with her back arched and one arm reaching ridiculously behind her, hand disappearing into the hem of her short nightshirt. Unexpectedly catching the expression on her face during the insertion made Christy burst out laughing, nearly forcing the suppository out the way it came.

Laura reclamped the enema tube, and raised the bucket above Christy’s hips again. “I’m going to put some more in, now, okay?”

Christy nodded. This enema was easier to take than the suppository, which had lasted only about five minutes inside her before she had to scurry to the john and expel. The routine of nursing school occasionally left her constipated, something she hadn’t experienced before. She decided to teach her mom to give a Harris flush.

Rick made one more exposure as Laura raised the bucket high. The he picked up his hand held camera to check the settings, always keeping his body turned towards the bed. Alice couldn’t really blame him, either. They weren’t photographing procedures for a textbook, right now; they were giving Christy Vanderhorst her first enema.

She’d heard somewhere - was it Martha who told her? - that in days past, when most nurses were trained by hospital based diploma programs, students giving one another enemas had been something of a rite of passage, and the girl who had never had one - rare in those days - usually received special treatment from her classmates. Although she had dismissed the story as more of Martha’s teasing her baby sister, Alice now wondered if it might be basically true. She realized with sudden insight that she was witnessing an ancient ritual, one that probably predated professional nursing, harkening back to the wise women whose presence was as old as time. In order to administer the treatment, the practitioner must learn humility by receiving it herself. Though she would not have used the term, Alice decided that the making of a textbook was incidental to their purpose; the real reason they were here was to be taught chivalry.

“I’m going to run the rectal tube an inch or two higher as soon as the water starts flowing again, okay?”

“Just so it doesn’t come sticking out of my mouth,” Christy said. Everyone laughed as Laura released the clamp, then slowly inched the tube further into Christy’s rectum. Alice felt a warm flush seep along her spine and neck. Only vaguely aware of herself, she nevertheless realized that what she was feeling was partly sexual, but also transcended sexuality. For the first time since getting up from the bed, Alice hoped that she wasn’t finished for the day.

“What do you think?” Laura said to Norma, holding the bucket near Christy’s right hip, making the flow very gradual, if not nonexistent.


“No problem. I got it all.”

“What about you, Christy?” Norma asked. “Is that enough for you first enema?”

“Yeah-“ Christy started to reply, but pressure from her diaphragm forced air from her intestines into the tube and out into the bucket where it bubbled audibly. Hearing that made Christy giggle with embarrassment, which forced more bubbling at the surface of the enema water. The air also seemed to shake Ted from his reverie.

“Better get that out of her before she deflates,” he said.

“Oh, you’re dead meat now, mister!” Christy called as Laura clamped the tube once more. Then slowly pulled it out from between Christy’s cheeks. K-Y streaked the clear plastic of the portion that had actually gone inside her body, rendering it opaque as it slide out. The tip popped free, and Laura quickly dropped it into the bucket before water could drip on Christy or the bed. She gave Christy’s butt another friendly pat before helping pull her panties up and gown down.

“I feel like such a big girl, now,” Christy said, as she sat up on the bed and dangled her legs off the side.

“Are you okay?” Norma asked. “Any cramps?”

“No,” she said, standing up slowly. “I don’t hardly feel anything inside me.”

“Well, you better get going, hon,” Laura said. “This is your first one, and you don’t want to get taken by surprise.” Nodding, Christy walked towards one of the bathrooms set in either side of the auditorium. She made a detour and swung playfully at Ted, who raised his hands in mock defense.

“Don’t hurt Ted, Christy; he’s next,” Norma said cheerfully. She caught Rick’s eye and pointed to the exam table. He moved the tripod away from the bed and positioned it closer to the table. Then he adjusted the lights in a similar fashion. Meanwhile Laura took the used enema kit and paper trash bag she had used for Alice over to a dirty area by the wall where a hospital style hopper and red bagged trash can were set. She emptied the bucket into the hopper, then dumped it and the bag into the trash.

“So, like, what’re we doing now?” Ted asked Norma, a trifle uneasy, but holding up well, she decided. Ted had been the last one she asked to participate because she doubted he would willingly submit to these sorts of treatments from women he saw and worked with everyday. With his armed forces background, Ted had started school a trifle cocksure, and to no small degree a ladies man. Not the kind, in her opinion, to willingly do anything that might make him look bad, especially in front of a girl as pretty as Christy.

“Exam,” she told him, “Male genitalia and groin - those will take less than a minute.”

Ted nodded.

“And then the prostate.”


Norma figured she’d seen happier faces awaiting multiple root canal surgeries. But then Ted grinned. “Okay, no problem,” he said. Leaving Norma to wonder whether she misjudged Ted or underestimated Laura’s skill at putting people at ease for difficult procedures.

