An M-M enema fantasy based on fact.

A few years ago, I was living near Hamburg, Germany, a city well known for its sexual openness. My favorite hangout was a bath house in one of the nicest sections of town called the Club Uelenhorst. It had a group of regulars like myself plus a large number of out of towners because of the city’s busy port. This gave the place an international and most interesting character. One Saturday night I decided to go to the Club and indulge one of my favorite fantasies by taking an enema bag with me. While I had met other guys into the sport, I had never seen anyone in the baths with enema gear. As usual, I got a room, put on my towel, and hung the empty bag on a hook near the head of the bed. Leaving the door open, I lay there hoping someone would take the bait. For a few hours, no one expressed any interest although I had two guys in for some vanilla sex.

About midnight, a guy in his thirties whom I took to be Italian came in. We had no common language, but after some preliminary groping, he dropped his towel, took the nozzle in his hand and rubbed it between the cheeks of his butt as his short fat uncut cock swelled to its maximum. I got off the bunk, put on my towel and took the bag to the shower room where I filled it with rather warm water. As I returned to the room, I made sure everyone along the way saw the bulging bag that I was carrying.

On opening the door, I was greeted by the sight of my swarthy new friend kneeling on his towel on the bunk with his legs spread and his chest as flat on the bed as possible. As I walked in, he looked back at me, smiled and wiggled his totally exposed ass ever so slightly. Leaving the door open, I hung up the bag, lubricated the man’s dark opening, and slipped the tube deeply into him. I gave him the bag slowly, massaging his now dripping cock and balls as I went, all the while keeping an eye on the door to see if anyone else showed interest. Several guys looked in and went on until finally a big blond came along and stayed to watch the whole procedure, playing with himself under his towel all the while. With my enema man now groaning in agony as the last of the water flowed into him, I turned to the blond and said, “You’re next.”

His response was a grin and, “Okay, but not here.”

When the man on the bed obviously couldn’t hold the load any longer, I let him up and, pulling his towel around him, he hurried down the hall toward the lavatories and relief. I took the bag to the shower room, cleaned it up, and returned to my room where I found the German waiting for me. I closed the door and we did some heavy petting before he asked me if I would follow him to his apartment and give him a “klistier.” I jumped at the chance and we were soon on our way.

His name was Peter, a 28-year old sports teacher at a “Gymnasium” (high school) in one of the far suburbs. He was nice looking, but not what I would term a knockout, and had the nicely developed body that one would expect of a man who taught sports. His cock was long, fat, and of course, uncut with a foreskin just long enough to barely cover the head. He had a tight, muscular bubble butt that he enjoyed showing off, but he coyly kept the center of my interest concealed until it was time for his enema.

We arrived at his apartment and settled in with a bottle of champagne in the living room to get better acquainted. After the first glass, we were on the couch groping and kissing, passing champagne back and forth between our mouths. It wasn’t long before we were completely naked and cramped by the small couch, so he suggested we move to the bedroom. Grabbing the bag of equipment that I had brought with me, I followed him up the stairs, savoring the sexy motion of his cheeks as he climbed. In the bedroom, he quickly pulled back the comforter, sat down and pulled me to him. Taking a large swig of champagne from the bottle, he put his lips to my stiff cock, grabbed me by the ass, and forced my cock deeply into his mouth. The sensation was wonderful. The slightly cold bubbly liquid fizzing around me and the milking motion of his mouth as he slowly swallowed. I pushed him back on the bed and climbed aboard, straddling his head and shoving my cock deeply into his throat, then bending forward so I could work on his stiff dick. Using my hand to pull back his foreskin, I smelled the slightly musky odor of manhood and slid my lips over the naked head. We sucked each other madly and before long I felt him tighten and push my head down on him as he shot his load against the back of my throat. I gagged from his size and the pressure it caused, but that only opened up my throat to take in more of his length. Thrusting deeply into him, I came and collapsed on top of him. We lay there for a few minutes and then I climbed off him to lie beside him and take him in my arms. He pulled up the comforter and we were soon fast asleep.

Awakening the next morning, I found Peter sleeping soundly on his stomach beside me. I had to piss so slipped out of bed so as not to wake him and rummaged around in my equipment bag quickly finding the enema bag. I went into the bathroom, emptied my bladder, filled the bag with warm water and returned to the bedroom. After having lubed the nozzle, I gently turned back the comforter revealing Peter’s beautiful ass. I was able to spread his cheeks without waking him. There deep within surrounded by a halo of blond hair was the pursed pink rosebud. I quickly slid the nozzle into his ass and clicked open the clamp, permitting the water to flow into him.

