Preparing for the Prom

Tuesday started off very much as per usual for Karen. She woke up, stretched and rolled over on her back. She considered rolling over again and sleeping late then she remembered; School was over for the summer! “Mmmmmm” she murmured. A wide smile spread across her face. That meant that she could sit around the pool all day. No wait, Mom had said something last night about going shopping. Well, that was OK too. Karen got out of bed and looked at herself appraisingly in the full length mirror.

‘She was in pretty good shape for a 17 year old.’, she thought. Her legs were long and sleek and her tan line was just beginning. ‘She would be dark brown by the end of the summer.’, she thought to herself. Her breasts were firm ‘B’ cup size but, she loved her nipples best. Karen had been blessed with extra thick, long nipples. They were a light shade of pink and Karen would have preferred them to be darker but they were soooooo sensitive. She reached up and gave them a little tweak. They crinkled right away becoming hard and tight under Karen’s pinching fingers.

She turned around and looked over her shoulder at the image of her ass in the mirror. ‘My best feature.’, she thought. She ran her hands over her smooth buttocks imagining that they were a man’s hands. She reached down and held her buttocks lewdly apart exposing her pink anus. This was one of the most sensitive areas of Karen’s body. She would be mortified if anyone ever found out how much she loved playing with herself there. Karen wondered what it would be like for someone else to touch her ass. She showered quickly and couldn’t resist playing with herself while under the streaming water. Her hand slid down to her lightly haired pussy and began soaping it. She let two fingers slide deep into her and moaned as she did it. Her fingers began sliding in and out in a delicious rhythm. Her left hand reached down to get soapy too and then Karen let one finger slide slowly into her hot rear opening. The fingers in her pussy felt the intrusion of her rear finger deep in her body. Karen shuddered and let out a little cry as she came.

She then took her razor and shaved her legs and under her arms. She looked down at her puss and started slowly shaving her bikini line. ‘Maybe she’d take the sun later.’, she thought. She worked her way up her inner thighs and down her flat belly toward her puss. She was left with a tiny triangle of curly blond hairs. Karen hesitated a moment and then continued. Her mom kept her pussy shaved and Karen had often wondered what it would be like. She giggled as she removed the last of the unwanted hair. This was turning her on! She was getting so hot. She knew that her boyfriend, Tommy Mitchell, would get his rocks off with her tonight.

Karen and her mom drove downtown. Karen was dying to find out where they were going but her mom just wouldn’t tell. Finally they arrived at a small boutique in the fashion quarter. Karen noticed the shop display was completely filled with lacy, sexy lingerie. She figured that her mom was picking out something sexy to turn her dad on that night. She already had a large collection of risqué lingerie.

They went into the shop and her mom led her toward the back of the store. The manager greeted Karen’s mother warmly, “Hi Janice. This must be your daughter Karen.” Karen shook her hand and then they were led back to sit down in a large fitting room.

“Karen,”, said her mom, “I know you’re going to your prom next week and I’ve decided to treat you to something special. Laura and I are going to pick out some wonderful lingerie for you to wear on under your prom dress.” Karen’s eyes opened wide. She had never owned anything that sexy before. “Now take off that dress and we’ll get started.”, said her mother. Karen hesitated as she looked at Laura. “Don’t be embarrassed Karen.”, said the store manager, “I’ve seen many, many women naked in here.”

Karen slowly undid the buttons on her summer dress and pulled in over her head. She was left in her matching pink bra and bikini panty set. “Your bra too Karen.”, said Laura. Karen blushed as she unclasped the flimsy garment and took it off. Laura and her mother looked openly at her firm breasts. Laura now took out a series of different bras.

Each was more revealing and more risqué than the last. Karen blushed again as she felt Laura’s hands adjusting the bra and moving her breasts in them. Her mother and Laura looked at each bra appraisingly, having Karen turn this way and that as she modeled the flimsy garments. They finally settled on a push-up half-bra that left most of her breasts uncovered. It more presented her breasts than protected them. It was more daring than anything Karen could have imagined wearing. She looked at herself in the mirrors of the room and she couldn’t deny that the effect was exciting. Karen was embarrassed that her nipples hardened once again as she looked at them. The nipples were completely on display above the top of the white lace. Both Laura and her mom noticed them immediately and smiled knowingly at Karen.

