Reform School Physical Exam

James was now conducted to a door marked ‘Nurses Office’ and told to go in. The larger of the two men told him that they would be back to get him after he had had his entrance medical exam. Inside the office he was confronted by a very attractive but businesslike young woman in a white coat. Without any preamble she checked his height, weight and blood pressure, then told him to take off his shirt and sit on the examination table. He complied and received a rapid but complete examination down to his waist. The nurse turned away to write something in his record; as she did so she said over her shoulder. “Put your shirt back on and take off the rest of your clothes.” James blushed bright scarlet! His modesty was sure taking a beating today! Stripping in front of two men was one thing, but taking off his pants and underwear in front of this pretty young woman was truly mortifying! Self-consciously he did as he was told, then gingerly sat back down trying not to wince as his still-tender bare posterior touched the cold metal of the table. The nurse turned back after a moment and told him to lie back and clasp his hands behind his neck. Almost before he realised what was happening she examined his lower abdomen, groin and testicles thoroughly and then told him to cough as she checked him for a hernia. James’ embarrassment deepened as he felt himself start to have an erection. He was saved from total humiliation when the nurse told him to roll over onto his stomach.

While he still felt strange being butt naked in front of a woman, he noticed that the breeze from the open window did feel good on his freshly-paddled rump and bare legs. This tiny sense of well-being began to evaporate however as the nurse told him to reach out and grab the upper corners of the table, turn in his toes and arch his back while she deftly slipped a rolled-up blanket under his hips: this caused his backside to be prominently elevated. She then painted target-like round spots of iodine on each exposed buttock cheek. The reason for these unsettling preliminaries became clearer as he saw the nurse begin to assemble two enormous hypodermic syringes! James could take shots in the arm as well as anyone, but these two monsters seemed to be destined for a more private and sensitive part of his anatomy! The body of evidence was convincing but he had to confirm it! “Do I have to get those shots in my butt?” he asked nervously. “I’m afraid so!” was the pleasant but uncompromising reply. “All new students get a double dose of penicillin when they arrive, and penicillin injections are too big to go anywhere else!”

With that piece of information James was reduced to staring helplessly and with a growing sense of terror from his bare-bottoms-up position on the examination table as the nurse drew up what looked like a pint of nasty-looking yellow fluid into each syringe through needles which seemed the size of ten penny nails! These rather nerve-wracking preparations completed, the nurse placed the freshly prepared syringes on a steel tray and walked over to the examination table. She was just about to say something to James when the phone rang. As she put the tray down next to him and turned to take the call James took the opportunity to hike up on his elbows and examine his impending fate more closely. What he saw didn’t do much for his morale! Close up the syringes seemed even bigger and scarier than when viewed from across the room: the glass barrels were the size of turkey basters and filled to capacity with oily yellow penicillin while the needles were at least two inches long and looked well-used and razor-sharp! His buttocks tightened involuntarily as he reflected about what it was going to be like to be on the receiving end of these gargantuan horrors! His thoughts flashed back to the last time he had experienced an injection in his behind. He had been twelve and his local area had been experiencing a summer polio outbreak so all the kids younger than fifteen had been required to report to the nearby school to get their backsides shot full of gamma globulin. He remembered stripping from the waist down in the school locker room with a very subdued group of pals and then joining a line of bare-bottomed boys clad only in T-shirts, socks and sneakers trying with varying degrees of success to conceal their terror as they shuffled reluctantly ever closer to their inevitable painful appointments with destiny bottoms-up on the injection tables which had been set up in the gymnasium. The boys in the back of the line were speculating about their approaching ordeal and exchanging nervous jokes about who was likely to cry: those closer to the front had a better view of the doleful proceedings taking place in the gym up ahead and subsided into anxious silence!

Finally James and his best friend Carl came to the head of the line together: the gym had been transformed from a cheerful and familiar place into a butt-shot assembly line! Six tables had been set up and covered with white sheets and each had a doctor and nurse in attendance with a large collection of medicine vials, needles, syringes and other injection paraphernalia in plain view.

All of the tables were occupied by visibly nervous boys in the chest-down position whose exposed buttocks were in various stages of the preparation and injection process: on the far side of the gym other white-faced (and in some cases tear-streaked!) lads could be seen ministering to their sore rumps and trying to regain their composure prior to returning to the locker room to reclaim their pants.

James and Carl were directed to the check-in station where they turned in their parental permission slips (hand-carried perforce since they didn’t have a pocket between them!), were weighed, and then were handed pieces of paper with their gamma globulin doses written on them. They then joined another short line of boys waiting fearfully for tables to become available.

