On The Treatment Table

I was lying naked on the treatment table except for a small sheet that just barely. covered the lower part of my belly and pubic area. I was getting a little cold waiting for the therapist to prepare the solution for the enema I was about to receive. She was waiting for the water to warm up to the proper temperature before she would mix the other ingredients in to the solution.

This process seemed to take forever and I was becoming anxious to get started I felt embarrassed and vulnerable lying there on the table with my cock and balls just hanging there for the all world to see. My cock was trying to withdraw back into my body for protection like a collapsed accordion and my balls were trying to follow. They were drawn up close to my body in to a tight ball.

Finally, she said “We’re about ready to begin … I will need to lubricate your anal area and help you relax a little more so please roll over on your left side and pull your right knee up toward your chest and just relax.”

She snapped on a rubber glove and coated two fingers with a thick white cream. It smelled very pleasant. “Its got vitamin E in it.” She said.

“Now just relax and take some deep breaths for me. I’m going to touch you now”

I felt the tip of her finger lightly brush my anus. I took a deep breath as she started to gently massage in slow circles around the outside. I started to relax a bit now and was beginning to become less aware of my nakedness. I took another deep breath.

After several minutes of massage, I could feel her finger tip just begin to enter my ass. She didn’t go in very far, maybe a half an inch or less. Then she stopped massaging and just held her finger there until I got used to the feeling. I started to relax even more. My inhibitions were beginning to fall away.

I lost track of time before I could feel her finger move in slow small circles again as it began to slowly penetrate a little deeper in to my ass. Very slowly, she moved further in until her finger was inside me but only as far as the first joint. She then bent her finger and began to massage the floor of my pelvic area. She massaged in a full circle, then she penetrated in a little deeper and with one finger inside and her thumb outside she began to massage my perennial area. She said “I can feel you are relaxing a bit now, you had a lot of tensions built up. This is where we store all of our stresses. You just don’t realize how much.”

Now, she moved even deeper into my rectal chamber, moving in slow circular movements, pausing as she went so I would get used to each new feeling. Finally, her finger was fully inserted inside of me. It was warm and her hand was warm as her knuckles pressed against my balls. She had very long and slender fingers. “Take another deep breath”, she said and gently pushed even deeper in to me and rotated her hand 90 degrees so she could massage my tail bone from the inside. This felt wonderful.

“Keep relaxing “she said, “ You really needed this. Take another deep breath.” I was beginning to feel so relaxed I could hardly move.

She had extensive knowledge about anatomy and massaged areas inside of me I didn’t know I had. She then rotated her hand around again and moved down slightly until it felt like she was touching my prostate but I wasn’t sure. She began to move slowly in a zigzag motion up and down over the area. Then she pressed a little harder and. I started to feel droplets of pre cum fluid forming at the end of my cock even though it was limp. My leg was getting moist from the slippery fluid where my cock had been trying to hide. After several minutes of this massage I could feel it slowly flowing down my leg and onto the sheet covering the table. I was producing an enormous amount of the clear liquid. I never experienced anything like this before.

She was touching an area where the nerves felt like they ran directly to the base of my cock. I wanted to squeeze tightly around her finger with my ass but she said “keep relaxing and take a deep breath” so I did. After a few more minuets of this, and the fluid still flowing, she finally said, “Well, I think we are about ready for your enema. You are as soft as a baby inside now.” I was as limp as a rag now but my cock was beginning to show signs of life. I was getting embarrassed again because I didn’t want to have a huge hard-on there on the treatment table. As every guy well knows, their cocks have a mind of their own. They do pretty much what they want, but even so, I tried to think about baseball to get my mind on something else.

She added the other ingredients to the warm enema solution and fitted the nozzle on to the rubber tube leading from a large rubber enema bag on a stand. It looked twice as large as the “drug store” kind. “I like to use the “Feminine Hygiene” nozzle.” she said

“It works much better because the water flows out of the sides in a softer spray and will feel much more comfortable during the procedure.” She lubricated the bulbous tip with plenty of the pleasant smelling cream, then covered the entire nozzle. “Take another deep breath and just relax.”

I could feel cool the round tip of the nozzle as it found its target. The cool blob of cream felt good against my ass. Then slowly and smoothly slid it into my rectum.

She inserted it in about half way and stopped. She said “I’m going to start your fill now”. I heard a click as she opened the clamp to start the flow. At first I could not feel anything. Then after about 30 seconds I started to feel the first hint of warmth inside me. Ah, there it is, it’s beginning. I can feel the warmth starting to grow but it still doesn’t feel like liquid yet. Just a warm feeling starting to spread up in my rectum. Now I can start to feel the flow as my rectal chamber begins to fill and she slides the nozzle all the way in.

I try to imagine the spray of water as it gives my prostate a warm shower. Now I can feel the enema starting to stretch the walls of my rectum as it balloons out to receive the soothing flow. The warmth from the enema is spreading up into my belly and down into my legs. It feels good. I feel completely relaxed now and close my eyes. I take another deep breath without being told.

