Pam's Preparatory Enema

My girlfriend Pam’s enema experiences essentially began when we started dating some years back. She was 20 years old, slender and generally attractive. As far as I could determine, she had never had any childhood or college enema experiences to speak of. At that time I never really tried pushing the subject with her, nor did she indicate any interest on her part. I was 23 at the time, and by then had taken a respectable number of enemas since childhood.

The opportunity to bring up the subject arose suddenly one autumn morning when I was visiting at her Boston apartment, having only been going out with her for about 4 months at the time. She had just gone into the bathroom when the telephone rang. Since I was the only other person there, I answered it. The caller was her doctor’s nurse who wanted to confirm her appointment for a physical examination scheduled for early that afternoon. I told the nurse I would pass that message on, as Pam was presently indisposed. I was ready to hang up when the nurse suddenly added, “Remind her to take the enemas we

discussed earlier, and continue until the returns are clear, as the doctor will be doing a routine sigmoidoscopy as part of the physical.” I was almost speechless with joy as I assured the nurse I would certainly give her that message. I couldn’t believe my good fortune!

When Pam returned from the bathroom, she asked who had called. With what must have been a slight grin and a twinkle in my eye, I told her, “The doctor’s office. They were confirming your appointment for this afternoon.”

She seemed satisfied with that, until I looked her in the eye and added, “The nurse reminded you to be sure to take an enema before you go in.” I thought she would die of embarrassment! She blushed and didn’t seem to know what to say. She just said, “OK,” but there was no way I was going to let her off the hook so easily. I asked her if she had the necessary equipment, and she said yes. (Good!) I then asked her if she had any experience in taking enemas, as they had to be administered correctly to have the desired cleansing effect. She turned away as she admitted that she really wasn’t familiar with the

procedure, and only knew what she had read. In that case, I told her, she was lucky to have me there to perform the procedure for her so she wouldn’t be embarrassed at the doctor’s office later on. She somewhat reluctantly agreed.

Although we did start having sex together, her most intimate regions had never been penetrated by me (and I don’t think by anyone else, either). She didn’t realize it, but her life was in for a drastic change!

Since we had a few hours before her appointment, I told her to relax and I would take care of everything. She knew I had worked part-time in my college’s infirmary for three years, and presumed correctly that I had learned at least the basics of routine medical procedures. She told me where she kept her enema equipment, and I went right to work. I didn’t want to delay this chance of a lifetime.

The equipment on hand turned out to be a standard red 2-quart combination hot water bottle/syringe with a three-foot white hose and several white plastic tips. Besides the standard small rectal tip was a larger douche nozzle and oddly enough, a larger black rectal nozzle about six inches long and about 1/2 inch wide with a bulbous tip. (There was no doubt which nozzle I was going to use!) The only conclusion I could come to was that perhaps Pam was a bit more experienced with enemas than she had let on. I would soon find out. Now was the time to test her all the way to see overall how good an enema subject she

would be, as well as to asses her submissiveness for my future treatments.

I went back to the living room and very matter-of-factly ordered her to report to the bathroom in five minutes wearing only her panties. She seemed a bit startled at my order and began to complain about what she thought was “overkill.” I told her, “I know what I’m doing. You can either cooperate or make things harder on yourself. It’s your choice. I told you what to do, now DO IT!” She began to say something else, then thought better of it, because she just stomped off to the bedroom.

I began filling the bag with warm water, adding a bit of liquid hand soap to make it a more effective purgative. As I was just finishing filling the bag, Pam came in with her arms crossed over her pretty breasts and wearing a pair of thin, almost sheer pink panties, looking a bit apprehensive about what was going to happen. I saw her glance at the equipment, including the jar of Vaseline and a thermometer which were on the sink counter. I’m sure the presence of the thermometer held no significance for her at that time. I stopped what I was doing and had her kneel down facing the bathtub. I did this purposely to make her think that it wasn’t going to be as bad as she anticipated. Without any explanation, I placed my left hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her over so her lower chest area was leaning on the rim of the bathtub. Holding her in that position, I hooked the fingers of my right hand inside the elastic waistband of her panties and slipped them down to her knees.

She didn’t realize that I had already lubricated the rectal thermometer, so it came as a surprise to her when I quickly reached over with my left hand and prised her cheeks apart while smoothly inserting the thermometer deep into her now fully exposed brown hole. She inhaled deeply when the clear and yellow-colored glass tube was inserted, then began protesting and trying to turn around to see what I was doing.

