Purge Her

By Anonymous

She’d been moping around most of the morning, quite distracted by something. When he’d left to run to the store, she’d just disappeared into the bathroom for the third time. When he returned she was sitting on the couch, fidgeting restlessly, still dressed in her nightshirt.

Tina sat on the couch, frazzled and miserable, her mind focused on her poor tummy. She could hear Alex in the kitchen, tiding things up. He whistled as he worked; putting away the groceries, taking out the trash then starting some coffee. After awhile he joined her on the couch, apparently determined to find out what was bothering her.

“What’s the matter baby, aren’t you feeling well?” he asked, concern in his voice.

“Well….I’ve felt better, but I’ll be okay….” she responded vaguely. He noticed a trace hesitation in her voice, as if she were holding something back, so he continued the line of investigation.

“Are you coming down with a cold?” he asked earnestly, laying a hand on her forehead to check for a fever. Her eyes dropped as she replied.

“I…I don’t think so…maybe a trace of the…uhhh…stomach flu though…” she stammered.

Her forehead felt slightly warm and she was sweating a little, though whether from actual an sickness or just the line of his questioning, wasn’t clear. What was clear was her nervousness and unease in general, which only served to increase his resolve in pursuing the matter.

“Well, you do feel a little warm….I think we’d better take your temperature, don’t you?” he asked.

The concern in his voice was obvious, and she was heartened by it, knowing that he didn’t want to see her suffer needlessly. However, she was still a little nervous about having him examine her too closely, afraid of what he might divine.

“Oh…I don’t know if that’s really necessary…I’ll be okay.” she replied in an effort to deflect his interest.

“Well…you’ve been saying that all morning, yet you don’t seem to be getting any better. At least we’ll have something to go on if you show a fever….now come on, be a big girl, it won’t hurt.” he taunted, then stood and held out his hand, waiting her to follow him into the bedroom.

She looked up at him, biting her lip nervously, then finally nodded her head and took his proffered hand. Tina let him pull her up from the couch and lead her towards the back of the house. She really didn’t have much choice as she did feel terrible and the problem wasn’t going away by itself. She just hoped that he could affect some kind of cure without learning her little secret.

When they arrived in the bedroom Alex sat on the edge of the bed leaving her to stand at his side. He slide open the drawer of the night stand and retrieved the thermometer and tube of lubricant. He immediately set to work; shaking down the thermometer, then carefully dipping it into the tube so that when he pulled it out it glistened. Once everything was prepared, he patted his lap.

“All right young lady, over you go.”

He looked at her with a steady gaze and Tina could feel the little blush rising on her face. Alex always took her temperature rectally; putting her across his lap, her bare bottom lying exposed to his gaze. Of course he was just carrying on the long tradition established by her step-father, so by now you’d think she’d be used to it. Slowly she climbed across his waiting lap, and as she felt her nightshirt begin to rise, she thought of her dad….

He was a good man who’d been faced with the unenviable task of raising his little step- daughter all by himself. Tina’s mother had been killed in a car accident, and her step-father had been the only one left to care for her. He made a good living being a pediatrician, so she’d never lacked for anything; attention, toys, money or most especially, his fatherly love.

However, he’d had some rather old fashioned ideas about what constituted the proper care for a young lady. For instance, the rectal thermometer had never been retired in their household since he insisted that it was the only accurate method. He attributed almost mystical properties to it’s use, and considered it indispensable for determining the state of young girl’s mental and physical health.

Then there was the general curative he proscribed whenever he was unhappy with the reading on the thermometer. An enema syringe was a permanent resident inside the night stand by Tina’s bed. More often than not, it would make an appearance immediately following the sacred reading of the thermometer. The number of bulbs she would receive was determined by some magical divination process that only he was privy to. Of course the size of the syringe had grown over the years, just as she had, so the volumes grew to match her capabilities, always leaving her well filled.

So it was with father; any time he had the least bit of concern about her well being, into her bottom the thermometer would go, then she would anxiously await the verdict. It had never occurred to Tina that anything was unusual about all this as it was all she’d ever known. These treatments were just a normal part of her life, and they’d continued right up to her wedding day.

