Payback's a Bitch

by Sexraven

I woke up slowly, coming to the surface of consciousness. I began to roll over for a good stretch, but realized I couldn’t move. I opened my eyes.My wrists were restrained with the bondage cuffs I had used on Danny earlier. I was positioned on my back, and Danny had secured my ankles to the headboard with a could of silk scarves, leaving me bent double.Danny himself was sitting in a chair by the bed, reading a pamphlet of some sort. I turned my head, trying to see what it was, but he quickly stashed it under the bed. “You’re up,” he said cheerfully. He stood up and ran his hand along my side. I squirmed as he hit a ticklish spot.”Well, honey, you got to be the boss,” he said. “But now it’s time for me to take back over.” He held something up, a leather collar studded with silver spikes. My collar, the sign that I was his. He leaned over and fastened it around my neck, kissing my forehead.

“It’s time for you to remember who’s good girl you are,” he said. He reached over and snagged something from under the bed. It was a leather strap. “While you were sleeping, I did some shopping of my own,” he said. “Now, for your first reminder of how you’re supposed to behave.”He pulled back his hand and softly swatted my ass with the strap. I squirmed and moaned. “Oh, you like being punished, huh?” he said. “If you like it, it’s not punishment, so we’ll have to think of something else.” He gave me four more soft whacks with the strap, then set it aside. He sat down and ran his hands over my ass cheeks. “Hmmm, nice and pink now,” he said. He bent his head and ran his tongue over my left cheek.

“I felt your stomach while you were sleeping,” he said. I stared. Uh-oh. I was going to be in trouble now. I was supposed to tell him if I went more than two days without a crap, and it had been almost two weeks now.”You seem kind of bloated, and your tummy’s pretty hard,” he said. “I think I’ll have to do some tests to see what’s going on in there.”Danny took the tube of lube from the nightstand and began applying some to his index finger. I squirmed, trying to escape, because I knew what he’d find. He put his hand on my ass. “You’d better hold still,” he said.”Or what?” I snapped, sassing him. Bad idea.

Smack! “Ow!” I yelped as he gave me a hard slap on the ass.”You will be a good girl,” he said, caressing my hot cheek. “Or I will teach you how to be good. I know you only just began training, but you know better than to talk back to me.” I whimpered and held still.

Danny knelt in front of me and began rubbing the lube onto my tight hole. I clenched as hard as I could, but it was pointless. Danny knew how to handle me. He slid a finger into my pussy, and, as I squirmed with pleasure, slid his finger quickly into my tight bum. I whimpered as I felt him enter me.”Well, what’s this?” he said, sliding his finger in and out a bit. “It feels like someone’s all plugged up again.” He withdrew his finger and I sighed, relaxing a bit. I didn’t stay relaxed long.

Danny extended his middle finger and began lubing that. I shivered nervously as he brought both his greased fingers towards my tight ass. He ran them around the outside a bit, then began sliding them into me. I grunted unhappily.

“Hurt?” he asked, pausing in his insertion. I shook my head.

“Just stretching a lot,” I said. “It feels weird.” He’d never put two fingers back there before. This would take some getting used to. He began to push his fingers deeper into me, feeling around.

“Just how long has it been?” he asked as he seated his fingers fully into my delicate back entrance. “And tell me the truth.” He spread his fingers a little, and I twitched and moaned softly.

“Not that long,” I said, panting a little at the full feeling in my ass, feeling my cheeks heat up as I flushed.

“And how long is not long?”

“Um…..” I bit my lip, and he spread his fingers wider, stretching my tiny hole to its limit. “Two weeks tomorrow,” I said. “It’s not that bad, really, I promise. It’ll come out eventually.”

“I don’t think so,” Danny said, removing his fingers, “It feels like you have a rock up there, and it’s coming out today.” He slipped a finger into my pussy, rubbing gently at my velvety walls. “You, my dear, need an enema. A big one.”

My eyes grew wide. “How big?”

“We’ll have to see. I think it will have to be as much as you can possibly hold, and we’ll probably have to do a few rounds.” I shivered as he turned towards the bathroom.

He paused by the dresser, and I saw him pick something up. He turned back to me and swiftly inserted a small vibrator up my hot cunt. He turned it on low and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “You stay just like that until I get back. And whatever you do, don’t cum.”

I squirmed, straining against my bonds. I moaned softly, quivering from the vibrations in my tight cunt. The vibrator started sliding slowly out as my pussy pulsed around it. I moaned and came, thrashing my lips in ecstasy. Danny burst into the room, enema bag in hand. He glared at me.

“I thought I told you not to cum,” he said, hanging the bag up and coming to my side. I shivered nervously. He looked between my spread legs at the vibrator, which had popped out during my orgasm.

“What have you been up to in here?” he asked. He ran his hand along my ass. “I guess we’ll have to fill you extra good to wash the badness out of you. You always act bad when you’re constipated.” He smacked my ass twice and turned to the bag.

