Playing Doctor

Working as a medical clerk can sometimes have unexpected side benefits. When an opportunity slaps you in the face, the moment should be seized. This happened to me last night. I still get worked up just remembering it. I really can’t believe I pulled it off…..or, at least I sure hope I did! Otherwise, I’m in deep trouble!

Dr. Raymond Connor was the doctor to whom I was detailed to for the last three months at the college hospital where I’d been assigned. We were working the 11 P.M. to 7 A.M. shift for the past three weeks and were bored stiff. His job was to perform routine physicals when students needed them, to be available for emergencies (none ever arose), to supplement the emergency room staff and to conduct pre-admittance physicals. You see, when a patient is admitted to the hospital, for whatever reason, he or she must see a doctor before getting their room and bed assignment. My boss then performs a routine physical exam to ensure that there are no medical problems with the new patients other than for the problem they were admitted. The patients were informed about this requirement before seeing us. It was a mandatory policy at the hospital.

Well, this particular evening, Dr. Connor asked me to cover for him, as he did on four other occasions, between 11PM and 1 A.M.. He wanted to spend some serious time with his girlfriend again. I said “fine, no problem with me”…nothing ever happens that would require his attention anyway. Most patients are admitted well before the time we start our shift. He has had to do only a couple physical exams since I’ve been assisting him during these goofy hours.

Anyway, it was about 11:30 P.M., nothing was happening as usual, and I was bored. It seemed as if I had the whole hospital to myself. While sitting in our little exam office with my feet up on the desk, looking at a Penthouse Magazine, I saw this gorgeous young woman slowly sauntering down the corridor with a clipboard in her hand, looking up and down at every room number. I thought, oh man….this can’t be! You see, all patients sent down to us come with clipboard in hand which contains their personal information plus the physical examination form that we must complete. She was wearing a long white cotton dress and carrying a small overnight bag. I’m thinking,….is she really looking for our exam room? But…what if she is? Holy cow!……What should I do? As she came closer and closer into view, I was really taken in by her beauty. She must have been at least 5-7, an hour-glass shape, beautiful long brunette wispy hair, done up in a ‘braid’ style, with cute bangs. What a great body! No tiny boobs on this one! She continued to walk slowly toward our office. I couldn’t believe it… but it must be!

She is walking right to my door. As soon as I saw her close up, I knew what I was going to do.

I was going to pretend to be Doctor Connor!

Yes indeed! In a moment of lust-filled weakness, (maybe looking at Penthouse didn’t help my decision either!) I made up my mind. Why not? I’m 28 years old, mature, knowledgeable about intimate medical procedures! I’ve been a medical clerk (equates to a male Registered Nurse) for three years. I’m wearing my white doctor’s type jacket with stethoscope in pocket! And I had at least two hours all to myself. She would never be the wiser. I can pull it off, I said to myself. Go for it!

I acted preoccupied as I felt her perfumed presence enter the room.

“Excuse me?”….Her voice was so cute!

“Yes? May I help you?”

“Yes. I’m looking for a….Doctor Connor….. in exam room B-34?”, she put her response in a question and raised her cute eyebrows at me………(oh boy, my cue, I thought to myself.)

“This is exam room B-34…… I’m…..uh…. Dr. Connor. Have a seat, miss…..can I see your papers?” (There……..I said it………..the die was cast!). She handed me her personal data sheet along with the standard physical exam form and sat down, crossing her legs and sitting straight back in the chair. My heart was beating like crazy. I took my time and scanned over the information. Laurie Clark….age 19…single…a sophomore majoring in dance, I noticed. Started classes here last month. I read that she was being admitted for a tonsillectomy, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

“ Miss Clark, you are in the right place. But, why are you checking in so late?”

“Well….I was supposed to be here by 6 PM, but my boss kept me on this project that I was ordered to get done tonight….So I called the hospital and they said it was O.K., but to come right over when I was finished, as long as I could get here before midnight. The admitting nurse explained that I had to come here for a pre-admittance physical examination?”

“Yes. That’s correct. You’ll need a comprehensive physical, Miss….Clark,” I said as I again looked at her papers while seated at my desk. She showed definite signs of being nervous at my remark. Hell…so was I!