Tina’s bridesmaid Sharon, had stuck her head into the dressing room to remind her one last time that they were about ready for her entrance to the chapel. She noticed the funny look on Tina’s face, but passed it off to prenuptial nervousness. Tina was standing quite still in her long white gown, seeming to be frozen in place while her father sat calmly by her side. When she flashed Sharon a nervous smile of acknowledgment, Sharon ducked back out the door, closing it behind her. However, if Sharon had been able to see under that gown, she might have gotten a better understanding of why the bride was standing so still. For at that precise moment, Tina’s lovely silk panties lay in a shimmering pool around her ankles, while not far above a little nub of glass peeked out from between her pert bottom cheeks.

Her father had become quite alarmed at Tina’s increasing level of anxiety and so had finally insisted on checking her temperature to make sure nothing was amiss. In truth, he was hoping that the performance of the little ritual would help calm the poor girl’s frazzled nerves. Of course he couldn’t very well take her over his lap while she wore that lovely gown, so he’d done the next best thing; he’d simply raised the rear hem of the gown, tugged her panties down ‘till they fluttered to the ground, deftly parted her cheeks and popped the slippery rod home, then carefully lowered the hem back to the floor. Her agitation had slowly dissolved as the minutes ticked by and she was forced to concentrate on the little glass invader. So by the time the full five minutes were up, she had relaxed considerably, smiling down at him as he checked the reading. After she had pulled up her tiny panties, she leaned over and gave him a grateful little peck on the cheek, then they had proceeded to the chapel, arm in arm.

Later that night Alex had finally opened that little personal package from her father. The two men had become quite close during the courtship, sharing both their love for Tina, as well as other interests. The note that accompanied it had explained in detail how, when and on whom to use the enclosed items. Tina had blushed furiously as Alex read it aloud. But she’d nodded her head in agreement when he asked if she understood that he was going to follow her father’s recommendations. And all the while her demure gaze had remained fixed on the contents of that box; the shiny new rectal thermometer lying next to the extra-large, enema syringe….

As the shirt tail slowly rose to unveil the target, Alex saw that his hand was trembling slightly, it always did. As her bottom came into view, Alex once more felt the dual emotions of electric thrill and deep gratitude well up inside him. He was such a lucky man!

Tina’s broad, chubby cheeks stood out stark white against his dark jeans, clenching nervously, quite aware of the intensity of his gaze. He patted them fondly, then began to ease them apart to gain access to her little puckered hole. He gazed at it fondly for a few moments, then let just the tip of the thermometer rest there. As usual, he felt her quick intake of breath at the coolness of the lubricant, followed by her nervous shuffling as she awaited the inevitable. He loved to make her wait like this, making her acutely aware of his hand poised just above, ready to slide the thermometer deep inside. Her patience was soon rewarded as he slowly eased the glass rod in until only about an inch remained exposed. He could feel her relax as her nervous anticipation was finally ended. Alex let her cheeks close, then rested his hand across the cleft of her bottom, the glass nub held between two fingers.

“Now just relax little miss, we’ll soon get to the bottom of what ails you.” Tina heard him say with a note of certainty in his voice. Little alarm bells went off in her head…..but….no…he couldn’t possibly be aware of that. No, he must be trying to make her feel better, letting her understand that he cared and would do his best to ease her suffering, just like daddy used to do.

He smiled when he saw her stiffen momentarily, his statement obviously having triggered a little tremor of doubt and guilt. But as she relaxed again, he could tell that she felt her secret was safe from him. Little did she know that it wasn’t, for he’d found the evidence while he’d been so busy cleaning up the kitchen…

The stack of newspapers hadn’t quite hidden the edge of the bag of “Cheetos”, and further digging had quickly unburied the empty ice cream tubs, potato chip bags and torn candy bar wrappers. It was obvious that she’d been on a “junk food” binge while he’d been out of town on that business trip. Her promise to lose weight by swearing off sweets and chips was now broken, her diet a shambles. But instead of making a clean breast of it and accepting her punishment like a big girl, she had decided to cover it up.

