Old Articles From Some Publication

Here’s something found in an old, 8 - 9 year old ‘zine.

I started liking enemas as an erotic feeling in childhood. My mother gave me five or six enemas a year and I started enjoying them in my early teens. She would usually place me over her lap and insert the nozzle and make me take a full two quart bag. The bag was red with a long red tube and she used the douche nozzle in my ass. She would rest her hand on my ass and move the nozzle in and out as the enema flowed. She then would make me hold it ten minutes while standing in front of her. I squirmed and twisted trying to hold it and my penis was hard the whole time. I don’t remember her touching it but she looked. Then I would expel on the potty as she looked on.

Around puberty I got an enema at least once a month. She would have me bend over the tub or sit on the potty and insert the nozzle between my legs. When I was made to sit on the toilet and she either held the nozzle between my legs or from behind and under my bottom I found it much harder to take and hold the enema and she insisted I take the full two quarts and hold it or repeat the whole thing till I was able to hold it all. Each time she started the enema my penis would get hard and throb. In a sitting position it is very hard to kept the incoming enema in my ass and since my ass cheeks were spread my asshole had to do all the holding and I squirmed and whined trying to take her whole enema and holding it the required five to ten minutes.

If I was constipated the large chunks of shit acted as a block on my asshole which helped. So if I ever thought it was time for her to give me an enema I would hold my bowels on purpose for three or four days so I would have a chance to hold her full enema.

It was during these sessions my penis seemed to be the hardest and she would rub her arm on my shaft as she twisted the enema nozzle in my ass and coax me to hold it all in.

Watching the enema bag go down and feeling the stream fill me made my penis explode and shoot cum out onto the floor. She watched and handed me paper to wipe it up and as I bent over she would manage to twist the nozzle more in my ass and expose my asshole to her view along with my still throbbing cock. It felt great especially when the bag was empty and I had to go oh so badly. She always watched as I exploded into the potty. I think she really liked to watch my penis and she liked to twist the nozzle in my ass.

I found that I enjoyed my finger up my ass and when no one was home I gave myself enemas with warm water and loved the feeling of being so full.

Now my enemas are usually three quarts. I have found a nurse who loves giving enemas and anal massages. I hold my bowels for three days before going to see her at her apartment. I must bring my bag which holds three quarts and I use a colon nozzle of a FR32 size. I am looking for a FR22 or FR24 which is small diameter but 36 inches long to work up my ass as the enema flows.

She gives me four enemas and then she finger fucks my asshole, twisting her one or two fingers in my ass until I cum. It feels so good as she covers my hole with lots of Crisco and fingers me deeply and long. Whenever I go to her I try to have a very full bowel. I like the feeling of holding my shit till I can’t stand it. The enema is much harder to hold and very very erotic.

I can take four quarts and do so when a nurse from Houston visits. She’s no longer an active nurse, she now prefers to give enemas and administer to submissive males. She charges and uses a Sherema four quart open top bag. I can take the whole thing and hold it about five minutes. She will let me enema her and can take that much sometimes. I have her sit on the toilet backwards so I have a good view of her asshole when the enema is expelled.

In high school I dated a girl who wanted to remain a virgin for her marriage. One night we were fondling each other and we got carried away. I was on my back and she sat right on my cock. It felt wonderful as she rode it up and down. All at once she jumped up and rushed to the potty where she exploded several huge farts. She came back and I found out I had fucked her asshole. She bent down and I started again from the rear and inserted my penis well up her ass and we fucked till I felt her shit on my penis. I had used a rubber so when I pulled out my cock looked like a chocolate bar.

She went and got her family enema bag and I gave her a large warm water enema. She couldn’t hold it very well but took most of the bag and I watched as she exploded into the potty. She wanted to enema me and did. I held it as she sucked my cock and I gave her another enema. I held it twenty minutes and exploded in the pot. We shared many enemas and anal fucking for a year till she left town.

Here’s another story of early enema experiences, this time with a slightly different twist.

Instead of receiving enemas from my mother, I received them from an older neighbor who had the equipment. This woman was in her forties and she was a loving gentle mother herself who made my introduction into enemas very pleasurable indeed.

Unlike many others, I never feared or disliked enemas as a child. I considered them warm and enjoyable. I was given enemas by this woman from my youngest days until I was fourteen. These enemas were usually given across her lap, my shorts pulled down, sometimes nude–more often as I got older. She used a old type medium sized cream colored bulb syringe with a short thin nozzle. She filled a large pan with warm water, took down my pants or had me strip then bend over her knees. She filled the bulb and lovingly and gently spread my cheeks and penetrated me with the small tip and gave me my first shot of warm liquid. Usually no lubrication was used or needed. Over and over she would penetrate and fill me, coaxing me to take more and more each time it seemed.

She massaged my stomach and abdomen, encouraged me to hold it, eased me to the toilet and stayed with me through expulsion and cleanup. Usually two fill ups occurred each session for a good clean out. Eventually she worked me up to almost two whole pans of warm water per fill up, about two quarts, I imagine.

At age ten or eleven we moved to a new stage of my development. She must have become aware of my erection against her bare leg. I had all ready discovered “playing with myself” but not to orgasm, but I was not overtly aware the enema she was giving me was causing an erotic effect on me. She put her hand under me and rubbed me as she usually did but this time she worked her hand down to take hold and stroke my penis. Surprised as I was, I easily submitted and succumbed to the pleasure she was providing me !

When I was filled she had me lie back on the bed, holding the water. She continued to massage and stroke me. She brought me to my first orgasm. In the ensuing weeks she taught me the techniques and joys of masturbation and other things! I began seeing her every week. Before I had been seeing her for enemas only when I was constipated. From her my appreciation for erotic enemas grew, as it did for the power her hands had to get me off incredibly. Either separately or combining the two. I also learned the joys of oral sex from her, to my delight. We never proceeded beyond this to any kind of other intercourse.

I became sexually active early, having real sex at age twelve with an older girl. I told her about this, as I told her everything. We would talk and she would ask me questions while masturbating me during an enema session. Eventually we drifted apart as I took to seeing friends my own age and giving myself enemas. Occasionally she would give me a enema using a bag with me lying down the regular way but I pretty much continued on my own from there.