“When was your last physical?

She nervously replied, “I haven’t had any kind of checkup since I started to attend college, sir……about 3 years ago, as best as I can remember.”

“Well…. You’ll need to get a head-to-toe check-up before under-going any medical treatment at Kettering General. You’re well overdue for one anyway. I see that you’re scheduled for surgery tomorrow? We’ll want to make sure you’re in good health for the operation. Tonsils, eh?”

“Yes sir… tonsils are coming out, finally”.

I took a long look at her now. She was just the prettiest thing that’s come in here for ages! She had that nice brown skin tone. Smooth skin too. Delicate features and just a great figure. A flat tummy and the right curves in the right places! Boy what luck, I thought. She’ll never suspect a thing. I can be so believably professional when I want to be!

And I had plenty of time to get a real close look at this beautiful young specimen. I just had to see her without any of her clothes on…..I just HAD to! And to get my hands on that that great body!…….I felt like a lecherous old man! Like a voyeur anticipating what he knows he is going to see! This was just an incredible feeling. My penis was already getting hard as a rock!

“Just a few questions before I examine you Miss Clark. Are you on any medication at this time?”

“No sir….But I just finished a ten day prescription of an antibiotic for my infected tonsils.”

“Are you allergic to any medications?”

“No….not that I know of..”

“Are you taking birth control pills?”

“No doctor”.

Very interesting, I thought. Must explain why she hasn’t seen a doctor in so long too. Let me pursue this just a bit more…………

“Have you been to see your gynecologist recently for any female medical problems, Miss Clark?”

“No sir………I haven’t “.

She was so sexy! She seemed to be genuinely embarrassed at my question. I was just planting some thoughts in her head, because I knew right then that I wanted to see and touch her most intimate parts! I couldn’t wait to get started! Enough questions, I thought. Let’s get this young lady naked and spread eagle on the exam table!

“Well then, lets get started, Miss Clark, O.K.? You can leave your bag here for now. Come with me, please.”

She left her bag and slowly stood up, looking very apprehensive, with those puppy dog brown eyes. She smoothed her hands over her hips while standing up….a nervous habit I bet. What a magnificent shape she had! I couldn’t help looking right at her crotch, but only a real quick glance. I’m sure she didn’t even notice.

I was already picturing her without any of her clothes on, laying totally naked, and spread eagle on the exam table.

I opened the inner door that led to our medium sized exam room and waved her inside.

There is an undressing area located at the back of the room behind a very indiscreet fabric screen which has slight peek-a-boo cracks where the hinges are attached. The bottom is about a foot off the floor. You know the type…it has four panels to it. She followed me in and I closed the door behind us for total privacy. I set the clipboard and her papers down on the examining table.

I turned to her and looking deep into her sexy, brown eyes, said, “ I want you to go behind the undressing screen and take off all of your clothes.”

While telling her this, I handed her our skimpiest dressing gowns. You know the kind…..sleeveless white cotton which comes only to the upper thigh and gapes open in the back. Strictly medical issue too… thought for a patient’s modesty went into making these hospital gowns.

“Uh, doctor, ……… do I have to take all of my clothes off?……..uh, … even my bra and panties?” she asked me nervously with that cute melodic voice of hers.

“Yes, Miss Clark. You’ll have to undress completely for this exam. If you are wearing contacts, I want you to remove them too”.

She stood there for a moment looking at the gown and I thought, well…the gig is up now…….she’s going to give me a hassle; but lo and behold……hesitantly, she took the dressing gown from me and walked over to the undressing are and stepped behind the screen! I remember thinking…oh god…we ARE going to do this……..what did I get myself into?

I sat down behind a small desk near the exam table, fiddling with her papers while I glanced briefly over that way and…yes… heard her begin removing her clothes. I could only catch just a few quick glimpses of her between the cracks of the undressing screen, but I clearly heard the zipper on her dress being lowered and then heard her slip it down her hips and off of her legs. Through the narrow crack, I briefly saw her arms reach around and quickly unsnap her bra and remove it and then quickly bend over and pull down her white panties and quickly stand back up again. This was fucking UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

This ravishing woman I had met only a few minutes before was now standing totally naked behind the undressing screen, just a few feet away from me, preparing herself for a complete physical and gynecological examination, TO BE GIVEN BY ME!…a total stranger! Oh…..this was getting me so nervous! But, I had to go through with the impersonation now… I’d gone much too far. I had to see it through to the end!