He immediately awoke and started to roll over, but I put my hand on his back to keep him in position. He turned his head and smiled, enjoying the enema and having me rub his butt as he took it. Just as I heard the last of the water leave the bag, he grimaced with pain as a cramp hit him. I continued to rub his ass and the cramp subsided, but it soon returned and he said that he couldn’t hold the enema any longer. I followed him to the bathroom and rubbed his shoulders as he ridded himself of the load of water and shit that was inside. As he cleaned himself up, I refilled the bag and returned to the bedroom to await his return. He was soon back and I had him lie on his back and pull his knees to his chest. I once again lubed the nozzle, slid it in place, and started the flow. I wanted him to take the whole bag without causing him to cramp, so I fed it to him slowly. He clearly enjoyed the second bag and played with his now hard dick as the water flowed. It took about ten minutes to give him the enema, and he took it easily.

Removing the tube, I climbed onto the bed between his legs, applied a generous amount of K-Y to my cock, lifted his legs onto my shoulders, and plunged my dick into him. The sensation on my cock of the warm water and the tight grip of his asshole was wonderful. He groaned and pulled me down on him, sliding his tongue into my mouth in a deep kiss as I screwed him. Although I was really turned on, I managed to hold off until I had plowed him for a good fifteen minutes. Although I wanted to go on forever, I knew I couldn’t and felt my nuts tighten as I noisily shot a huge load into him, collapsing on top of him. We lay there with him caressing my back while I recovered. I could feel his still hard cock pressed between us and knew that he had not come.

After a while he said that he had to go, so I rolled off and he got out of bed and went into the bathroom but soon returned with a towel so I could wipe myself off. He quickly returned to the bathroom where I heard him release the enema. I joined him there just as he was cleaning up. Standing up, he took a jar of Vaseline from the medicine cabinet and greased his bobbing cock. He told me to bend over the sink, and as soon as I had done so, he stepped behind me and slowly pressed his pole into my ass. He was big and the pain was severe as he had done nothing to loosen me up, but he was gentle and persistent. I wasn’t sure I could take his whole length, but when I felt his pubic hair tickling my cheeks, I knew that my concerns were unfounded. Once he was all the way in, his demeanor changed and he started to roughly fuck me, slapping my ass before each plunge forward. It took only a couple of dozen strokes before he withdrew and I felt the heat of his cum as he shot it all over my back.

After a shower together, we went down stairs where he cooked breakfast. The rest of the day we played. I gave him three more enemas and another fucking, and he gave me a good cleaning out after he had screwed me that afternoon. It was time for me to leave, but since he so clearly enjoyed getting an enema, I suggested that we get together again the following weekend, and since it was a holiday weekend, that we should go to Copenhagen together and visit a friend of mine who was also into enemas. He looked a little quizzical, but I refused to tell him more.

The next weekend, Peter and I drove to Copenhagen. We went directly to see my friend Claus who operated a massage practice and gave colonic irrigations. His business was close to one of the larger Army barracks in town, and he had an ex-lover who was an Army doctor with the Queen’s Life Regiment. The doctor regularly sent soldiers to Claus for massages after they had been injured, and frequently sent particularly good looking soldiers for colonics given the slightest excuse. In fact, it had been the doctor who had convinced Claus to add colonics to his practice after he had introduced Claus to enemas. It was late afternoon when we walked into the waiting room. The room was empty except for a male receptionist and one man waiting. Claus had told the receptionist to expect us, so we were immediately taken into his office.

Claus soon entered and I introduced him to Peter. Claus said that he was in the middle of giving a colonic to one of his assistants. He told us that this man, Ilja had been a young Russian seaman who had been brought to him by the ship’s first mate for a punishment enema after he had repeatedly refused orders. Although it had taken two men to hold Ilja down as Claus gave him not one but two large soapy enemas, he apparently liked it as he jumped ship the next day and showed up at Claus’ office asking for a job. Claus had taught him how to give massages and allowed him to assist with colonics.