“OK Karen, now take off those panties.”, said Laura, “We’re going to try on some stockings and garter belts.” Karen began to reach down and remove her panties when suddenly she remembered; Her pussy was shaved! Karen turned bright red and stopped. “Uh, uh, couldn’t I keep them on.”, she stammered in a tiny voice.

“Karen”, said her mother, “Do as you’re told. Now, get those panties off.” “But I don’t want to.”, said Karen. Her mother’s face suddenly took on a very stern expression. “You will remove those panties right now, young lady.”

Karen’s face was now hot and flushed. “Please, no.” she whimpered.

“Come over here Karen.”, said her mother in a no-nonsense voice. Karen shuffled over to her mother’s side. This was just how she sounded when Karen was about to get a spanking. Surely she wouldn’t get one here! Not here in front of a strange woman. Karen soon had her question answered as her mother reached out and grabbed her wrists and pulled her over her lap. Karen’s embarrassment reached a peak and she felt tears welling up behind her eyes.

Her mother grasped the waistband of Karen’s panties and pulled them down and off her long legs. The spanking started next and Karen felt her bottom get hot under the stinging spanks of her mother. Karen’s face was hot and wet with tears when her mother finally stood her up. Her hands moved immediately to cover her pussy.

“Put those hands down Karen.”, said her mom. Reluctantly Karen dropped her hands to her side. Now her shaven slit was completely visible. She saw her mother smile as she saw it. Laura too was looking right at the exposed pussy lips. Karen thought she would die of embarrassment. “Karen, Laura will now finish your spanking.”, said her mom. Karen slowly shuffled over to Laura. Tears trickled down her cheeks in humiliation as she bent over the woman’s lap.

Laura took her time, readjusting Karen several times until her bottom was in the best position. Karen felt the older woman’s left hand holding her firmly at the small of her back. Her right hand rested gently on Karen’s already pink buttocks. Karen felt Laura’s hand gently stroking her bottom in a soothing motion for a moment before the spanking began. Laura gave Karen several hard, quick spanks then paused, her hand resting gently on her warm cheeks.

The spanking continued like that for a while. Laura would give four or five spanks then pause to stroke the young teenage bottom gently. It was like no other punishment that Karen had ever experienced and she had experienced many. After a couple of minutes, Karen had almost gotten used to stroking when Laura’s hand stroked gently down her cheeks and Karen felt Laura fingers trailing delicately along her crack! They passed teasingly over Karen’s sensitive anus and continued down to her slit. Karen shivered at the touch. It was soooooo exciting.

Five or six hard smacks followed then Laura’s fingers again glided down between Karen’s cheeks. Laura paused for a moment. “Open your legs Karen.”, she said. Karen allowed her legs to fall open. Laura’s finger slid lower and lower, all the way down to her clit which was, by now, soaked in Karen’s own juices.

“Stand up Karen.”, said Laura. Karen got to her feet slowly feeling the heat in her buttocks and a different kind of heat in her pussy. Laura looked over at Karen’s mom. “Janice, she’s soaking wet.”, she said.

Karen’s face blushed red again as this was announced. “I think she enjoys being submissive.” continued Laura. Karen’s mom smiled. “Yes I know.”, she said, “She’s been getting aroused for ages whenever her father or I have given her a bare-bottomed spanking. Karen couldn’t believe her ears! Here was her own mother and this strange woman discussing her most intimate moments right out in the open! Nothing more was said for the moment and Laura busied herself getting garter belts and stockings onto Karen. They finally settled on a set that left Karen looking hotter than she thought she ever would.

Again she posed in the clothing, but this time the poses became more and more suggestive. Karen willingly followed all of the instructions. She felt her pussy becoming more and more wet and every once in a while, she would notice in the mirror the glisten of her juices on her slit. Finally Laura ordered into the middle of the room and had her stand with her legs wide apart and her hands clasped behind her head. Karen was told to remain in this position. “We’re going to ask you some questions Karen”, said her mom, “and I want you to answer honestly and fully.” Karen’s breathing had quickened. “OK”, she said in a low voice.

