Patricia's Complete Medical Exam

After the birth of my second child Jason I went to doctor for a routine exam accompanied by my sister Sylvania who introduced me to the new doctor. As it was hot that day I wore a cotton polo shirt and a short with a pair of matching sandals and my sister was wearing her office uniform.

Arriving in the office we went to the secretary and announced ourselves to her, she noted my name and asked me to wait as the doctor was with a patient. The waiting was filled with two other ladies. While we were waiting Sylvania and I were busy planning our day, that is shopping etc.

The ladies entered the doctor’s office. After a while they came out and the doctor called us in to his office.

As we entered I was impressed by his smart way of welcoming us. He asked some questions about my pregnancy, how things went during delivery and about my health in general. He noted my answers on a sheet and after that he told me that he was going to begin the examination. He asked me to sit on the table. He took my temperature, checked my nose, ears, eyes, throat, glands and he took my blood pressure. He then asked me to remove my shirt and jewels. I did so except for my ankle lace. He listened to my heart and lungs and checked my vertebral column. He then unfastened my bra and asked me to lay on the table. He began to examine my breast, palpating one after the other, pinching my nipples. As he pinched them milk began to come out. He took a slide and gathered some for testing.

With his hands he slowly probed my belly from left to right asking if it was hurting while he was probing. He looked at my navel carefully and the palpated it with his hand. I began to raise my hips as I felt a very ticklish sensation. He unbuttoned my shorts and lowered them a bit and continued to examine my belly. He also lowered my panties showing the upper part of my pubic hair. I felt uncomfortable in front of my sister.

Following that he asked me to remove my shorts completely and to get back on the table. He began to examine my hips and looked at my legs carefully. He checked my knees for reflex and knocked on both tibias saying that I had strong bones (smiling). He raised my right foot and began to remove my sandals one after the other. Then the ankle lace came out he handed it my sister. He grabbed my calves in one hand and took my heel in the other hand and pressed towards my belly. He raised my leg straight in the air and lowered it twice. I saw the redness of my toes marked by the sandals.

He took a spatula and rubbed my soles strongly. I kicked and he said that my reflex was ok. He repeated the same thing with my left foot. When he finished he asked me to put my feet in the stirrups after removing my panties.

I stood and removed them and handed them to my sister .Feeling horribly embarrassed I jumped back on the table and placed my feet in the stirrups. He took a tube of gel and put some on his gloved fingers. He inserted them in my vagina, probing inside of me with the other hand on my belly. He checked my uterus, tubes and ovaries for lumps and looked at my lips and clitoris and said that everything was ok. He inserted a vaselined gloved finger in my anus to see if my rectum was ok. He asked if I was constipated. I replied negatively.

He completed the exam by counting how much time I needed to get to an orgasm. Before he began to masturbate me he called my sister near the table. He asked me what exited me most in the human anatomy. I replied the foot. He asked my sister to sit on the opposite table and to remove her shoes and to place her bare feet near me. When she did so he began to masturbate me while I was “playing” with my sister’s toes.

It took very little time for me to reach orgasm. He noted the time and asked me to roll over on my belly. He lifted both feet and checked my soles carefully for any circulatory troubles .He then asked me to stand and get dressed.

He said that everything was fine and that I should rest a little bit as he noticed that I was not recovering properly from pregnancy weakness. My sister booked another appointment for both of us and she told him that she wanted the same exam as I had had.

When I reached home I related the whole thing to my husband who felt very exited .That night we played doctor and patient and he made love to me passionately. I reached orgasms several times that night.

I’m now impatiently waiting for my next exam.