Today, Ilja wanted a good cleaning out as he and his new boy friend planned to spend the weekend having sex. His friend was in the waiting room and would be the last patient of the day. Handing us both white coats, he led us down the hall and into a room where a dark haired tall very slim man lay on the table covered by a drape. I was introduced as a visiting doctor and Peter as a medical student. Claus explained what was being done to Ilja, and then pulled back the sheet so that we could see the equipment in use. Ilja lay on the table on his back with his legs elevated by knee braces and a medium sized colonic nozzle inserted into his anus and held in place by a metal shoe on the table. The machine automatically filled the patient’s bowels until the back pressure reached a preset point and the outflow valve opened allowing the bowel to empty. Having taken the volume that Claus had set into the machine, he was now relaxing while the remaining water drained out of him. Claus removed the nozzle and handed me a latex glove, asking me to evaluate him for cleanliness. Having played this little game before, I pulled on the glove and slipped a finger into Ilja’s hole. It was surprisingly tight for just having had the nozzle removed and Ilja was quite responsive to my exploration as evidenced by the rapid swelling of his long thin cock. I massaged his prostate until he was rock hard and had a stream of precum drooling out of the swollen head. I pulled out and we left the room so that he could clean up himself and the equipment.

Soon after we returned to Claus’ office, the receptionist brought in Ilja’s friend, the man I had seen outside into the office. Claus had him sit down and introduced us. The man’s name was Jens and he was a 23 year old lieutenant from the Regiment. He had never been to see Claus before and was here only because Ilja had talked him into it. He was obviously uncomfortable at the prospect of what lay ahead. Claus explained the procedure and reassured him by pointing out that he had just finished with Ilja. He then recalled the receptionist and told him to take Jens to a second colonic room and get him prepared. A few minutes later, we walked into the room to find him lying on his back covered from his navel to just above his knees with a large towel. Claus brought the knee braces up from their stored position and lifted Jens’ legs onto them, after which he scooted Jens down on the table so that his thighs were high in the area and causing the towel to fall back revealing his exposed ass and crotch. Jens was a muscular young man with a hairless chest in contrast to the thick dark hair on his legs and in his groin. He had an average endowment that lay across a fat scrotum distended by two large balls.

Claus then explained that I would do a rectal exam before the irrigation began. Using my now gloved fingers, I spread the outer folds of his anus so that I could insert a small syringe containing lubricant. Pushing the plunger, I slowly filled his passage and rectum to ease the way for my finger and later the nozzle. Removing the syringe, I quickly inserted my finger full-length and began the exploration. Jens sucked in his breath on insertion and I felt his anal ring tighten around my finger, but then relax as I proceeded. My exam was cursory, but I explained that I wanted Peter to examine him as well. I moved aside so that Peter could stand between Jens’ widely parted thighs. He made a great show of putting on the glove and then slowly thrust his thick middle finger into Jens’ asshole.

After a much more thorough exploration complete with a couple of good probes of his prostate (I saw Jens’ cock jump each time) he turned to me as said that he thought Jens needed an enema. Claus felt Jens’ lower belly and agreed, then turned to the equipment cabinet and produced a stainless steel can, a rubber tube and a bulbous ended black self-retaining nozzle which he assembled and filled with warm water. He hung the can on a pole attached to the table then spread a coating of lubricant on the nozzle and handed it to Peter who pressed the fat head against the waiting hole and applied pressure until it slipped fully inside. Knowing that Peter was enjoying this, I stepped behind him and surreptitiously ran my hand up the crack of his ass and felt him push back against me as he opened the clamp.

For a couple of minutes, there was no response and Jens said that although he could feel the water, it was not uncomfortable. As the water continued to flow, however, the internal pressure started to increase and he said he felt full. Peter stopped the water for a couple of minutes to let him become accustomed to the added pressure, and then restarted the flow. As the pressure increased on Jens’ prostate, his cock began lengthen and thicken until it pointed stiffly past his navel and toward his chest. Before long the can was empty and Jens was writhing in discomfort on the table. Peter removed the nozzle and I lifted Jens’ legs and swung the knee braces aside so that he could get up. Claus helped him up off the table and guided him to the adjoining toilet where he massaged his shoulders and belly as gush after gush of water was expelled.

Shortly, Claus brought Jens back into the room and helped him back onto the table, but when he moved the knee braces back in position, Jens protested that he thought he was clean enough and didn’t need the irrigation. Paying little attention, Claus lifted his knees into place and went about preparing the machine. Once all was ready, Claus selected a large nozzle from the cabinet and connected it to the machine’s hoses. He handed me a fresh syringe of lubricant which I emptied into the young Dane’s hole. I then spread open the outer sphincter as Claus none-too-gently forced the nozzle up into Jens’ bowel, causing him to cry out in pain. Once he had the nozzle’s shoe locked to the table so that it would not slip out, Claus called Ilja in and instructed him to administer the irrigation.