“First of all”, asked Laura, ‘When was the first time you masturbated?” Karen’s face turned red again as she stammered out her reply,

“About two years ago.”

“How often do you masturbate?”, asked her mother.

“Almost every day.”, said Karen hesitantly.

“What objects have you inserted in your pussy?”, asked Laura.

Karen slowly listed her hairbrush, her fingers, a long necked bottle and a small dildo.

“Have you ever put your finger into your bottom?”, asked her mother.

Karen looked at her mother in shock! She could barely get the word out, “Yyyyyeeeeess”, she said.

Laura and her mom smiled. “What objects have you put into your ass?”, asked Laura.

Karen’s voice was shaking as she told about using her finger, the handle of her brush, and a tube of lipstick. She also commented that she enjoyed the feeling of having a rectal thermometer up there when her mother took her temperature.

“Oh, I think we can do better than that.”, said Laura mysteriously. The questioning went on as Karen described everything sexual that she had ever done. She even told about the time that her boyfriend Tommy had almost taken her virginity at the beach. When they had finished asking everything they could think of, Karen was flushed and almost panting. She had never been so turned on in her life! Laura left the room for a moment and returned carrying a small box. Karen was still standing as instructed with her legs apart and her hands behind her head. Laura opened the box and leaned over to whisper something to her mother. Karen’s mom smiled and nodded her head.

Laura looked up at the young girl “Turn around Karen then bend over and touch your toes.”, said her mother, “Laura is going to give you a special present. Karen did as she was asked. She hoped that the present wasn’t another spanking… Her bottom was already sore.

Between her legs she saw Laura take something out of the box and begin covering it with some kind of lubricant. As Laura turned toward Karen, the object became visible as a small plastic dildo that was shiny with the lubricant covering it. Karen felt Laura’s fingers at her ass gently spreading her cheeks and then the cool touch of the object at her anus.

Karen gasped as the anal intruder was gently but firmly pushed into her body. She was panting hard when Laura finally let her up, the butt plug now solidly in place. Karen could see that both her mom and Laura seemed excited too. Laura sat down again, leaving Karen standing in the middle of the room. The sensation of having the plug holding her anus open was causing Karen to tremble. She could feel her juices trickling down her inner thighs.

“Now, Karen”, said her mother in a throaty voice, “Would you like to be allowed to come?” Karen nodded her head. She was so hot that she was whimpering softly. She would do anything to be allowed to come. “Then ask Mistress Laura to let you.”, said her mother.

Karen turned to Laura, “Please Mistress Laura, please let me.”

Laura smiled at her, “Very well Karen, show us how you can come. Play with yourself.”

Karen dropped her hands to her soaking pussy. Her fingers found her clit hard and hot. Karen was so close already that it only took a moment. She felt the orgasm start first deep in her belly. She could feel her tummy start to tremble and then she felt her bottom clamp down hard on the anal plug. Well, that was IT! Karen heard a ringing in her ears and she sank to her knees as spasm after spasm racked her body. Each peak caused her to tighten on the butt plug again and each time she did, it caused another peak. As if from a distance, Karen heard herself cry out again and again.

It was quite a few minutes before she finally calmed down. Her body was covered in sweat and she felt totally drained. She looked up to see that both her mother and Laura had lifted their skirts and had brought themselves to their own orgasms! The two older women helped Karen to her feet. They helped her with her dress, pulling it over her head and down over the sexy lingerie. Karen looked up and asked if she could take out the plug from her bottom. Her mother smiled down at her, “No Karen, you’ll wear it until we get to our next stop. We’re going to visit Dr. Edwards.” A shiver ran down Karen’s spine as she wondered what further adventures waited for her at Dr. Edwards’ office.

Dr. Edward’s Office

Karen and her mother walked out of the boutique, and Karen could feel the butt plug moving inside of her ass as she walked. It pushed further up inside of her when she sat in the car, and she could feel it move as they drove to see the doctor. Janice told her, “Before I let you go off to the prom in all that sexy attire, I thought it was best if Dr. Edwards had a good look at you.” Karen had been seeing Dr. Edwards, the gynecologist, ever since she started developing into a young woman. He was such a handsome man, and how embarrassed she was to be exposed before him. But what about this butt plug in her ass? When was that going to be removed? Was he going to see her this way?

