Physical For College

It all started when I was 17. I needed a physical for college. Not having been to the doctors since I was 7 or 8, I really had no idea what to expect. My Mom had made me an appointment at a teaching hospital.

I arrived that afternoon with my mother if you can believe it. After signing in and going through tons of paperwork, I was called back to the exam area by a male nurse. I though cool. He led me down the hall to exam room 5. After asking me a lot of questions, he told me we were going to get started. I was told to remove all of my clothing and step up on the scale. I stood up and began to undress leaving my underwear. The nurse stopped me as I was heading for the scale and told me to remove my underwear as well. Embarrassed, but hey, he was a guy, I reluctantly did it and stepped up on the scale. Keeping my hands crossed in front of my member, I was weighed and advised to turn around with my hands at my side. Height was taken and I was told to have a seat on the paper covered exam table. All I thought was, thank God my Mom was in the waiting area. I was told the doctor would be with me soon.

Five minutes later there was a knock on the door. Peering into the exam room was a timid girl in her early to mid twenties followed by a man in his late twenties. Both were in doctor jackets. Dr. Smith introduced himself as the resident while introducing Stephanie as a student. I was told that Stephanie would be doing my physical. Now, Stephanie was 5’6”, 110 lbs tops with B to C size breast - easy on the eyes. I sat there with only a paper drape over my crotch that the nurse had given me before he left, it was now that I realized my situation–not sure good or bad.

It all started okay with eyes, ears, nose, throat, glands, back, and lung sounds. As Stephanie was examining me, she was audibly informing the resident of her findings as he just stood and watched. She now had me lay down on the table to listen to my heart. After questioning some sounds that the Dr. Smith confirmed was nothing, she began to do a breast exam–wait a minute, I’m a guy, so I sheepishly asked what she was doing, and to my chagrin, she started rambling off statistics of male breast cancer. Around and around she went on both sides paying attention to my nipples as well. This was the beginning to the most embarrassing physical exam of my 32 years. With doing her breast exam, it seems that she awoke my member. Keep in mind that I am laying on the exam table covered only by a thin paper cover with two sets of eyes on me.

Stephanie began to move to my abdomen pushing and prodding in all areas. At this time she took the paper cover and moved it as low as she could without exposing my penis. The lower she got on my abdomen, the more of an erection I was getting. I know that she was aware of the “pup” tent because the next step was to pull the drape upwards and head for the knee reflexes and feet.

Stephanie still talking doctor lingo to her mentor, sheepishly turned the conversation to me. She told me the form required a genital exam and she was going to continue. As I lay there in anticipation, she gloved up both hands with a latex snap. She then removed the drape exposing my semi-erect penis to all eyes in the room. With hesitation she asked me to spread my legs. With her left hand, she took my penis describing it as a normal sized penis that is circumcised without any discharge. At this time she squeezed the head of my penis trying to create a discharge. She continued to move my penis in all directions advising her on-looker the results. As she moved her fingers down the shaft following into my scrotum, I had the hardest erection I ever remember. I was mortified. After she finished following my canal to almost my rectum, she took my left testicle in her right hand as she used her left hand to keep my erect penis out of the way. She rolled the left testicle, then the right finding a lump that she was not happy with.

As it was being described to Dr. Smith, he was gloving. Oh-great, here I am with the Hands of America in my privates. Upon his examination, he stated it was just a spermaticile. At this time, Stephanie instructed me to stand up so she could properly check me for a hernia. There I stood, naked and at attention for their eyes. Stephanie put her left hand on my shoulder and with her right hand lifted my right scrotum asking me to cough twice. She then lifted the left for two coughs as well. Thank God it’s over, so I thought, Stephanie asked Dr. Smith if a digital was necessary and he said yes; however, he was to do it. Standing there listening, not knowing whether to get dressed or not, I felt embarrassed and awkward.

Next Dr. Smith told me to turn around, bend over the table, and spread my feet to shoulder width. I did as I was told; however, innocently I honestly had no idea what was coming. I thought I was being examined for scholiasts, but I heard rubber gloves again. The next thing I know I felt my checks being spread apart and a wet finger at my rectal area. Before I know it, I have a finger deep in me being moved side to side around and around until I have this feeling of I think I am going to come. Just then, the Dr. pulls his finger out and tells Stephanie to do a rectal as well. Let’s review, I’m bent over naked with the world seeing my butt, balls, and rock hard penis and now this woman is going to finger me again. What was probably a total of ten minutes for all this to occur - it seemed like hours of my nakedness. She inserted her finger not missing a square millimeter of her finger’s reach.

After she removed her finger, the Dr. walked her through a Hemoccult slide as I stayed bent over the table. Lastly she put on a new pair of gloves and asked me to turn around. I did so never being more embarrassed in my life as my solid erect penis came into view. Worse yet, she explained to her mentor that she was looking to see post-prostate massage discharge. She once again squeezed the head of my penis. She had a term for it, my term was pre-cum. As I stood there naked, they discussed a few things and then left for me to get dressed.