The three of us left the room and reentered the room where Ilja had received his colonic. Claus told Peter to undress and kneel on the table. I helped Peter out of his clothes while Claus filled a large black bag with a warm soap solution and lubricated the short flexible rubber rectal tube. As soon as Peter was in position, he slid the tube up the blonde’s hot butt and opened the clamp. Peter easily took the whole bag with only a couple of short pauses for the water to distribute itself inside him. As soon as the bag was empty the tube was removed and Peter allowed to lie on his back and wait for the enema to do its work. I gently massaged his shoulders while Claus kneaded his water-filled abdomen, pausing to fondle and inspect Peter’s stiff cock. When he could no longer hold the water, Peter was allowed use the nearby commode.

It was some time before Peter returned to the room, but when he did a new sight greeted him. Hanging from the pole at the foot of the table was now a liter bottle of sterile saline solution while a covered tray rested on the table. I helped him onto the table and into the leg braces as Claus retracted Peter’s foreskin and began cleansing his glans with a series of antiseptic-soaked sponges. Peter began to lose his erection as the realization set in that he was about to be catheterized. Once Claus was satisfied that preparations were complete, he had me thoroughly wash my hands and help him into a pair of sterile gloves. I then opened a new Foley catheter which Claus held while I filled his glove with sterile lube which he applied to the length of the red tube and to Peter’s exposed glans. Then with a swift movement, he introduced the catheter into the waiting slit. Peter moaned softly as the intruder slid easily through the length of his cock and entered his prostate. The thickness of the deflated balloon caused him a bit of erotic pain which quickly passed as the tip exited his prostate and entered his bladder. An immediate flow of urine from the exposed end of the catheter told Claus that he had reached his goal, so he injected the sterile water to inflate the balloon. Then after connecting the bottle of saline solution, he began to infuse the liquid into Peter’s bladder.

The liquid flowed in quickly and soon the bottle was half empty and Peter was writhing in discomfort. The tube was clamped off and connected to a collecting bag suspended from the side of the table. Peter’s cock had now grown once again to full erection, stimulated by the erotic bladder enema he had taken.

Claus then turned to the waiting asshole which he lubricated inside and out with a large syringe filled with K-Y. He then inserted the biggest colonic nozzle I had seen. It was a self-retaining nozzle with a golfball-sized bulge halfway along its length. Peter felt the momentary stab of pain as this ball forced his sphincter open and slid past. He was now connected to the colonic machine and felt the water start to flow. As Peter took the treatment, Claus massaged Peter’s naked lower body until Peter began to complain about his full bladder. Claus opened the clamp and the collecting bag swelled with the slightly yellow clear liquid. Peter’s bladder enema was finished. Saying that he would be back shortly, Claus left the room while I rubbed Peter’s chest and shoulders and savored the depths of his hot mouth.

After about ten minutes, Claus returned carrying a large bag of water which he hung from the pole at the end of the table where Peter lay. He then slowly unbuttoned and removed his white coat. He was naked except for the bulging jock strap he wore. Claus was a beautiful man who had a weight lifter’s body maintained by his daily trips to the gym. He stood between Peter’s legs and permitted him to take in the beauty of his body as he gently fondled the catheter-filled cock and ball sack before him. Once Peter had taken the full course of the colonic, Claus shut down the machine and let the last of the water drain from the cleanly flushed bowel. He then asked me to come to his end of the table to help him. As I moved behind him, I saw that he had a double inflatable nozzle in his butt with the inflation bulbs and clamped tube held under the waistband of his jock. I clearly understood what he wanted and connected the hanging bag to the inflatable nozzle as he removed the nozzle from Peter.

As Peter watched, Claus pushed down and stepped out of the jock revealing a condom-encased fat hardon, made to look even bigger because his crotch was cleanly shaved. Grabbing Peter’s legs, he easily pressed the head against and into the pouting hole. He climbed onto the table pushing Peter’s legs to his chest and sunk his cock in to the hilt. As he began the slow fucking, I opened the clamp and started the water coursing into his inflatable nozzle-filled ass. The water flowed quickly from the bag as Claus fucked and the fullness seemed to increase the intensity, speed, and depth of his thrusts. Peter was moaning and squirming under Claus, loving every minute of the thorough fucking he was getting. It didn’t take long for Peter to cum, and he cried out loudly as he shot a big load around the catheter and onto his chest. As the spasming hole squeezed Claus’ cock, he pulled out, ripped off the condom, and added his load to the white liquid on Peter’s chest. With a groan, he collapsed onto his partner.

Only when I heard Jens say “Bravo” did I realize that he and Ilja had been watching from the hallway. Claus turned his head toward them and grinned. “Lets all have dinner at my house tonight, and then I’m going to give you both some of what I’ve just given Peter.”