Room Mates Examined Together

By Polly Patient

Two young college women are subjected to depraved medical exams in front of each other.

These were the requirements for every new student entering Midberry College for the Fall semester. An appointment slip giving the time and day for the exam was delivered to each girl including Megan Riley and her room mate Pam Jones. The two 18 year-old women had met when they entered college from different parts of the country. Megan, a redhead with green eyes and a fair complexion, came from an agricultural area known for its dairy farms. Pam was a city girl at heart and her blonde hair and styling bore the look of urban sophistication. To the bewilderment of both co-eds, the dates and times of their exams were identical. They were instructed to bring gym clothing of a very specific nature and not to shave the areas of their bodies deemed to be sexual. Being freshmen at the famous institution of higher learning, they made every effort to follow administrative requests to the letter. Megan and Pam diligently pursued their academic studies until the Tuesday morning when they were to appear in the campus medical office. The two teenaged women were showered, scrubbed and dressed to order when they arrived at precisely 9:30. Megan wore her hair in a scrunchy while Pam let her poker-straight blonde tresses fall naturally to her shoulders. Their fingernails and toenails were unpolished and both students wore only the basics of make-up. Neither girl wore anything beyond lipstick. At the appointed hour Megan and Pam headed for the medical building on campus dressed in the school’s accepted uniform of white blouses and black skirts. Each girl wore black high heeled pumps and no stockings. With appointment slips in hand and carrying their gym outfits, the young women entered the sanctum of Nurse Danvers. Millie Danvers, head nurse of Midberry Hall was reported to have been present when the place began operating in 1946. Truth was that the tall brunette medical officer was only middle-aged and not unattractive in a strange austere way. Her assistant and rumored partner for life was Joanne Conway. She, like Millie Danvers was middle aged, smoked heavily and bore the countenance and posture of a strict martinet. These two jaded women were the antithesis of what Megan and Pam had expected to encounter. The redhead and her blonde companion presented themselves albeit nervous for the examination. “Good morning, young ladies,” began the nurse, “for the next 3 hours you will be evaluated according to your physical potential. You will each receive a medical exam by our visiting physician from Holmville and you will participate in our annual posture profile assessment.” “What’s that?” inquired Pam about the last item. “You will be photographed front and back for a maturity evaluation after you’ve undressed,” replied the nurse. “You mean naked?” stammered Megan, quite unable to comprehend the need for such humiliation. Millie Danvers merely smirked at the young woman’s question and left it unanswered. Joanne Conway, silent until now, stepped forward with clip board and tape measure in hand. “Take your clothes off,” she rasped to the girls, who by now were becoming more and more uncomfortable with what lay ahead for them. “Hurry along, young ladies,” interjected Nurse Danvers impatiently. Seeing the girls were not responding immediately, she said, “Miss Conway is waiting to take your measurements, so get undressed.” “All our clothes….everything?” asked the petite blonde co-ed. A nod from both administrators affirmed that the girls’ undressing was to be complete. Megan and Pam glanced at each other and then averted their eyes as they began removing their clothing. Under the watchful eyes of the nurse and her companion, it took no time at all to strip. Beneath their skirts and blouses the girls wore only a bra and underpants. Megan Riley’s shoes came off first and Pam saved hers for last. Naked, within a foot of each other, the two female students were a contrast in beauty. Pam’s delicately framed body was highlighted with tan lines.

