Our Enema Adventure

In erotic, and sometimes matter-of-fact, conversations of the past week we had focused on the activities that we each wished to experience. We neither established an agenda nor set expectations - something we had long-ago learned to avoid. We were anticipating yet another opportunity to share ourselves during an extended interlude. On that day, our adventure began when my SO and I each left our respective offices early in the day. Well, not quite so - there is a history that has relevance.

The adventure we were about to experience actually began almost 2 years before. He was routinely bringing me copies of stories, vignettes, and personal testimonials that he had captured from the ‘Net. I must confess that I became addicted. For months he would talk to me about his connection to the ‘Net (sometimes about the boring professional groups to which he subscribed). I was much more interested in the alt.sex. groups about which we spoke (and the ‘hard-copy’ that I read). Although I never admitted it, I was a bit jealous - at that time I was not connected; however, at the urging of a co-worker, my supervisor installed a link – it was a transformation. I experienced, first-hand, the novelty about which I had only read in novels or professionally published works. Here, before me, was a very personal account of variation. I was enticed, mesmerized, and, I admit, stimulated - I was hooked.

Soon I discovered alt.sex.enemas. My lover had not yet read the group - I was now informing him about various groups and directed him to it. For months we shared the romantic exploits, comments and, yes, even the flames of others, openly discussing one topic after another. I could sense that we were nearing our personal threshold. I ordered the necessities - our secret love nest was now fully stocked.

On the shortened workday we headed for our nest, conveniently located a few blocks from our place of employment. We had prepared ourselves for an exciting afternoon, evening and night. We brought with us a case of beer, a bottle of champagne, smoked oysters (a snack for lunch, although we had considered other uses for them), and a change of clothes for the next day. I also brought a newly purchased X-rated video and my new hot water bottle/douche bag/enema which was to be combined with a set of enema tips (“the arsenal”) already at our apartment.

Our numerous conversations about this particular encounter instilled an air of anticipation. The afternoon, however, actually started out quite slowly. We sat on the bed and talked, lamenting the heat and lack of air-conditioning in the room. We watched the afternoon soaps, had a few beers and finally decided to open the smoked oysters. We had two different brands, and opened both of them to compare. Both kinds looked erotic in their own way. One brand was mainly small, dark, shriveled little oysters (they actually looked like misshapen little pieces of scat); the other brand was bigger, brown, plump and, when viewed on edge, looked like a moist vulva, complete with labia. We ate them all, but agreed that the larger ones were better. After consuming our belated lunch we took off our clothes. At this point my lover pulled out a couple of temporary tattoos that we had been meaning to place on each other for a long time. Each tattoo had a set of two hearts, intertwined. He placed his on my left breast. (The last time he tried to tattoo my inner labia, which I found rather uncomfortable when it began to flake off). I placed his tattoo on his ass. We were looking good!

After awhile, we switched from “General Hospital” to the video, “Girls Who Take Two Dildos Up Their Ass.” I only saw the first scene, when I was compelled to crawl across the bed and straddle my lover, facing him, with his big cock already hard and standing at attention. My pussy was already dripping, but his next maneuver elevated my level of excitation to a higher plane. He reached in the drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a small leather paddle. As he spanked my ass hard, I felt the stinging slaps and moaned loudly. Bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, it did not take long before I had an orgasm, the first of what would ultimately be many.

“Wow!!!!” said my lover. I thought he was commenting on my incredible orgasm, but he followed it with “Look at that!!!” as he pointed to the TV screen, where a gigantic dildo was sliding easily up the ass of the attractive porn star. That was the last scene I saw, as my lover laid me down on the bed and crawled on top of me, fucking me over and over until I had several more orgasms. I reached for the paddle, which I knew was somewhere in the bedclothes, planning to spank him as well. Accidentally I grabbed the remote control instead of the paddle, and inadvertently switched from video to TV. The room became filled with a loud snowy screen which startled us. We laughed but continued on until my lover and I came together in what was an incredibly intense orgasm for both of us.

As we rested, my lover lit a cigar and I flipped on TV. Oprah was just starting. Her show was about people who had lovers in past lives. I just couldn’t get into that, so I switched the channel to Montel. Montel was about people who disapproved of the spouse/lover/family members attire. Most of the guys thought their girlfriends dressed too provocatively. During the show, one rather plain, red-haired woman slipped her hand inside her dress and quickly removed her bra with a single move! “I hate this thing!” she exclaimed as the audience hooted and applauded.

I was getting hungry, and my SO and I had planned to go out to dinner. As we drank more beers and chatted, my SO remarked that it must be time to “make room” for a big dinner. I knew he was ready for his enema! We were new to this. Although this was not going to be the first I had given him (he had received one small cleaning by me the week before) my imagination allowed me some incredible fantasies.