“What’s this?! I’m supposed to have an enema, not have my temperature taken!And what’s wrong with taking it orally, anyway?”

I could see that I would have to put an immediate stop to the fussing or it would escalate needlessly. I quickly bent her back into position over the edge of the tub.

“Hold still or you’ll work the thermometer out and we’ll have to start all over! You just finished a cup of hot tea. How accurate do you think the reading will be with an oral thermometer? Besides, there should be no surprises when the doctor takes your temperature during the exam.” She gave in to my arguments and calmed down a bit, although none too happy about it. I was really enjoying myself seeing her bent over with the glass thermometer sticking out from between her smooth white globes. She couldn’t see the healthy bulge in my pants, and I definitely didn’t want her to know how much I was relishing her predicament.

I made her endure this position for about five minutes, during which I took every opportunity to twirl and move the thermometer around while inserted in her rectum. This had the delicious effect of making her squirm and wiggle her fanny every time I provided stimulus through the thermometer. Holding her down with my left hand, I slowly withdrew the glass tube and read the temperature. I told her that it was normal, but that I would retake it after the enema just to be sure.

She remained in that position, assuming that she would take the enema the same way. After washing off the thermometer, I ordered her to stand up and face me. She tried to quickly pull up her panties to preserve some modesty, but I caught her hands as they were around her upper thighs and forced her panties all the way down to her ankles.

“What are you doing,” she said. “Can’t I keep my underpants on? Can’t you just pull them over to one side when you stick it in?”

“Pam, you’re being uncooperative. Understand this: I’m following the doctor’s orders, and you’re going to follow mine. I need you completely bare for this procedure so I can see what I’m doing. You’re going to take this enema the easy way or the hard way–it’s up to you. I’ll hold you down and force the water in if I have to.”

She saw I was serious about this, and knew she would be embarrassed if the doctor found she wasn’t “clean.” She breathed a sigh of resignation, hung her head and allowed me to remove her panties, turning around to hide her pubic area from my view. Good, I thought. She’s beginning to submit. Let’s see how far I can take her.

Her feeling of modesty didn’t last long, however. I explained that there would be a series of three enemas, each in a different position. I told her the first position would be the knee-elbow position. The reason for this would become obvious soon. I told her to lie face down on the rug near the bathtub while I finished preparing the enema. She did so quickly, not out of obedience to me, but because she knew I enjoyed seeing her lovable tits with their hard nipples fully exposed and wanted to hide them. I noticed that she squeezed her legs tightly together and was clenching her butt, hoping to conceal those other private areas from my gaze, too. It was evident that she felt quite uncomfortable and wanted to get this over with as soon as possible. As for me, I wanted it to go on forever!

I filled the bag to the full two quarts, attached the larger rectal tip and purged the hose of air. The unmistakable smell of the soap and rubber from the bag filled the room. I placed my hands on either side of her pelvis and pulled her hips up until she was on her knees. I told her to place her elbows and head on the floor and remain in that position until instructed otherwise.

Her hard swallow and the grimace on her face told me everything I wanted to know–this position fully exposed her and put her more at my mercy. She was starting to learn. To tweak her a bit more, I put both of my hands between her legs and pushed outward, spreading them far apart and fully exposing her pussy and asshole all at once. In a shaky voice, she asked if I was finally ready to give the enema.

“Yes, but there’s just one more thing. We have to be sure the enema nozzle won’t be obstructed when I insert it. So, I’m going to do a quick rectal examination before I start the enema.”

I made sure I was looking at her when I explained this, as I wanted to capture every twitch and nuance of apprehension I knew would be exhibited. I wasn’t disappointed. Her voice shaky now, she exclaimed that no one had ever examined her “back there” and she was afraid it was going to hurt. I told her, “Just relax. I’ll be honest with you, it will probably be uncomfortable, but only until we get you stretched out. Then you’ll be fine.”

I placed a large helping of the KY on my right index finger and slowly coated the whole finger. I made sure I did this where she could just see me out of the corner of her left eye. I stepped behind her, knelt down, and placed my left hand flat on her lower back. I took a moment to savor the view: a pretty young girl, completely naked before me, exposing her most intimate areas in a most unladylike way. The sight of her puckered asshole with a sparse ring of light brown hairs around it above the firm pouting lips of her healthy pussy was unforgettable for a horny 23-year-old guy!