A crisp triangle of curly pubic hair showed her to be an authentic blonde albeit a shade darker than the hair on her head. Her small hips and breasts gave Pam the look of a teenager much younger than she actually was. Megan, the redhead, stood two inches taller than her room mate. She had the true complexion of a red haired female. With her bra removed, Megan’s long pink nipples rose in the changing air temperature to cones of semi-hard flesh. Her breasts, hips and ass were fuller than Pam’s but not to the point of exaggeration. Between her legs was a splash of carrot-colored hair adorning her pussy mound. Both young beauties stood flat-footed on the cold tile floor. They traded curious glances at each other. The stiff-backed Joanne Conway was the first to speak. “All jewelry off too, girls,” she said, “You are not to wear anything.” Again, bewildered by the request, the girls denuded themselves of their simple adornments. Megan removed the fine gold chain and cross from around her neck. Pam removed her wristwatch and ring. Both young women struggled to remove even the ear rings from their pierced ears, presenting themselves more naked than before. Megan and Pam submitted to weighing and measuring at the hands of the stiff-faced Miss Conway. “Bring them in when you’re through, Jo,” remarked Millie Danvers. The girls were ushered through a doorway marked ‘photography room’. It contained a raised platform on which each girl had to stand. The floodlights were blinding as Megan and Pam had to pose front, back and side full length nude with heels together, hands at sides. Each photo bore an unhappy expression because of the humiliation the girls felt.. After these undignified proceedings, each young woman was finger and toe printed with Miss Conway doing the honors, individually pressing each toe and finger against a purple stamp pad. With the preliminaries completed, Megan and Pam were next ordered to put on their gym attire, sans underwear, for the exercise portion of the exam. Their outfits consisted of guinea T’s and shorts resembling half-panties. The athletic styled T-shirts issued them were more than a size too small. Likewise, the shorts barely covered the lower halves of their buttocks. Unshod and wearing these little white outfits produced a sexy look that neither girl appreciated. In the exercise room, Joanne Conway holding a clip board, began their calisthenics. “Start with your heels together, girls, now touch your toes,” said Conway, giving a good imitation of a platoon sergeant. Megan’s fingertips barely made it to her toes, her pendulous breasts hanging upside down encased in thin material. “Legs straight,” said Miss Conway, demanding perfection. During jumping-jacks, the two young co-eds jiggled satisfactorily and push-ups showed off their legs and asses. The two students were then told to mount stationary bicycles that were placed head-to-head, so the girls had the dubious pleasure of seeing each other pedaling and straining.

The seats were leather racing saddles typically used on European bikes. After 15 minutes of strenuous pedaling, the leather saddles were becoming moist with perspiration. Occasionally the girls would be stopped so that heart rates and blood pressure readings could be taken. At the half-way mark pedaling resistance was increased making each girl work harder than ever. After 30 minutes of hard riding, Megan and Pam were made to use a rowing-machine apparatus, working their upper bodies until their shirts were literally drenched with sweat. After 30 minutes of non-stop rowing activity, the exhausted girls were allowed to stand, their legs rubbery from exertion. The two co-eds were directed to folding tables commonly used in dining rooms and cafeterias. The girls were again made to strip, this time removing their smelly sweat-soaked gym clothing. “Now young ladies I’d like you to climb onto these tables and lie on your backs,” said Nurse Danvers as soon as the girls had undressed. Although glad to recline for a moment’s rest, the girls did so apprehensively. “Place your hands behind your heads, then bend your knees and put your feet together, soles touching,” was the next order from the demanding Nurse Danvers. Both young women assumed the frog-legged position with trepidation and embarrassment. Hovering near at hand, Danvers and Conway approached the two tabled females. “I’ll take the redhead,” spat Millie Danvers to her associate. “We’re going to make sure your sweat glands aren’t clogged from deodorants and beauty gunk.” So saying the two examiners began a tactile scan for perspiration on the young women. Armpits and crotches were examined first. “Good and damp here,” announced Joanne Conway as her bony fingers traveled along the cleft of Pam’s buttocks. Megan Riley trembled as Nurse Danvers’ thumbs ran the course of her stomach and downward. Not even the girls’ soles and toes were spared. With bright red faces (from sheer embarrassment) the girls were given towels and sent to the showers to make themselves as fresh as possible for their upcoming medical exams. Soaping themselves under cold-running shower heads, Megan and Pam washed in silence afraid to imagine what would happen next. With their blue towels wrapped around them and their hair still dripping wet, the two students were led out into the main hallway almost to a point where they entered Nurse Danvers’ office. They padded barefoot behind Danvers and Conway to a room marked Medical Exam Room. Inside stood a white lab-coated young man of no more than 30 years of age. He smiled as the girls came into sight. Flabbergasted by the sight of a man, let alone the doctor who was about to examine them, the two young women doubled over in humiliation. The young doctor stepped forward saying, “Hello ladies, I’m Mark Halliwell.” Megan and Pam attempted to exchange pleasantries, but found it extremely hard to speak with the lumps in their throats. Mark Halliwell bore a remarkable resemblance to a well-known television actor. As the girls gripped their towels tighter around themselves, they didn’t notice the twin exam tables, a feature of the room that spelled an unforgettable experience in store for them. “Dr. Halliwell, here are the stats collected so far,” said Nurse Danvers handing Mark their folders. He glanced at the charts and then at each girl as they stood slightly dripping from their showers, their hair stringy and uncombed. “Well let’s begin then, shall we?” interjected Millie Danvers, anxious for the girls to be examined thoroughly.