The massive intake of junk had obviously clogged her system, resulting in a severe case of constipation. Her bloated silence and continuos trips to the john had certainly confirmed that diagnosis. But he was in no hurry to reveal this knowledge to her, much preferring to drop subtle little hints to make her nervous. He would confront her later when the time was more appropriate, laying the undeniable evidence before her. Then he would make her confess and beg to be punished properly.

There really was nothing for Tina to do now but grin and bear it. Alex required that she remain still and quite while her temperature was being taken. She did find it difficult to stay completely still however, because the hand resting on her bottom was moving around. Alex loved to caress her cheeks and would do it unconsciously whenever he had her in this position. This tended to jiggle the thermometer in her bottom, tickling her sensitive rectum, which in turn would excite her little clit. She found herself trying to press it against his thigh to excite it more, happy for the diversion as they both awaited the verdict.

He could feel her rhythmically pressing her mons against his thigh, her cheeks clenching with the effort as she worked to increase the friction. Alex smiled at her erotic reaction to the procedure, glad that she was responding in such a lascivious manner. In many aspects, Tina was almost completely uninhibited, and they were the areas that counted the most for him. From the first time Janice had introduced them, he had known this instinctively. Of course Janice had hinted rather broadly that she felt Tina was a perfect candidate for exercising his dark desires, desires that both he and the lovely doctor shared in common….

Alex and Janice had met anonymously over the net, while cruising the more esoteric newsgroups. Over time they had shared their deepest sexual fantasies and secrets, discovering their mutual interest in the high octane areas of bondage, enemas and spanking. When they finally disclosed their real identities to each other, they had been absolutely floored at the irony. As it turned out, they were already well aquatinted on a professional basis as Alex had been making sales calls to her for a couple of years. They never became sexually intimate with each other, since Janice had very strong lesbian tendencies, but they did become quite intimate friends. It turned out to be a very symbiotic relationship! Alex was able to provide Janice a wealth of exotic toys and implements that were not easily available except through his special European sources. In turn, Janice gave him all of her regular business, plus many productive referrals to her colleagues, which boosted his career enormously. Alex was able to recruit a new nurse for Janice, from a rather specialized clinic in Germany. Elke was a beautiful bisexual who also shared their other interests. She was well versed in all three categories, but was particularly adept at the art of the enema. The two women had become lovers as well as coworkers, and were soon able attract and cater to some very wealthy and kinky clients. So Janice had been delighted to offer up Tina as a measure of her gratitude….

He could hear a little moan escape Tina’s lips as she felt her cheeks being parted once again. He slowly withdrew the thermometer then held it up to the light, making humming noises as he checked the reading. This got her attention and she twisted her head around to see what was going on. Her father would have appreciated the little scene; the concerned look on Alex’s face as he carefully studied the reading on the thermometer while the nervous girl across his lap looked back towards him, her eyes seeming to hover just above her naked bottom as she searched his face for clues.

“Yes miss…you do seem to have a bit of a fever…you say it might be the stomach flu?” he asked evenly while turning to look at her backward glance.

“Uhhh…yes…it might be,” she answered nervously, a blush rising on her face.

“Have you been having diarrhea lately?” he queried, with a raised eyebrow.

“No…but my t-tummy has been…uhhh…p-pretty upset,” she stammered.

“Well stand up and let me take a look at it.” It was more of a command, then a request.

Tina gathered herself up, then stood by his side, biting her lip nervously. He made her hold the night shirt well up to expose her tummy. As he began to palpitate her aching belly with gentle, probing fingers, she was acutely aware of her nakedness; the close cropped bush that lay just below, and the swelling curves of her breasts just above.

“Hmmm….you seem awfully bloated…when was the last time you went potty, young lady?” Tina could feel a chill run down her back at the deadly accurate nature of the question, like he was beginning to suspect something.