She was taking so long, But I realized what must be going through her head. She was having to undress so that some total stranger could explore the most intimate parts of her body. I knew she had to be absolutely mortified.

“Are you undressed yet Miss Clark?”, I said, anticipating the wonderful sight I was about to see.

A faint “yes” came from behind the screen, and she slowly stepped out, looking down at herself, and then walked toward me. She was barefoot and her muscular brown legs were exposed to the tops of her thighs, wearing only that flimsy, gaping hospital gown. She walked slowly toward me holding the back of the gown closed with one hand. My knowing she was completely naked under her examination gown caused my penis to start swelling again…..I couldn’t help it.

But…I reminded myself to stay in control here!

I kept wondering what was going through her mind. How did she feel being almost naked next to a man she had never met before, about to have her most intimate areas of her body examined and probed in great detail? The negligible gown barely covered her and I wondered just how vulnerable she felt with her breasts and genitals naked beneath her gown and open to the cool office air and knowing I knew that too.

“That’s good, Miss Clark. Step right over here to the scale”.

Her magnificent form was still quite evident beneath her skimpy gown, the only garment covering her nudity. As she walked cautiously by me and stepped onto the scale, I got a great view of her exposed ass crack just briefly as her gown opened in the back. She quickly pulled it back around her as she stepped on the scale. I don’t know why. She had to know that in a very short time, I was going to be viewing it in all of it’s glory!

“O.K. Lets see…umm…Five foot seven inches tall…and…122 lbs. A good height-to-weight ratio, Miss Clark. Now, step off and please sit on the examination table over here for me, will you?”

She dutifully complied, walking over to the examination table. She climbed up and seated herself on the edge, again arranging the gown in back, but baring her great legs well above mid thigh, almost to the crease where her thighs met pelvis! Oh my, oh my, I kept saying to myself. Sexy as hell! And so cooperative too.

“Very good, Miss Clark.” I began peeking in her ears, her nose, her eyes, her mouth (all her orifices…except for her really private ones) with the correct instruments too (thank goodness!). I noticed her tonsils were slightly inflamed and I told her so. While taking my time. I shook out a thermometer and gently slipped it under her tongue. While waiting, I took the pulse on her right wrist, quietly taking her sweet aroma into my nostrils….I was so near and so in control. Temperature normal. Pulse was up…..nerves no doubt!

I placed my hands on her soft throat and used my thumbs to feel around for her glands. Her skin was so soft and delicate. Then I stepped over to my cabinet and took out needle and syringe. This is what I’m really trained for…taking blood samples. I set it down on the tray next to the exam table.

“Oh darn……I hate needles”, she said.

“Don’t worry…..I’m very good at this”, I said as I tied the rubber tourniquet and asked her to make a fist. I pricked her vein easily and watched the syringe suck the deep red blood into the encapsulator. Only a slight grimace on her pretty face. Done. I placed a band aid on it and was ready to proceed to the better parts of her ‘examination’.

I took the stethoscope out and placed the hearing prongs in my ears. I looked right into those big, dark, brown eyes and summoned my own nerve to continue onward and forward to a closer inspection of this beautiful specimen!

“Please untie your gown for me, Miss Clark”.

She didn’t even hesitate! I knew then that I had total control over her and her examination. I was encouraged now by the thought that she would comply with ANY of my requirements. She continued to look a bit nervous, but that was to be expected. After all, she HAD to know I was going to see her body totally naked and exposed in a few minutes! I’m sure that thought was very prominent on her mind. I know it was on mine!

As she untied her gown, it slipped slowly down, as I moved away the portion that covered her smooth shoulders. She gathered it just at the cleavage of her breasts and held it there, covering the bottom half of her perfectly round breasts, while I moved the stethoscope over her bare back. The profile of those round beauties were clearly visible over her bare shoulder as I explored her shapely back.

“Take a deep breath for me please…..good…..let it out. Again please.

Out…..Again……..out please”……and so on.