He had already selected the longest enema tip from the Arsenal. I filled the bag full this time, with warm water, and my SO added a couple teaspoons of salt. He got on his knees on the bed and bent over, his ass high in the air and his head on a pillow. I felt his gaze as he peered through his legs at my dripping crotch. The enema bag was hanging on the door to the bathroom, which is right next to his side of the bed (convenient…we have a small apartment!). I lubricated his ass with KY and inserted a finger for awhile, moving it all around inside him. He moaned in delight. I then gently placed the tip of the enema against his rear opening. It slid in easily, but slowly, at first. When I knew it was deeply imbedded, I opened the clamp on the hose and let the bag of warm water drain into his ass. As I gave him the enema, I licked around his asshole and tried to get my tongue in there at the same time. (I was a little put off by too much KY). I was easily able to insert a finger alongside the enema nozzle. I also fondled his cock and balls as I watched the bag empty completely. I was incredibly horny at this point but focused on pleasing him. Before long, I removed the enema nozzle and felt some small amount of remaining warm water squirt all over me. My SO headed for the bathroom, and I asked if I could come in, too. To my pleasant surprise, he agreed.

He sat on the toilet, emptying his bowels, as I knelt in front of him and kissed him passionately. His cock was hard and I sucked it eagerly. Then, to fulfill a long-standing fantasy, I sat on his lap and inserted his cock in my cunt as he noisily released the results of his enema into the toilet below us. It was difficult to position my legs, because the area around the toilet wasn’t very roomy. Now we were both enjoying the fruits of my labor. And in spite of the strain, I had a hot orgasm. It was great!

But my lover wasn’t done at this point. He still had more fluid to expel. I knelt in front of him again and put my arms around him as he shit into the toilet. Suddenly, his cock (still hard and pointing upward) was peeing all over my breasts and abdomen - the afternoon of beer consumption contributed to the volume. We had exchanged showers before, but none like this one. A lovely golden shower! I swallowed some of it, but most hit my sweaty, naked body, ran down my tits and stomach and splattered his legs before flowing into the toilet. Another fantastic experience, and our evening had just begun.

After showering, we dressed and followed through with our plans to go to a nice Middle Eastern restaurant in Philadelphia called Cedars. It is located on Second St., just off of South St., where there is a lot of activity at night; people cruising, walking past the various shops; a lot of punk-looking people and shops like Zipperhead and places that sell leather, studded collars, and other things like that, as well as more traditional antiques, books, and clothes. We had a nice dinner. The restaurant was quiet and small. At the table next to us were two very nice looking women in their early twenties who were talking about how they liked to walk around their apartment nude. My SO was eavesdropping on their conversation (No, we did not try to pick them up and bring them back with us!). Then our conversation turned from mundane matters to recalling the enema experience. My SO had thoroughly enjoyed it. As he raved about the eroticism of having the warm water flow up his ass, the table next to us got suddenly quiet as the girls’ eyes bulged. I think they were wondering how a nice middle-aged couple like us could be involved in something so kinky.

Since we’d had some beer before dinner and wine with dinner, we were feeling a little high as we left Cedars. My SO felt the urge for a cigar, and I remembered a little news stand on South Street that also carried tobacco products. As it turned out (it had been awhile since I had been down to South Street) the news stand was no longer there. Instead, we headed back towards a convenience store we’d passed on Second Street.

As we walked past Qunicey’s Bar, my SO pulled me in for a quick beer. I sat at the bar on a stool, while my lover stood close to me - I could feel his warmth without a touch. The bartender was a twenty-something, alert, Irish-looking woman actively conversing with the patrons seated at the bar. A television was on in the background. As my lover and I talked, I remembered the woman on Montel who had taken off her bra so adeptly. “I wonder how she got it off so easily,” I mused. “How would you get it off your arms?” My lover boasted that he could show me, so I unclasped my bra and let him give it a try. He put his hand inside my dress and attempted to pull my bra off through a sleeve. Since my arms were still in the straps, it wasn’t that easy. Hardly the smooth process we’d witnessed on national TV, but he did manage to extricate it with a small struggle. He handed it to me (a black Victoria’s Secret 38C) and I folded it discreetly in my lap.

Suddenly my SO exclaimed “Oh, shit!” Literally. Some of the enema was starting to leak out of his ass. He made a hasty retreat to the men’s room downstairs. Alone at the bar, the bartenderess came up to me and said seriously, “Trying to keep cool?” I knew she must have seen my bra-removal maneuver, but I just smiled and nodded. When my SO returned, I chided him about his near-accident. I told him I should have diapered him before we left! He commented that he was sorry he’d forgotten to bring the double-vibrating eggs, so that we could have put one up his ass and one in my cunt as we strolled along South Street. A year or so ago, we had done that in New Orleans, but we hadn’t used them recently because we kept forgetting to get new batteries.

