Rose the Med Tech

“Surely you’ve done it, just a little bit… haven’t you?” Rose was asking me if I ever had fun with our patients! We were both nurses in the same doctor’s office and we often settled patients in the examination rooms and instructed them to undress.

“Good grief, no!” I responded. I couldn’t believe she was asking about such a thing. You get used to the routines and you act professionally to put the patients at ease. You don’t go around seeing what you can get away with!

“I don’t mean anything terrible, just a little experiment. You know: see if you can get them to do something silly.”

“You don’t do that, do you?” I asked, shocked.

“Well, nothing that matters,” replied Rose, not looking the slightest bit guilty.

“What have you done?”

“Well, told someone to undress a little more than they needed to.” I thought about it. “Haven’t you wondered what some of them would be willing to do?”

“What did Lee say?” Dr. Lee is the internist we work for.

“Oh, he doesn’t even notice little things. You know that.” It’s true that Dr. Lee doesn’t trouble himself with details - in fact, he is a bit absentminded.

“So what have you done?” I returned. My curiosity is really my undoing.

“You asked me that. You mean an example?” I didn’t answer. I didn’t want to be eager. Rose looked at me for a moment and then I saw a slight smile on her face. But she didn’t answer me.

Later that afternoon, Rose asked me to come with her to room three and check Mrs. Fensom’s blood pressure. I almost asked her why since she could do it as well as I could. We walked in the room and I almost exclaimed! Mrs. Fensom was sitting on the examining table, wearing only panties! She was only in for a recheck and it certainly wasn’t necessary for her to strip down! Rose glanced at me and our eyes met. Her face didn’t reveal a thing, but I know her look was telling me here is your example.

It’s strange. I deal with totally nude men and women all the time, but trying to go through with testing Mrs. Fensom made me feel like I was back in training. Rose and me standing there, Mrs. Fensom wearing a lot less than she should be, and me in there unnecessarily…

Nervous or not, I took her arm and wrapped it. Touching her was strange. Why did Rose choose her to do this? Why not some man? Some hunk? Mrs. Fensom was rather attractive. She looked at me as I did it. A little nervous, but trusting. Was Rose attracted to women? Here were Rose and I, tricking this beautiful woman into getting undressed right in front of us! It seemed to take so long, pumping the monitor and listening for the heart beat. I was so close to her.

I wrote the numbers on her form and left. Rose was still there. I went into one of the lavatories and sat down, my heart beating almost out of my chest. It was just so wicked. Rose showed up in a couple of minutes. She had a big grin on her face.

“I thought you were going to have a heart attack!” she said. She giggled.

“I can’t believe you do that!” I said.

“It gets rid of the boredom, fast,” she answered. She giggled some more, and I couldn’t help it - I giggled too.

“What if she’s suspicious?” I asked.

“They almost never do anything about it, even if they have a few suspicions. They can’t be certain.”

“I can’t believe we’re talking like this, Rose! We can’t do this!”

“Oh, come off it! You wanted details, remember?” I felt guilty and didn’t say anything more about it. But she did it again the next day! Almost exactly the same thing, with a different woman! I waltzed through my part, and took Rose to task afterward, but she only smiled and told me I “did good”. After that, every day or two Rose would get me into a room with some patient like that. Men as well as women, and often she had them completely nude. She loved to stand there, talking to me, in front of some nude and embarrassed patient, seemingly oblivious to their plight. She seemed to get the cutest guys naked, and a lot of good looking women too. It got so she just gave me a little single nod and I knew to come in later as if I had some sort of business.

Then she gave a guy a rectal exam while I was watching! I couldn’t believe her audacity! I wondered if Lee was going to give him another. The poor man was so embarrassed, leaning over the table with Rose’s gloved finger right in his rear. I felt for him. But I also glanced at his cock to see if Rose got any reaction. I was pretty good at being nonchalant, as if this happens every day, and I slipped out in the middle of it, and went and found a place to sit. Despite my ability to school my features, inside I was ready to explode.