She complied so willingly. I peeked at those perfectly round breasts she was so sheepishly trying to cover as I moved the stethoscope around to her chest.

Now came the moment of revelation! . . . . .

“O.K., Miss Clark. I’m going to examine your breasts next, so I need you to lower your exam to your waist”.

She sighed deeply and I watched her lustfully as slowly allowed her gown to drop to her waist, finally exposing her two beautiful globes of flesh.

I stopped for a moment and caught my breath What gorgeous breasts she had! She didn’t make any effort to cover them either. Well, what for? She knew I would be getting my hands on them next. They were firm and full, with pink, conical nipples about the size of silver dollars, that stood straight out from her breasts. She was breathing very shallow now….I surmised it must be her embarrassment…. so her breasts and nipples rose gently up and down. She certainly couldn’t be ashamed of that great body though. I moved my stethoscope around those beautiful round breasts carefully while being very professional. My penis was getting rock hard! I had to lean against the edge of the exam table, as I became self conscious of my growing excitement. I next took out the blood pressure sleeve and attached it to her shapely arm. Looked right into her eyes while I pumped up the sleeve and released it, recording a very UP systolic. Also due to nerves no doubt. I noticed that her large, pink nipples were now perking out and becoming quite erect, with little bumps appearing on the edges of her areolae. Oh my….I was enjoying this so much!

“Now I’d like you to please lie back on the table, Miss Clark”, I said while adjusting the head of the table to move down even with the rest of the table.

She carefully swung her long, tan legs up, holding her gown in back again and then scooted back onto the exam table, laying down perfectly flat while protectively covering her exposed breasts with her hands. Oh!…That wouldn’t do at all, I thought! I had to have complete access to those beautiful breasts of hers!

I stood over her and gently moved both of her arms away from her protected globes, telling her to place her folded forearms under her head while I examined both breasts for possible lumps or small cysts.

Again, perfect cooperation with my requests! She compliantly placed her arms behind her head, laying unprotected before me, her perfect breasts. They seemed to be patiently waiting for my first contact with them. I leaned on the edge of the exam table again……my penis was so hard! I moved slowly over her right breast first, so soft in my hand. I did small circles starting from outer and working to inner breast. Then her large areola and nipple. I pinched her nipple; at first very gently, then hard, getting a quick gasp of air and an “Oooooh” from my helpless patient.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”, I replied.

“That’s O.K…..they’re just a bit more sensitive than usual”, she said. I did the same with the other one. Same reaction. She closed her eyes during this part of her examination, so I enjoyed it even more, rubbing my penis from time to time with my free hand. This was getting me so hot! You can’t imagine how excited I was, feeling up this woman!

“Is there any tenderness here Miss Clark?”

“No sir”, came her faint reply.

“Here?”….as I gently massaged her soft breast on and around her rose tinted areola.

She nodded her head in the negative. I massaged gently……..oh, my aching nuts! Feeling her bare breasts was an incredible turn-on! And chatting with her while doing it…!

“Do you do regular breast self-exams Miss Clark?”

“Well….not like I should doctor. Just sometimes, while I’m showering.”

“Show me how you do it, please.”

She placed her right hand over on her exposed left breast and just moved her fingertips in here and there. I was enjoying this….you just wouldn’t understand how erotic it was to see this shapely young goddess lying under my gaze, completely naked, and palpating her own breasts!

“Don’t forget your nipples, Miss Clark”, I said. “They’re just as important as the rest of your breast to examine.”

She cautiously brought her fingertips to one nipple and began to squeeze and roll it. She slowly closed her eyes and I could see she was really embarrassed to have to be doing this in front of a man she had never met before. Her nipple became extremely erect and stood up from her naked chest like an eraser. She looked up at me and blushed at the reaction that her nipple had and what she had just done in front of me.

I reassured her that her technique of self-examination was very correct….reminding her to go over any area where she felt even a slight lump or difference in ‘feel’. I also assured her that my examination found nothing to be alarmed about.

It was time to move lower down her body and explore what other treasures she had to offer. I now glided my hand slowly down her ribs and smooth stomach, to her lower abdomen, pushing here and there, and savoring the feel of her beautiful soft, tan flesh under my hands. Dare I go lower with my probing hand, I asked myself? Yes….what the heck! I’m sure I had her confidence now, and she knew how thorough I had been to this point.