“Oh…I don’t know….yesterday I think,” she quickly lied. “I sure don’t like the way your tummy feels….maybe it has something to do with the diet your doctor recommended….maybe we should call her over…,” he wondered aloud.

“Oh NO…..that’s really NOT necessary…I don’t want to bother Janice with a little thing like this,” responded Tina, instantly. She had absolutely no desire for Dr. Janice Hartley to examine her. Not only was she now Tina’s doctor, but she was also one of her oldest friends. And her medical examinations were quite meticulous, and also very arduous…..

They had grown up together and been very close, Janice almost like the big sister Tina would never have. They drifted apart once Janice started college, then went off to medical school. They saw each other occasionally during holidays, and in fact it had been Janice who’d introduced her to Alex during the Christmas season, two years ago. The two women hadn’t seen much of each other until recently. Janice had been busy with her new practice, and Tina with her new husband. In the interim, Tina had grown a little chubby, lulled into a sense of complacency by all the wedded bliss. Alex had started dropping subtle hints about her weight; about how much her jeans had shrunk, and was she trying the new push-up bras. Then finally he’d recommended that she go see her friend professionally, to see what was going on. Tina did so, hoping that Janice could proscribe a pill or something to help shed the pounds. Janice had insisted on doing a complete physical examination before making any recommendations. Tina had never been to a doctor other than her father, let alone had a physical from a woman doctor. She was very surprised by how thoroughly things were done in the gynecologist’s office.

Janice had insisted on performing the complete spectrum of tests, being quite concerned with how long it had been since Tina had seen a doctor. Alex’s company policy would cover the cost completely since he worked in the medical sales field. Professional courtesy, combined with the fact that Janice was one of his better clients, would have easily covered any short fall. Tina still wasn’t sure exactly what Alex sold as he kept his supplies and catalogues under lock and key. But it had something to do with specialized appliances and equipment for gynecologists and proctologists. Since Janice was licensed for both specialties, he’d called on her for years, the two becoming good friends.

At first the tests had been rather routine; blood samples, urinalysis, chest X-rays, etcetera. Then came a stress test on the treadmill to check her heart and endurance functions. This part had been a little unusual though, at least it had seemed so to Tina, what with her having to wear that strange get-up and having all those probes stuck on and in her.

First had come the chest sensor, composed of a black latex, bra-like affair. The interior was dotted with small silvery electrode pads to measure heart and lung functions, Janice said. There certainly were a lot of those sharp little studs in there, thought Tina. She’d never realized there were so many points to test. Janice had spent some time getting it on correctly; pulling and squeezing until Tina’s large breasts were forced into the rather small cups, making sure her nipples poked through the holes properly, then finally strapping the whole affair down tightly. Too tight by half thought Tina; those sharp little electrodes were really biting into her poor titties, though Janice said this was perfectly normal. However, their bite was nothing compared to the one produced by the “ground link” Janice attached next. It was composed of a very thin silver chain, with tiny little electrode clips on the ends. This would complete the micro-circuit to the various sensors, Janice explained. She carefully attached a clip to each of Tina’s protruding nipples, making sure that their grip was firm. Janice then tested the security of the connection by tugging on the chain a few times. To Tina, it felt like the current was already flowing.

Next, Janice had strapped that strange belt on her. Actually there were two belts; one that went around her waist, and one that went up between her legs. The first one was quite wide, and by the time Janice had finished cinching it down, Tina’s waist size had shrunk considerably. Janice had her look in the mirror, and Tina was pleasantly surprised by the wasp-like shape she had acquired; it seemed to flatten her chubby bottom enormously while also matching well with what the latex bra was doing to her breasts. For some reason, Tina found herself getting excited by the visual effect the ensemble produced.

The second belt was quite a bit different. It was considerably narrower in width, except where the two huge sensors were attached. The first one sort of resembled a penis, so Tina wasn’t that surprised when Janice told her where it went. It slipped into her vagina relatively easily, and in truth seemed to fit quite well. However, the second larger one had been a different matter. Janice had been quite patient at first, trying to explain the necessity for it, and her expertise with the procedure. Tina however, was quite adamant that such a large thing could not possibly go into her bottom.