Facing the nervously waiting young women she barked, “Remove your towels and get on these tables.” It was then that Megan and Pam realized what was about to happen. A complete physical was bad enough, but being examined in front of one’s own room mate was thoroughly demeaning. Pam drew pale, matching the whiteness of Megan’s creamy complexion. Megan, flushing hotly, pleaded, “Not Naked!” Beginning to whimper, the redhead turned to Pam and embraced the smaller woman seeking comfort. With their towels pressed together and their knees touching, the two 18 year-olds presented a picture of eroticism and vulnerability. Holding Megan’s head to her shoulder, Pam looked up to see the older women advancing on them. Realizing that resistance was of little use, the blonde said, “Come on, Meg, let’s just get this over with.” Pam Jones stepped away from her room mate and undid her towel, tossing it to a chair. Naked, the beautiful blonde walked to the first table and placed her foot upon the lower step. She turned and sat upon the stark white butcher paper. Megan watching all this was unable to bring herself to move. For this, the ever-present Joanne Conway glided forward and stripped the towel from the red haired student. Taking Megan by the wrist, she placed a hand on the girl’s back and pushed her gently toward fate’s alter. Embarrassed but unable to keep their eyes off each other, the two women were laid upon their backs amidst the noisy clatter of the tables’ retractable foot rests. It became apparent that the girls would be placed in a humiliating posture immediately. “Place your feet into the stirrups, ladies,” ordered Millie Danvers, almost drooling with anticipation. Resigned to the ordeal ahead of them, Megan and Pam rested their heels against the cold metal. Dr. Halliwell, grinning obliviously, walked between the two exam tables and placed a hand on each of the girls’ bent knees, sliding downward to mid-thigh before saying, “Who’d like to be first?” There was only silence. “Let’s begin with the blonde,” he said throwing a glance to Nurse Danvers. Mark Halliwell looked over Pam’s chart and asked, “Umm, Miss Jones have you had intercourse in the past three days?” The indelicate question brought every eye to the naked student. “I, I’m a v-virgin,” she managed to stammer after a long pause. “I see,” replied the doctor smiling, as he fitted the ear pieces of his stethoscope in each ear. Stooping a bit, he placed the listening diaphragm an inch above Pam’s left nipple. The sudden chill raised goose bumps along the torso of the naked teenager. As the doctor’s hand moved across the blonde’s chest, Pam’s nipples involuntarily rose to a state of maximum turgidity, a fact that didn’t escape the watchful eyes of Danvers and Conway. Nor Megan Riley, for she couldn’t keep her eyes off Dr. Halliwell as he traversed Pam’s bosoms with the stethoscope.

Suddenly the stethoscope descended to Pam’s stomach and further, to an inch below the girl’s navel, causing the co-ed to increase her feelings of anxiety. The doctor stopped within a millimeter of the golden corn-silk of Pam’s pubic bush. With every eye fixed on his right hand, Mark Halliwell lifted the chromed disk of his stethoscope and planted it squarely on the young woman’s pink-lipped vulva. Every heart fluttered as Pam writhed against the unwanted assault, the butcher paper sticking to her buttocks as her lovely hips rose to escape. But she could not escape. Dr. Halliwell’s open hand pushed her back down. Megan looked on in shock and fear that her own pussy would be next and what she was witnessing was merely a preview of her own undignified examination. Seating himself between the knees of the splayed Miss Jones, Dr. Mark Halliwell inspected the instrument tray for a speculum dainty enough for her virginal pussy. Millie Danvers and Joanne Conway, their panty crotches suspiciously moist, looked on wishing they could assist as the doctor prepared for a deep internal exam. Immediately Nurse Danvers spoke up. “Dr. Halliwell, you’ve forgotten your patient’s breast exam,” she said. It was true. Mark Halliwell was so preoccupied with Pam’s pearlescent labia, that he had neglected the teenaged blonde’s firm round titties. “Would you mind doing it for me, nurse?” asked the doctor, without removing his eyes from the pink prize before him. Pam looked up to see the nurse at the side of the table, her ungloved, ham-fisted paws about to molest her. Cringing the petite blonde winced as Nurse Danvers’ hands kneaded her boob flesh like dough. Megan, her eyes fixed upon her room mate’s plight, was horrified to see Pam’s exquisite nipples so openly fondled. Pam, however, had other things to worry about. Dr. Halliwell was spreading her inner sex lips and placing a 3 inch long speculum at the vestibule of her vagina. He had selected a virginal speculum befitting a ten year old girl. He smiled inwardly as he wondered if his male fingers would be Pam’s first ‘fuck’. Mark Halliwell’s penis moved in his trousers as he pushed the stainless steel bills into the depths of Pam’s vaginal canyon. He opened the spreaders thus revealing the teenager’s lush coral interior. Pam’s knuckles turned white as her grip on the table increased. Mark worked quickly to collect a few cell samples from Pam’s cervix in order that he may proceed to the next portion of the pelvic exam. Slowly withdrawing the speculum from the girl’s dilated hole, Mark re-gloved, savoring the moments to follow. He anointed his extended index and middle fingers with an extremely slippery lubricant. Meanwhile Millie Danvers had just completed the final tweaks of Pam’s creamy nipples, an act that left the teenager hopelessly frustrated. “Miss Jones,” began Dr. Halliwell, “I’m going to insert my fingers into your vagina as far as they’ll go. Then I shall turn them and palpate you from within.” A stunning silence filled the room as every breath was held. The young doctor demonstrated his prowess by slipping his fingers right up Pam’s pussy until the second knuckles disappeared inside her. “Aghh!” gasped the miserable student as her hips bounced on the medical table.

