Physical Examination By A Naturopath

About a year ago I had a boil develop between my buttocks, close to the anal opening. I went to my doctor, who drained it and gave me some antibiotics to take. While the boil did not recur, I had difficulty getting the incision to heal. As I do not usually have large amounts of confidence in the medical profession, I decided to consult a naturopathic physician about this problem.

A friend of mine had recommended a naturopath she had been to several times with various conditions which were successfully treated. This naturopathic physician was a rather good looking, forty-something woman who had immigrated from eastern Europe several year ago, where she had been a medical doctor.

While my problem was located in quite a delicate spot, I was not apprehensive about going to see a female naturopath as I had previous experience with naturopathic practitioners and, on that basis, believed that she would make her diagnosis on my response to a number of questions, suggest some dietary changes, and give me some sort of herbal remedies to either apply to the area or take internally.

Upon my arrival at her office, I was immediately shown from the waiting room into her office and told to take a seat. A few minutes later she came in, introduced herself, and proceeded to ask me the usual health related questions I had been expecting. After responding to a number of questions I was getting pretty comfortable when she asked me to follow her to the examination room.

In the examination room she checked my pulse and temperature, then she asked me to remove my shirt and undershirt and proceeded to take my blood pressure and listen to my heart and lungs with a stethoscope. Initially I was uncomfortable, but I began to relax when suddenly she asked if I would mind if she had a look at the site where the boil had been. I was not too comfortable about this, however, I felt that there was no backing down now, so I told her it would be OK to have a look. She asked me to remove my pants and underpants. As I was doing this, the anxiety level was building, and I could feel an erection coming on, so I attempted to concentrate on something else to try and stop it from happening.

She then asked me to face the examination table, place my legs slightly apart, and bend over the table. As I was bending over the table, I could hear her pulling on a pair of latex gloves. I could fee the warmth of a bright light shining onto the area and her hands spreading my buttocks apart. She looked at the area for what seemed like quite some time. The longer she looked, the harder my cock got. Finally she made the observation that the incision was very close to my anal opening and asked me if the medical doctor I had been to had checked my rectum to see if the infection generated by the boil had affected anything in that area. I told her that he had not as he only took a quick look at the boil, drained it, and sent me on my way. She suggested to me that the reason the incision had not healed was that infection was probably still present which could spread to my rectum, prostate, and genitals.

As she was talking to me about this, my cock was fully erect and just throbbing. Thankfully, I was still bent over the table at that point and I didn’t think my huge hard-on was too visible. She asked me if it would be all right with me if she did rectal and genital examination. When you are bent over an examination table with your buttocks spread apart and a bright light shining up your back side, you are not exactly in a position to say “no”, so I weakly told her to go ahead. I could feel her let go of my butt. She told me to stay put. By now my cock was really throbbing. I could hear her rummaging around for lubricant to put on the glove. Next I could feel her spreading my buttocks once again, and then I could feel a finger pressing against my anal opening. She began to rotate her finger carefully, and as her finger entered the opening, she told me to bear down as if I was trying to have a bowel movement.

Once her finger was fully inserted, she rotated it around, first in one direction, and then in the other. My entire crotch felt as if it was going to explode. I could feel a pulsing sensation in my cock and my balls. By this time, she was pressing directly on the prostate gland. I didn’t think I could hold off coming. Evidently, she must have felt the pulsing as well, because just at that moment I could feel extremely heavy pressure being exerted by the fingers of her other hand just behind my balls and the feeling of being close to coming subsided. Suddenly she withdrew her finger from my rectum, cleaned me up with tissue, and disposed of the latex gloves.

As she pulled on another pair of gloves she asked me to get on the table on my back so that she could check my genitals. I was really dreading this. While she could probably see part of my erect tool hanging down between my legs when I was bent over the table, once I was on my back on the table there would be no question about whether or not I had an erection. Gingerly I straightened up and attempted to twist my torso around to start partially sitting on the table while my back was still somewhat towards her.

Once I was sitting on the table with my legs dangling over the side my cock didn’t look so big. I had, however, not followed instructions as I had been told to lay on the table. She was now standing directly in front of me and asked me to lay down. I mumbled something about being embarrassed, to which she replied that this wasn’t the first time she had seen an erect penis and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. As I eased back on to the table my cock stood up like a pole. She was nice enough to seem not to notice it and proceeded to tell me that she was going to check my testicles.

After a little preliminary probing, she announced that my scrotum was too tight to allow her to properly examine them. She told me to stay put, walked over to the sink and soaked a wash cloth in hot water. Next she returned to the table and wrapped it around my balls, explaining that the heat would cause my scrotum to soften up enough to allow her to do a proper examination of my testicles. My cock was still sticking up like a pole and throbbing intensely. She seemed not to notice, however, upon the second application of a hot cloth I began to feel like I was passing the “point of no return” once again.

Just when I was beginning to think that I couldn’t hold on, she asked me if I felt as if I was going to ejaculate. I nodded, and once again I could feel heavy pressure as her fingers pushed into the area immediately behind my balls. The feeling subsided. By now the hot cloths had done their job and she began the examination of my testicles. I do not have any vivid recollection of this aside from the throbbing in my cock as she poked and prodded my balls. Mostly I was just trying to concentrate on not coming. She moved on to my penis, carefully prodding, mostly at the underside of the shaft, and then looking into the urethral opening at the end. Once, during this procedure, I thought I was going to blow my load, but I again felt her fingers exerting pressure behind my balls and the feeling subsided.

When she had finished her examination she told me that it did not seem as if the infection from the boil had spread to any other area. She told me to get dressed and come back into her office where she would prescribe some herbs and vitamins to clean up my system. As she was about to leave the room, almost as an after-thought she grabbed a handful of tissues and placed them on the examination table, suggesting to me that it would probably be a good idea for me to masturbate before getting dressed as an erection of the proportions of the one I had would not likely subside on its own and would prove to be very uncomfortable once I was dressed.

She flashed a brief smile and left the room.