Outdoor Fun

Last summer I had a unique enema experience. We were visiting a cousin I hadn’t seen in years. She and her second husband live near Tucson, in a wide U shaped house that has a large, secluded backyard complete with an in-ground pool and cabana.

Teddy and I were staying a week with them. Nothing special, lazing about, drinking and smoking and playing cards. My cousin and her husband had to work the Monday and Tuesday after the weekend we had arrived, so we’d have their place to ourselves. By then we were all comfortable with each other. Their pool was “suits optional” so Teddy and I never even bothered to unpack ours.

Teddy and I ran around our home nude constantly and apparently so did my cousin and her husband. We were all of an age where that sort of thing came naturally, I guess. It wasn’t a big deal, and it made the cool water all that more enjoyable.

The yard had a covered area adjacent to the house for sitting out of the brutal mid-day sun. Near the pool was a shower, which was enclosed with a wooden elevated fence. A big drain set in the concrete took care of the runoff.

When Teddy and I travel we always take along our enema bag and this trip was no exception. By the time Monday rolled around I was more that ready for a good cleaning out. Teddy admitted that she could use an enema as well.

When we had the house to ourselves we went to the bathroom. Teddy got herself ready while I prepared her enema. I filled our bag with hot, salty water and attached the douche tip. Teddy rubbed KY over her anus and got down on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her with the nozzle in one hand and the full enema bag in the other. With practiced ease I pushed the nozzle fully into her waiting hole and popped open the shut off clamp.

I stood up and raised the bag to get a good flow going. After I gave her that initial surge, I lowered the bag for the rest of the enema. She took the entire thing in one bout, only breathing heavily towards the end as the last of the liquid fell from the bag into her bloating tummy. I watched, growing harder by the minute, her gently swaying hips and breasts as I held the enema bag above her nude form.

Teddy remained in position while I removed the tip from her wet behind. After I placed the consumed enema bag in the sink I helped her up. As she immodestly expelled I washed the bag and nozzle and then turned to her to explain what I wanted to do.

I wanted her to give me my enema outside, near the pool. I always wanted to have an enema out of doors and this seemed like an idea place to do it. The yard was secluded, it was plenty warm out there and the drain arrangement permitted easy clean up. I wanted to expel outside too.

After a bit of coaxing Teddy went along with it, I could tell she found the idea exciting. We prepared another full enema bag, I greased my ass and we went to the yard. Teddy held the bulging enema bag and I pointed the way with my stiff dick.

Outside I quickly arranged a lawn recliner over the drain and got on it on my back. I pulled my legs up to my chest and Teddy put the nozzle in my exposed hole. She clicked open the clamp and stood to my side so her body blocked the sun. I had a nice bottom view of the full enema bag and of my wife’s tits.

She held the bag higher than normal. I’m not sure if she wanted to force me to leak or because she was nervous that we might be caught. The enema went in rapidly and I cramped. Man, did I cramp. But I held it, sweating from the hot desert sun and the exertion needed to keep that much-needed enema in.

The bag drained quickly, and as it did Teddy kept elevating it until at the end it was over her head. When the final drops of water ran down the tube she yanked the embedded nozzle out of my ass, not bothering to shut the clamp first.

Ah, what sweet agony to have a full gut of much needed and desired enema solution! Instead of making the effort to retain it, I lowered my legs, but kept them parted, and relaxed.

A strong wave of shit shoving cramps hit and I let fly. It was the most incredible sensation shitting like that. The warm spray hitting my thighs, the splashing sounds and the outdoor environment all combined to make such a mundane thing as taking a shit, even an enema enhanced shit, so invigorating and mischievous.

I stood up after that first blast and let fly again. A strong brown stream shot from my ass and splashed over the concrete. I laughed like a kid. Teddy was impressed and angled for a better view. Several more, smaller, less forceful, emissions followed that were just as satisfying.

Teddy brought the garden hose over and sprayed the shit and brown liquid off of me and the concrete. I bend over and let her direct the spray over my ass. It was strong, but felt stimulating.

She wasn’t going to let me stick my cock inside her without a thorough washing so I got her to jerk me off. She pumped my hard-on right there by the pool and I came quickly. I shot gobs of cum every which way. It was the best enema I’d ever had.