At this point the boy lying prone on the nearest table looked up at them. It was their good friend Tim: his wan and embarrassed smile suddenly changed to a grimace of pain as the doctor jabbed his pale white bottom with a huge needle. They winced with combined sympathy and anticipation as they saw him tense with the effort not to cry out as the glue-like gamma globulin was slowly injected into his impaled, agonised buttock. When the doctor yanked the needle out a small trickle of blood and serum followed. James and Carl, both now thoroughly demoralised, wrenched their eyes away from the unnerving sight of their friend’s wounded rump.

At that point the boys came to the end of the final waiting line! They were motioned to two adjoining empty tables; they slowly walked over and gave their dosage forms to the nurses at each table, then, hearts pounding furiously and light-headed with fear, they assumed their bare-bottoms-up positions side by side. The suspense mounted inexorably as they both watched the big gamma globulin syringes with their long needles being readied; they had exchanged grim, knowing glances and gulped simultaneously as their upturned butts were anointed with iodine followed by alcohol. The shot when it came hurt like hell but taking it together with friends somehow made it more bearable! Now he was very alone and confronting (or rear-ending?) two horse needles which looked much larger than the one he remembered from four years ago! The nurse ended James’ trip down memory lane when she hung up the phone and turned back to the table. She addressed him matter-of-factly: “Penicillin injections have to be given deep into a large muscle, so these shots are going to go into the gluteus maximus muscles in both of your buttocks. I know they are big needles but the gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle in your body. I won’t lie to you: they are going to hurt, but do your best to relax your behind, they’ll hurt more if you tense up!”

“Relax!” thought James as he lowered his chest to the table and resumed his death grip on the top corners of the table. “Easy for her to say!”

The nurse then flipped up the bottom of his shirt so that his firm adolescent body was fully exposed from waist to socks. He got a whiff of rubbing alcohol and his heart began to race as he felt the cold ominous caress of an alcohol-soaked piece of cotton being applied to the previously-marked iodine target on his butt cheek. A quick scrape of glass on metal told him that the nurse had picked up the first huge syringe. He couldn’t help looking back over his shoulder just in time to see her tap the barrel with her forefinger a few times to expel a residual air bubble, then hold it poised needle-down like a large dart above his vulnerable white up-thrust buttock.

A beam of sunlight from the office window caught a tiny droplet of medicine at the tip of the long thick stainless steel needle and made it glisten evilly! James had to look away; raw fear twisted his stomach into an apprehensive knot! He flinched as the nurse readied his alcohol-prepped butt cheek between thumb and forefinger and whispered sweetly “Say ‘when’, honey!” James gripped the table corners even more tightly; his heart was now pounding in his chest like a bass drum! He finally managed to quaver out “when!” Shortly thereafter he felt the tip of the needle lightly touch the sensitive skin of his butt, then…..AHHHHHHH!!! He gritted his teeth and gasped with pain as with an expert flick of the wrist the full length of the large needle was jabbed home: this preliminary torture was followed quickly by intense burning deep in his rump as the penicillin was slowly injected.

The shot seemed to last for an eternity! James groaned but just managed not to yell out loud. Finally the nurse pulled the needle out of his throbbing backside and applied more alcohol, followed by a Band-Aid. James’ whole body trembled with the effort of holding still under this assault on his bare and defenceless posterior: it felt like the injection site was on fire! He blinked back tears as he remembered that there was another shot to come! The nurse recognised James’ struggle for self-control so she allowed him a moment to recover before leaning over the table and slowly and deliberately repeating the agonising process in his other buttock. This time James couldn’t bite back a heartfelt, “OWWWWWWCH!” Thinking his introduction to the school medical system now complete, James with some difficulty got up from the table and began to put his underpants and shorts back on over his now doubly abused rear end when the nurse said, “Leave your pants and underpants off for now: we’re not quite finished.” James wondered what else he was going to have to go through as, trying not to limp and fighting the urge to rub his aching rump, he followed the nurse through a door labelled “Proctology/Body Cavity Searches”

Suddenly the light dawned! With a gulp of fear James realised which of his body cavities was about to be searched! The first thing James noticed about the room was that all four walls were covered with mirrors: apparently the room had been used for some kind of artificial suntanning in the past. Most of the space was taken up by two electric powered exam tables and a large instrument cabinet. The nurse walked over to a foot control on the floor and touched several pedals: the back of one of the exam tables folded down with a soft whirring sound while at the same time a shelf appeared at the very bottom of the table. The nurse then instructed the increasingly nervous boy to kneel on the shelf and bend over placing his chest and head on the top part of the table while crossing his arms in front of him. He did so, wincing as his penicillin-filled sore buttocks protested the movement.

