Prostate Massage

My physicians words ran through my head as I walked down the hall to the clinic.”You are pretty young to have prostate trouble. You need a regular love life. Get married.”

It was true. I was only thirty and in good health. This was … what? Surely a nuisance. In the previous week I had tried one visiting nurse and had only a tender rectum and swollen prostate to show for it. The receptionist in the glass enclosed office gave me the usual forms to fill out.

Then, a charming nurse, clipboard in hand, called my name.”John?” I arose and followed her. Her name was ‘Salle” With an “E’’ she informed me, smiling up into my eyes. I was captivated. Salle rustled as she walked. It was her uniform which she overfilled. Her breasts were almost peeking out of the top of the blouse and her thighs were exposed at the hemline. Her bottom filled the dress perfectly.

I was led to a treatment room equipped with an examination table and counter that ran the length of one wall. There was a toilet and I could see a hospital bed in another room adjoining. “You have overnight patients here?” I asked. ‘Well, yes. We do a rectal tamponade procedure and the patients stay over for that.’

She glanced at the chart on her clipboard, ‘ Prostate massage. Oh well… you will be getting some enemas and the massage.. I think you will enjoy that. You won’t be staying overnight.’

“Mores the pity.” I replied. She gave me a large smile.”Uh huh.

You might not enjoy the tamponade procedure as much as the enemas and massage.” Tell me about it.” I said. In my conspiratorial voice.

‘For now I want you to strip and put on this gown and you can wrap up in this sheet.’

The gown just came to my middle and I did need to wrap up in the sheet. I sat down on the neatly made up examination table. Salle indicated I was to lie down and she positioned my legs in stirrups. Then she draped my lower body exposing only my anal and genital area.

‘I will shave you now .’ She proceeded to run over the area with electric clippers. She grasped my penis in order to shave it completely. I soon had a rock hard erection. She ran her hand over it in an appraising manner and grasped my testicles. A drop of fluid escaped the end of my penis. She looked at it. ‘That is a good erection. We don’t get many like that. Would you like your wife to come in an masturbate you?’ She asked. “I am not married,” I responded.

Another nurse entered. She was a larger version of Salle with a great head of blond hair done in a chignon under her nurses cap. She stood 6 feet tall. ‘Hi. I ‘am Bridget.” She seemed all business. Salle asked her to help with the enema equipment and I could hear a low voice. ‘He is single!” While Salle prepared the enema instruments, Bridget came over to the examination table and grasped my penis. ‘It will be difficult to do all the procedure’s you need with this. Would you like me to masturbate you or should we give you a moment by yourself?” “Please go ahead.” I replied ‘I would like that.” ‘You have a nice large organ and you have been circumcised. That is good.”

Bridget placed a towel over my draped chest and lubricated my penis with warm scented cream. She plucked at the glans with the long fingers of one hand while she firmly gripped the shaft with her other hand. I was as hard as iron. With a few twisting motions I began pumping hot semen over the towel. “Doesn’t that feel better?” She asked pleasantly, as she sponged me off and discarded the towel in the waste. Salle had been watching and as Bridget finished she rolled a surgical tray into place at the foot of the table. The tray was covered with a towel and held a large red rubber bulb syringe with a long ebonite douche nozzle. A inflatable nozzle nozzle was coiled beside it. A slightly curved surgical steel tube with a vaginal type red rubber guard at one end and hoses connected with a Higginson force bulb sat on another small towel on the counter. Salle had filled measuring carafes with warm water. She wheeled a solution stand by my side and hung a large red rubber enema bag on one hook and a latex surgical rubber bag on the other hook. She coiled the hoses and then went over to a light control to dim the main lights. A small spot light illuminated my genital anal area.

‘’Would you like some music?’ Bridget asked. “Good idea.” I replied.

Bridget lubricated her gloved index finger and slowly massaged my anus. As I relaxed she slipped the finger in to the rectum.

“You must tell me where it feels sensitive.” She said as she probed the rectal walls.

“It all feels a bit tender” I said.

“Mm, yes and your prostate is still very distended.” Salle handed her the bulb syringe.

“I am going to give you a medicated enema that should help that tender rectum”. “You should be able to hold it for a few minutes could feel the long nozzle slip into my rectum”.

Bridget inserted it all the way to the sigmoid flexure. Then she squeezed the bulb. The medication had a slight sting to it but in

moments the sting went away. Salle positioned a folded towel over my anus and held it in place. She held a basin for me and a small amount of fluid drained out.

“I am going to give you a inflatable nozzle enema now, John. It will reach a little higher into your colon. It will be a warm saline enema and you will enjoy it.” Salle handed Bridget the inflatable nozzle nozzle and Bridget lubricated the end. Salle hooked the nozzle into the red rubber enema bag hose. Bridget slid the nozzle end into my anus and then using her hand to stiffen the balloon slid the balloon into the rectum, it slipped in with a plop. She pumped up the balloon and I felt rather full. Salle unclamped the hose and the warm solution began to fill me up. I took the entire bagful and my penis began to engorge as the water filled me.

“How do you feel, John?” Salle asked. “Good. They didn’t give enemas at the other clinic and this is an improvement.”

“Yes, we will do your prostate massage now.”

I voided the inflatable nozzle enema through the tube.

“‘Now we will fix that prostate.” Salle held up the prostate massage instrument for my view. “You see it has a special rubber sheath, sort of like the inflatable nozzle and we pump it full of hot water and it presses the prostate gland and…. you will come all over the place!” I looked a glance at the instrument, it looked formidable. The shaft alone was at least an inch wide and five

inches long. The thermometer sticking out behind the red rubber guard was also intimidating.

“Does it hurt?” I asked. Both women giggled.

“No one has EVER complained, John. Truly it is much gentler than some technician jabbing at that sore prostate”.

“OK” I said and Bridget began to work the head of the instrument through my anal sphincter. When the head was in she slowly advanced the shaft until the guard was nestled against my anus. I let out a sigh. “Not bad for therapy?” Salle asked. I nodded. Bridget signed to Salle and the hot water in the surgical rubber latex enema bag was allowed to flow. Bridget began to pump the Higginson in line pump and I could feel the water entering the instrument.

“We will run some fluid through first to warm it up” Salle explained as she closed the drain line valve. Now whenever Bridget pressed the in line bulb I felt a warm pressure in my rectum. Bridget was keeping a close eye on the temperature gauge in the instrument. My erection, which had started, grew rapidly. Salle reached down and slipped a large rubber band around the base of the penis and including the testicles she drew it tight and the erection became intense. Bridget was still pumping the hot fluid. I could feel a massive orgasm building. Salle reached down with a lubricated hand and grasped my rock hard penis. She ran her hand up and down the shaft in firm milking strokes, stopping each stroke at the corona edge.

“Oh! I gasped “I am coming!” Salle slipped the rubber band and a great gob of hot semen gushed onto the towel. Then another and another.

“Oh, oh” and still the orgasm continued.

Bridget stopped pumping and Salle held her hand still but the semen continued to drip from the end of the organ. Bridget slowly withdrew the instrument from the rectum and wiped me off. When I had recovered somewhat I asked ‘What now?’ Salle looked at her clipboard. “You had better come in to be checked out tomorrow in the afternoon. See you then.”