These questions continued to race through her head as they walked into Dr. Edwards’ office. He was standing in the waiting room as they walked through the door. “Janice, Karen, I’ve been waiting for you”, he said. “Janice, I’m going to have to ask you to be present during Karen’s exam. My nurse had to leave early today. Now, come on back to my examining room.”

Janice spoke up as they walked down the hall, “Doctor, you do remember our conversation, right? I want Karen to have a full examination.”

Karen thought, “a full examination…what could that mean?”

She began to get the idea as they walked into the examining room. Dr. Edwards walked toward the edge of the examining table and pulled out the stirrups. She had heard the girls at school talk about “pelvics”, but she had never experienced one before. Dr. Edwards handed her a gown and told her to remove all of her clothing, except she could leave her panties on. Karen walked behind a screened off area in the corner of the room. She took off her dress and bra, and began to slide her panties down her legs.

Just then, her mother walked behind the screen and said, “There will be no need to take those off just yet.”

Karen replied, “Oh, I know, I was just going to remove the plug from my behind.”

But, Janice was quick to correct her: “You’ll do no such thing. Keep it in so that Dr. Edwards knows what you like back there!” And, as Karen began to remove the garter belt, her mother said, “Just leave the garter belt and stockings on. Dr. Edwards would probably like to see that, too.” So, Karen put the examination gown over her head, her sexy panties, garter belt and stockings on and the butt plug still in place. She and her mother emerged from behind the screen.

Dr. Edwards led Karen toward the examining table, patting it for Karen to sit down. Karen did as she was told, and sat on the examining table. Dr. Edwards shook down a thermometer and placed it in Karen’s mouth while he looked into her eyes, ears and nose. Janice said, “You are going to check her temperature in the most accurate way, aren’t you?”

Dr. Edwards didn’t reply immediately, but first removed the thermometer from Karen’s mouth. In response, he said, “Seems to be a bit elevated”, and returned the thermometer to its case on the wall. So far, the examination was happening as it had before. Karen felt a bit embarrassed having her mother present as Dr. Edwards lowered the examining gown to her waist and began feeling her breasts. Then, as before, he had her lie back on the table while he continued to feel her breasts. The room was a bit cool, and with his touch, her nipples hardened. Dr. Edwards continued with his examination, moving his hands lower toward her belly. Now, Dr. Edwards was going to see something new, and Karen wondered how he would respond.

Dr. Edwards removed Karen’s gown and placed it under the cart next to the examining table. Upon seeing Karen’s garter belt and stockings, he reacted pleasantly surprised and said to Karen, “I see your mother has taught you well”, and then he nodded in approval toward Janice.

He continued feeling lower, still doing nothing more than had occurred in past examinations. He put his hands between Karen’s thighs, and she knew from before that he wanted her to spread her legs a little bit. She responded and Dr. Edwards moved his hand under the top of her panties and began running his fingers through what remained of her bush. “OK, now let’s get these off”, said Dr. Edwards as he pulled her panties down her legs…and Karen instinctively raised her bottom to allow him. Then, she remembered about her early morning shaving AND about the plug in her ass! With her legs spread slightly, Dr. Edwards would still be able to examine the outside of her pussy, and he probably wouldn’t notice the plug in her ass. But, he did notice that she had shaved her pussy and he said, “I guess you’ve got a smaller bikini this year?”

Dr. Edwards ran his fingers along either side of Karen’s pussy lips, and then he ran one finger along the slit. As before, Karen could feel herself getting wet. She knew, that with her hair gone, Dr. Edwards would be able to see the glistening at the opening to her pussy. His finger traced the lips up to her clit, where he used his other hand to spread her lips and look inside. This is where the examination used to end. But not today!

“Now, Karen, your mother has asked me to do a complete exam. What that means is I’m going to have you put your legs in the stirrups so I can examine you more thoroughly. Please slide down to the end of the table.”

