Prescription for a Bad Attitude

By Anonymous

My lover told me to take a shower and call her when I was finished. At first I tried to question her as to why. But, she refused to tell me what this was all about, and insisted that I take a shower. I decided to do what she wanted.

When I finished my shower I put on my underwear and called her. She came into the bedroom and told me to strip. She didn’t seem to be taking her clothes off, so I began to protest. Firmly, she told me to do as she instructed. I could see that she was intent on whatever purpose she had in mind. Ultimately, I removed my underwear. When I was naked she told me to come with her and went into the bathroom.

As I entered, she closed the door. Then, she opened a cabinet and withdrew an enema bag with a large black feminine nozzle at the end of the hose that I hadn’t seen before. I knew what was coming and was instantly filled with apprehension. I remembered getting enemas from my mother as a child. They were very embarrassing and distressing.

I watched in anxiety as she put it on the counter top, and turned on the water. She spread a towel on the floor as she waited for the water to get warm. Turning to me she instructed me to get on my knees over the towel with my head on the floor.

I said that I didn’t want an enema. She was obviously amused. Firmly, she told me that I had a bad attitude lately, and I was going to get an enema whether I wanted it or not. She said, “Now, get down over the towel.”

I decided it would be better take an enema than to have a quarrel that could cause trouble for days. As I got into position, I felt my cock stir. I turned my head so I could see what she was doing. She gave me a wry smile.

She filled the enema bag with warm water and stirred in some liquid soap. Then, she hung the bulging enema bag on a hook by the shower and pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. She applied Vaseline to the ominous black nozzle, and positioned herself behind me. My embarrassment was intense as she spread my cheeks.

I became fully erect as she pushed the nozzle all the way in. She giggled. She said this was going to be fun and opened the clamp. The water gurgled in the hose and began to gush into me. I clenched down on the nozzle, trying to stop the flow. But, the warm soapy water continued its relentless flooding. To make my humiliation worse, the warm water and the nozzle felt pleasurable and erotic.

Soon, I began to feel discomfort, and I pleaded with her to stop. She shut off the flow, and told me we had a long way to go. Then, she began to slowly slide the nozzle in and out of my sensitive opening. I squirmed. She laughed at my display. I could tell she was really enjoying herself.

When the pressure began to ease, she released the flow again. The erotic sensations escalated in spite of the mild cramping. She reached between my legs with a Vaseline covered rubber glove and began to masturbate me.

My squirming and groaning became uncontrollable. It was humiliating, but I couldn’t stop. She giggled and told me she was going to make me cum for her. The cramping became intense as my orgasm neared. I writhed and moaned as my cum spurted out onto the towel. The enema bag emptied as my orgasm subsided. Desperate for relief, I scrambled for the toilet when she released me. As she left the bathroom she told me to call her when I was finished.

After cleaning myself up, I went into the bedroom and called to her. She came into the room and told me that it wasn’t over yet. She ushered me into the bathroom, and prepared another enema. I didn’t think it would be wise to defy her, so I went along with what she wanted.

She put me back into position and inserted the nozzle. This time, I was only partially erect as she began the enema. She played with me until I was fully erect. Then, she forcibly masturbated me to another orgasm as the enema filled me. When I finally came out of the bathroom she was sitting on the bed. I was very docile.

She smiled, and said she thought enemas were a very good remedy for a bad attitude as well as a surprisingly effective method to stimulate my arousal. She announced that she was going to give me enemas regularly from now on.

When I began to object she stood up and asked me if I wanted another one right then. I began to plead with her not to do it again. She laughed and told me to stop acting like a baby. She said that I had had enough for now. We both knew she had won.