Another thing Rose liked to do was get patients to undress in one room and take them to another in a hospital gown. She would get them in a room without their clothes, and take the gown out of the room! Sometimes she would forget to take them back and try and get them to ask to be given something to wear. Once she had a woman ready to get dressed and she peeked out of the room and talked the woman into dashing across the hall nude since no one was around! She told me about it and then managed to get me a chance to spy on a woman doing it. Then she wanted me to walk around a corner as if by accident when she got a patient to do it, but I was reluctant, and she never managed to set it up.

Rose gave women breast exams while I watched and also had women lie on their backs on the table while she carefully inspected their breasts and their vaginas. She also got me to watch her give women rectal exams! She’d have the women nude, no clothes in the room, bending over the table, with her finger right in their rears, wriggling! She and I would talk about something completely different while she stood there, embarrassing some woman to death! She liked to get sex into the conversation somehow - she would often tell me about her fictitious sister’s troubles with her boyfriend. She liked to hint that the guy was making her sister do unspeakable things. Sometimes she’d say her sister was disgusted but found herself getting turned on by the stuff. She had a way of dancing around the subject - but there is no doubt she had the women guessing that her sister was getting it in the rear.

Once we had this new patient, a woman in her thirties or so, who was obviously already pretty high in the corporate ladder. She was dressed in a fantastic suit and she easily let us know that her time was valuable and she wasn’t there to wait around. Cindy, our receptionist, was scared of her - the woman was also very tall and blond and quite good looking, all of this making her more intimidating. I, myself, was hoping to have her done and gone as soon as possible, but Rose gave me her look. I couldn’t believe it: she’d risk trying to embarrass this she-devil. She was playing with fire. But I also thought about Rose pulling it off, and the idea of humiliating this woman certainly had some attraction.

Rose took the woman into the examining room and I waited a few minutes and headed over to slip in. I seemed to have developed a sixth sense as to when to go in.

I was in for a shock. I’d never seen Rose go this far! The woman was totally nude, and laying face down on the examining table. She had her elbows on the table, holding her shoulders up, but her face was hanging straight down, so I’m sure she didn’t notice me enter. But Rose had her finger right in the woman’s rear. And the woman had her rear lifted up off the table, obviously pushing against Rose’s finger. She was breathing hard, and was raising and lowering her rear against Rose’s finger so it slid in and out a bit. Rose looked up at me with the most evil smile I ever saw. She wanted me to come over and she had another rubber glove. She wanted me to put it on!

I left. I found a lavatory, sat down and caught my breath. What I had seen was sex, pure and simple. But what sex! Did that woman really enjoy that? She must have! And how did Rose know? After a few minutes, when I had recovered, I left. Rose was still in there with the woman. I was tempted to slip in again - something made me want to do it. But I was also afraid. In the end, Rose got the woman dressed and out and she had never seen Dr. Lee!

Later, I was so embarrassed by the whole thing I almost completely avoided Rose. But naturally we ended up working in the same room before the day was over and I had to say something.

“How could you do that?”

“You liked that, huh?”

“She… she knew…” I didn’t know exactly what I was going to say. The woman was obviously into it.

“Listen: why don’t you come over to my house tonight. This is really nothing.” I didn’t understand what she was talking about, but she was very persuasive and convinced me to come over to her house about 8PM.

I showed up at her door and she met me still in her uniform! She pulled me in and dragged me down the hall. I saw two other nurses, also in uniform as she dragged me! She took me to the bathroom and handed me a uniform and told me to change! I was confused by the whole thing, but I went along and changed into it. Fortunately it was a pretty good fit.

When I left the bathroom, another nurse that I didn’t know told me to come with her. I’d never been in Rose’s house before and was surprised how large it was. Her husband must be doing OK. The woman took me by the hand, which seemed a little strange, but I just followed. She took me down a flight of stairs into the basement.

