Playing Doctor

By Anonymous

I grew up in the late 50’ s when things were much different than what they are now. As a young girl growing up we had to find ways to amuse ourselves. There was a group of about 6 girls that use to hang out together. We had a small hideaway in the woods built out of wood and sticks, a place to hide from our parents.

As I can vividly recall it was a warm summer’s day and there were 4 of us girls there Jan a real Tomboy was the leader. She could get most of the kids to do anything she wanted. Jan had invited her younger brother and his friend.

After some playing around, Jan announced : “It was time to play doctor.”

I was a bit surprised seeing that the few times we had played before a few of the girls stripped. Now there were a couple of 12 year old boys present. Jan announced she would need a boy and girl patient for her examination. She chose Bobby and Cathy and both were instructed to strip down to their underwear which they both did rather quickly. They both looked vulnerable.

I was secretly excited at this point and I think the other kids were also curious. Jan’s mom was a nurse and Jan had gathered some old medical equipment she kept in a black bag.

Jan first examined Bobby by listening to his heart and having him breathe out a couple of times. Jan had Bobby stand up as she exclaimed : “Time for your shot.” She pulled his underpants down to his thighs. I enjoyed the sight of his nude buttocks. Jan quickly rubbed some alcohol on his butt and gave him a fake shot with a plastic needle.

Bobby must have enjoyed the attention because his penis was erect. All the girls noticed, even Jan. As she helped him pull his underwear on she gave his penis a little squeeze. At this point it was time for Cathy’s exam.

Jan asked Bobby to assist her, as he was still in just his underpants. Cathy was well developed for a 13 year old girl and was very attractive. Cathy lay down on the small couch as Jan examined her lungs, arms, legs, etc.

Jan then started to apply some pressure to Cathy’s stomach. As she did this Cathy winced, and sort of giggled. Jan asked her the last time she had pooped and Cathy said : “About a couple of days ago.”

Jan exclaimed : “ I have just the cure for you.”

Jan went to her black bag and pulled out a handheld enema bulb syringe. She told Cathy that her mother gave her one a week, and she would feel a lot better. Tommy had gotten a large pail of water from a garden hose from his backyard.

I watched fascinated as Cathy lay down on her stomach while Jan pulled her panties down to her thighs leaving her buttocks completely bare. I am not a lesbian but I was quite turned on even so. I never had an enema so I did not what to expect.

Seized by the moment I said to Jan : “Don’t you think she should be naked for the enema ?”

At that point I had a strong urge to see Cathy nude. Jan agreed and before Cathy realized, she unsnapped her bra, placing it on the ground. Jan then pulled her panties down and left them.

I was amazed that Jan was in complete control of the situation. Bobby still had quite an erection. It was quite noticeable as he stood in his underwear. Jan now filled the enema bulb with water and attached the long hygienic nozzle to the apparatus. She dabbed a little Vaseline on the nozzle while Cathy stared, not knowing what to expect.

She then prised apart the girls fleshy cheeks exposing her anus and rather quickly pushed the nozzle in as far as it would go, then she squeezed the bulb for all it was worth. Jan let a couple of us have turns in giving Cathy her enema.

I noticed that when I inserted the nozzle I wiggled it around a bit which caused Cathy to wiggle and cramp up a bit. On or about the forth insertion Cathy said she really had to go.

Jan pulled the syringe out which was soiled. Cathy jumped up not bothering to get dressed, ran outside behind a bush, squatted and had a good dump. I brought her some paper towels so she could wipe herself.

After this she came back still naked, her boobs bouncing about. She grabbed Bobby from behind pulling his underpants down and tossing him on the couch, she stroked his penis a couple of times until Bobby came all over his stomach and chest.

We all went home virgins that day, but this was my first introduction to sex. I still get wet when I think about that day.