After finishing our drinks, we stepped outside the bar and continued our quest for cigars. I decided that it would be cool to WEAR my bra OVER my dress, sort of Madonna-style. It fit nicely and was actually providing a fair amount of support to my larger-than-average breasts. People, however, we breaking up in laughter as soon as they passed us in the street! We found it sort of surprising. After all, nothing much was really showing….just an article of clothing. In line at the convenience store, where we finally spotted the cigars, two girls were giggling loudly. I know they found my attire bizarre. People often dress oddly on South Street, and I never imagined people would find it so hysterically funny. I guess it was in contrast to my rather conventional Eddie Bauer dress. The bra (bustier?) clashed with my “look” and demeanor: a 40 year old woman, obviously neither a basket case nor a punk dresser, walking around with a black bra on the outside of a somewhat conservative dress! We had a good laugh over it, bought the cigars then headed for our nest.

As I walked up the steps to the apartment, my SO went to the back of the building to retrieve a screen that I had accidentally dropped out of the third-story window earlier in the day (no, I wasn’t being an exhibitionist - I was fully clothed at the time I stood before the open window). While he was gone, I went inside and took off all my clothes. I strapped on “Steely Dan,” our strap-on dildo, and had an “erection” as soon as my SO walked in the door. It was a little difficult getting Steely Dan up my lovers ass. I think he would have preferred another enema. We finally did succeed in getting the dildo in, but it was painful to him when I thurst in and out, so I stopped fucking him and removed it. But I still wanted to play with his newly-cleaned ass, so I began by inserting a finger or two, which went in very easily after the dildo. My lover has a gorgeous ass, just a hint of hair along the crack, with a deliciously sweet asshole. To get my whole hand in would take awhile, but after about half an hour I had slipped most of it into his widening hole. I know he enjoys being fisted and it is a thrill for me to do it. My hand felt like it was in a vise! I love watching my whole hand disappear inside his beautiful ass…My lover hadn’t gotten an erection during this process, but I know from his moans and movements (and his direct admission) that he surely enjoyed it.

Since it was now about midnight, I began to drift off to sleep. My lover sat up in bed next to me, drinking beer, watching TV and smoking a cigar. Someone rang the doorbell, awakening me. We both dressed and went downstairs to see who it was. We were concerned that our cars had been vandalized. Whoever it was had already gone. But now we were both wide awake….what could we do?

We went back to bed, but not to sleep. My lover started by sucking my breasts for a long time, kneading them also with his hands. This always turns me on. At times I have an orgasm with nothing more than his lips and teeth on my nipples. Tonight would have been no exception; however, he then began to lean over me and lick my clitoris with the side of his tongue. It felt very nice this way. I ended up having a loud orgasm and was worried about waking the neighbors. It was a hot night and everyone had their windows open. We, in fact, were now drenched in sweat. We hugged each other and I began to doze off again. I noticed that my lover’s nipples were right at my eye level, and I reached out to playfully tweak them. He related some postings he’d read on the ‘Net in one of the alt.sex groups, about how men love to have their nipples sucked. That was all the invitation I needed. I began to suck and bite his nipples. He urged me to bite harder, until I was afraid of drawing blood. As I bit his tits, I pushed my middle finger up his ass, finger-fucking him. His cock was hard and swollen now. We proceeded to fuck very vigorously. He held my legs apart as he pushed me down into the bed and slammed into me. Another loud orgasm for both of us! It was then 2AM, and we finally went to sleep.

After an extremely hot night (made worse by the fact that we keep our mattress in a plastic cover, in case we get the urge for golden showers) we awoke at 8:30. I had promised my SO a morning enema; he reminded me. This time I wanted to use The Dreamlover, a long tube with a mushroom-shaped head of soft rubber, which attaches to the enema hose. I prepared the enema and lubricated my lover’s ass as well as The Dreamlover. As he got on his knees and raised his ass as he had done the night before, the head of the Dreamlover penetrated my lover’s asshole. The head went in very easily, but when I released the clamp I saw that the water wasn’t emptying very quickly from the bag. I pushed The Dreamlover in a little further, and, to my surprise, my SO’s ass just sucked it right in, along with about five inches of the tube. It was really in there deep! The bag then began to empty very rapidly. My lover moaned - in delightful bliss, of course. Within a minute the water had completely emptied from the bag. I removed the tube from the bag, still leaving The Dreamlover firmly imbedded in his ass. The Dreamlover is “self-seating” and acts as a plug preventing any of the enema from leaking out. I had him turn over on his back so that I could suck his cock while he held the enema inside. I touched his plugged asshole with my finger as I sucked his hard cock. Soon he was thrusting in my mouth, fucking my mouth, which I thoroughly enjoy. Suddenly his hot come flooded down my throat and he cried out seemingly in pain as he came; he was cramping with the combination of the enema and his orgasm.

After a long trip to the toilet and a shower, we went to the American Diner for breakfast. Huevos Rancheros for my lover, corned beef hash and eggs for me. With some apparent disappointment, my SO reminded me that he had forgotten to apply the nipple clamps to my tits the night before. As we passed this off, he also noted that we failed to bring the bottle of champagne which we did not drink (no time the night before). It would have made great mimosas. Even without it, however, we both experienced a great adventure.