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Since the new regime had taken over, minor offenses have been dealt with in a different way. Instead of the usual fines, suspensions, or probation, various forms of corporal punishment have been revived. The most trivial offenders would be locked in stocks on a public place for an hour or two, while more serious offenses were handled in a closed “correctional” facility. The exact procedures meted out in the non-public facilities were kept secret, and were changed often, so that potential offenders were kept unaware of what might be in store for them, should they be unfortunate enough to be sent there. Offenders were told only what level of punishment they were to receive, and were also forbidden to discuss the procedures afterwards, otherwise they would receive further punishment. In spite of the gag order, however, stories of caning, flogging and other physical punishments circulated throughout the underground rumor mill. With the constant changes in procedures always taking place, however, nobody really knew what lay in store for them, and so being sent to the “correctional facility” always caused a great deal of anxiety on the part of the offenders who were sent there.

When Bob heard the magistrate decree “level 3 plus”, his pulse quickened and he felt his palms sweat. Anything over level 2 meant a trip to the correctional facility and the secrecy policy had its intended effect on him. All he was told is that he would spend 4 hours there and that he must bring $200 to pay the punishment administrator. He was ordered to report at 7 AM the following morning.

After a sleepless night, Bob reported in for his punishment as directed. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect as he entered the building, and was at least a little relieved to see that the interior didn’t resemble a prison, at least in the reception area, and was more like an office building. A uniformed attendant directed him to the admitting clerk. The clerk reviewed Bob’s paperwork told him to report to room number 12, which was in the basement. Bob walked down the stairs and could feel his pulse quickening and the anxiety build as he walked along the corridor counting off the room numbers.. 3,.. 4,.. and so on, with his nervousness and anxiety building as the numbers increased. Finally he reached room number 12, the butterflies were doing a dance in his stomach, and he could barely muster the strength to knock nervously on the door. When he finally did, he heard a female voice from the other side call “come in,” and he nervously pushed the door open and cautiously stepped inside.

The room looked like a hospital examining room, and Bob’s eyes darted quickly around the room looking for obvious torture or punishment implements, and he was a little relieved that he didn’t see any ominous looking stocks, racks, whips, chains or anything of the sort. He had also expected to find a large burly male, so he was also more relieved to find only an average looking 35-ish lady dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

“Hello, Bob, my name is Sue, and I am going to be the administrator for your session today. Please sit down.”

Sue motioned Bob to a chair next to the examining table.

Bob was more relieved. “A woman is going to administer the punishment,” he thought. “How bad could it be?”

Sue went over to the door and locked it. The door was the type that could not be opened from either side without a key, and Sue removed the key and put it into her pocket.

“Well Bob, I see that this is your first visit here, so I will tell you the rules. You were caught peeking at your neighbor while she was in the shower and that makes you a lawbreaker. And since you broke the law, you must take the punishment that is due. You received a level 3 plus, and the plus means that I can add punishment if I am not satisfied with your behavior while I am in charge of you. I usually think that the required punishment will be sufficient, but I am telling you as a warning, that your behavior here must be absolutely perfect. I want your full cooperation and do not want any argument or resistance, otherwise you will receive additional punishment from me. Is that clear?”


“I must also tell you that this room has a closed-circuit TV camera and this session is being monitored. If you try ANYthing out of the ordinary, someone will be in here within 30 seconds, so don’t even think about it. The TV is also to make sure that I fully administer all your punishment, so don’t ask me for mercy or whatever, because I can’t do that. Is that clear, also?”


“Good. Then let’s begin.”

Bob took a deep breath as his anxiety renewed itself and surged through his body.

“The first thing you must do is undress,” said Sue.

Bob looked for a curtain or a screen, but there was none. Unsure of where to undress, he hesitated until Sue snapped him out of it by saying, “well? Are we getting off to a bad start already? I told you to undress! Now!”

Bob obediently removed his clothes and laid them on the chair. He stopped when he got down to his shorts.

“Why are you standing there like that?” asked Sue. “I said undress. That means nothing! Nude! Naked! Now get those shorts off!”

Visions of extra punishment were already flashing through Bob’s mind as he hurriedly pulled off his shorts and threw them on the pile.

“That’s better. You were told to bring my fee to pay me for administering your punishment. Did you bring it?


Bob handed the money to Sue who counted it and then put it away. “Even though you are paying for my services, you do not have any control or any say over what I do. I am in charge here. Is that understood?”


“OK. Turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

Bob did so and felt Sue bind his wrists with a pair of handcuffs

“This is a reminder that you are here for punishment. You will be kept handcuffed or restrained throughout this entire session as a reminder that you are an offender and this is how offenders are treated.