She held the nozzle tight in my ass. I could feel her finger tips pressing against my swelling anus. She started to massage my belly with her free hand, coaxing the flow to move even deeper into my body. As the enema slowly worked its way further up into the hidden recesses of my colon I felt my cock starting to swell. The colon walls are beginning to stretch from the constant flow. The nerves in the colon sense they are being stretched and transmit a “full” feeling. It is not uncomfortable, just sort of a warm full feeling. The enema solution is soothing like a warm tropical river flowing up instead of down. slowly traveling higher and higher around all the crooks and bends, hills and valleys, seeking out all the hidden places.

“How are you doing?” she asks I take another deep breath and say “fine” My belly is beginning to swell as the enema bag slowly empties its contents in to me. The bag is like a living thing, soft and sensuous, moving and changing shape as it does its work. All the nerves in my pelvic area are beginning to tingle as my colon grows tighter from the constant flow. I become aware that my cock is fully erect now. I am no longer embarrassed by my nakedness or state of arousal because it feels good, sort of “natural”.

I try to imagine how far the enema has traveled inside of me. Is it half way up or two thirds? I can’t tell. I’m starting to feel full now but still not uncomfortable. The bag is almost empty and my belly is getting rounder as she continues to coax the liquid up higher and higher. “Can you take a little more? You are doing so well.” she said. ignoring my rock hard erection.

I answered “sure” (I didn’t want to get up from the table yet, this was feeling too good and I didn’t want to loose this wonderful feeling in my loins. and I didn’t want to loose this glorious hard on.)

She had more solution prepared in an enamel pitcher and added some hot water to bring it up to a higher temperature. “We are going to make it a little hotter this time” she said as she emptied it into the drained enema bag. She adjusted the stand so the bag was hanging about 10 inches higher now.

Immediately, I felt the hotter solution flow into my ass and fill my rectum, prostate and everything else down there with a warm tingling sensation. My cock responded by emitting more droplets of pre cum fluid. (I didn’t think I had any left.)

Once again, I could feel waves of heat spreading up my colon and into my belly and down my legs. I was really getting full now. My belly was swollen to twice its size. As the pressure grew inside my colon, my cock got harder. A strong urge to ejaculate came over me. My colon was really full now, but the enema kept coming. My colon started to tingle with fullness but not pain. The urge to ejaculate became even stronger. I really needed to cum! I started to squeeze all the muscles in my ass. I squeezed hard. It felt good. I squeezed the Pubococcygeus muscle, the Bulbospongiosus, the Perineal muscle, everything. I squeezed and held it. Then I started to feel that pre orgasmic tingle. It was coming from somewhere deep inside me. My ballooned colon was stretching tighter, amplifying the feeling to ejaculate . I was getting fuller as each second passed and the enema continued its relentless flow.

Now the tingling grew strong like in a wet dream. There was no doubt I was going to cum. I took more enema solution, I can’t possibly hold any more. I pulled my thighs tightly together and squeezed hard. I could feel every muscle on the inside of my thighs tense up. That did it… I was transformed to a volcano. Hot lava erupted from my swollen cock and hit me in the chest. The next eruptions rained on my swollen belly. I was watching the last few lazy eruptions squeeze out from the head of my cock. It looked like lava rolling down a miniature Mt. St, Helens. Then, I felt the tingle of another orgasmic wave building. It was coming up from somewhere inside me again. I soon became aware of the source. The therapist was still holding the enema nozzle but had pulled it out slightly and was pressing it toward the area of my prostate.

Now, I feel the enema nozzle, deep in my ass held firmly against my prostate. I could feel the hot flow from the nozzle. I erupted once again, this time with no lava but it was much stronger. The orgasm come from deep within me. I felt like I was Imploding and exploding at the same time. Wave after wave of convulsions came but still no lava I was pumping like crazy but I was drained dry from first orgasm. By now the muscles in my ass had a grip on the enema nozzle like a vice. It felt like I was going to crush it but I could not let go. My cock was throbbing so hard it was beginning to hurt but the convulsions would not subside.

I had forgotten about how full I was getting until I looked over at the limp enema bag. It too was drained dry and I had all of its contents inside of me! But I couldn’t feel how full I was because all of my senses were focused on my throbbing pelvic area. Everything was pumping and throbbing. All the muscles inside my ass were still convulsing. I thought it would never end. Finally, after several minutes, I started to get control of my body again. Now, my attention returned to my swollen belly. I must have at least 6 or more quarts of the enema inside of me wanting to get out. Now the river must flow back down hill. What goes up must come down, I thought.

Still ignoring my erect but sensitive cock, the therapist said “You did very well for the first time, congratulations.”

As I was getting off the table and preparing to make the dash for the bathroom, she said, “Would you like to book another appointment? I said, “How about tomorrow? . She said “Hmmmm, lets see” as she turned the pages in her appointment book. “No I’m sorry, I’m booked solid for the next three months. I can refer someone else to you if you need to get in sooner.” I said, “No thanks, I’ll wait.”