Penny & Polly Give Thomas an Enema

“Polly will be staying with for while.”

Polly is my girlfriend Penny’s younger sister. Circumstances of her life had her without a home. I was happy to hear she would be staying with us. She was a few years younger than Penny, I hoped this visit would give us the opportunity to know each other. A week after her arrival, I didn’t feel to hot one morning. I just didn’t feel like my old self so I stayed in bed. Penny was already up and out. She had a lead on some antiques for sale and wanted to be the first on the scene.

Penny and I lived in a small four room farmhouse in a rural part of Sonoma County. It had a kitchen, living room, a dining room and one bedroom. Over the years a back porch was added to provide a bathroom. So one had to exit the kitchen door to use the bathroom Polly was up and walking about. Our bedroom was actually the living room, and it was adjacent to both the kitchen and dining room. The house was so small we had removed all of the doors to provide for easy movement throughout the house. I watched as Polly got up and made coffee in only her underpants. She was a little larger in stature than her sister, yet I could see a family resemblance. I appeared to be sleeping so she acted very natural, and relaxed. The fantasy of having sisters in bed entertained my thoughts. I stirred, she quickly left and returned with a bra.

She walked up to the bed, my eyes at her thigh level. I could see her pubic hair protruding beyond the edges of her panties. Her panties clung to her pussy lips. I didn’t move I just fixed my eyes on this luscious sight in front of me. Thinking to myself how I wanted to pull her panties down and eat her on the spot.

She asked why I was still home. “Not feeling that great,” I responded.

“What’s the matter?”

“I have an upset stomach.”

“Oh! Too bad I’ll make you some tea.”

Tea was served. This time she sat at the edge of the bed, revealing a glimpse of her breasts. Hidden by the covers, was my erect penis. I told her I had a hardon, and wondered if she had any cures for it. She slapped my arm, and said you nasty boy. My sister probably has a cure for that. I know she has a cure for everything. We laughed. Penny always had a home remedy for everything. She arrived shortly after and asked what was going on. Polly volunteered the information.

“Do you have a fever ?”


“Do you have diarrhea ?”


“Have you gone to the bathroom ?”


“When’s the last time?”


“I think you may need an enema. If you don’t go to the bathroom by this afternoon I’m going to give you one. No sense feeling bad.”

I looked up to see a very serious older sister, and a smiling giggling younger one. “I told you she’d have a cure for you.”

I wasn’t really constipated at all, I just hadn’t gone to the bathroom, yet. I decided to play along with this to see where it would lead. It surpassed my to hear her talk about giving ma an enema right in front of her sister. But, then, that’s what made it exciting.

I took an early morning nap and woke with Penny folding laundry in the kitchen. She asked how I was feeling, I told her about the same.

“Well…..Take a warm shower to relax, let’s see what happens.” I took a shower and masturbated. I knew the way it’s going I definitely would get an enema from Penny. I knew she was into enemas, this seemed like the appropriate opportunity to become a part of her wet habits.

I returned to the kitchen. Ready to become submissive to her remedy.

I looked at her and said “I think you’re right I need an enema. When can we do it?”

“As soon as I finish up here You’ll feel great after, it’s really refreshing. You remember what I told you about them ?”

“Yes I do.”

She was referring to the time I found some wet enema equipment in the bathroom She told me she took one that morning. and that she did so on a regular basis, several times a year. “I like the clear. feelings I get after. Sometimes I really de-tox and have several in a day. I hope you don’t mind.”

I never let on to her that I was into the same thing myself. My desire was that I would be there to assist her, or better yet have her give one to me. It was a great discovery, I didn’t want to overreact to it. I just wanted things to progress on a natural flow. (pun intended)

I laid in anticipation and excitement for about forty five minutes. My cock swollen by the thought of the plastic tube sliding in my ass, and the rush of water. She was right it is refreshing, and very sensual as well. Penny walked out of the kitchen and returned with the cloth bag that contained all of the equipment. As I said she was into this and had no less than three different type of enema bags. All different colors, sizes and shapes. There were several hoses, and a box that contained an assortment of nozzles. She had it strewn all over the kitchen table, when Polly returned from the store.

“What are you doing ?” she asked.

“I’m going to give Thomas an enema.”

“I knew you would do it. I know how you are about enemas.”

Penny selected a blue water bottle type bag with a white hose and a black funny looking tip. Polly, unfazed by the activity, put cold drinks in the refrigerator. Then opened one and plopped herself down on the couch. She began to read the paper. Penny ran water and filled the bag.

My anticipation grew ten fold with her sister being there. Polly’s place on the couch had a direct sight line to the bedroom. I was going to have a voyeur for this one. I stroked my cock to relieve the tension. Penny entered the bedroom with the enema bag. This may sound funny, but she looked incredibly sexy holding the enema bag in one hand and the nozzle in the other.

“The name of the game is to take as much as you can, hold as long as you can. OK ?”

.”Damn,” I cried, “That looks really big, your gonna put that in my ass.”

“This is an anti expulsion tip it will help.” The tip was about three inches long, which tapered to about an inch in diameter then back. It had a diamond shape to it, and a plastic shield at the base

“Yes it’s going to slide right in, don’t worry.”

She pulled down the covers “Damn, Polly get me some towels from the bathroom.”

Polly entered the room, Penny standing before me holding the equipment.

“Give me those, here hold this while I get him ready. Get on the towel on your back, pull your legs to your butt.” I looked at Polly silently standing there with a big smile on her face. She said nothing but she was obviously enjoying this, and so was I.

I positioned myself, my hard cock was now exposed in their presence.

“OH! I see this turns you on. You didn’t tell me you would like this, Thomas.” She playfully slapped my ass and then got down to business drawing the big nozzle to my sphincter, and slowly eased it in and out several times. It was as if she was fucking my with it. Then with one determined shove I felt my asshole stretch as it got to the wide part, then the mussels actually sucked it into me. I heard the click, and the water began to rush into me. “Hold it up as high as you can Polly.”

I relaxed and let it flow. I like the feeling of water as it rushes up my ass. Penny stopped the flow several times, and massaged my lower abdomen. We were in the middle of a heat wave so the cool water felt wonderful as it filled my body. Both Penny and Polly were wearing shorts, and bikini tops. This was like a dream come true for me. Not one but two beautiful women giving me an enema. My erect penis ached for attention. Sometimes she brushed against my hard cock. I did manage to consume the entire bag. She pulled the nozzle, and said “That’s it.”

I got up from the bed and exited toward the bathroom. Polly’s eyes lit up, she smiled with delight as I scurried past her.