Eventually Janice had to get quite stern with Tina; strapping her arms behind her back, then bending her over the end of the exam table. She called her nurse Elke in to hold Tina down, then Janice slowly inserted the seven inch, plug shaped sensor deep into her rectum. When it was finally in place, Elke let her up, then smiling wickedly, went back to the front office. Janice adjusted the strap between her legs, pulling it very tight while explaining that this was necessary so the sensors would stay in place while Tina walked on the treadmill. When Janice was finally finished, Tina sneaked a quick look down, feeling as though the thin strap was splitting her apart. It wasn’t of course, but it was deeply buried between the lips of her sex, making them stand out swollen and engorged, while riding firmly against her clit.

Finally, Janice had placed a tight fitting, black latex helmet on her head. The interior was also dotted with the small silvery electrode pads to monitor brain activity, though these didn’t stick out as far as the ones in the bra. There cutouts for her eyes and nose, but where a mouth hole should have been, a tube led out to a machine that tested oxygen levels. The inside held a thick, cylindrical plug that went into her mouth to seal it for measurement purposes, according to Janice. Tina got little uncomfortable when she looked at it, the shape of this plug really reminded her of a man’s penis, and a thick one at that, but Janice said that this shape produced the best seal.

The preparations were now complete. However, apparently not confident in Tina’s willingness to follow directions after the struggle with anal sensor, Janice left her arms bound, then had her mount the treadmill. Over the next half hour, Tina walked and trotted what seemed like ten miles! It was difficult to do with her arms behind her like that, particularly when the speed kept changing so often! Janice acted as coach and spotter, giving her a five second warning beforehand, then urging her to change speed accordingly; little stinging slaps to her chubby bottom telling her to speed up, while slaps to her thighs told her to slow down. By the time it was all over, Tina was exhausted, sore, and more than a little bit confused.

Her jaw ached from all that frantic sucking on the penis shaped breather plug locked so securely in her mouth. Her poor titties were quite sensitive from being so tightly squeezed inside the latex bra, and they tingled everywhere the electrodes had been busy biting her soft flesh. When the “ground link” had been removed, her nipples leapt up to become rock hard buds, so engorged that they wouldn’t go back down even after the exquisitely tight bra was removed.

Then there were the effects of the two sensors between her legs. The one in her pussy had pistoned in and out in direct counter step to her walking, managing to get her quite wet and excited in the process. The copious secretions had increased the pleasure, and she was flustered to recall that she’d almost come during that last mile. The really odd part was that as she’d felt the orgasm building, she realized that it seemed to be from a combination of the two sensors. The one in her bottom hadn’t produced it’s own lubrication of course, but Janice had used a large amount during the insertion. At first, that big plug had really made her step lively, plunging and snorting in her poor little bottom with every stride. But later, as she’d gotten used to all the attention back there, the sensations were almost pleasant, finally seeming to merge with the one in front. By the end, the two sensors felt like one giant organ filling her with a totality she’d never known was possible.

Janice hadn’t seemed to notice anything unusual about her aroused reactions to the test, and if anything she seemed to be pleased by them. Janice had simply patted Tina on the head and told her what a good girl she’d been. She’d helped Tina towel off her sweat soaked body, particularly the very damp areas between her legs and bottom cheeks. As Tina dressed, Janice had made notations on her chart, occasionally glancing up and smiling at her. Finally Janice had handed her a sealed envelope, telling her to give it to Alex. Tina turned it over in her hands with curiosity as Janice explained that it contained the pre-exam prep instructions that Alex would make sure were complied with. Finally she gave Tina a little peck on the cheek and told her she’d see her the next afternoon for the rest of the tests.

“Well….all right…I won’t call Janice just yet……but I’d better take a closer look…I do have quite a bit of expertise in these matters…..why don’t you get up here on the bed.” The firmness with which he’d said this made it clear that he wasn’t making a request. Tina gulped quietly, then did as he said, hoping her compliance would ease his suspicions.

