Rectal Tamponade

I arrived at the clinic in the afternoon, as scheduled, and the receptionist again took my name. Shortly Salle greeted me with her dynamite smile and I followed her back to the treatment room. She handed me the gown and sheet.” How are you feeling today, John?” ‘Much, much better.” I responded “That full feeling has eased up.” I sat down on the end of the treatment table. ‘Umm we are going to do some different things today, I think. So.. we will have you lie on your side and tuck one knee up We call this the Simms position.’ Salle placed an extra pillow under my hip and another under my head. Then she draped my lower body to expose my buttocks. Bridget entered and asked how I was feeling. ‘We will do an examination of your rectum to see how it looksOK?” I nodded. Salle wheeled over the surgical tray. She took the cover off and revealed a number of speculums, anal scope and sigmoidscope. Salle brought a carafe of hot water to the tray and Bridget placed a retractor speculum in the water. Bridget lubricated her finger. With her other hand she reached between my legs and grasped my penis. She gave it an exploratory tweak. “No giant erection today. Umm? we got it all yesterday?’ I laughed weakly. “ Yes, that did it pretty well.” Her hand caressed my testicles. ‘Are these sore?” ‘Tender perhaps.” I said.

She began to massage my anus gently running her finger around the edge and then she slipped it in. “You must tell me where it is sensitive. “ It feels about like yesterday.” I advised Bridget. Bridget lubricated the speculum and gently inserted it into my rectum. Then she opened it and screwed the holder tight. My ass felt like it was stretched to breaking. Salle handed her a long cotton Q tip and Bridget swabbed it along the rectal walls. She closed the speculum and withdrew it.We will do a double inflatable nozzle and follow with a two tube colonic. ‘How would you feel about spending the night, John?’Bridget asked. I thought about it.”No problem” I replied.

Bridget withdrew the speculum and the nurses helped me into the knee-chest position on the edge of the table. Salle placed a drape around my legs. Bridget inserted the first balloon of the double inflatable nozzle enema nozzle and inflated it then she inflated the outer retention nozzle. It felt as if my anus was in a velvet vise.

The hot saline solution began to fill me up. It was a very soothing feeling. I expelled the enema and was placed back on my side with both legs drawn up. Salle gave my penis an experimental squeeze and said “Hmm’ when she discovered it was partially engorged. She used a large strip of adhesive tape to spread my buttocks and expose the anus. A folded towel was placed between my thighs, pushing the genitals to the rear. I could feel an erection starting. Bridget inserted the two colon tubes into the rectum and slowly advanced the larger bore tube into the colon. Then the colonic solution began to flow. This was a long procedure and I must have dozed off. When I awoke I had been repositioned on the examining table with my head down and my rump in the air.

‘Now we will do your rectal tamponade. I must spread your anus to allow us to insert the medicated bandage for the rectal walls’ The speculum Bridget selected spread my ass to the very limit. Then as Salle handed her the folded medicated bandage Bridget inserted it through the speculum and against the rectal mucosa. Finally, when she was sure I was as stuffed as she could get me, she withdrew the speculum and inserted a small butt plug. Then Salle fitted me with an elastic treatment belt that would hold the plug in place. I could stand up but could sit down only with difficulty. ‘You get to spend the night and we will take that tamponade out tomorrow morning, first thing, Oh yes you also get a small enema afterwards.’ The nurses helped me to the hospital bed and I lay on my side. Again I dozed off and when I awoke I could see Salle sitting in a chair by the bed reading. She saw me stir. ‘How do you feel, John?’ “Very good.” I replied. Salle pulled back the covers and checked the plug. I had an amazingly hard erection and she checked that as well.

“Patient or no patient, I am not wasting this!’ She peeled of her uniform and slipped into bed. She had my cock in her mouth and was sucking expertly upon it then she thrust a rounded full breast with a rock hard nipple into my mouth. ‘You don’t need all this therapy what you need is a real woman!’ ‘You may be right, Salle. Looks like I found the woman.’ “Yes you did and I can provide the therapy when you need it, to!’