I sneaked my hand even lower, going inside and beneath her draped exam gown, which was just barely covering her pelvis anyway. I slid my hand a little further and touched the top of her mons pubis briefly, getting a slight reaction from her….a slight gasp of breath.

Well, I thought to myself….I simply could not wait any longer! I just had to go the whole nine yards on this thing! I admit I was driven by pure lust, and a burning desire to see my gorgeous patient nude! And I knew I could…..this was working just great and she had to know what exactly part of her beautiful anatomy I would be examining next. I was sure!!… I just sensed it. She knew she was going to be totally naked in front of me very soon! I let my hands feel slowly down each shapely leg…over those great thighs…calves…..then ankles and feet.

Well….it was time, I couldn’t wait any longer….I just had to see her now without a stitch to cover that gorgeous body. If she knew how horny I was at this moment, she would no doubt scream! What lust…shame on me! I looked at her very seriously now and lowered the top of her untied gown and discreetly placed it so that was so loosely lying over her hips.

“I need you to completely remove your gown now, Miss Clark.”

She looked up at me with those big brown eyes and pursed her glossy red lips just a bit, but then I saw resignation in her face. She lifted her shapely hips and butt from the table just enough to pass her gown down over her long thighs. I helped her slide it down and off her long legs, removing that last little vestige covering her modesty and hung it on a nearby hook on the wall.

Turning back to her and seeing her laying totally naked and exposed on the examination table, I was just beside myself! Her complete nudity was totally erotic. She just laid there submissively, stark naked, quietly looking away from me, at the ceiling I think, and tightly gripping the sides of the exam table with both of her hands.

“Don’t be embarrassed Miss Clark. You have a fine shape. I’ve examined the genitals hundreds of young women without any of their clothes on. Just relax…..try not to be uptight about your nudity. You really have nothing to be self conscious about.”

I don’t know what possessed me to say that, but I felt that I had to say something. The occasion seemed to demand that I say something, since I was fully clothed and standing over a young and gorgeous female without a stitch of clothing on, totally exposed to me and vulnerable to my demands.

“I know doctor”, she nervously replied, squirming around a bit, “but, I can’t help it. It’s really embarrassing lying here naked in front of you…….(pause)……. Do I really need this part of the exam?

Well, well…..she did know what was coming next….how about that.

“You really must have a PAP smear and a thorough internal pelvic exam. Then we’ll be finished, Miss Clark……….. O.K.?”

“Oh…..(pause)…I don’t have much choice I guess, do I?”

“No… really are overdue for a pelvic exam. Its very important to have one annually! Especially since its been a few years since your last exam and if you are sexually active, its doubly important to make a thorough check of your reproductive organs”.

“Yes sir………I understand……”, she very quietly replied. Total resignation in her faint response was detected by my keen awareness in this strange situation in which I had placed myself. I knew I was going to cum in my pants now, for sure!

Oh my goodness….I was pulling it off! Can you believe it? To slide my fingers over the exposed genitals of this brunette beauty was a dream come true! Should I? Can I really do this? It is criminal, isn’t it? I’m such a good actor right now. Oh…..heck….I’m so excited……..I couldn’t help myself! Who could resist this opportunity?

I was standing over her now, visually inhaling the spectacle of this woman laying stark naked before me, nervously awaiting the intimate examination she had to know was I was about to ready to begin. If she only knew who I really was, she would have been screaming rape by now. I took my sweet time while I pushed and probed a bit with my fingertips on her lower abdomen and pelvic area, only so I could have a long, extended stare at the small, fleecy triangle that adorned the top of her pubis. What silky-fine brunette pubic hair she has, I remember thinking, as I worked my fingers gently through them. A slight gasp escaped her again as I caressed the top of her mons veneris, savoring the feeling of soft flesh beneath. So smooth. The top of her moist slit was unmistakable to my view. It was glistening in the bright lights of the examination room! Wow! I gazed at her newly exposed vulva for what seemed like an eternity, visually tracing the smooth downward curve of her outer labia, and noticing that her delicate inner labia were just beginning to peek out from between their fleshy envelope. I thought to myself, “If I was walking down the street and meet this girl and told her to show me her pussy, she would slap me in the face. Now here she was holding her legs open and willingly allowing me to see all of her most personal places.”

