Playing with Helen

John entered the darkened room and glanced down at her. Helen’s womanly bottom looked so erotically enticing, thrust high in the air propped up by the pillows beneath her hips.

He knew she was aware of his presence. Even though she could not see him, she would have heard him enter. She would be wondering what was in store for her. Having been left alone, tied face down and blindfolded, she would have run through many possible scenarios in her mind. Of course, she had no way of being certain what was going to happen. He smiled to himself, for that matter neither did he.

Beyond the fact that she was his to do with as he pleased until the stroke of midnight, he had no specific plan as to how her special joy was going to be provided. He selected a tight fitting pair of lightweight latex gloves and made sure that she was aware of him donning them. He moved near her so she could hear the tight latex being pulled on and the cuffs of the gloves snapped.

John picked up the thick black dildo and hefted its weight in his right hand. He was sorely tempted to force the thick head into her tight asshole, but that might be too much. He coated the head of it with KY jelly and decided what to do. His rigid cock oozed lubrication at the mere thought of being in control and of having her trust entirely in his command.

No, he wasn’t going to push into her tight rectum, not just yet. Instead, he parted the swollen flesh of her labia and placed the slick head at the opening of her vagina. With a gentle thrust and slight twisting motion, he eased the heavy dildo into her. He pressed it deeper into her, pushing it as far as it would go into her slick hot pussy. He held it deep in her as she tried to move her hips to give herself a nice ride on the thick intruder. He didn’t want that, so as she moved, he moved his hand in order to keep the dildo deep in its place.

He smiled as she squirmed. Then he slapped Helen’s ass hard. The loud smack of his gloved hand filled the small room as the latex contacted her bare flesh. She remained silent as he lifted his hand and then brought it down once more on the bare flesh. He began to move the thick rubber penis as he spanked her bottom. The pale white flesh taking on a rosy glow as he aimed each stroke at different parts of her beautiful ass. By the time the sixth slap had hit her, she was breathing heavily. At the twelfth stroke she was fully and deeply aroused.

He switched hands and began to spank her other butt cheek. As he had with the first, each blow was directed to a slightly different part of the white globe. He warmed her bottom thoroughly as she rode against the dildo and began to close on her climax. As the first soft moan escaped her lips, he slid the rubber penis from inside her, and left her wiggling and writhing. Unfulfilled, yet so very close, she hissed a single word.


His hand was already raised and before the utterance had died, he slapped her hard on her upturned and totally vulnerable bottom.

“What did you call me, wench?” He demanded as the second blow stung her flesh.

“I’m so sorry, master.” Helen whimpered as his hand stung her already tingling flesh again and again.

John watched in fascination as her already swollen genitals grew even darker with excitement as her bottom was repeatedly spanked during the apology. He knew she longed for release, but was not even near allowing it to her. Instead, he parted her warm ass cheeks and placed the slick head of the intruder against her exposed anal bud. He usually always circled her teasingly with it, and did so briefly. As she was growing used to the notion of the familiar easing in of the thick head, he pushed sharply and thrust it into her.

Her head jerked in response and another sharp hiss escaped her lips. This time, however, she did not utter whatever was on the tip of her tongue. Instead, she rose to meet the phallus, so he pushed it deep into her rectum and began to fuck her with it.

He used the dildo, gently at first, then more quickly and deeper. He simulated to motion of his own penis when he had it buried in her hungry ass. There was no doubt about it, this dear and lovely creature was anal erotic. In fact, it seemed, at times, as though anal sex was her principal joy in life. She most certainly never complained about anal play, and often enough initiated it. What a fortuitous twist of fate. Anal lovers who had been fortunate enough to find another who shared their joy.

As she urged him on, he noted that her labia were dark pink and glistened with both the KY jelly and her own secretions. He could even catch brief whiffs of the scent of her arousal. His cock throbbed as her wantonness overwhelmed him with desire to take her.

“Fuck me dear, fuck my ass harder. Make me come, lover, oh please make me come.” She begged as he brushed the tips of his gloved fingers softly over her hot wet flesh.

How easy it would be, the thought, to place the tips against her clitoris and bring her to orgasm with but a few firm strokes. But, he wasn’t going to make it that easy, and they both knew it. As much as each wanted it, each dreaded ending the huge tension created by the teasing. Waiting was the answer. Both of them would be even more satisfied by the waiting.

He slowly with drew his hand and slid the dildo from deep in her ass.

“My, my, what a dirty girl we have. You’ve soiled your toy while it was giving you pleasure.” He scolded her. “I should make you lick it clean.”

His threat was idle and empty; but her not knowing that, made it as effective as if he fully intended to carry it out. In point of fact, the dildo was not soiled in the least. Her blindfold, however shielded her from that bit of knowledge.

