One Person’s Fantasy

I had never been for a professional enema session before and didn’t know what to expect. The clinic that had been recommended was a small private practice and was managed by a female nurse that only took a couple of patients a day. I arrived for may appointment very nervous and somewhat excited, for this was what I had waited a lifetime to endure.

I was greeted by the friendly nurse who seemed anxious to get started and I was quickly directed to the treatment room. The room was all white with tile floors and tile halfway up the wall, much like you would see in your regular Doctors office. In the middle of the room sat the treatment table with stirrups, A toilet and a large round bathtub were located along the wall. She said since I was a new patient, she needed some routine information. She ran through the questions very quickly, basically asking if I had ever had any anal health problems.

“OK we will start with a rectal exam, so please remove everything from the waist down for now.” As I was doing so she was already putting on exam gloves and opening a fresh tube of lubricant. She sat down on a stool the type most commonly seen in clinics, she then wheeled over to me and said : “Turn around and bend over as far as you can without bending your knees and spread your cheeks.”

No sooner than I exposed myself, I felt a gloved finger entering my rectum. She told me to take a deep breath and relax and then I felt a second finger being inserted. This was very embarrassing but wonderfully exciting, I could already feel my exposed member becoming erect. I was thoroughly probed for a couple of minutes with special attention to my prostate. She said : “Everything seems normal other than a small amount of hard feces. Have you had a bowel movement today?”

“It’s been a day or two.”

“Ok then remove the rest of your clothing and get up on the table on your knees head down butt in the air.” She then took a large red bulb from the tray beside the table, which looked to hold about one pint. “This is warm oil and will help loosen you up before we get started with the cleansing session I have planned for you.” The nozzle was inserted to full length and emptied inside me.

“Hold this as long as you can in this position and I will give you your shave.”


“Oh yes everyone gets their rectal area shaved it’s routine, it’s much easier to keep your rectum properly lubed and better for cleanup.”

She began to shave me and there was a slight tingle from the lather, which was a nice sensation. The shave took maybe five minutes, and I could already feel the oil beginning to create the urge to have a bowel movement, but not yet.

“Ok over on your back and let’s get that genital area also.” I knew that I would have to comply so over I went. She began to shave my penis and testicles and continued on down and met my anus. I was very excited as she handled my genitals with such gentle touch, but the task was completed very quickly. She then began to remove equipment from storage and assemble it. “OK you can get on the toilet and expel now.”

As I sat on the toilet I watched her preparing the next enema, the bag was a clear 3qt hospital type with a large button nozzle attached. As she filled the bag, castile soap was added and then it was filled up completely. The bag was placed on the hanger beside the table and was ready. “Back up on the table now, on your back this time.” My feet were placed in the stirrups and I was moved very close to the edge overhanging a bit. “Now then I want you to take as much of this enema as possible and hold it for at least ten minutes, but we are going to try for fifteen. Try to relax as much as possible there will be no need to get back up to expel, there is a catch container underneath.”

She explained that this was a most effective way to give cleansing enemas, because the patient can be more relaxed through the session. I thought this is great but what’s going to keep me from peeing all over everything. And then I found out why my genitals had been shaved, as I saw her removing a catheter from it’s package. “Ok I am going to insert your catheter now, and it will be left in for the remainder of your cleansing session. This is routine and will help you take your fillings more comfortably and make them easier to hold.” She slowly inserted the catheter inch by inch, then the urine began to flow out into the catch pan. The tube was taped to my penis to keep it in place.

“Ok let’s get you lubed up and we will begin.” She inserted her finger and worked it in and out several times until I was nice and slick. The large nozzle was then inserted and the flow began. After only a few minutes the soapy water had begun to create a slight burning sensation and some pressure. I looked up at the bag and only about 1/3 of it had been injected.

“Gosh ma’am I don’t think that I can take anymore.”

“Remember what I told you now, I want you to take as much as possible, relax and take deep breaths then exhale from your mouth.” The injection had began to slow as I had taken about 2 1/2qts, she then stopped the flow and set a timer for 15 minutes. The nozzle was still inserted, I guess to help me retain this huge enema.

But after the first five minutes, I began to have violent cramps and was leaking into the pan. “Ok now tighten up and hold it,” and then she removed the nozzle, “hold it don’t expel.” Then a large plug was inserted into me. “This will stop that leakage, now relax and I will hold it in place.”

After overcoming the shock of having the huge plug inserted into me, I began to become more comfortable holding my enema. “You are doing well, about eight minutes to go and I will let you expel.”

Finally the time was up, as she began to remove the plug my bowels gushed into the pan under me. She watched as the soapy solution flowed out of my insides. “Good she said you are cleaning out nicely, you may only need one more large volume enema and then we will start your irrigation.”

While I was emptying out she was preparing my next enema. The bag was much larger this time with a inflatable nozzle attached to it. “I am going to use a inflatable nozzle nozzle this time since you had difficulty holding the last enema. This bag contains 4qts and you will have to take all of it.” She inserted the nozzle inflated it and began the flow. I began to fill very easily until about 3qts had been injected and I became very uncomfortable. She stopped the flow and massaged my tummy, and then continued. It was no time until the 4gts were gone, but she added more water to the bag. “Just a little more, let’s get you full.” I took about 1/2 of another qt and then I was so full the flow stopped itself. “Good that should do it, relax and hold it for about ten minutes.” After about five minutes she began to raise the backboard of the table up so that I was in a reclining position.

“Gosh this is causing a lot of pressure, good that’s the whole idea so gravity can do the work, you have 3 or 4 minutes to go.” Then the time was up and as she deflated the nozzle, out it came in a wonderful gush. It took A few minutes to drain, and she watched until I was empty, “Good you are nice and clean now.”

My catheter was removed and she helped me down from the table. “Ok let’s get you in the tub now for your irrigation. I want you on your hands and knees, and we will get your colon tube inserted.” She had a long red tube ready with a large bulb attached to one end. “This is warm oil and will help to get the tube inserted.”

She inserted the tube and began to work with it, injecting oil as needed after about five minutes it finally slid into it’s full length. I could feel the warm oil leaking out and dripping off my erect member. She began to run water from the faucets until it became warm and connected a long hose to the low pressure valve along side the faucets. She then plugged the hose into the colon tube, and told me to fill up as much as possible and relax and expel. This was an incredible sensation, as she held the tube in place so that it didn’t back out, with her free hand she began to massage my penis. I exploded with an incredible orgasm! “Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“I always make sure my male patients receive the full treatment, and now from the looks of your fluid return you are all done. Take a bath and clean up and I’ll be warming up your milk enema and we will get it injected to complete your session.”

“Milk? I don’t understand.”

“It’s just a small enema to replace the friendly bacteria in your colon, you will be taking this one with you. I want you to hold it in as long as possible or indefinitely.” I then dried off and got back up on the table as instructed, On my knees butt in the air. The small enema was injected very quickly, and a small plug was inserted to hold it in.

“Ok all done. Leave the plug in to prevent any accidents for your trip home. You may remove it in about 2 hours, but don’t be concerned if there is no fluid return. Your colon should absorb it by then. Get dressed and I will be at the front desk waiting for my next appointment for the afternoon.”

I walked out to the desk and settled the bill and told her that I would return in the near future for another treatment. “Excellent, but one rule if you come back the plug that you have inserted must be worn inserted on your next visit. This way your rectum will be dilated and ready for treatment.”

“Remember this because on your next visit when I spread your cheeks for your rectal exam if the plug is not inserted I will punish you.” I agreed of course, there was no doubt this lady would carry out her promise. And I didn’t know if I was prepared to take what ever type of punishment that would be administered.