With her butt cheeks naturally spread, I began applying the excess KY all around and slightly inside her anus. As soon as I touched her, she bucked forward slightly, as if to pull away. I let the tip of my finger rest against her tiny hole, and asked, “Are you ready?” “Yes,” she said, just above a whisper. I told her to take a deep breath. When she did, I slowly pushed my

finger in until all three inches of it was inside completely. I began to twist it around and alternately pull it out and push it in slightly. I told her I felt what might be an obstruction, and to further check it out I would have to insert another finger in order to dilate her so I could see up inside. She started to protest and wiggle around a bit, but as soon as she felt the second finger start forcing its way in, she stopped, concentrating on the severe stretching now taking place. I told her to pant like a puppy and it would help her relax. I finally got my second finger in, deliberately going slowly so I wouldn’t needlessly injure her. I ordered her to try to push my fingers out, then to try to pull them in. It was as much a test of her muscle tone down there as it was for me to get her ready for dilation. Telling her to relax her anal muscles as much as possible, I slowly began to spread my two fingers, allowing me an adequate, if narrow, view a short way up inside her rectum. I could only see what appeared to be a piece of fecal matter at the ends of my fingers. No problem that the enema wouldn’t fix. I relaxed my fingers and slowly withdrew them one at a time, letting her poor anal ring return to its normal diameter.

I informed her of the results of my examination as I washed my hands, and told her I would now administer the enema.

The bulging red bag was hooked to the handle of the shower stall door using a bent coat hanger at about eighteen inches above her bottom. At this height the water would flow gently and delay any cramping. I lubricated the nozzle and handed it to her to hold while I squirted another gob of KY on my finger and slowly began lubricating her anus again. I did a very thorough job of it–slowly spreading the gel in a circular motion around the outside of her hole, then working it inside as far as I could. After wiping my finger with a Kleenex, I took the nozzle from Pam and poised it at her pucker, the tip just touching. I saw her anus twitch slightly at the cold feeling, but it relaxed right away. Yes, she was learning. I told her I was ready to perform the

insertion, and that she should once again take a deep breath. With a twisting motion, I began pushing the tube in, watching her muscles expand to accept it, then suck it in as it got past the flared tip. With a quick warning, I unclipped the hose and let the water begin its cleansing course. She tolerated this procedure well, with me stopping the flow once in awhile to give her a rest.

Just as I stopped the flow for the last time, as if on cue, there was a knock at the hallway door. I told Pam to relax and hold the water while I took care of who was at the door. Pam shouted something to me, which I couldn’t understand, just as I got to the door.

Pam’s neighbor, Rick, had stopped by to return a blender he had borrowed for a party the past weekend. I hadn’t realized that the bathroom door could be seen by looking off to the right if one stood in the entryway. I exchanged a few pleasantries with Rick as I accepted the blender. I noticed his gaze shifting to something behind me, then I realized what was happening. I turned around and saw what Rick was looking at. There was Pam, with her bottom on display facing us, with the enema hose snaking out from between her cheeks for all the world to see. She was obviously not putting up a fuss because she was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, hoping Rick wouldn’t notice. Rick was smiling, but was too much of a gentleman to say anything. I made sure to keep Rick there just a little longer than was necessary to enhance the effect on Pam I needed. He did make it a point to tell me in a loud voice before leaving, “Tell Pam when she’s feeling better to stop over so I can thank her in person.”

Pam was mortified! She was almost sobbing with humiliation when I walked back in. “How am I ever going to be able to face him again after how he saw me?,” she whined. I told her in a soothing voice that it was almost over, and that she would be allowed to expel now. I parted her cheeks while I slipped the nozzle from her rectum then helped her to the toilet for the relief she needed. By this time all the fight had gone out of her, and she was unquestionably resigned to the fact that this procedure would be completed.

After she was through, I made her stand up and bend way over while spreading her own cheeks. I used a washcloth to clean off her backside before continuing.

For the second enema, I told her she would be required to lie down on her back, with her knees raised and apart, and feet up against her buttocks. She just looked at me blankly while I explained that a variety of positions would help the water reach all the necessary areas for a good cleansing. It would also allow me an excellent view of her facial expressions, which would help me gauge her reactions to what I was doing. She complied without further protest as I began lubricating the tip once more.