Sue took Bob’s clothes off the chair and placed them on a table in the corner of the room.

“All right, kneel in front of the chair and bend over it.”

Bob knelt down and bent over the chair.

“Way over.. I want your backside high in the air!”

Bob obediently bent over, wondering what was coming next. He caught a glimpse of Sue pulling on a pair of rubber gloves, and guessed what was coming. He felt Sue’s finger probing his very exposed anus, then felt something slim being pushed in. Just as he guessed that it was a rectal thermometer, Sue said, “hold this a couple of minutes so I can get a reading” as she squeezed Bob’s buttocks together. Bob was beginning to relax again, as he didn’t quite mind the feel of Sue’s hand on his fanny.

Finally Sue removed the thermometer and looked at it. “OK’ you’re temperature is normal,” she said. Bob went to get up, and Sue quickly pushed him back down.

“Whoa! Did you hear me say anything about getting up?”

“Sorry,” replied Bob nervously, thinking about the “plus” in his punishment, and sure now that he had already earned some additional punishment.

Sue lubed up a glove and pushed first one, then two well-lubricated fingers into Bob’s anus. As she worked them around, she said “now we have to get you ready for the next step.”

Sue unlocked one of the cabinets and took out a inflatable nozzle nozzle, which is an amber latex tube about a foot and a half long. At one end it had two black squeeze bulbs and at the other it had 2 small bulges that looked like deflated balloons. Without another word, Sue inserted the balloon end of the tube into Bob’s waiting rear end.

Bob was thinking that other than the humiliation, things still weren’t going so badly for him, until he felt a swelling inside of him as Sue began pumping one of the squeeze bulbs. With each squeeze he felt the pressure building inside of him as the balloon grew inside his rectum. Then Sue started squeezing the other bulb, and Bob felt another sensation, as if the intruder was gripping his anus tightly as the second balloon inflated. Not used to the sensation, Bob squirmed to try to get more comfortable. Sue pulled on the tubing to make sure that it was firmly planted.

“This will keep you tight and dry,“ said Sue. “Now you can get up.”

Sue led Bob over to the table, the inflatable nozzle nozzle dangling between his buttocks. “I am going to remove these handcuffs so you can get up on the table. You are to lie on your back.”

Bob got on the table, and Sue immediately took his wrists and ankles and buckled them into the restraints that were on the table. Bob felt totally helpless and still didn’t have a clue as to what was coming next.

He found out quickly enough as he watched Sue return to the cabinet and take out a large enema bag and begin to fill it in the sink. She poured in some soap solution and continued to fill it until the bag was bulging. She came over to Bob and half smiled as she showed him the bag.

“See what I have made for you?” she asked, as she held the bag in front of her. “Look at how full it is. See how it bulges. Soon all of this will be inside your belly, making you cramp and bloat.” Sue laid the bag on Bob’s groin. “Feel how warm it is,” she said.

‘I’m going to give you this enema now and you’re going to take this entire bag. After you’ve taken it all, you’re going to hold it until I decide you can let it go. Understand?”

“ALL?” asked Bob incredulously.

“Yes, ALL,” echoed Sue.

“I don’t think I can,” whined Bob

“Oh you will, I’ll see to that,” said Sue, smiling. “The inflatable nozzle nozzle that we are using will keep you from leaking, so you can just relax and let the water flow right in. Your ass is sealed tight as a drum,” she said as she tugged on the inflatable nozzle’s tube. Sue hung the bulging bag on a hook just above Bob’s head. She looked him in the eyes in a mock sympathetic grin and said, “you can watch the bag drain and you’ll know just how much you’ll have left.”

She took the tubing from the bag and connected it to the inflatable nozzle nozzle implanted in Bob’s rear, then said to Bob, “OK, here comes your enema.”

Bob felt the hot soapy water gush into him as Sue released the clamp. Already he was cramping. ‘PLEASE stop!” he cried.

Sue closed the clamp. “Now listen to me and listen well. This crap happens with everyone I see. As soon as I start giving an enema, you all yell ‘stop.’ Well, in case you still don’t realize it, this is punishment and these enemas are SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable. You WILL take all of this enema regardless of how long it takes, and that there is no way it is coming out of you unless and until I release the nozzle, so let’s just get it straight right now. You WILL take this and the faster you do it, the sooner you will be finished and out of here. I will slow down the flow and if I see that you are in serious distress, I will stop momentarily, and I emphasize momentarily… until the cramps pass. But you are NOT getting off this table until this bag is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY empty. Do I make myself clear?”

“yes,” Bob answered meekly.

“You’re sure?”


“When do I let you off the table?” asked Sue again.

“When the bag is empty”

“I said TOTALLY and COMPLETELY empty! Repeat that for me!”