“I’m afraid you know what than means, don’t you?” He asked laughingly.

“Not an enema?” she replied in mock horror. “You aren’t going to force lots of hot water into me are you?”

“Of course not. I’ll simply leave you tied here to the bed for twenty-four hours until you’re empty, then we can resume. Of course, it will take you a long while to clean up that mess. It will likely leave permanent stains in your bedding and mattress, but then you don’t have to take an enema.” He told her. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said as he rose from the bed and began to leave the room.

“You can’t just leave me here!” Helen cried out. “You can’t just walk out and leave me like this.”

“Of course I can, my dear. That is the whole point. I can do as I please with you.”

“But what about our agreement? You are no longer the master as of midnight.” She retorted.

“You are right.” He answered. “As of Midnight, you are free to do as you like. I’m sure Nancy won’t mind untying you when she gets here to do the cleaning tomorrow at 10:30. I’ll just leave her a note so she knows where to find you. Should I get out the scissors for her too?”

“You prick! You rotten bastard! You untie me this minute!” She shouted at him.

He laughed and headed towards the bedroom door. As he began to turn the knob, she called out to him. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Do what?” He asked as he turned, grinning, back to the bed.

“Take an enema.” She replied.

“It’s not that easy.” He answered. “You’ve insulted me, called me names, and tried to take control over your master. I can’t just give you a simple enema, Helen.”

“I’m so sorry, lover. Please give me an enema.”

“Not good enough. Try harder!”

“I’m so very sorry for disobeying and questioning you, master. Please give me an enema and clean me out?”

“And?” He asked.

“And, please make me hold the enema and then spank me again for being so dirty and disobedient.”


“And, please forgive me and allow me to suck your penis while I hold the enema. Please let me finger your tight anus as I suck you and stimulate you so the orgasm is huge. Then, please allow me to swallow your hot seed and lick you clean?”

“Very well, since you have asked so politely and sincerely, I will give you all you have asked for.” He replied as he closed the door and turned towards the bathroom.

He filled the rubber bag with very warm water to which he added a measured amount of salt. After releasing the clamp and pushing all the air from the tubing, he returned to the bedroom. Looking at the array of toys he’d set on the dresser, he made his choices. A long slender vibrator and the ominous looking double balloon rectal catheter.

Kneeling next to his lover on the bed, he gazed at her exposed anus. A tease, he thought, was in order. Placing his hands on the still pink cheeks of her lovely ass, he parted them wide as she gave a small reflexive clenching. With her bottom thus exposed, he ran the tip of his tongue lightly over the bud of her anus.

She moaned deeply as he traced tiny circles around the opening. Using only lightest of pressure, he flicked softly across the sensitive flesh. The softness and the wrinkled texture felt so erotic to him. She tried to lift her hips to garner more pressure against her asshole. He responded by squeezing her tingling buttocks hard and pressing her away from him. Instead he kept up the simply maddening light tongue flicks that were driving her crazy with desire.

Reluctantly, he ceased his actions. Taking the tube of KY jelly, he squeezed a large glob of the cool lubricant right onto her anus. Holding her bum cheeks apart with the fingers of his left hand, he pushed the middle and index fingers of his right hand into her ass. Pressing them deep and rotating them as he moved them in and out of her tight hot hole, he got her ready for the nozzle. He spread the fingers inside her, opening and stretching her anal sphincter. While doing that, he picked up the rubber catheter and placed the rounded tip near her asshole.

Withdrawing the fingers, he slipped the tip easily into her waiting orifice. Holding it there, he squeezed more KY onto the rubber balloon and then grasping just behind it, forced it into her. At first it resisted entrance, but then began to slide in slowly. As it went deeper, it seemed to take on a bit of life of its own. As he watched fascinatedly, her anus opened to accept it, and then as it slid in past the widest part, the gleaming device was sucked inside her rectum.

He pumped air into the balloon, knowing that it was inflating inside her rectum beginning the sealing off process. He pumped the customary four squeezes of the inflation bulb and paused. One more and she began to squirm. A sixth and she protested. A seventh and she winced slightly. He released the air and let the balloon collapse. Then again inflated it. Stopping this time when she squirmed. He then inflated the external balloon, sealing her off completely.

Kneeling there, he gazed at her, and took his cock in his hand. Stroking it softly with the smooth latex glove he took in the sight of the obscenely fascinating catheter locked in his lover’s rectum and her swollen genitals exposed below the bulging balloon. His stiff penis was engorged to its fullest. He thought of continuing his fondling and of shooting hot sperm onto her ass. Knowing that it would make her chore of bringing him to orgasm with her mouth while the enema was locked in her, he did just that.