“That’s right…now on your knees…good…now put your head down…legs apart…a little wider…that’s it.” Satisfied with her position, he once more turned to the night stand drawer. She watched cautiously as he retrieved a pair of latex exam gloves and began to don them. In return, he eyed her steadily as he picked up the tube of lubricant and began to squeeze. Finally he held up a glistening finger and approached the bed. As he flipped her night shirt onto her back, Tina felt quite vulnerable, well aware of how open and accessible she was back there with the position he’d put her in.

“Now just relax young lady, this won’t hurt,” he said with calm assurance. Tina felt his large finger poised at the entrance to her rectum, then moaned as it slipped deep inside and began to probe. She could feel it working studiously, probing ever deeper as he searched out the cause of her problem. At least this examination was going a lot easier than the one Janice had performed….

Alex had smiled slightly as he’d read the note from her doctor, but he declined to let Tina read it for herself when she asked to see it. He then told her that they would be having a light dinner, just salad and bread. After dinner he informed her that he would be staying home tomorrow to catch up on paperwork, and to finish her prep instructions. About an hour before bedtime, he’d announced that it was time for her enema, then trotted off to fill the bowl. After he was finished with that bowl, she was the one that was full. He’d made her hold it for twenty minutes and she’d barely made it to the toilet in time. The next day there were two more enema sessions, with each succeeding one larger than the one before it. He made her hold the last one for almost thirty minutes, though by that time she was so empty that it hadn’t been too difficult, as she hadn’t been allowed to eat very much.

Alex was not at all surprised by what he found there. As his finger sank in completely, he could feel it bump against something hard and unyielding, lodged in her anal canal. It was of course a rather large turd stubbornly wedged inside. This was the direct result of her body rebelling against the sudden influx of so much junk. There was no doubt that she was suffering form a bad case of constipation, and he was looking forward to administering the remedy. For now though, he contented himself with a continued probing of her back passage, managing to slip a second finger in just to increase her discomfort….

Tina was gasping and groaning as he continued with the intimate examination, feeling like half his arm was inside her. Of course she knew this wasn’t the case as she could tell only two fingers were being used. But they worked methodically inside her packed bowels, searching and probing, increasing the pressure on her poor backed up tummy. Finally, she sighed as she felt the intruders retreat, slowly sliding out of her punished backside, instantly reducing the pressure. She looked back at him, not daring to move as he stripped off the gloves, waiting for him to say something reassuring.

“Well little miss….you seem to be badly constipated. Are you sure you went potty yesterday?” he asked with a concerned look on his face.

“Maybe it was the day before…I..I really don’t remember….I just knew my…my tummy hurts soo bad.” She gave him her best “little girl lost” imitation, hoping that he would be swayed by her manner. His face melted, and he reached over and began to pat her bottom.

“Poor baby…I’ll bet you didn’t feel good at all, did you?”

Tina managed to work a little tear into her eye, then sadly shook her head, playing her part to the hilt. He seemed to be buying the performance, smiling at her with encouragement, trying to offer consolation for her suffering. She decided to play it up even further.

“Do…do you think one of those little glycerin things will help my tummy?” she said in a little girl voice. He smiled, but then shook his head sadly.

“No baby…I’m afraid not…things are too far gone for a suppository….maybe if you’d said something earlier…but not now. No I’m afraid I’ll have to give you an enema….” He was quite delighted with the vexed look that momentarily crossed her face, showing the lie within her attempt to manipulate him. She frowned, then sat up, looking at him from beneath lowered lashes.

“Couldn’t we just try the other way first….please…maybe it will work?” again playing the anxious little girl.

“No missy, I’m sorry but that’s final. I know you don’t like them, but you’re just going to have to be brave and take your enema like a big girl. I promise you’ll feel much better when I’m finally finished. Now you just sit there and be good while I go get things ready.”