The room looked roughly like a doctor’s office! There was a little waiting area and a receptionist, waiting. She said “hi” to us and the nurse drew me past. Rose and a few other nurses were there. Rose’s husband was there too, and he was dressed like a doctor! I stared.

“Rose, what is this?” I whispered to her.

“Don’t worry,” she answered, “relax!” A nurse came from the reception area leading a man - holding his hand, actually. He must have been about 22 and was really good looking! I stared. She drew him through a door into what was apparently an examining room! The door shut.

“Come with me,” said Rose. She took me into another examining room. A woman was sitting on the examining table, totally nude except for a blindfold over her eyes! A nurse was in front of her. The nurse wasn’t wearing any pants! She had her top completely on, but was nude below her waste except for a very skimpy white g-string and a white pair of heels! She looked up at us and smiled, and Rose kissed her, right on the lips! Their eyes were locked on each other for a few moments, and then the nurse turned back to her patient. She told the patient to put her hands behind her neck, which the woman did. Then she started caressing the woman’s thighs with both hands, slowly. The woman started breathing hard. Rose goosed the nurse and then pulled me out. The nurse turned and gave Rose another smile as we left.

In the corridor, another nurse, dressed exactly like the nurse we saw in the room was leading a woman. The nurse in a g-string. The woman was in a hospital gown. As she went by, I realized her hands were restrained behind her! A standard-issue hospital restraint! They went into another examining room.

Rose pulled me into another room. It was empty. She proceeded to pull off her own pants, revealing a g-string! She asked me if I wanted to undress. I told her no. Then the door opened, and Dr. Lee came in! He was all business, as usual. He asked me to sit on the examining table! I stared, dumbfounded. Rose apparently saw my confusion and pulled me out of the room. We went to a dressing room and drew aside the curtain. Cindy, our receptionist was there! Dressed in just a hospital gown! Rose took her hand and led her back to the room that Dr. Lee was in. She shut the door, leaving them there. Rose and I walked back to the reception area. The receptionist called a woman who came forward. She was not only beautiful, but dressed to kill - for the evening. She was medium height, but with an absolutely perfect figure, dark brown hair, and was wearing a little black cocktail dress and heals. She smiled and looked at us both. Rose took her hand and led her back to an examining room. I tagged along.

Once in the room, things happened so fast I was almost dizzy! Rose pushed the woman onto the examining table, making her lean against it so her rear was sticking out. Rose had grabbed a leather strap from some where, and in no time, was beating the woman’s rear with it! The woman just leaned there and took it, not even looking back! Rose didn’t stop, but just kept whipping the woman!

Suddenly the woman stood up and turned around. She grabbed Rose and pushed her into the same position she had been in, and she grabbed the strap at the same time. Then she just stood there, staring at Rose. Rose didn’t look back, but just kept leaning there, waiting. Then the woman put down the strap and in about a second, had her own dress unzipped and off! She was wearing nothing but a black g-string and black heels. She picked up the strap again, but didn’t do anything with it yet. I stared. Then she looked at me. She didn’t say anything, but she motioned toward the table next to Rose. She wanted me to lean there next to Rose!

I didn’t move, just staring at her. I thought I saw a fleeting smile, but it was gone before I was sure. She put down the strap and walked over to me. She started unbuttoning my top. Then she did smile. She was absolutely radiant when she smiled. It was so strange having a practically-naked woman so close like that. She took my top completely off and then put it on herself, leaving it unbuttoned. Then she reached around and unhooked my bra, and then pushed down my pants.

I let her. She had me completely naked in sixty seconds. No one had said a word. She drew my hand and pushed me into position right next to Rose. My body was against Rose’s. The woman was behind us. I didn’t look back. Then she was at my ear. “I’m going to whip you ‘til you cry,” she whispered. At the same time, her fingers slid under my rear and found my clit. I almost fell over, coming.