She watched my movements with large, apprehensive eyes as I got down on my knees and hunkered down between her legs, holding the now-familiar nozzle in my right hand. I prised apart her smooth cheek bottoms, “accidentally” brushing the back of my left hand across her pussy hairs. Without any warning this time I steadily slipped in the pipe until it was buried. The clip was opened, and the warm water began to flow. I watched with amusement as she clenched her eyes shut and bit her lower lip as the water began its journey. She seemed to go longer this time before she complained of discomfort and I had to stop. This time the bag was empty, and after a respectable retention period, I removed the nozzle and allowed her to sit on the toilet for relief.

I rinsed the enema bag and filled it with plain warm water for the final rinse. This time Pam was the one who asked me how she should position herself for the final enema. She was progressing better than I had ever dreamed of! I told her the final lavage would be lying on her left side, both knees drawn up to her chest. Without waiting to be told, she assumed the position.

“Is this the right way?,” she asked.

“It sure is,” I replied. “You’re getting to know the routine here pretty well already.”

She lay on the floor facing away from me, back arched forward with her arms around her knees, hands clasped together in front. After lubricating the trusty nozzle a final time, I knelt down facing her bottom which was stretched taut. I lifted her right buttock to expose her anus, lubed it quickly and slid the nozzle home. Pam hardly even reacted this time. While I was

inspecting her closely from my new vantage point, I noticed that her pussy was starting to glisten with a moisture that could not be explained by enema leakage. I couldn’t resist one more examination on my more sedate girlfriend.

I told Pam that her rear passageway was virtually clear, but I would have to check to make sure the nozzle for this final rinse was in the proper position for optimum flow rate. As I held the nozzle steady with my left hand, I inserted my right index finger into her pussy. I pushed and pulled gently to distribute her natural lubrication over my finger as I advanced it right to the end. I curved my finger back toward her rectum and gently began to move the enema nozzle in small circles until I could feel it. Pam began squirming around, and I detected a slight increase in her breathing. I held both my finger and the nozzle still so as not to stimulate her to orgasm. I didn’t want her to come until I gave her permission–that would happen later.

I let the hose clamp go with my left hand, and the water flow started. I could see that Pam’s whole ass was covered with goosebumps–the enema and vaginal examination were having the desired effect. All too soon, the bag was empty, and I reluctantly withdrew both my finger and the enema nozzle. I instructed Pam to remain in that almost fetal position for several minutes while I cleaned the enema bag and nozzle for the next time. I finally allowed her up and helped her to the toilet, where she expelled the water with great force. I examined the water and found it nice and clear. The doctor would be pleased.

I had her stand with her back to me and bend waaaaayyy over so I could clean her off properly. She asked me if I was going to take her final temperature now. I’d almost forgotten! I thanked her for reminding me. I told her that since she had taken all the enemas like a good girl, she could lie down flat on her tummy on the rug this time. I re-lubricated the thermometer, knelt

down by her side and told her to relax her ass cheeks. Once again I found myself prying apart her cheeks and slipping the cold glass thermometer into her rear. This time I held my right hand across her buttocks with the thermometer between my middle and ring fingers. After a few minutes I pulled it out, and was pleased to see that her temperature hadn’t changed since the first time.

Before I let her get dressed, I gently smeared some Vaseline on her slightly raw little hole and topped it off with a dusting of baby powder she kept on the bathroom shelf. After all she went through, and was about to go through with the doctor, I wanted her to be as comfortable as possible. She turned out to be a good submissive enema subject and deserved her small reward.

I ended up driving her to her doctor’s appointment, where she had an unremarkable exam. I made sure she told me all the pertinent details of her examination on the way home, especially enjoying the parts about the nurse taking her temperature and her sigmoidoscopy. She got the biggest surprise of the day when the doctor commented how clean she was “back there.” I think that cemented her faith in both me and enemas from then on.

She was very relaxed and affectionate with me the rest of the day. I must say that for the rest of the two years or so we dated she had no trouble with following my directions, especially when it came to her enemas. Providing a great bonding experience, she realized they were given for her own good and with great affection. I like to think that wherever she is now, she’s still enjoying the benefits of occasional enemas, and that I was influential in making them a part of her life.