“All set?” Laura asked briskly, drying her hands with a scrub towel.

“Let me have you two in your basic positions,” Rick said, adjusting one of his lightstands, now clustered around the exam table. Ted hesitated, then stood in front of the table, arms crossed protectively across his chest.

“He looks like he’s afraid she’ll give him a breast exam,” Alice whispered to Norma.

“Hush, now!” Norma murmured, grinning anyway.

Laura put one hand gently on Ted’s forearm. “Don’t worry, Ted, I used to do insurance physicals. Never lost a client yet.” She felt the muscles in his forearm relax slightly.

“I’m ready!” Rick called, taking up his position behind the camera.

“We just need male genitalia this time, right?” Laura asked.

“Right,” Norma confirmed, flipping through pages on her clipboard. “Start with the posture, and just do a couple with the gown up, okay?”

Laura put her hands on Ted’s shoulders as Rick fired a couple of shots to establish their relative positions. Their faces were only a foot apart. Laura’s eyes were gray, Ted realized, surprised that he hadn’t noticed before. Between flashes, she smiled and winked at him.

“Now pull the gown up to your hips,” she told him. He complied, raising the gown with a feeling similar to what a combat soldier feels when he peeks out from behind sandbags in the midst of a fire fight. Laura had turned away from him; he heard the familiar snap of rubber gloves being put on. Like most, his penis seemed to have a rudimentary consciousness of its own, and began to tingle as the cool air touched it. Laura placed her ungloved hand on his shoulder, then stooped slightly to perform a scrotal exam. Her fingers danced lightly against his withered sack. Her touch nothing like the iron fisted gorillas the military relied on to do anything at all that required delicacy and deftness.

Lights flashed several times. “Hold it a sec,” Rick said, lowing the panhead an inch or so. In her stooped over position Laura’s coat parted at the bottom, allowing Ted to see that her legs were bare at least to the knee. Because Laura only taught clinical and not classroom, Ted had never seen her in anything but a uniform with white pantyhose. Her knees and calves looked supple, framed between the bottom button of the coat and the thick ankle socks she wore. He wondered what she wore beneath the coat - if anything. At that moment Ol Blue Eyes stopped feeling numb and tingly and started to feel more like rising and greeting the day.

Caught off guard, Ted tried to envision images from the combat casualty textbooks he’d studied for his corpsmen training. Every time he turned a page, however, he saw a picture of Laura, sans lab coat, wearing only a smile and a wink. She saved him then by standing upright. “All done, Ted. That wasn’t bad, was it?”

Ted shook his head. If only you knew, he thought.

“Now, turn around and bend over the table with your forearms flat on the paper, okay.” Grateful, at this point to turn away for any reason at all, Ted complied. The “butcher paper” covering the table felt unexpectedly slick, causing his elbows to slide and him to fall forward. His hips hit the leather covered wooden edge.

“Easy!” Laura helped steady him. “This won’t hurt, I promise.”

“I’m okay,” he said. The slight pain had brought him back to earth. Then he felt the back of his gown lifted and his butt exposed like his dick had been before. He heard the faint liquid squish of lubricant being compressed. Then his cheeks were spread apart, a gloved hand on one and a warm bare hand on the other. They went further apart than they had ever been before.

“Hold it….” He heard Rick say. Why doesn’t he just stick the goddamned camera up my ass and be done with it? Ted wondered. Light’s flashed, and Laura’s hands shifted, the fingers of her ungloved hand moving to either side of his buttocks, holding both of them apart, but not as far as a moment ago. He felt something cool and wet press lightly against his anus.

“Take a deep breath, and hold it,” her voice said in his ear. As he did, the pressure on his sphincter increased, widening it until the fingertip passed in. Laura gently worked her gloved forefinger past his anus, deep into his rectum. He felt his sphincter widen further as her knuckle came to rest between his cheeks. The probing finger seemed to impale his body to the table like a javelin. The tip floated, lightly caressing the inside of his colon, then he felt more pressure on his sphincter as she rotated her hand so the pad of her forefinger could press against his prostate. Her free hand patted the small of his back reassuringly. As soon as she found the firm nub of the prostate, the Troubadour got up and sang a medley of bawdy tunes, and there was nothing he could do about it except feel grateful that he hadn’t spread his legs before bending over.

Watching all of this, Alice suddenly wished she had sat down because she felt woozy, lightheaded and hot. It had gotten so warm so quickly. Seeing Ted get his unit inspected was cool - though it wasn’t anything special. But when he turned and bent over to display those dimpled buttocks Alice began to feel like soft tallow. She envied Laura the task of spreading those muscular cheeks and running her hand between them and up his ass. Were she the one to do it, she’d go until her elbow vanished in the crack, and her forefinger was tickling his tonsils. Sin veruenza! she thought, giddily.