As he left the room, Tina crossed her arms and made a little “humph” sound. Being the spoiled brat that she was, she was annoyed that her act hadn’t been entirely successful; her attempt to get him to use a suppository instead of an enema, having been thwarted. Though she did have to admit that he seemed concerned only with her condition and appeared confident that an enema was the best way to help her get better. However, it had been a little odd how he’d emphasized the words “finally finished”….

As he re-entered the room, Alex saw her perk up visibly when she noticed what he was carrying, the relief on her face obvious. The familiar Davol syringe sat next to the bowl of steaming water, it’s round, friendly shape much less intimidating than an enema bag. He smiled at her reassuringly as he set down the loaded TV tray, then motioned for her stand up. She wasn’t quite so happy when she looked inside the bowl and saw that it had been filled to the brim, glittering soap bubbles dancing across the surface. He didn’t give her long to contemplate the sight; quickly taking a seat on the bed, then guiding her towards his waiting knee, raising her nightshirt above her waist, and telling her to hold it there.

Next, he reached under the bed and began to fish around until he finally found the stack of phone books they stored there. He placed his right foot on them, raising his right knee about four inches, which caused her to give him a curious glance. Instead of replying, he decided to show her their purpose, so he simply smiled as he began to guide her around and over it. Instead of taking her straight across his lap, she ended up being laid down the length of his thigh; her head and shoulders were tucked up under his left arm, while her legs fell to either side of his knee, her bottom perched right at the edge facing away from him. He urged her to spread her legs further apart with gentle slaps to the inside of her thighs. Finally he rotated his foot up onto the ball, raising her bottom even higher, bringing her toes off the floor. Then he wheeled the little table around under his right hand….

Tina was quite startled by the severity of the position. His arm was resting across her back applying a gentle but firm pressure, holding her in place. All of her upper body weight seemed to be resting on her large sensitive breasts, crushing them quite exquisitely. She couldn’t wiggle out of the embrace as it wasn’t possible to gain any purchase with her feet. She could feel that her bottom was split quite widely, sitting perched high atop the very end of his raised knee, her legs falling off to either side. Her belly seemed to hang free in the space between his widespread thighs, and in fact, the only direct contact with his leg was through the highest point. Her chubby mons rested on his hard knee absorbing all her lower body weight, the slightest movement being transmitted to her poor little clit….

“Now missy…let’s see if we can’t take care of that little problem of yours…I hope this syringe will be sufficient for our needs…are you ready dear?” he asked, with a broad smile on his face. In her position, she couldn’t see it of course, but she must have detected something in his tone.

“Oh…please…don’t give me too much…I feel so full already,” she pleaded.

“Yes…I’m sure…and you’re going to feel fuller….but that’s the only way to feel better.”

She whimpered at the stern certainty in his voice, now beginning to seriously regret how she’d gotten herself into this predicament. Her regret rose higher as she felt him begin the preparations; carefully lubricating the fat nozzle, then slowly filling the bulb with warm soapy water from the large bowl, all the while his movements jiggling her on his knee….

“Okay…here we go now….take a deep breath.”

She tried to steel herself for what was coming next, but the nozzle still surprised her with how it’s girth completely filled her. She was gasping by the time the bulb bumped into her bottom cheeks, then burrowed in even further between them, seeking full penetration. She barely had time to catch her breath before she felt the hot flood begin, filling her immediately with an insistent pressure that set her to wriggling. But then the additional pressure on her mons made her stop just as quickly, and she knew she was trapped between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

“Oh….oh…oh please honey…it’s too much….I can’t take it,” she whined in distress. “Don’t be such a baby…that’s only the first bulb full…and you’ve got quite a few more to go,” he replied sternly.

“B-b-but honey…I’m so full already..,” she cried.

“Well……I think I know what the problem is….don’t worry….I’ll take care of it……why don’t you just rest for a minute,” he said a little more gently, as he carefully withdrew the nozzle. She smiled, glad that he was going to relent….

