Richard: Chinese American

A True Story 1998

Richard made his way through the terminal corridors trying to read the signs and instructions. All passengers from America were directed to a special customs inspection area, which he eventually found and approached the counter.

Richard Lowe was American of Chinese descent. He was born in American to a wealthy business family and had flown on his own to Beijing, many time before. He looked forward to seeing his father again, all though it had only been a few months since he had last seen him. That was when his Dad had enrolled him in a new School in Chicago where they made their home.

Clara Lowe was already waiting at the airport to meet Richard. When his plane landed It was the family’s plan to take a holiday together and travel through to Tibet then into India.

Richard was the envy of his school friends. His Chinese heritage, combined with his American features made him an extremely handsome boy. Clara had worked diligently trying to teach Richard to read Mandarin Chinese, but found the task exhausting and he was not a very willing student although he could speak several phrases in Chinese enough to get by on.

“You are Richard Lowe, “ the customs officer asked holding Richard’s passport and Visa. The officer spoke in Chinese expecting Richard to understand. Luckily, it was a phrase that Richard knew. He replied in English that he was. The officer reached across the counter and struck Richard in the face with his passport. Richard was dumfounded by this aggressive action and held his face as he spoke again in English that he was sorry but he did not speak Chinese very well. The officer continued talking to Richard in Chinese in spite of Richard’s look of bewilderment. He had been into Beijing many times but had never encountered treatment like this.

The officer called on a phone to someone. Richard understood the officer was asking for some assistance at the counter. He put the phone down as another official arrived and motioned Richard to follow. “You come with me Chinese Boy,” he directed Richard in broken English along another corridor into a room which looked very much like a medical examination room. There was no window and the room was painted white and smelled of disinfectant. Another man appeared wearing a white hospital smock. Richard was becoming very anxious and asked why he had been brought there and where was his mother. His inquiry only got him a rough man- handling into a chair in front of a desk. The officer, or whoever he was, sat at the other side of the desk and persisted in questioning.

Richard replied in Chinese. “ I do not speak Chinese. I am sorry. Do you not speak English? Why am I in here and why can’t I meet my parents. They are waiting for me at the reception area,” he said trying to hide his terror. The officer sat writing on a document in front of him. Finally after what seemed like an hour, he stepped to the doorway leading to another room, and called to another man dressed in a similar white apron.

“Not speak Chinese?” he asked

“Not very much I only speak American, “ he replied in his broken Chinese.

“Clothes off. You will be searched,” he was ordered in broken English.

“Why must I undress. Why am I being searched.? You have all my luggage.” Richard asked.

The officer made motions for Richard to remove his jacket, which when he had done so, was hung on a coat hook. He noticed they never took time to examine his pockets.

“More clothes now . Take clothes off now,” he was ordered again.

Richard demanded to see the consulate or be allowed to see his parents. This got him a blow to the side of his head knocking him to the floor. He wanted to cry but didn’t want to appear weak in front of these thugs. He got to his feet and the officer commenced to undo his shirt, and removing it, was hung on a hook beside his jacket. The examiner pointed to his shoes and motioned Richard to removed them. He sat on the chair and removed his shoes. and stockings.

“Stand.” the man ordered. Richard stood up and the orderly undid his belt and unbuttoned his pants. Richard tried to wriggle free but received another crack on his head. His pants slid down to his ankles. The orderly reached for Richard’s underwear waste band and pulled them down. He pushed Richard into the chair and he knelt down and removed his pants and underwear . He was now completely naked and felt terribly embarrassed and vulnerable. He placed his hands across his lap in an attempt at modesty, only to have them swatted out of the way.

Richard started to cry as he was taken into an adjoining room. There was a table in the center of the room which looked like one he had seen with his school on a tour of an undertaking parlor. It was all steel and had a trough running around the edges with drains located ever few feet. Richard was trembling now as his imagination commenced to conjure terrible things that might be about to be done to him.

“Please sir, I have nothing to hide, why am I being examined. I am not a smuggler.” he pleaded. He thought of the stories he had heard about smugglers carrying dope and contraband in various body locations. He had seen pictures of the customs examiners looking into peoples behinds. He was afraid they were going to do that to him. His fears were realized when the orderly pulled on a pair of Latex gloves and proceeded to lubricate his fingers in a jar of grease or Vaseline maybe.

The orderly bent down and placed his hands on his shoes, motioning Richard to do the same. Richard bent down knowing his was going to have this man’s finger up his behind. They were looking for something he might have placed up there. He knew they would find nothing but maybe a bowel movement which was long overdue.

“Ow. Oh Please stop,” Richard pleaded. The orderly stuck his finger as far into Richard’s anus as possible and poked around inside making Richard cry with pain. He could not control his cries as he tried to move his body away from the prodding finger.