She glanced around quickly to see if Christy had returned yet, but the girl must still be expelling her first enema. Too bad, Alice thought, she’ll be sorry she missed this. But on second thought, maybe she didn’t after all miss it after all, Alice reminded herself.

Laura glanced back quickly to make sure her body wasn’t blocking Rick’s view of the hand she had buried between Ted’s buttocks. “Hold it one second more…,” Rick said, staring intently at the viewfinder.

“Hold what-“ Ted began.

“Okay. That’s it”

Slowly Laura pulled her finger out of Ted’s behind. This felt almost as intense as the insertion; Ted’s anus closed up rapidly as the finger reduced within him. He fancied he could hear an audible pop as the tip went free. “Hold tight, Ted,” Norma said. “Now we’ve got another temp to do with the probe.”

After hearing her cryptic remark earlier, Ted wasn’t surprised that she wanted to put that probe up his ass, too. He’d been ready to argue, in fact. But now, still hard as diamond, he was happy to remain bent over the exam table, where he could be reasonably sure that the damned thing couldn’t be seen between the front of his gown and his closed thighs.

Deftly snapping the glove off and inside out, Laura tossed into a fresh bag. She picked up the digital thermometer, slid a new sheath onto the probe and tore open a packet of K-Y in what seemed to be one continuous motion. She dipped the plastic covered probe into the jelly, holding the position for a moment while Rick made an exposure of her preparations with Ted’s bare behind as a backdrop. Then she placed the thumb and forefinger of her left hand on the ridge of his buttocks, spread them apart for another flash, and slid the probe into his rectum with the same technique of placing it first against the anus before inserting it the rest of the way.

The heat Alice felt coalesced in the pit of her stomach and groin. Now she knew exactly what Ted was feeling because she had just had the same thing put up her backside. Her own buttocks squeezed together automatically.

She knew, but she was wrong. While to Alice the probe had felt warmer and thicker than the glass thermometer, to Ted it felt smaller and cooler in contrast to the warmth and thickness of Laura’s finger. The sensation was not un-pleasurable, but it was, thankfully, less intense. He renewed his concentration of combat casualties; when that didn’t work, he mentally undressed his grandmother. At last he felt his dick begin to soften. It wouldn’t subside altogether so long as he remained bent over with a woman as pretty as Laura sticking a probe up his ass, but he figured he’d be able to cover it by fooling with his gown for a moment. What did they think, anyway, that he was made of stone?

Alice felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked behind her to see Christy, finally back from the bathroom. Christy pointed to Rick and Laura, then covered her mouth to suppress a giggle. Alice gave her a knowing nod. When she turned back, Laura was sliding the probe out of Ted’s fanny.

“Ted can you do one more? A Fleet’s enema?” Norma asked.

“Yeah, sure, the more the merrier,” he said speaking into the table’s surface. This brought laughter from the students and smiles from Norma, Rick and Laura. She put the electronic thermometer back on the cart, and picked up one of the boxed enemas. While she extracted it, Rick popped the film back off his camera and replaced it with a fresh one.

“We already shot some warming techniques without models,” Norma explained to Christy and Alice.

“They just use the microwave at Kaiser,” Christy said.

“I know, and it’s a bad idea, too. You’ll also heat up the lubricant on the tip and give someone a bad burn, if you’re not careful,” Norma admonished.

“I didn’t think of that,” Christy admitted.

“Use running water or a pan filled with warm water if there’s time. You don’t have to get it too warm, just so it’s better than room temperature.”

Christy and Alice nodded. Meantime, Laura removed the protective shield from the tip, stooped and placed her left hand on Ted’s butt, and spread his cheeks again, pausing for Rick to take a shot of the open buttocks and white plastic enema tip, before she inserted it until the all of the tip and flange vanished into him. They posed thus for an instant, then she squeezed the plastic enema bottle, compressing it in her hand.

“Hey!” Rick exclaimed. “You’re really doing it—I thought you were just going to put it in!” His hips shifted several times, but he made no move to stand.

“I need pictures of it being squeezed,” Norma told him, while Laura patted his back reassuringly again.

“You’ve had enemas before haven’t you, Rick?” she asked.

“Yeah, but never one of these. It’s cold!”

“I’m sorry, Rick,” she said. “I should have warmed it up first.” She leaned her face closer to his ear. “I knew you weren’t ready to stand up yet,” she whispered. He felt a flush creep over him. “Don’t be embarrassed,” she continued whispering. “It happens to all men - it can’t be helped.”

At any rate, he had to admit, the surprise of receiving the cool enema and her revelation had left the Midnight Rambler soft enough so that he would be able to stand and face his classmates when this was finished.