I gathered all my nerve and gently separated her puffy, outer labia with my fingertips. I bent over very close to inspect them; my nose was only inches away! I smelled the distinct aroma of her musky, vaginal juices…..This was completely unreal…… I couldn’t believe what was happening! The inner surfaces were a light pink and moistly delicate to my touch.

Here was a young woman, a total stranger, laying perfectly still and submissive for me as I freely examined the most intimate parts of her naked body ! had to see more of her vulva…so I took my fingertips and cautiously spread the uppermost part of her labia open. The taught ridge of her little clitoris came into my view, still covered by its thin sheath of skin. It seemed to slowly rise and fall between her spread labial lips as her breathing deepened. I had to see what her clitoral head looked like so I drew the soft foreskin back from her erect clitoris. The tiny head was dark pink and firm. I slowly and methodically moved my fingertips over it several times and she let out a small gasp! She was so incredibly wet…..and she was getting wetter as I touched her. I knew she was turned on by my close examination, but also trying to remain in control of her reactions.

“When did you have your last period, Miss Clark?” I asked…(so professional).

“About two weeks ago”, she sheepishly replied.

Now the time had come for me to go all the way. Oh, God!….I just had to see what this young brunette beauty looked like with her legs spread wide apart and her pussy fully exposed to me! I wondered what her reaction would be as she offered her pussy to me for examination. I knew she had to be really embarrassed and humiliated!

“O.K, Miss Clark…..Next I’m going to examine your vulva and then your vagina so I want you to spread your legs apart now for me. We won’t be using the stirrups for the first part of the examination. Instead, I want you to bring your legs and feet up, spread them as wide apart as you can .

“And Miss Clark,” I said, “Please try to relax your vaginal muscles”.

I just couldn’t believe what was happening right in front of me. She did just as I requested!! I stood there staring at her in stunned silence as she slowly brought her long legs up along her naked body and then…..spread them wide apart. As she moves her legs apart, her pussy lips separated and opened up to me. It was as if she was finally submitting to my secret lusts and offering her genitals up to me for my pleasure. I guess in a way she was! But as soon as I thought she had gotten used to her intimate exposure, she quickly covered her vulva with her hand. It was an unconscious effort to defend the last vestige of her dignity, I suppose.

“Now, Miss Clark. I know you’re embarrassed to be laying so open and exposed in front of me like this, but please try to relax. It will make your pelvic examination so much easier on you.”

She slowly removed her hand from her crotch, at last fully exposing her genitals to me. I stepped in between her bare open thighs while pushing the under-slide to the table away so I could step in a bit, just between those glamorously smooth and shapely thighs. Thank goodness Doctor Connor had a large and very excellent examining table. It was almost like the physical therapy tables….very accommodating and very adjustable.

“Fine. That’s good. Just relax, please,” I said as I turned and reached for a latex examination glove from the tray next to the table, watching her beautiful brown eyes following me. I slipped a latex exam glove on my right hand and watched her look apprehensively at me while she also unconsciously started wetting her lips a bit…nervous energy again. Was she anticipating the intimate penetration of her vagina that was about to take place? While I was doing this, I picked up the K Y Jelly on the tray and squeezed it on the fingered glove. She was watching me do everything. I looked back down at her pussy and almost came in my pants.

The sight that lay before me was the sexiest thing I had ever seen! Her thighs were spread wide apart as she held her knees back with her hands. She was surrendering her intimate treasure to me for my covert pleasure. Her outer pussy lips were completely bare of any pubic hair. I stared intently at her captivatingly smooth vulva for a long minute, noting that her outer labia had separated and exposed her delicate, pink inner lips. I sat down on the stool at the foot of the table and began her “pelvic examination”. Her voluptuous genitals was mine for the taking!!!!

I reached out with my hand and began stroking the surfaces of each of her unblemished vulval lips. They felt so incredibly soft and tender. I gathered all my nerve and gently spread apart her smooth, outer labia with my fingers, slightly at first, but then I thought, …what the heck,… I’ve got to see what her pussy looks like spread wide open.