Various minor rearrangements of his position ensued. James wound up jack-knifed over the table with his back arched and his bare bottom fully exposed to the major invasion of his privacy that was obviously about to follow! James looked at one of the walls: sure enough the mirrors confirmed the complete indignity of his position! The arrangement of mirrors on all four walls let him see himself from any angle, and what he saw was not reassuring! The side view displayed his lithe muscular body bared from waist to socks while the rear view showed that his anus was now in full view winking from between his bent butt cheeks while his scrotum hung down between his bare and slightly spread thighs. James groaned to himself: he knew that he had a good physique for his age but this was not a flattering pose and certainly not an aspect of his silhouette that he enjoyed presenting to the very pretty nurse! She in the meantime had begun to rummage in the instrument cabinet.

James found himself remembering his older brother’s blood-curdling story of the “finger wave” he had received during his draft physical. Several of James’ school pals had also told tales of having fingers stuck up their behinds during physicals, and they used to joke about meeting the “Silver Stallion” in the proctologist’s office. James played along though he had no idea what the “Silver Stallion” was; he found these stories both repulsive and yet somehow oddly stimulating but until now he had had no personal experience to draw on. That was clearly about to change! During his reverie the nurse had completed laying out the equipment for the grand finale! James glimpsed a collection of rubber gloves, long cotton swabs and a large jar of Vaseline. However, his attention was immediately riveted by a huge stainless steel instrument! It looked like a two-foot long section of metal broom handle with a blunt tip and a handle, electric power cord and collection of glass lenses at the other end! James’ heart began once again to pound furiously; he instantly knew that this was the Silver Stallion!

“You’re not going to stick that thing all the way up my behind, are you?” he asked the nurse, already suspecting the answer and trying without much success to keep the quaver out of his voice. Sympathetically she responded, “We’ve been having a problem with infections lately, so as of this week every new student gets a complete rectal examination on the first day. Here’s what will happen. First I’m going to clean your anal area off with some witch hazel. Then I will check the skin around your anus, after which I will use my finger to feel inside your anus and rectum. The final part will be the sigmoidoscope,” she said, indicating the evil-looking steel instrument. “It is a hollow tube with a light inside which will let me see all the way up into your rectum and colon. It also has an air pump which will let me inflate your bowels so I can see better. Any questions?” James, who despite the silly episode which had gotten him in trouble had led a fairly sheltered life in the mid-1950’s in rural Oklahoma, had no idea of what kinds of infections lurked in boy’s rectums, and still less how those infections could be spread around! Still, his recently paddled butt reminded him of the penalties for asking too many questions! Plus, he was by now so nervous and frightened that he could hardly speak! Despite his fear he managed to blurt out the one question that was uppermost on his mind; “How much will it hurt?” “I don’t know for sure,” she responded. “You’re the first student to have it done. It shouldn’t be much worse than the shots.”

Needless to say, James didn’t derive much reassurance from that answer! He couldn’t imagine ANYTHING hurting more that the butt shots he had just experienced! Oblivious to the emotions of her waiting victim, the nurse wheeled the instrument tray behind the table and completed her preparations. James watched her put on a pair of gloves, then gasped as she slapped a small towel soaked with ice-cold witch hazel on his butt and proceeded to clean every square inch of his butt-crack, including his scrotum and inner thighs. He blushed beet-red as he submitted to this total humiliation, but he knew there was worse to come! The nurse put down the witch hazel and gently began to inspect the skin of his exposed bottom. Her fingers were as nimble and soft as those of the two male attendants had been rough and impersonal. As she gently probed and poked his most sensitive areas, despite his embarrassment he felt himself start to feel aroused. With dismay he realised that his penis was again hardening into an erection!

The nurse turned away for a second and then turned back. James noted with foreboding that her gloved forefinger was now glistening with a large glob of Vaseline. He couldn’t help flinching as he felt her delicate touch right on his anus; he did his best to hold still and relax as her finger slid slowly into his rectum. It was a sensation unlike anything he had ever felt before! It was uncomfortable, and yet undoubtedly it tickled. As she slowly moved and twisted her gloved digit inside him, he felt her knuckles in his butt-crack at the same time. Discomfort and shame warred with arousal; he shouldn’t be enjoying this, but in a strange way he undeniably was. He was almost disappointed when the nurse, after what seemed like a very long time, pulled her finger out. She then changed gloves and turned back to him. “You have a bit too much faecal matter in your rectum for me to see well with the instrument,” she informed him. “I’m going to give you a couple of enemas to clean you out.”