For the next minute, all in the room were fascinated by Mark Halliwell’s coital-like hand thrusts and finger spreads until the sedate young patient began humping her pelvis. The sight was unbelievably sexy as Pam’s abdomen undulated to the rhythmic movements of her hips. However, Dr. Halliwell withdrew his fingers, denying Pam the release she so desperately needed. Returning with spread fingers, Mark Halliwell next thrust his first and middle digits into Pam’s vagina and anus simultaneously causing the beleaguered nude teenager to utter a breathless gasp. The provocative recto-vaginal exam lasted but a few seconds but kept the two older women entertained sufficiently to keep their meager juices flowing within their loins. Pam Jones lay spent and humiliated as Dr. Halliwell turned his attention immediately to Megan. The redhead’s naked body trembled as the doctor lowered his bare hands onto her toothsome breasts. Without formalities or warning he perused the lovely hillocks of her pink-tipped mammeries to the delight of Misses Danvers and Conway, whose panties by now were quite sticky to be sure. Obviously enjoying himself, Mark Halliwell worked his fingers toward the peaks of Megan’s breasts where he grasped the elongated nipples and pinched vigorously. The resulting gasp from Megan Riley brought sighs of satisfaction from the stone-faced women. No one noticed Mark’s penis pressing so insistently against his trousers. “Now then, Miss Riley, I’ll just take a quick look between your legs,” announced the doctor, going immediately to Megan’s sex. The announcement made the red-haired teen blush. As the doctor sat and pulled on clean latex gloves, the two crones inched closer to Megan’s wide spread thighs. Dr. Halliwell brushed the pubic hair aside with his thumbs revealing the frilly inner lips protruding from her vulva. He then peeled the soft integument back to expose the young woman’s clitoris. It was larger than Pam’s and pulsated with every heart beat. Millie Danvers was leaking profusely. The nurse had seen many college cunts, but Megan’s was the most beautiful. “You seem to be a healthy young woman, Miss Riley,” said the doctor appraising Megan’s vagina like a piece of merchandise. Mark Halliwell continued to dilate the girl’s orifice confirming his suspicion. “I see you’re considerably stretched,” said the doctor, “obviously from sexual activity.” Megan did not respond. In fact she was dying of embarrassment. “Have you had anal intercourse as well, Miss Riley?” asked Mark Halliwell peering downward in the direction of Megan’s bottom. When the humiliated teenager refused to answer, the doctor muttered, “Well I can see for myself in a moment.” Pam, who was recovering from her ordeal, heard Mark’s words and turned toward the naked co-ed next to her. That means she’s going to be given a rectal exam, thought Pam. That idea was not unpleasant to the blonde as she lay there wondering how that examination would look. For a few seconds Pam tried to imagine Megan with Mark Halliwell’s finger up her ass. The blonde teenager snapped back to reality in time to see her room mate’s bi manual examination. Millie Danvers was now closer than ever to Mark Halliwell as he examined the redhead. The nurse’s face was only inches away from Megan’s well lubricated pussy. The young doctor was making no pretense of decorum, for he used every opportunity to stimulate and arouse Megan Riley’s hotly throbbing clitoris. Everyone in the room was convinced that the young student was about to orgasm. Megan herself felt that she’d cum any second as her natural juices lubricated Dr. Halliwell’s fingers. However as in Pam’s case, the doctor did not allow Megan to climax. Instead he abruptly pulled his fingers from the girl’s liquid orifice, leaving the red-haired student frustrated and panting. “Nurse, let’s get Miss Riley ready for an anal exam,” said Mark to Millie Danvers.