My submissive patient moaned audibly as I repeatedly spread and stretched her outer labial lips thoroughly and almost obscenely open; slowly and methodically examining every minute detail of the inside of her lucious pussy, starting at he top of her clitoris, working my way slowly down her inner labia, and ending at her sultry vaginal entrance! I could see from the juices slowly trickling out of her vagina that she was getting very turned on by all of this. The scent from her musty genitals wafted up towards my face. Her genitals were so tender and supple. I then reached inside her vulva and gently extracted each of her supple inner lips out from her vulva, inspecting each one closely and admiring their smooth, elastic texture. I pulled each one out into a soft fan like she was modeling for a porno magazine. I tried imagining what her pussy must look like with a massive penis thrusting in and out of it, these silky folds of her labial skin being pulled to and fro, and almost came again.

I looked up from her exposed genitals at her face to see how she was taking all of this and was surprised to find that she still had not opened her eyes. I noticed that her hands were still tightly gripping the edge of the examination table, and it all suddenly struck me about how unbelievable it was that all women must undergo this humiliating procedure.

Take this woman for example. She walks in off the street. Goes into an examination room with some man she has never even seen before in her life. She takes off all of her clothes, right in front of him. She then lays down totally naked on a table specifically designed to give a man immediate maximum and unobstructed access to her most private parts, And then she let’s this total stranger explore and probe the most secret and innermost places on her body, in ways she would never let even her most intimate lover even try.

Well, I thought, if they’re willing to do it, I would be willing to help. I looked back down at her opened labia and realized how privileged I was. She had positively the most exquisite pussy I had ever seen. I had to feel what her vagina was like inside. Again I told her to relax her vaginal ‘muscles’…..what muscles indeed! Then I slipped my right index finger ever so gently into her very moist vagina. Then my second finger entered her, and a third easily slipped inside her! I placed my bare left hand over her pubic mound and slid the left index finger just slightly over her now exposed and excited clitoris while also spreading her outer and inner labia wider and wider. What wetness! She was so incredibly wet! I couldn’t believe it! Although she looked very uptight, I think she was actually trying not to have an orgasm right here on the exam table!

Slight moans came from her lips as I entered her. I kid you not! She coughed slightly to cover her reactions, but then she couldn’t help it. My probing was causing natural reflex reactions.

I slipped my fingers in and out of her vagina to such an extent I had to catch myself, for fear she would think I was trying to get her off. I removed my hand from her vagina and then slipped my gloved index finger right into her tight little asshole while my right thumb now entered deep into her dripping vagina. She squirmed and let out a long “oooooh” sound!

“Please just relax your sphincter muscles Miss Clark” I told her. My left hand pushed gently on her pelvis, my fingers resting on those fine pubic hairs. I briefly explained that I needed to check or cysts as well as feel the position of her uterus. I entered in and out of her rectum while moving my thumb around inside of her too.

“Let me know if any part of my exam is causing any discomfort or pain…….O.K.?”

A very, very faint “uh-huh”, or was it a “ummmm ummmmm”….Whatever…. it seemed a kind of positive response, but one that told me she was trying to keep herself from cumming during my ministrations to her genitals.

I really enjoyed this part. I enjoyed it so much, I came right in my pants then and there……couldn’t help it a bit. Couldn’t stop it if I wanted to! A raging stream came in my underwear and ran down my leg!

“O.K., Miss Clark. You look fine so far. Now I’m going to get a pap smear from your cervix. I want you to place your feet in the stirrups for me.”

She dutifully placed her bare feet in the stirrups, but closed her legs together again. I don’t know why. I had just seen her most intimate flesh, all spread apart and I had thoroughly probed her genitals with my hands.

“I want you to spread your legs wide apart again, Miss Clark.”

“I hate this part, doctor. It’s so uncomfortable having that metal thing stuck up into my vagina.” she said, but did as she was told. She opened herself up to me again, only this time the view was even sexier. Her external genitals unfolded for me as her legs spread apart and looked like a yawning fleshy cavern.