Rubbing his shaft lightly at first with long soft strokes, he gained impetus. As he could feel the orgasm building, he squeezed his cock harder and pumped quicker. In a sudden burst from deep inside, a jet of hot semen erupted from the crown of his penis. It splashed onto her ass, hitting right next to the round balloon. As he moaned , spurt after spurt shot forth, leaving droplets and puddles all over her bottom.

He milked the final few drops from the head of his prick and then held his hand to her lips, commanding her to lick off the small amount of cum that was clinging to the latex. She used her tongue and lips to get all the sperm, and sucked greedily on his fingers. She loved the taste of his hot seed, and worked eagerly to get it a . The shimmer on the latex was so arousing.

Returning to the task at hand, he attached the latex tubing to the catheter. Once it was secure, he hung the bulging red bag from one of the knobs on the chest of drawers, and released the clamp. As the flow began, he slid the vibrator easily in between the swollen lips of her cunt. After pushing it far inside her, he turned it on and let its insistent buzzing add to her already burdened feelings of desire. As he pressed it with his thumb, he reached beneath her and felt for one of her nipples.

At first contact, she emitted a low sigh of delight. He rolled the flesh with his fingertips and felt it immediately engorging. Once is was fully erect, he squeezed it between finger and thumb. That was all it took to set her off.

As the hot enema, the buzzing vibrator, and the tingle of both her bottom and nipple overcame her, she orgasmed. Straining against her bonds, she moved to try and get pressure on her clitoris. Grinding her pelvis into the pillows, she moaned as the waves of pleasure rippled through her body. The pressure of the large enema filling her colon was lost in the rise and fall of her spasms.

He knew that as they subsided and the glow wore thin, that she would begin begging him to shut off the flow and to release her. He was not going to do that. Once the full bag had drained into her, he would lock the hose and add another pump to the balloon in her rectum.

As he had anticipated, that is exactly what happened. As he knew he would, he responded by untying her hands and then fastening them behind her back. Helping her to straighten, he knew that the pull of gravity would add to the cramps and the insistent feeling of needing to expel the hot water from her bowels. No amount of complaining would deter him. He stood in front of her and presented his flaccid penis to her.

“You may expel only after I have spent my seed in your mouth and you have swallowed all of it.” Turning away from her, he added, “Begin by licking my asshole.”

“But, my hands are bound, I won’t be able to give you anal pleasure with my fingers!”

“Exactly the point, dearest. You are going to have to use only your mouth. If I let you use your fingers up my ass, I would orgasm too soon and you wouldn’t get the full effect of having to hold the huge enema. Now, start licking my asshole!”

With that, John bent forward a bit and parted his own buttocks to expose his anus. He felt the first electric spark as her wet tongue licked him. She was very eager in her ministrations. No doubt the pressure from the enema was making itself very evident to her. She would know that licking him and making him hard again was he only path to salvation. He loved it and felt his cock rising. Even as Helen pushed her tongue into his anus and licked him deeply, even as she sucked on his anus and provided all the stimulation she could, it was the notion of control that was causing him to harden. He looked down at his penis. It was completely erect and he was ready to let her take him.

Pulling away, he turned and placed the swollen crown to her mouth. Like a starving baby, she nursed hungrily on it. He felt her suck the head in, as she used her talented tongue to her best advantage. He moaned as she pushed the tip of her hardened tongue into the tiny opening, and then flicked it over the glans. Sucking as she did so, she brought him higher up the mountain. Then, as his urges took over, he felt the need to move his hips. As he did, she took his cock deep into her and wrapped her crimson painted lips around the shaft. She was probably wishing she could see his ace so she could gauge how near he was. Instead she only had the sounds and the urgency of his thrusting to go by. Reaching down, he clasped her head and fucked her mouth hard. She was very talented and took him deep. As the pumping of his cock grew more frenzied, the length of each thrust diminished and his explosion soon followed. Spurting hard, he erupted inside her. It was fantastic. His hot sperm was shooting into the throat of his beloved.

As his orgasm slowly ebbed, she kept sucking him gently and licking him softly. Even as his penis began to shrink, she was eager to keep it in her mouth. To keep the bond in place. She sucked him gently and swallowed all of his hot jism. She whimpered softly as he pulled his prick away from her.

A promise is a promise. As his cock slipped from between her lips, he removed the blindfold. He cradled her softly and praised her long as he lowered his face to hers and kissed her gently. Then, he began to unfasten her wrist and ankle cuffs. As he freed her last leg, the clock struck the first of its twelve chimes. Perfect timing, he thought.

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