Karen looked over at her mother who stared at her straight in the eye. She knew that she must endure the doctor’s request. She slid down to the end of the table and let her legs dangle at the knees at the end of it. “Janice, here’s where I’ll need your help”, asked Dr. Edwards. Janice walked toward the end of the table where Dr. Edwards had taken a seat . He reached between Karen’s knees and spread her legs, while helping her feet into the stirrups. He looked toward Janice and asked her to help him put on the latex examining gloves.

Karen kept her knees together once her legs were in the stirrups. But she could feel the air around her pussy and her ass, and she knew that Dr. Edwards would see the anal intruder protruding from her asshole. Upon spreading her knees and moving between her legs, he must have seen the butt plug. She could feel his hand on it, as if adjusting it, and he said to Janice, “Now I know where you two have been…a little trip to see Laura, huh?”

And then, Karen could feel the plug being slowly removed from her ass. “She won’t be needing this during the examination”, said Dr. Edwards as he removed the plug and handed it to Janice. Janice responded, “We found out that little Miss Karen has a hot spot back there! Be careful, Doctor.” Karen was humiliated.

“Well then, Janice, perhaps we should see just how hot Karen really is back there”, said Dr. Edwards. Karen had no idea what was going on as she heard Dr. Edwards sliding open a drawer at the foot of the examining table. But, then she knew. She felt Dr. Edwards applying something cool to her asshole and he was slowly inserting his index finger up to the first knuckle saying, “We’ll just take her temperature there”. He stood up and reached for the thermometer used earlier in her mouth, shaking it down and applying some lubricant to it. Resuming his seated position between her legs, she could feel his hands spreading her asscheeks. Then she felt the familiar tip of the thermometer pressing against her asshole, and slowly being inserted into her rectum. Dr. Edwards said, “Janice, you are still taking Karen’s temperature rectally aren’t you?”

Janice answered, “Oh, yes. Of course, but she hasn’t been sick that much. And, I usually have her lie on her stomach.”

The thermometer was now in place and Karen was getting used to its presence. It felt so good inside of her asshole. And, there was an unusually good feeling she was having while lying on the examination table with her legs spread in the stirrups, a thermometer sticking out of her asshole, and Dr. Edwards and her mother watching.

Dr. Edwards was rubbing Karen’s thigh as the thermometer registered, and occasionally, he would “adjust” the thermometer by rotating it in her asshole, moving it side-to-side, or moving it in and out. After several minutes, she felt him slowly removing the thermometer from her asshole. He wiped the lubricant from it and held it up to read it. Karen felt the lubricant from around her asshole being wiped, and looking down, she noticed that it was her mother doing this.

“Thank you, Janice”, said Dr. Edwards. “Karen’s temperature is one degree hotter in her rectum…still slightly above normal.”

Dr. Edwards put the thermometer back in the drawer and then said, “Karen, I’m going to do an internal exam now. Just relax as I insert my finger.” And turning to Janice he said, “Will you please put some KY on my finger?”

Karen saw her mother squeezing something out of a tube on to the doctor’s middle finger. Then, she felt the doctor’s finger applying the lubricant around the opening to her pussy, and he slowly inserted his finger…until it was met by resistance. “Oh, you’re a virgin?”, he questioned Karen.

Janice, however, answered the question, “Probably not after tonight!”

“Karen, is that right? Do you have plans for tonight?”, asked Dr. Edwards.

“Uh, I’m not sure, maybe”, was Karen’s reply.

“You feel like you’ll have no problem. It’s not too tight inside”, said Dr. Edwards. Of course, Karen had masturbated many times before and the doctor’s one finger was nothing compared to the two and three fingers she had inserted into herself.

Janice said, “Make sure she’s not too tight, Doctor”. As she said this, Karen felt Dr. Edwards inserting another finger into her pussy, until it met with the same resistance. He moved his fingers around inside of her, and she could feel him spreading them apart and them moving them in and out. He pushed his fingers inside up to the point of resistance and asked Janice, “Should I prepare her for things to come?”

“Yes, I think you should”, was her mother’s response.

