Older Sister Shaves Her Younger Sister

Her sister walked in carrying a large bowl of water and a towel and washcloth over her arm. She placed the bowl on the floor next to the bed, and she laid the towel and washcloth on the bed next to Katie. I noticed that she had also closed her robe and tied it tightly in the front. I could not tell whether she had put any panties on. She left the room and returned shortly with several items: a disposable razor, scissors, and a can of shaving cream. All of these she placed on the nightstand next to the bed. She stood next to the bed and discussed something with Katie which resulted in Katie sitting up on the bed, propped up on her elbows, with her legs dangling over the side of the bed.

Katie slid forward on the bed so that her legs were entirely off of the bed and her ass was on the edge of the bed ( I was soon to be enticed by that position, too). Now she was again lying back on the bed, as her sister made preparations at the dresser. She turned to face the window and I could see that she held a wet washcloth. As she was approached by her sister, Katie spread her legs extremely wide, and the wet washcloth was laid over her pussy. Her sister placed her hand upon the washcloth, “pressing it into place”, I guess.

She insured that the washcloth was covering all of the hair on top of her pussy, as well as between her legs into the crack of her ass. She kept her hand firmly on the washcloth, as she took a seat on the end of the bed. Apparently she and Katie were having a conversation about what was to occur. Leaving the washcloth in place, her sister stood up and pulled her robe open in the center while separating her legs. She raised her robe above her waist and held it there with one hand, while pointing to her own pussy with her other hand. She was standing sideways until she turned to directly face Katie on the bed, which afforded me an excellent view of her ass with the robe pulled up above it. Then, she turned to face the window and, again, I could see the neatly trimmed bush that Katie was soon supposed to have.

The discussion that was going on inside must have been quite specific because her sister bent at the waist, pointing her ass directly at Katie. Leaning forward, she reached behind herself with both hands and spread the cheeks of her ass, separating her legs a bit further, too. While I couldn’t see the direct view that Katie was seeing, I was able to see well enough in the mirror on the dresser, that there was absolutely no hair in the crack of her sister’s ass, nor anywhere around her pussy lips! She moved her fingers between her legs a bit more to afford Katie (and me) a more convincing view.

Katie leaned up on the bed and playfully smacked her sister’s right asscheek. This caught her sister by surprise, as she immediately stood straight up, causing the robe to fall down into place. But, it was probably time, anyhow, since her sister turned toward the bed and began to remove the washcloth from Katie’s pussy…but not before again placing her hand firmly over the washcloth. She moved it up and down, and put several clothed fingers in between the cheeks of Katie’s ass, ensuring that the entire to-be-shaved area was properly prepared and cleaned. Then she removed the washcloth so I could take one final look at the bush that would soon be gone.

Katie’s sister first took scissors and trimmed all of the hair from the bush. She worked at the top and then moved down to between Katie’s legs. Katie had to raise her knees and separate her legs to permit her sister access. There wasn’t too much hair to be trimmed, but once her sister finished with the scissors, only a light trimming with the razor would be required. Next, she took a can of shaving cream and squirted some in her hand. With her other hand, she carefully applied it all around Katie’s pussy, and in between her ass cheeks, leaving only a small growth of hair on top.

She pulled the bowl of water closer to the bed and began removing the hair with the razor - first from the top down. Then it was time to get more detailed. Apparently she instructed Katie to spread her legs wider, because Katie brought her feet almost to her ass and really spread her legs wide! I couldn’t see too much yet, because it was covered with shaving cream. But, Katie’s sister worked to the side of Katie’s pussy lips, and soon it was clean shaven. It did look nice. With Katie still in the same position, Katie’s sister spread her asscheeks and trimmed away what little hair there might have been around Katie’s asshole.

But, apparently this position wasn’t acceptable. The next thing I saw was Katie on her hands and knees, holding her asscheeks wide open. My first good ass shot! Katie’s sister moved the razor between the cheeks and down toward Katie’s pussy. Then, she put the razor down, rinsed the washcloth in the bowl and applied it against Katie’s crotch. My view was hidden while Katie’s sister cleansed Katie’s crotch of shaving cream and shaven pussy hair. The cloth was removed. Indeed, shaven pussy is a sight to behold! And this ass shot was more than the mind could imagine. I enjoyed it until Katie stood up and admired her newly shaven bush in the mirror.

She turned in various positions looking at her clean shaven pussy, with only a little bit of hair on top. She turned to face the window so she could see her ass in the mirror. Bending over, she spread her cheeks and looked at her pussy and asshole from that perspective, providing me with a “full frontal” shot and the view of her spread asscheeks in the mirror. Katie stood up and, apparently, there was some conversation regarding whether Katie and her sister now looked similar. Katie’s sister removed her robe and tossed it on the bed.

She was facing the dresser, so I was looking directly at her ass now, as she pulled her panties down her legs and then bent over to pick them up. I got another nice view of her ass, which separated slightly when she bent over. Both sisters stood next to each other, facing the mirror on the dresser. Indeed, their pussies were identical (with the exception that what was left of Katie’s pussy hair was light brown and what remained of her sister’s pussy hair was dark brown). Katie squatted down and looked directly into her sister’s crotch. Her sister spread her legs slightly, then turned around, bent over, and spread her asscheeks. Because of their position, I was always seeing a front shot and a back shot - one directly and one in the mirror.

Satisfied, I guess, Katie stood up and her sister put on her robe, and carrying her panties, left the room, closing the door behind her. Katie stood at the mirror for a few more moments, admiring her new look. Her hands traveled across her stomach, between her legs, over her asscheeks. She would spread her legs, squat down, bend over, separate her asscheeks…admiring all of this in the mirror. She went over to the bed and lay down. She spread her legs and continued the exploration of her body with her hands. One hand focused more on her tits, while the other hand focused on her pussy. As one hand was rubbing her tits, the other hand was rubbing her pussy. She would spread her fingers wide to simultaneously rub both sides of her pussy…then, she would run her middle finger up the slit to the top (which I would learn was the clit).

Soon, she raised her legs at the knees and spread them very wide apart. She took the hand that was rubbing her tits and brought it down to rub the top of her pussy. Her pussy had gotten very wet and she was moving her middle finger in and out of it. Then she appeared to be spreading the pussy juice lower, toward her asshole. I knew that this is exactly what she was doing when I saw her middle finger go between her asscheeks…she raised them slightly, and her finger disappeared into her asshole.

Now, her index finger worked up and down the slit until it was sufficiently lubricated to get lost inside of her pussy. She moved her hand in such a way as to be alternately moving her fingers in her pussy and ass, while rubbing the top of her pussy with her other hand. Her hips were gyrating in a rhythm and then they started to move more sporadically. Her fingering and rubbing became very intense and then….all of the movement subsided. The hand that was stroking the top of her pussy went to her belly, she raised her hips and I saw the finger come from her ass, and then the finger came from her pussy. Reaching over to the dresser, Katie got a Kleenex and wiped her fingers, then turned off the light. I knew that there would be more to come from this room.