James cringed: he wasn’t perfectly sure about faecal matter, but he sure as the devil knew what an enema was! In grade school he has suffered from constipation and remembered many occasions of kneeling on a towel on the bathroom floor sobbing with cramps while soapy water poured into his rectum from the red rubber bag held high above! The two devices that the nurse removed from a drawer bore little resemblance to the red enema bag of old, however. They were thin plastic bags about the size of small fruit juice cans with spouts attached. Without further ado the nurse picked up the first bag, uncapped the spout, inserted it into James’ well-lubricated anus and began to squeeze. James was expecting the worst, but all he felt was a cold sensation running down the front of his abdomen. The second enema quickly followed the first. The nurse then told James to wait on the table until he really had to move his bowels, then showed him where the bathroom was. That moment was not long in coming: he almost didn’t make it to the bathroom!

He sat miserably on the toilet as his bowels emptied themselves; he was pleasantly surprised by the lack of discomfort from the enemas but he dreaded what now awaited him in the other room. Finally, having dragged the intermission out as long as possible, he went back and resumed his penitential position bent over the proctology table. At this point the nurse, after plugging the instrument in to a power supply, began to apply Vaseline liberally to the long steel barrel of the ‘Stallion’. James, aided by the mirrors, watched this preparation with mixed fascination and horror. The instrument seemed even more ominous and his upturned naked bottom even more helpless! Finally the nurse brought the awful thing around behind him and tapped one of the foot pedals: with a whirr the table tilted over lowering his head and shoulders and elevating his bare backside to it’s fate. Then, spreading his buttocks with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, she touched the blunt tip of the tube to his anus. James flinched again and a chill ran up his back; the kiss of the cold metal promised unimaginable things to come!

The nurse began to push on the handle while James struggled to maintain his position and his composure. Finally the pressure and lubrication triumphed: his sphincter relaxed and the instrument suddenly slid about three or four inches up into his rectum. It was considerably bigger in diameter than the nurse’s finger and stretched his anus almost to the point of pain. His last defence penetrated, resignation largely replaced fear and embarrassment as James watched via the mirrors as the nurse opened the tip of the tube and adjusted the lenses and air apparatus on the other end. These adjustments completed, the nurse began to squeeze a rubber bulb attached to the instrument; James felt a rush of air up his butt, and then felt the instrument begin it’s inexorable thrust further into his exposed posterior! The mirrored walls allowed him to watch the nurse’s every move while simultaneously experiencing the unique feeling of having the enormous tube threaded skilfully and steadily into his rectum. The combined sensation of discomfort, pressure and tickling was different than the one imparted by the nurse’s finger, but most of the time not particularly painful. The unpleasant portion waxed and waned, at times almost rising to the point of cramping and then disappearing as the nurse added or removed air and guided the tip of the instrument past some internal obstacle. He was continuously aware of the tickle of the tube sliding ever deeper into his backside through his widely stretched anus; he had never before felt such a combination of humiliation and pleasure!

After a timeless interlude, he felt the nurse’s gloved hand and the handle of the instrument touch his rump: a quick glance in the mirror confirmed that the instrument was all the way in; all he could see was the handle protruding from between his buttocks! “The worst is over,” the nurse informed him. “You did very well !”Another timeless interlude passed while the nurse collected some long-handled cotton swabs: James felt both violated and triumphant as he lay bent bottoms-up over the table with the huge instrument inserted to it’s full length up into his rectum and now held in place only by gravity and the pressure of his anal muscles. He could feel a hard ramrod presence inside him from butt to midriff, and all the air that had been pumped up his backside made him feel like he had to pass ‘awesome gas!’ He might have lost his dignity, and both of his buttocks smarted furiously, but he had submitted to the mega-needles and the Silver Stallion like a man! He was able to be almost casual as he asked the nurse what was next. Next, he was informed, she would begin slowly pulling the instrument out while checking the lining of his rectum and colon and taking a few bowel movement samples for analysis.

As she began to do so while gently moving the tip of the tube in all directions, James once again began to find the stimulation in his anus and rectum arousing. Periodically she would open the back of the instrument and insert one of the long cotton swabs into him through the hollow tube, then she would close the back and reinflate his rectum with the rubber bulb: this additional weird but not unpleasant sensation added to his arousal. His erection returned in full force and by the time the instrument was withdrawn from his anus with a soft ‘pop’ some ten minutes later he was tense with the struggle not to ejaculate. The nurse handed him a box of tissues and told him to wipe and then get dressed. He did so, trying with marginal success to conceal his erect penis from the nurse: mercifully she appeared to take no notice of the teen-ager’s reflexive response to the indignities that he had just undergone! Finally, he walked out onto the main office where he found the two male attendants waiting for him. He heard one of them ask the nurse, “How did he do?”

“He took it like a real trooper!” was the response; “He seems like a nice kid, but he’s not going to enjoy sitting down for a while!” Both then looked at James and chuckled. He managed a weak grin while accompanying the attendants out of the office. He wondered what else could happen to his extremely sore backside on his first day! He appreciated the nurse’s compliment.