Pacific Island Enema

This story takes place on an island in the pacific ocean. I was flying over the island and my plane crashed. I was wandering around the island for days with nothing to eat but coconuts and bananas. On the third day I ran into a friendly village of natives, the Walla Walla tribe. They still practiced ancient forms of medicine. The chief was in his fifties and his daughter was Sunny for short.

I had become very dehydrated and very sick and very constipated. I needed a shower and a shave and deodorant badly. Sunny found me on the beach and took me back to the village. I thought I was going to be the main course but they turned out to be vegetarians. They fixed me a big salad of pineapples and oranges. Sunny took me over to meet the medicine man. He started dancing around me and shaking the maracha. I thought he was trying out for Xavier Cugat. He could have got his license from Desi Arnez.

His named turned out to be Welby He didn’t look anything like Robert Young. They escorted me to the main hut which had three or four rooms and some cots fashioned out of bamboo They laid me on the cot. Sunny had just turned 21. They made me take off all my clothes and I was standing in front of Sunny completely nude. I almost gave her a spanking. Sunny was laughing hysterically. She had been taught by a missionary and she spoke English.

The examination started with Sunny giving me a sponge bath. Her body was gorgeous. A Polynesian princess. She started feeling my tummy. She carefully inserted her finger in my rectum. “Oh my, sir you have to go potty.”

I did not like the sound of that. They had no modesty on the island so all the villagers wanted to witness the treatment. I protested but that is the way they are done. I was escorted into a big clearing next to the hospital right next to the latrine. It was an old outhouse type of arrangement. They made their own soap and had to boil the water for the enema. Sunny asked, “Have you ever had enema?”

“Yes, back in the States many times. Have you?”

“Oh yes, every Friday night I get one from mommy.”

They had set up a big table in the clearing and I was told to lie on the table. The enema apparatus was a big one gallon gourd with a long reed hose with some kind of rubber nozzle. I was placed on the table. Sunny inserted the nozzle and told me to relax. She had lubed my anus with coconut oil. Thank goodness my back was to the audience. Sunny inserted the long hose. It found its way into the deepest part of my colon Sunny turned the water on and smiled. Her mind went racing back to when she would be on the same table with everybody watching.

It was a torrent of warm soapsuds. The audience seemed to enjoy my agony. My stomach filled completely. Sunny was busily massaging my belly. I didn’t think I was going to get through it. She finally put the gourd down and held a piece of cloth over my anus. The latrines were in the open Nobody cared if they saw each other.

I hopped up on the latrine seat and my bowels exploded. Everyone gathered around. The children were laughing. I sat there for an hour expelling the enema. Then I was escorted back to the table for another session with Sunny and her magic enema. I was cleaned up with a shower and given some homemade deodorant. The medicine man gave me a half a glass of coconut oil which almost worked like castor oil.

I had forgotten it was Friday night and her mother came barging in with a big gourd of water for Sunny. She asked me if I would be her enema nurse. I said, “Sure if your mother will hold the syringe for me.”

She dutifully undressed. Wow what a body. I lubed her and she took her position with everybody watching. This was their form of television. As the enema rushed in she started to cry. I gave her bottom a spank and told her to be quiet. I said, “You’re a big girl now.” Her stomach expanded to twice her normal size and she looked pregnant. Her mother was beaming because her daughter was a beautiful young woman. I finally withdrew the nozzle and she ran with all her might to the latrine. You could hear her expelling the enema all over the compound. She only needed one enema.

Enemas were a big cause for celebrations on the island. They lit up the torches and played music on their drums. Sunny was given a dose of laxative and we both spent the night on the latrine. It wasn’t my idea of a date.

My company sent a search plane and they found me the next day. I did not want to leave this backward existence. So I quit my job and became a farmer on the island and married Sunny. Only fly in the ointment. Her mother moved in with us. Did you ever have to give a big woman an enema ? Sunny and I have two kids now and we are a clean cut native family.

Moral of the story is : Don’t ever let your gourd runneth over.