“Totally and completely empty,” mumbled Bob.

“Good. We understand each other… Now, since you just asked me to stop, you must ask me to start.”

“OK, mumbled Bob”

“OK? OK, what?”

“You can start”

“That’s not how I expect you to ask.”

“OK, start the enema again.”

“I didn’t hear you”

“Please start the enema again!”

“That’s much better, here you are.” And with that remark, Sue opened the clamp. Bob stared at the bulging red bag above his head and began to realize that superior physical strength wasn’t requires to cause physical distress. This 120-pound woman was doing as good a job as any 200-pound martial arts master could. Bob felt himself filling, with the pressure in his gut building and yet the bag hardly seemed to shrink. He was sure he would explode first. He thought that he might just expel it all on the table if it got too much. “Maybe I will try to leak a little of it,” he thought, but the inflatable nozzle nozzle was doing its job and Bob soon realized that there was no way he could expel prematurely. Bob realized that Sue was totally in control of him and realized his total helplessness of the moment. He couldn’t help admire, even in a backward way, just how effective this punishment was. There was NO way he wanted a repeat of this.

Bob could finally see the bag shrink and when it was about a quarter full he began cramp seriously and started reflexively panting. As soon as he did, Sue stopped the flow, and as the cramp subsided, Bob’s breathing slowly returned to normal. And as she had promised, Sue then opened the clamp and resumed the enema. Bob took the rest of the enema this way.. whenever he would cramp and pant, Sue would stop, but as soon as he was over it, Sue relentlessly resumed his enema.

After several more stops and starts, the bag was finally empty. Bob, in spite of his condition, felt a wave of relief come over him.

“There, see, you took it all,” said Sue. “Every one of my clients learns his true capacity here, and I have never been wrong yet.”

Expecting Sue to release his restraints, he started to push himself up from the table.

“Planning on going somewhere?” asked Sue coyly. “You’re not done here yet.. not by a long shot my friend. We’ve got to hold that enema for a few minutes now.. remember what I told you before that I will make the decision about your holding time? Well, I didn’t like your lack of cooperation at the beginning. I had to tell you three times to undress, and then you protested when I began the enema, so I am going to add another 5 minutes to the 10 minutes required.”

Bob thought about protesting this extension, but immediately thought better of it and said nothing.

“You’ll feel better tomorrow,” Sue consoled him. “When you hold an enema in this long it gets a chance to really do its work and give you a good cleanout.”

This was small consolation to Bob . He tried to relax as much as possible, considering his condition. He felt the water gurgling through his bowels and began to think that maybe he could bear it, However the feeling didn’t last long.. the urge to expel was building up, and Bob again realized his helpless state. He fought two waves of cramps which were be stopped by the inflatable nozzle nozzle’s firm seal. Finally Sue announced that Bob had only another minute left to hold his first enema.

Then he realized what Sue had just said. “FIRST enema??” he gasped.

“Yes, this is just your first. You didn’t think this was ALL you were getting, did you?”

“Gulp. Y-y-y-yes “

“Well I am very sorry, my friend but Level 3 punishment requires 3 enemas, and each one must be bigger than the last one, so you are far from done.. And since you’re a ‘plus’ I can add a fourth if I think you deserve it. I might also use a little toothpaste or Vicks on the nozzle just to make sure I’ve REALLY got your attention. We’ll just continue along and see what happens,” she said, flashing Bob an evil smile.

After the last agonizing minute was up, Sue disconnected the inflatable nozzle from the tubing and released Bob from the table. She quickly cuffed his wrists behind him and led him to the toilet, the inflatable nozzle’s tail now dangling behind him. As Bob went to sit on the toilet, Sue reached between Bob’s legs and pulled the inflatable nozzle nozzle’s tail forward so that the inflator bulbs were resting on the front of the toilet seat under Bob’s cock. “Now you have four balls,” joked Sue. “You’ll get your relief as soon as I deflate the balloons,” said Sue. I think I will let you sit here for another minute, though, so that you’ll fully understand my authority to increase your punishment. I still don’t think that you are taking me seriously. I’ll be right back,” she said as she left the bathroom. With his wrists handcuffed behind him, Bob could only sit and wait for Sue to return and release the nozzle.

It was a long minute, but Sue finally returned and released the nozzle, allowing Bob to finally expel. But the relief Bob felt was only temporary as he recalled the events of the previous half hour and knew that more of the same, and possible worse, was in store for him. And with the threat of a fourth enema, he decided he would definitely cooperate with Sue. At that point he decided that he wanted NEVER to return to this place.

And from outside the door, Bob heard Sue’s voice calling him back to continue his punishment…..