My eyes widened as I saw the nozzle. I had never seen that one before. It was huge! I had no idea how he was planning to fit that in my ass, but I knew Danny would find a way.

Danny smiled at my reaction. “Never had anything this big before, have you? he asked. He caressed my ass cheek and smiled wickedly. “Of course, after this it’ll be much easier for me to slide my cock in there. But I’m not going to be totally mean. I’m going to loosen you up a little first.”He slowly coated his middle finger with lube and brought it to my tight ass. He began sliding it in. My tiny hole, loosened from the earlier fingering, accepted his greased finger easily. He stroked it in and out for a few minutes, then again extended a second finger. He applied lube to that while continuing his massage of my most intimate secret with his middle finger. Then he began working his middle and index fingers up my tight passage.I moaned and quivered as he stretched my tight back area to the limit, sending firey jolts of pleasure into my pussy. I began to cum, and he smacked my ass. “Good girls don’t enjoy this,” he said, looking intently at my sopping love tunnel. “But you’re looking awfully wet.” He plunged his fingers in deep, then pulled them out. Then he help up a dildo, another new item. It was about seven inches long and about an inch and a half thick. He watched my face.

“Yes, honey, this is going in you next.” He began teasing my greased opening with the head of the dildo. “It looks big, doesn’t it?” he asked. I nodded, looking at him with big sad eyes.

“Well, it’s going to seem small after your enema,” he said. “Your new nozzle is eight inches long and two and a half thick. You need to be stretched during your enema so that everything comes out. It’ll make the end easier.” He chuckled at his joke and slipped a finger into my pussy, teasing my insides gently.

I moaned and bucked my hips, encouraging him deeper, but he withdrew his finger. “Now just try to relax,” he said, firmly seating the head of that fake cock against my poor asshole. “We’ll do this slowly, be we are going to get this in you.”

He pushed gently, but my tight hole resisted. I shivered at the pressure on my secret place. He increased the pressure, and suddenly the head popped through my tight rear muscle. I groaned, the stretching hurt a little, it was more than I was used to. Danny held the dildo in place as my asshole pulsed and quivered around the enormous shaft. I had no idea how he expected to actually fill me with that thing, but I knew that I’d soon be impaled on it.

Danny began gently moving the dildo in my ass. He first just pushed it in a centimeter or so and pulled it back. Then he pushed it slightly deeper and pulled back again. After about five minutes of that, he stopped and reached for the lube.

“It’s halfway in, baby,” he said, keeping one hand on the large object stretching me. “I’m going to add more lube so it keepsgoing in nice and easy.” I felt the cool lube on my ass, then he resumed his slow stroking. Suddenly, he stopped.

“Baby, it’s buried all the way in you,” he said, his breathing slightly heavy. “It’s so incredibly sexy, your tight little ass stretched around this fake cock.” There was a flash of light. I jumped a bit. “I needed a picture to remember this one,” he said, holding up the camera.

I squirmed and moaned softly as he dipped his head and licked gently at my pussy, his tongue barely probing my dampened lips. He lifted his head and grinned at me, then began working the dildo in my ass at a brisker pace than before. I thrust my hips, giving in to a wave of pleasure as my bum was loosened. I whimpered pleadingly as I felt the dildo pop free of my ass. I looked up at my love. He shook his head.

I know, you liked that, but we have other things to get done,” he told me. I felt his fingers probing at my rear passage. There was a bit of stretching a pressure, then he looked up at me. “I have three fingers in you, honey,” he said. “I think you’re ready.”

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be ready for that nozzle, but he held it up and began lubing it anyway. I watched, my eyes wide with anxiety and anticipation. I had thought the dildo would never fit, but it had ended up feeling good. What would this be like?

Danny reached down and began slowly sliding the nozzle into me. I wiggled on the bed, the stretching was almost too much to bear, but the slight pain quickly gave way to intense pleasure. Danny was able to insert the nozzle fairly quickly, after our adventure with the dildo. When he had it seated to his liking, he reached down. After a moment, I felt the nozzle expand in my already-widened ass. I jumped, as much as my restraints would allow.

Danny put a hand on my inner thigh, making me twitch and sigh. “This nozzle inflates a bit,” he said. “It works like a butt plug, to help you hold the enema. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you, and you won’t leak at all.” He undid the clamp, and felt warm, thick liquid entering me. Mineral oil, I was sure. I came immediately, then Danny positioned himself in front of me and slipped his cock into my hot, velvety hole. I squealed with pleasure, my pussy spasming around his throbbing slab of meat. He gently stroked in and out as I came and came again, finally stiffening and shooting his hot seed into me. When I looked up, panting, I realized the bag was empty.

“You’d better go empty out,” he said, as he tenderly began untying me. I laid my head back and sighed contentedly. Maybe payback isn’t such a bad thing.