Peeking at a Gynecologist’s Window

This is a true story that happened sometime in 1990. It was on a Thursday night in November of that year. I was on my way to a band meeting and on my way I had to stop at a record store to get some sheet music.

It was already dark as it was 11 o’clock. I was planning to park my truck in front of the record store but there were no parking spaces available. I looked across the street. There was an old house converted into a doctor’s office.

I could see a few empty parking spaces on the right side of the building. I decided to turn to my left and went into the parking lot to park my truck for a minute or two, just time enough to cross the street and get my sheet music. I saw 3 cars already in the parking lot so I had to park my truck between two cars in the only empty space. My bumper was at least 1 foot from the building, and at the same time I was in front of a window with vertical blinds, but in the middle they weren’t closed enough. Suddenly I saw a bright light in-between the blinds. I saw something that looked like a leg (it was just a partial view).

I was in the driver’s seat and I moved to the passenger side suddenly realizing that I was in front of a teen-age girl. Her legs were spread apart because she was having a gynecological examination ! The examination table was placed in the center of the room facing the windows.

I could see the doctor from the back and the girl’s two legs. The doctor was seated on a small roller bench and when he picked up an instrument from the table on his right, I could see the girl with the speculum in her tunnel facing me! I was in a situation that I’ve never been in before. I stayed there for long long time after the doctor completed the pelvic examination.

The doctor went to the side of the table to do the breast examination while the girl’s legs were still in the stirrups. I saw him palpating her breasts and pinch her nipples carefully to complete the examination.

Afterwards the girl sat down on the table with the gown covering her breasts. She talked with the doctor for few minutes and when the doctor left the room I saw the girl removing her gown and put her undies and her bra back on . She then put on pants and shirt and left the exam-room.

Next to this window there was another window with a yellow curtain but I could see a shadow through it. It was the doctor’s desk. I could see him when he sat down behind his desk and when he stood up to go to the exam-room.

I stayed there watching what happened afterwards. For at least 15 minutes there was nobody in the exam-room but through the other window I could see the doctor’s shadow and I knew he was with someone else (I decided to put my truck back to back with the window so that way I could see better from my back window and have a better view of the room.)

I saw his shadow stand up behind the desk. I said to myself : ‘That’s it ! another examination!’ and through the blinds I saw the exam-door open. There was an older woman (about 48 years old ) removing all her clothes. She put on a gown and sat on the table to wait for the doctor.

Finally 3 minutes later the doctor came into the room. They talked for awhile and he started the exam by taking her blood pressure. He asked the woman to lie down on the table. He removed the gown and started the breast examination. I could see him talking with the patient and she had a smile on her face.

After he asked the woman to slide her butt to the end of the table, he helped her put her feet in the stirrups. She had a big blond pussy. He sat down between her legs, turned on the small light and started the exam by spreading her lips carefully.

He turned to his right, taking a speculum and inserted it into the woman. I could see the speculum when he moved to the left while talking to the patient. He took a Q-tip and inserted it in-between the speculum.

After he removed the speculum he put on a latex glove (on one hand only) and he inserted two fingers inside the tunnel and put his other hand on the woman pubis to complete his exam. Afterwards he talked with the woman for a few minutes and I saw him open the door to return to his desk.

The older woman removed her gown, she was completely naked. She rubbed her nipples a for few seconds and started to get dressed.

Well, you can guess that I stayed there all night until the doctor’s office closed at 9.00 p.m.

Next day I returned but the office was closed, I went to the front door. There was an office hour sign saying the only night the office was open was on Thursday nights.

So the week afterwards I was there at 5 o’clock with my truck parked in front of that magic window! I did this for the next 7 years ! Unfortunately the old building was destroyed by a fire last January.

I can tell you that I’ve seen hundreds of gyn-exams ‘live’ in front of my eyes of girls of all ages, sometimes even of grandmothers!

I’m still looking for another ‘magic spot’ for peeking.