He had a feeling that the large turd was sealing off the passageway so that her lower colon quickly became full. There really was only one way to deal with that problem, and he was quite sure it wasn’t what she was expecting. He could feel her beginning to relax a little as she lay there composing herself, while he quietly re-filled the bulb…

She gasped as the nozzle touched her little hole, then quickly slide home. Next, he began to apply pressure to the outsides of her creamy cheeks, and she started to squirm again as he squeezed them tightly, locking the nozzle in place. Finally his hand grasped the bulb and he gave it a mighty squeeze….

“Oh..Oh..NO..it hurts..,” she wailed as the super high pressure flood rushed in to do battle with the obstruction. He had to hold her tightly, even the pain of her punished mons not enough to quell the bucking that ensued. Finally, he heard her burp very loudly, then the bulb in his hand went flat, the way now clear. She began to settle down, and he let her rest for a few moments before slowly withdrawing the nozzle.

“See…the pressure is all gone…the rest should go in easily…now,” he said with calm assurance while gently patting her quivering bottom. She just moaned as he began to re-fill the bulb, resigned to her fate. She still couldn’t believe that he’d done that; the pressure in her tummy had been enormous, her tightly sealed cheeks leaving it nowhere to go but up. She’d been startled by her loud burp as the flood had finally broken through the blockage, quickly rising higher until the pressure on her diaphragm caused the belch. Now that it was over though, she was grateful to feel the warm, sudsy solution working it’s way into her bowels, softening them. God, it was going to feel so good when she finally was able to shit….it had been days since the last time. The gurgle of the bulb brought her back to the present, and as it slide home again she considered that relief was still some time away….

By the forth bulb, she was groaning constantly as her belly began to swell in earnest. He suspected it was more from anticipated relief than any real discomfort, as she was no stranger to the syringe. Undoubtedly she had been suffering for days as the unmoved mass built up inside her. The warm solution would be working on it now, things just starting to move at last. As the final bulb slurped into her, he smiled knowing that she was getting what she needed and would be grateful to him. Later she would be getting what she deserved….then the tears would start.

“Good girl…it’s all in…now I think we should wait about ten minutes for that soap to really work….then you can go potty.” She groaned again at the mention of that blissful release, then managed to squeak out a quick “Yes, sir” as he gently rested his hand on her bottom. He hummed to himself to pass the time, occasionally bouncing his knee to the tune. The first few times he did this she groaned with the shock to her mons, but after awhile he noticed her cheeks beginning to bounce on their own. She must be finding the pressure stimulating…or at least distracting. Her belly was starting to gurgle and growl, the biting soap having it’s way. He watched fascinated as she continued to rub her pussy against his knee, the tempo rising with the intensity of the growling. He could see sweat standing out on her back as she fought off the pain of her grumbling tummy by applying painful pleasure to her throbbing clit. He smiled at this display of her innate masochistic lust, glad that she was riding it out so well. She was going to be such a joy to train and use. However, it wouldn’t do to let her come so early in the game.

“All right baby…that should be enough, here let me help you up,” he said gently.

She hissed through her teeth as he lowered his knee, letting her feet take up her weight. The blood rushed back into her crushed mons rather painfully, obliterating the pleasure that still lingered in her throbbing clit. She slowly rose, finally standing with her nightshirt bunched above her heavy tits. One hand was quite busy trying to soothe those massive beauties, while the other alternated between her bulging tummy and punished pussy. It was really quite adorable watching her try to juggle all her painful parts. Eventually her wandering hands settled on her tummy, giving it all their attention, while she looked at him with pleading eyes.

“Do you think you’re ready to go now?” he asked.

She nodded her head vigorously , saying “Oh yes, sir…I sure am.”

He stood and said, “Lets get this off you, so you don’t mess it up,” while grasping the bunched hem of the nightshirt. She raised her arms obediently, and her lovely breasts rose at the same time, the nipples winking at him as he pulled the shirt over her head.

“Okay…off you go now,” he said cheerfully, patting her bottom to send her on her way. She waddled off to the toilet quickly, eager for what awaited her there.