I took the metal speculum out of the drawer at the foot of the table and warmed it in my hands.. No use in making this anymore uncomfortable for her as it was. I spread her now glistening inner lips apart with my fingers and began to insert the speculum into her constricted vaginal orifice.

She let out a long guttural “Oooooooh…” as I slowly slid the instrument into her dark, humid opening. This was too much! Here I was with this strange girl lying totally naked in front of me, having her do anything I told her, and best of all, exploring her exposed pussy with a vaginal speculum, working it around like it was a dildo. I could see that she was trying hard not to show her excitement, but the juices that flowed from her vagina told me otherwise.

When I had inserted the whole length of the speculum into her vagina, ………I slowly opened it up.

She let out a moan like I have never heard before….”Ooooooooh….. myyyyyyy…… god.”

She arched her hips up slightly off the table and I could see that she was becoming very excited.

Her inner lips seemed to expand around and swallow up the metal implement deliberately. I took my small flashlight out of my pocket and at long last, peered up into this young woman’s distended vagina. The unimpaired view really astounded me.

Her vaginal walls were a light pink and ribbed with muscles. They seemed to ripple along as I moved the speculum around to get a better look. The very idea that this cavity could give a man such pleasure caused me to come again.

I looked up towards the end of her love tube and could make out her cervix, a lovely pink, little hole that lead into her uterus.

I took two swabs from her cervix for the slide and then announced to her that I needed to examine her rectum more closely!

“O.K. Now I want you to turn over and get on your hands and knees, Miss Clark.”, I said in my most professional voice.

“Is this really necessary, doctor?”, she asked in her cute voice.

Oh, shit I thought. She’s going to start to be a problem.

“Yes”, I commanded. “I need to examine you from behind. You shouldn’t be embarrassed, Miss Clark. I examine dozens of young ladies just like you everyday. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen a hundred times.” Yeah, right, I thought. If she only knew!

“Well, O.K., if you really need me to.”

I do! I do! I thought. She had tried to hide her tiny ass from me when she was on the scale. I just had to see what this ravishing brunette’s pussy looked like peeking out from between those sweet ass cheeks!

She pulled her feet out of the stirrups and eased herself over onto her knees. She pulled her knees up under her body and waited in that vulnerable position in uncertain anticipation.

“I want you to put your shoulders flat against the table, Miss Clark, but keep your rear end up in the air.”

I knew this would force her ass to thrust out for the next part of my lustful inspection. But would she do it? She had already exposed her most personal areas to me. Would she go this last bit? Sure enough, she did!! She lowered herself onto the table, causing her gelatinous breasts to fatten out against her body. I took my hands and eased her knees wide apart, bringing her entire vulva into my view. What a sight!!!…This gorgeous young girl, naked and up on her knees, waiting for me to probe her asshole at my whim!

I parted her tight ass cheeks with both hands and watched as her pink bung hole came into view. I lowered my hands down her firm ass cheeks and put my thumbs on her outer labia. I slowly drew them apart and watched her vagina gape open. I studied her genitals for a minute, amazed at how her vagina had opened up so much, and then concentrated on her on her rectum. I reached in and slowly introduced my finger into her winking asshole. She let out another long “Ooooooooooooh” It was so incredibly tight that it gripped it like crazy. I put my other finger into her waiting vagina and probed her pelvis at great length. She was so wet….Her come ran down my fingers! Finally I had seen all of her intimate flesh there was to see.

“You can get put your clothes back on now Miss Clark, I’ll see you in the front office area, O.K.?” She rolled back over and appeared so limp on the table…..and made no effort to cover her nakedness. Why should she, I thought….I just completely explored all of her most intimate parts! I patted her arm and smiled at her with a knowing look.

“All appears to be just fine with your genitals and reproductive organs, Miss Clark. That wasn’t too uncomfortable for you, was it?”

“No doctor………….thank you”, she faintly replied.

No, thank you, I thought!

Oh wow. Thanked me no less! I pulled it off. I know I did!

And so that’s the story. She went up to her room and had her tonsillectomy that next day. I never heard from her again or heard anything about my ‘examination’. Doctor Connor was never the wiser when he returned later that night….I told him how ‘bored’ I had been!

But…..I would love to be a doctor just once more with a patient like Miss Clark! After all, who wouldn’t?????