The nurse and Miss Conway immediately sprung upon the nude patient, whipping her feet from the stirrups and attempting to get Megan rolled over and onto her knees. Once the young woman’s knees were firmly planted on the rear corners of the exam table, Millie Danvers barked the following instructions, “Rest your shoulders on the table top, Miss Riley.” Realizing she had no choice, Megan lowered her chest onto the crumpled butcher paper, her arms extending straight back to her knees. This demeaning posture revealed much more of her private anatomy than she cared to show, however a much more humiliating situation was about to transpire. At the doctor’s request, Nurse Danvers and Miss Conway stood to either side of Megan and spread the cheeks of her buttocks to the widest extreme. Even Pam, herself nude, couldn’t get over the lascivious nature of her room mate’s pose. Dr. Halliwell, freshly gloved, stood before Megan Riley’s luscious hams, lucky to have his lab coat covering the pronounced bulge in his trousers. He squeezed lubricant upon his index finger as he stared at the redhead’s hairless asshole. “Now just relax, Miss Riley, and take a deep breath for me,” said Mark Halliwell in a soothing voice. He already had his fingertip against Megan’s anus as she drew the air into her lungs. With a single thrust, the doctor’s finger sank easily into the young co-ed’s rectum. “Well there’s no doubt, Miss Riley, that you’ve had a lover in this orifice too,” pronounced Mark Halliwell without concern for Megan’s feelings. Millie Danvers and Joanne Conway exchanged glances signaling the fact that their smelly panties were stuck to their pussies. Even Pam rustled uncomfortably on her table when she saw and heard. “Ohhhh, my…,” blurted Megan, her face burning hotly with embarrassment. Balling his fist, the doctor turned his finger to feel all around the interior of his young patient’s anal ring. The good doctor couldn’t estimate the number of cocks that had found there way up the redhead’s sumptuous ass. Nurse Danvers and Miss Conway continued to hold the young woman’s bottom cheeks as Mark Halliwell’s penis grew harder and harder. Even Pam, propped up on her elbows and watching intently, found it difficult not to rub her own pussy as the debauched scene unfolded. Unable to prolong the exam beyond a point, Mark Halliwell reluctantly pulled his gooey finger from Megan Riley’s distended ass. As Dr. Halliwell removed the fecal smeared glove, his two assistants were happily getting Megan to her feet. Pam, too, dismounted her table hoping her ordeal was over. Mark had examined and touched all that he needed to and was now shaking hands with the two unclothed women and exchanging farewell pleasantries as though it were the most innocuous act. Megan and Pam were poised to bolt for their towels, their clothes and just get out. The doctor off-handedly gave the nurse one last order. “Miss Danvers, I’d like you to take their temperatures rectally now, record the data and then dismiss them,” said Mark Halliwell. The two naked women stood with mouths agape. Nothing could have displeased the co-eds more than having to submit to such infantile procedures. Danvers and Conway busily collected two straight-backed chairs and assembled them facing one another.

With thermometers in hand the two older women sat down and bade the students to come forward. “Let’s go, ladies, over our laps so we can get this over with,” said Millie Danvers without compassion. Megan and Pam looked at each other in disbelief. Nothing so far could match the humiliation of lying across these women’s knees naked in a childish spanking-position. “You can’t, it’s indecent!” exclaimed Pam defiantly. “You’re not getting your clothes back until we take your temperatures,” retorted the stern nurse. Megan felt tears welling up as she stood trembling. Pam, again realizing that debate would go unheard, cautiously approached Millie Danvers. The pert young blonde bent and lowered her hips onto Millie’s lap, her upper torso supported by her hands flat on the floor below her. This left Megan to supplicate herself on the lap of the thin-lipped Miss Conway. The redhead’s hands and feet created a fulcrum as she adjusted her butt on Conway’s lap. The older woman obvious enjoyed the contact since her skirt was now well above mid-thigh. Both young women felt the shame of having their bottom cheeks parted exposing their fine anal rosebuds. In synchronization cold greasy thermometers were inserted into their dainty assholes, each girl feeling as though an icicle had been stuck up their asses. For the next four minutes the girls stoically endured the embarrassment of the older women holding the thermometers deeply in their rectums to obtain their core temperatures. That night in the dorm, Megan Riley and Pam Jones undressed in silence. What they had experienced together profoundly affected them. As she lay in bed, Megan kept re-living her exam. Pam tried to blot out the embarrassment and shame of her day. The girls couldn’t sleep. They tossed and turned unable to remove the images from their minds. When Megan began sobbing, Pam rose and slipped into bed with the redhead. The girls embraced and eventually slept restlessly. A day later two pink slips of paper arrived at their dorm. A fire in the administration building had destroyed their records and their physicals were re-scheduled.