An electric apparatus was brought in and placed beside the table. There was a TV monitor attached to the device. The instrument was plugged into a wall outlet and the screen came to life in a bright blue. Richard watched as the operator held his hand onto what looked like a long tube and as if by magic his fingers appeared in the screen. He lubricated the end of the tube and inserted it roughly into Richard’s anus. It was large and it hurt making him scream from the pain. He wondered if anyone could hear him although they made no attempt to gag him. The screen showed a dark mass which caused some excitement amongst the two examiners. They moved the probe around and pushed it further up into his rectum. They seemed to come to the conclusion that there was something hidden inside. Richard too saw what was attracting their attention. Probably the source of his constipation.

From under the table some rubber tubing was produced. Richard new they were going to give him an enema. He had not gone to the bathroom for the last two days as he was traveling and his meals tended to constipate him. He advised the examiners as much and suggested that was the black spot on this screen. They laughed and once again a tube was inserted into his rectum. He felt the water filling him until he screamed he could hold no more. They continued to fill him until he could no longer retain the fluids and felt his anus relax and the contents of his colon flushed onto the table and drained into the gutters along side. Still the water poured in and Richard allowed it to run out. He was embarrassed but couldn’t help himself. No amount of pleading was having any effect on the two examiners. The tube was removed and the probe reinserted. There was nothing. showing this time. They had examined the contents as it drained out onto the table. Nothing could have been hidden in such an examination.

Just as he thought they were done with him, they changed the end of the probe and attached a longer narrower on. Once again it was tested and the end was placed in Richard’s mouth. Richard could see his teeth. He was pulled to the top of the table and his head pulled over the edge. He gritted his teeth holding his mouth closed, they pinched off his air supply by holding his nose. He gasped for air and the tube was inserted into his stomach. He gagged and threw up, which got him a terrible punch in the stomach. The mess of his vomit was cleaned up and once again the probe was inserted. Richard could not help but swallow trying to prevent a recurrence of his gagging. He sobbed to himself as the pain of the examination was almost overpowering. He wanted his mother. Once again the screen showed nothing, and the probe was forced even further into his stomach. He was held down. Finally it was removed and his throat ached terribly.

He was turned over onto his stomach and the examiner commenced feeling each vertebrae in his back from his neck to his tailbone. He was rolled over and the two started to press ever inch of his body from his ears to his penis. They seemed to take great delight in teasing his small organ massaging it endeavoring to make him erect. The farthest thing in Richard’s mind was any erotic feelings they were trying to induce in him. They laughed flicking it one way then another.

Finally one went to a cupboard and produced a vibrator. Both men laughed as they turned the machine on. They started by putting the machine on his stomach and then slowly moved down to his penis. They held the machine in place for what seemed like ages. and Richard fought any desires on his part. His mind was on the terrible way he had been treated and he tried to keep his mind on the torture these two men had put him through. They pressed the machine harder and the vibrations were slowly penetrating Richard’s resolve. As much as he tried, his mind could not block out the vibrations and he felt himself going erect. They were enjoying Richard’s reaction and manipulated him even more, He felt the stirring in his groin and he forced himself to think about his mother and father who were nearby waiting for him.

Finally the latex glove came out again and was dipped into the jell. It was slowly inserted into Richard’s anus and the action drew Richard’s mind from all other thoughts and his body finally racked in a terrible orgasm that left him completely spent . All fight had left him as he lay waiting for whatever else they had in mind for him. His humiliation was complete. The examiners seemed satisfied and laughed at Richard’s antics during his ejaculation. They produced a cloth and proceeded to wipe off his penis and his stomach.

They helped him to get off the table then guided him to a shower where they bathed him dried him and produced his clothing to get dressed. During all this time there had been .little conversation, only the men’s laughter.

Richard was guided to the door and into the corridor that led to the reception area. He estimated he had been in the office for about an hour. He ran to his Mother and wiping the tears from his eyes, he hugged emotionally.

“Richard, you were so long we were beginning to worry about you. We heard they were examining everyone for hidden contraband such as drugs and jewelry. Thank good goodness you had nothing on you. You can thank your lucky stars Richard, that you were not bringing anything illegal into the country. I presume you had to wait while others were being interrogated,” his mother gushed happy to see her son.

Richard could not bring himself to detail the terrible examination he had undergone. The humiliation would have been too terrible and would only have created many problems for his parents had they attempted to complain. He had survived, and apart from being hungry, he felt much better.

The family departed for the restaurant as Richard’s two examiners smiled to each other knowing full well that Richard would not disclose the details of his examination. They stepped up to the desk where another boy, a little older than Richard, was waiting while his parents protested. They were not speaking English and seemed annoyed at having their son taken away. Little did they know that their son was about to be examined in the most hideous manner, for supposedly hidden secrets being smuggled into the country. The two examiners continued to smile as they motioned the unsuspecting boy through the doors.

Richard glanced back and sighed. The boy was a white Caucasian, so thoughts of the customs authorities only picking on their own people were dispelled.