“Perhaps you should provide some stimulation”, suggested Dr. Edwards.

Stimulation? Things to come? What could they be talking about? Soon enough, she knew. Dr. Edwards was again moving his fingers in and out of Karen’s pussy, but this time, he pushed in a little bit further each time against her hymen and held his fingers there. After a short while he said to her mother, “Now, Janice”. Janice stood up and moved next to Karen’s side. She took her hand and began lightly rubbing Karen’s stomach in big circles. Dr. Edwards was beginning to make Karen hot, and now, her mother was rubbing her stomach. Her mother’s touch slowly drifted down into what little hair remained above her pussy, and then she felt her mother’s hand on her clit. Her mother was rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing her stomach with the other hand. Then, the hand that was rubbing her stomach began rubbing her tits and lightly pulling on her nipples. WHAT was happening? Karen began moving her hips in response to the motions.

“Karen, to prepare you for this evening, I am going to insert my fingers fully inside of you”, said Dr. Edwards. “B-but I’m a virgin!”, exclaimed Karen.

“Be quiet and enjoy this!”, commanded Janice, as she rubbed Karen’s clit faster.

At that moment, Karen felt Dr. Edwards push against her hymen until it finally gave loose. She felt pain, but it was immediately overwhelmed by pleasure as Dr. Edwards was able to insert his two fingers all the way inside of her pussy. She pushed down on his fingers and began to squeeze her pussy muscles. The pain was quickly gone and she was feeling intense pleasure. Her hips were moving as her feet pushed against the stirrups. Dr. Edwards moved his fingers almost all the way out of her pussy, then all the way inside several times. Then, he said, “OK, Janice, I think that does it, but now you have one hot little lady here!”

Janice stopped rubbing Karen’s clit and tits and answered, “Can you complete your examination?”

“Oh, sure”, he said, and with that he removed his fingers from Karen’s pussy. She was extremely hot now, and her hips continued to move in the stirrups.

“Janice, why don’t you wipe around Karen’s genitals while I prepare for the next part of the examination.” Janice took a few tissues and wiped the area around Karen’s pussy, then she ran a finger between Karen’s pussy lips and inserted it a little bit. Karen was still hot, and she pushed her hips forward to get more of Janice’s finger inside. Janice allowed this to happen, even pushing her finger inside of Karen’s pussy more.

“Oh, Mom, I need to cum!”, Karen exclaimed, as she began to finger her clit.

“Doctor, it seems as though Karen needs to cum. Will that be all right?”, Janice asked the doctor.”

“I’d rather she not cum until I’ve completed my examination, Janice”, replied Dr. Edwards. By this time, Karen was moving her hand quickly on her clit, and Janice, who had now inserted two fingers into Karen’s pussy, was steadily finger-fucking her daughter. But, it was too late! Just as Dr. Edwards spoke, Karen pushed her hips further forward on Janice’s fingers and was squeezing her pussy on it. Her hand pressed down on her clit and she was cumming. “Looks like I spoke a little late”, said Dr. Edwards. Karen continued her cumming and then relaxed her body on the examining table, her feet still in the stirrups, and her legs spread very wide. Janice slid her fingers from Karen’s pussy and wiped them with some tissues. Dr. Edwards sat on the stool between Karen’s legs and noticed her aroused pussy - the bright red lips, the pussy juice all around the area, and the open hole where her mother’s fingers had been. Janice was standing next to Karen, lightly rubbing her hand on Karen’s thigh as her daughter relaxed.

Karen raised her hips to meet Dr. Edwards’ touch as he wiped her pussy dry to continue his examination. “Janice, would you please hand me the speculum so that I can see inside this little hot box?”

“What did Dr. Edwards just say - ‘this little hot box’?”, thought Karen. “Well, she did get pretty hot, so she guessed that was OK”, she reasoned.

Dr. Edwards had taken a seat at the foot of the examining table and he was looking between Karen’s widely spread legs. Janice handed him a speculum and Karen felt his fingers separating her pussy lips. She felt the tip of the speculum against her opening and then, she felt it sliding inside. It really felt quite nice, she thought, and then she felt him opening it up…